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As Erick drove the car to whatever his destination was, I looked out the window and watch as cars and houses passed by in the quiet street.
“I miss school!” I sighed. Or more I miss Annie and others.
“the competition took you away from school” Erick said and I nod.
“well you still have to go, but you also don’t, cause if you become a trainee at DH, you and the other trainees will be attending a different school, not publicly known”. Erick explained.
“well I don’t have to, I can finish at my present school, it’s just a matter of time, within few months I’ll be done with school, it’s best I finish at my present school”.
“no being a trainee at DH, it’ll not be possible for you to still attend your normal school because the trainees school has a specific time they start, go for lunch break and when they dismiss using DH time,” Erick expound and I nod.
I remained quiet and look out the window, wondering where he was taking me, I wanted to ask but instead I just sighed and leaned my back on the chair, in a matter of time we’ll arrive at our destination.
Few minutes later we were still on the road, even though the car smelled great and the air conditioning was nice, I was still uncomfortable and still eager to know where we were going and why we are not there yet.
“okay so I have to ask, where are we going?”
“uh… It’s a secret?” Erick shrugged.
“a secret? You’re serious?” I arched my brows and he nodded.
“oh my God, we’ve been on the road for almost an hour now!” I groaned.
“an hour?? Please that’s an understatement, and besides its only just been forty minutes” Erick said and I sighed,
“we’ll get there soon, I know you’re curious of where we’re going to” He smiled at me and then tap my shoulder with his right hand before putting it back on the wheel.
“one hour, thirty minutes!” I smiled when he finally stopped the car in an an unknown area.
“Oh please! Don’t tell me you’ve been checking the time every now and then” he asked.
“oh I have” I said as I opened the car door and walked out and so did he, the both of us walked in front of the car and I found myself looking around, frightened by the view.
“where are we?”. I asked
The place was filled with bushes, tress and hills.
“we are at the beautiful side of Mahnline” Erick smiled.
“beautiful, or more like bushy” I said looking at a tall tree that covered the whole place. “is this a forest?” I asked and he laughed.
“come on” he said, held my hand and we both started to walk towards a tall gathering set of bush.
“why are we walking towards that bush?” I asked.
“cause we’ll be passing through that place to get to our final destination okay!” Erick said and I sighed and followed him to the place.
We walked pass the bushes and came out in an open space with trees surrounding the place and birds making a hell of noise from different angle.
“okay are you ready?” he asked.
“ready when you are!” I replied and she shook his head negatively with a smile before placing his hands on my eyes, covering my eyes.
“what is it now?” I grunt and he laughed.
“just take two steps ahead, and don’t worry I got you!” he said and I breathed out softly before taking a step, and two more steps like he instructed…
I heard sounds of rushing water and then Erick leaned closer to my ear.
“okay beauty! Are you ready?” Erick asked.
“ready when you are” I said dryly.
“can you not be sarcastic, you’ll not regret this”. He said and I let out another sigh as he slowly slips his hands away from my eyes.

“oh my God!” I gasped.
“and yep, this is it, the jordic waterfall” Erick said and I smiled as I moved forward, staring at the river in front of us and then the huge waterfall, falling from the hill topping the river,
“it’s beautiful” I said.
“I know, just like you” Erick added and I quickly smiled and looked away, he needs to stop doing that. It’s making my head swell
“can we swim in it?” I asked looking as the clean water flowed back and forth.
“of course, as long as you’re a pro at swimming and you don’t drown” Erick replied and I nod.
“anyways, wait here and I’ll be right back” he said and before I could ask where he was going, he left.
Looking at everywhere, I wished I was under the waterfall. Or worse, I wished I “am” the waterfall, I laughed at my cheeky wish and turned when I heard a car sound.
Erick drove his car towards me and parked, a little bit away from the water.
“I can’t leave my car out there, someone might break in, take my things and run, here’s not too popular, but the few people who comes here takes anything they find” Erick said as he got out of the car.
“so this is surprise number one!” he said cheerfully as he placed his hands on his car.
“is this supposed to be a surprise?” I asked and his pupil suddenly dilated.
“wait..! Don’t tell me you weren’t surprised seeing this place” he breathed, which made me laugh.
“I was just joking! I was actually surprised, the place looks beautiful”. I said and he breathed out a sigh of relief,
“don’t joke like that!” he smiled as he opened his car trunk.
“and guess what?” he smiled at me.
“what?” I asked slowly, not wanting to guess.
“we’re having a picnic” he said.
“really?” I smiled
“well that’s a surprise I didn’t expect!”.
“awesome, can you help me out here, Lets set up our picnic date” he said and glance down at his wrist watch.
I got close to him and he smiled as he handed me the picknic mat.
“set it up beside that tree.” he instructed and I saluted playfully and we both laugh.
Setting our picnic mat on the floor, Erick arranged some flowers beside our food, which was hamburger, fries and two bottles of coke and a bottled water.
“you really prepared for this!” I smiled sitting down on the mat.
“this is no joke, I couldn’t sleep too” he added and I chuckled.
“you’re awesome” I complimented and he shyly looked away.
He sat down opposite me and sighed happily.
“okay what’s my reward!” he stated .
“reward? Reward for what?” I asked.
“reward for being awesome”.
“really?” I scoffed.
“yeah, it’s not easy being a perfect boyfriend”.
“you said I am awesome, what’s my reward for being awesome!”

“uh… How about a kiss?…” I teased and his eyes lit up with excitement.
“reward accepted” he smiled about to stand up but I stopped him by holding my hand up in the air.
“I was just joking, it’s time for lunch now” I said taking a Fry.
“you’re…” he sighed grabbing a fry too.
“I’m what?” I raised my brows.
“beautiful” he quickly said and I rolled my eyes… Oh Erick.

“there are still fruits in the car trunk, we can have that after this” Erick said while I nod hammering the hamburger in my hand.

“I’m full” Erick said lying down on the mat.
“full? But you ate nothing” I said with my mouth full,
“I’m not hungry, watching you eat, I’m satisfied already”. He said and I looked away.
Thank God my mouth is full, he wouldn’t see my blushing smile.
“okay… Hurry up in the next five minutes there’s another surprise” Erick smiled standing up.
“oh really?” I said swallowing the food in my mouth.
“yep” Erick said and glance down his wrist watch.
I grabbed the bottled water and chugged down the whole thing.
“you never give up when it comes to food, do you?” Erick asked and I grinned shaking my head negatively.
“because of the way I grew up, we were not supposed to let go of food when we see it” I said and he smiled before standing up and glancing at the waterfall.
“OKay it’s about time” Erick said, grabbed my wrist and pulled me up, I let him pull me to a better view of the waterfall, a little bit away from our small picnic…

“careful” Erick said as he guided me though a stair stone,
“I don’t understand, why are we here when our food is over there” I asked and he laughed.
“like I said, this is supposed to be surprised number three”.
“I think, I’ve had enough surprises today thank you!” I said about to walk down the stones when he pulled me back.
“just be patient June” Erick smiled arduously and glance at his wrist watch.
“I am, it’s just that the sun is burning my head and…
“Shhhhhh…” Erick shunned me by placing his index finger on my lips and slowly he turned me around.
“watch.” he whispered in my ear as he pointed to the waterfall.
And slowly at the bottom of the waterfall, a rainbow starts to appear and I gasp.
“oh my gosh..” I gasp happily.
“how is this possible.” I almost jumped.
“see when it’s exactly three o’clock, the sun shines exactly at the jordic waterfall, the sun rays then passes through the water droplets and… A rainbow is created” Erick explained and I covered my mouth with my hand. It’s so beautiful and It’s been ages I’ve seen rainbows too.
“does this happen everyday?” I asked.
“yep, when it’s three o’clock and the rainbow disappears three fifteen when the sun moves a little, but if the day happens to be cloudy, just forget about the rainbow” Erick said and I smiled even widely.
“it’s so beautiful”.
“but not so beautiful like you” he said stepping in front of me and taking off his wrist watch.
(written by Ruthie Lee)

“want to get a better view?” he asked.
“better view?”
“yeah at the rainbow” he added now taking off his shoes,
“but we can see it perfectly from here” I said as he moved to my sandals.
“what are you doing?” I asked stepping back.
“helping you with these” he said as he tried to unbuckle My sandals.
“for what?” I asked
“like I said to get a better view”
He managed to unbuckle My sandals so quickly and he stood up smiling.
“Now we swim”
He suddenly pulled me into the water before I could finish my word and my sandals left my feet, I held my breath as the water pushed us inside with the force we got in with.
I quickly got up to the surface and breathe in all the air I could gather.
“are you crazy!!??” I yelled at Erick who laughed and looked so charming as the water wet his hair making it a darker blue and his eyelashes making his eyes look pure as they carry tiny droplets of water on them.
“I was okay just standing there!” I yelled and my voice echoed making some birds around fly away.
“hey, don’t you know what fun is? That was real fun” he laughed again.
“that wasn’t fun, I could have died, and do you know I can’t swim” I said using my hand to control the wave of water around my body by moving them back and forth.
“well, sorry” he smirked and swam closer to me, giving me a kiss, he winked at me.
“good thing you can’t swim cause I can and I’ll be glad to be your merman” he said and turned his back to me, slowly he grabbed my hands and circled it around his neck.
“hold on tight” he instructed.
“ugh..” I groaned and he laughed before dipping his head into the water and swam “us” closer to the waterfall.

I helped myself stand and get on top of a huge rock under the waterfall as Erick swam us there, and as I got under the waterfall, I looked up and watched as the rainbow disappeared slowly.
“it’s gone, your resistance to everything made us miss the moment” Erick said as he got on the rock to and moved his hair back and goodness, that sight was dangerous.
“I could come here tomorrow” I shrugged.
“that would be unfair coming here without me” Erick yelled. Cause the fall of the waterfall is so heavy we have to yell to understand each other.
“how about getting under the waterfall” Erick asked.
“like get beaten by it?” I asked and he nods.
“why not, we’re already wet so. . .
I said and Erick immediately jumped inside the water making a big splash and I laughed.

“it really beats the hell out of one’s body!” Erick yelled over the sound of the falling water. I slowly got into the water and he helped me get under the waterfall,
“it feels like heavy rains” I said as the big splash of heavy water fell on my body..
“if it feels like rain, then let me be the thunder” Erick yelled, and swam up to me, slowly watching as he smiled at me, his hands curled my waist and he pushed his body against the water and came closer to me.
As the water hit the both of us, his head slowly moved towards mine, and I moved mine towards his too.

Slowly we both kissed, a slow demur and wavy kiss, and as his hands tightened on my waist, my hands that rested on his shoulder slowly moved up and linked around his neck, and slowly to his hair,
My fingers dug deep in his blue hair and one of his hands slowly left my waste and crawled down to my leg, he lifted my leg up and hooked it around his waist, I wasted no time in wrapping my other leg around his waist,
This is not me! I feel like a different person kissing Erick, I suddenly have no control over my body and it feels like right now my body tells me what to do.
slowly our lips starts to get vicious and our breaths became erratic.
Opening my full mouth to take his in, I felt like I could burst any minute from now,
That sensational feeling,
His lips slowly left mine and as he left tiny kisses on my cheeks. His lips trailed down my jaw and made it’s way to my neck, giving it love bites, every corner and a soft sigh of pleasure left my mouth.
This is second heaven…
T. B. C

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