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Erick, Auggie and I sat on around one of the tables and we were given a menu to order different kind of ice creams.
.. Auggie ordered the biggest size, the triple strawberry vanilla made.
“best ice cream ever!!” Auggie rejoiced happily.
“when you get a tummy ache later, don’t come crying to anyone okay!” I said glaring at him but he just grinned and continued eating his ice cream…
“so have you decide?” Erick suddenly said.
“decide what?” I asked. As I took another spoonful of my ice cream.
“what you want for you birthday” he smiled.
“Erick my birthday it’s in three weeks—
“it’s two weeks now, cause this week is already over”. He glared at me.
“well i–
“i want a toy car, as big as this table” Auggie interrupted me and I looked at him.
“it’s not about you little guy, it’s about your sister, yours is in August, and I’ll make sure I get you yours on your birthday,.. That is if I don’t die before then.” Erick laughed
“why do you say that, what’s going to kill you?” Auggie asked.
“your sister’s beauty” Erick smiled and I arched my brows at him.. Auggie looked at me awkardly and without saying anything he continued eating his ice-cream
“you see how Auggie was straight forward with what he wanted with his birthday present, why don’t you try being like that too” Erick said.
“he knows what he wants. And I don’t” I shrugged..
“so Erick where are we going after this place?” Auggie asked
“where do you want to go?” Erick smiled at him.
“I want to go, to a park… No let’s go to a museum” Auggie said happily.
“you know we can’t go all those places you’re mentioning” I stated.
“why not? Erick and Auggie said in unison.
“cause you’re a now Mr popular, people are going to recognise you with just a glimpse” I said.
“so…?” he shrugged.
“and they’ll start rushing up to you asking for your autographs, and we won’t get to enjoy our day cause you’d be too busy giving your fans your autograph” I explained, stretching my hand to clean the ice cream that smeared on Auggie’s cheek.
“well i’ll just ignore them” he said.
“you can’t, they’ll hate you” I tell him and he sighed.
“okay if we can’t go anywhere we could just go home”. Erick said bitterly.
“no.. I don’t want to go home” Auggie whined.
“how about we go to a cinema” Erick suggested.
“I don’t know aren’t cinemas always crowdy on weekends” I asked but he shook his head and smiled, “I will take care of it”.
“how?” he asked.
“just don’t worry about it” he grinned.
“whatever” I rolled my eyes.
After savouring every taste of the ice cream at the ice cream shop we found our way out without anyone seeing us. Still in the movie car, Auggie took his time to admire the streets and everything else.
As the driver drove us farther, Erick made a call with someone, though I don’t know who that person is, the conversation was short but he quickly said something to his driver.
And the driver sped up immediately.
We got to one of the city’s unpopular cinemas cause I don’t go places but I haven’t heard of this place.
We got in and the whole place was empty, two lady in uniform greeted us all in unison and Erick nodded.
“we will be attending to you guys whenever you need us” one of the lady said and Erick nodded.
As the light went off, the big screen lit up and Auggie seemed excited as he sat in the front of the not so big cinema.
Erick and I sat together at the back his hand around my shoulder and my head on his shoulder.
We were going to watch a cartoon anyway, and I don’t really fancy animations, but Auggie seemed happy and that’s all that matters.
As the whole whole room echoed with the voices of the animation, inside out.
Erick quietly asked in my ear..
“since you seem unintersted in the movie, how about we play a game”
“a game?” I repeated rasing my head up..
“yep” he smiled.
“okay what game?” I asked.
“well see its more like a question game” Erick shrugged.
“yeah, so can I go first?” he asked.
“sure, but don’t ask silly questions” I warned and he laughed.
“please don’t say that, my head is filled already” he said and I hit his chest playfully..
“and… Some questions might come with options” he said and I shrugged.
“sure you can go on” I said and he smiled slyly.
“okay… My dear June. First question, who was your first crush?” he asked and I laughed.
He seriously wants to know that
“Gabriel” I breathed out.
“what? Who’s Gabriel…” he asked looking angry,
Okay I just found out, it’s fun to make your boyfriends jealous, it just makes you feel so happy, loved and cared for.
“normally I used to call Gabriel my boyfriend, even my mom, though he doesn’t talk to me, but I still liked him and everyone knew that cause we grew up together” I explained and my boyfriend scoffed.
“you’ve got to be kidding me!” he muttered under his breath. “okay, time for your question”. He huffed angrily.
“okay first of all before I go, Gabriel used to be one of my stuffed toys, I named it after my grandfather, and jeez you get jealous easily…” I rolled my eyes.
“so that means if Gabriel’s not real, that means I’m…
“yes.. You’re my first crush” I smiled but his smile beat mine. “okay away with your question” he said gently and I thought of a really good question to ask.
“when we first met, did you just like me right away, or when we started to get close”..
“oh dear June it was love at first sight” he breathed.
“what? Are you lying to me?” I scoffed.
“no it was really love at first sight, it wasn’t love at first sight actually, cause I was already in love when your grandma was telling me about you, I haven’t met you but when she described you I was in love” Erick explained and I arched my brows at him and he laughed
“you’re making me feel like pinocchio”
“okay I’m sorry, you can go with your question.” I said and Auggie suddenly laughed and making us turn to see him really engrossed in the movie. We both turned back to each other and he smiled wickedly at me.
“what?” I asked.
“nothing it’s just that this question is coming from with options” he said and I shrugged
“okay.. If you were both stuck in a small cold room with me… What would you do..?”
“what?” I tilt my head.
“would A*stay six feet away from me? B*Cuddle up with me C*have sex with me?” Erick asked and my gasped was louder than the movie.
“wha the…
“hey its just a question” he laughed.
“okay I choose A” I folded my hand
“huh that’s unfair” he stated.
“that’s my final answer and I don’t care if you think it’s fair or not” I said and he playfully glared at me.
We both played like that until the movie was over, as we came out of the cinema, the sun looked like it was about to set, as we got into the car Auggie yawned heavily as he sat In between Erick and I.
“sleepy?” I asked.
“nope..” he shook his head negatively.
“okay don’t fall asleep there’s just one place remaining for us to go” Erick said and Auggie happily nodded.
But as we started to drive the day started to get get and I suddenly felt my body heavy. I turned to Auggie to see him fast asleep on my arm.
“looks like we’re going home then” Erick said looking at me and Auggie.
“yeah” I shrugged.
Since it was nighttime and we won’t get easily seen Erick told his driver to take us home that he’ll be the one to take Auggie upstairs since he’s fast asleep.
The driver got to the front of our building and we all came out, with Erick carrying Auggie.
Erick carried Auggie as we climbed the exhausting stairs to our rooftop house.
He walked into the house with me and Auggie in his hand, the living room was a empty and everywhere was quiet,I followed Erick as he walked into our room and placed Auggie carefully on the bed, I glanced at Ella’s bed but she wasn’t there, maybe she’s with my grandma.
“okay… So before I go, I must see your grandma” Erick said and I nod. We both walked out of my room and we both.
As we Both walked Into my grandma’s room we both going her folding laundry. “Erick” she gasped happily seeing us.
“grandma..” Erick smiled walking up to her to give her a hug.
I looked around and then turned to my grandma.
“granny, where’s Ella?” I asked, and as she let’s go of Erick, her face fell.
“Ella..” he signed.
“cause I didn’t see her in her doggy bed” I said.
“Ella’s gone!” my grandma stated bitterly.
“oh..” Erick breathed out.
“gone… You mean.. She’s… I said and my grandma nodded.
“what happened?” I asked and my voice shook.
“she just didn’t wake up today, it was two in the afternoon and while having lunch, I didn’t hear her barking I was so worried and I decided to go check on her and when I did I found out that she wasn’t breathing… She was dead”. My grandma explained and my heart skipped.
That is…unbelievable.
“fifteen years..” Erick muttered and my grandma and I both turned to him.
“what?” my grandma asked and I sniffed trying to hold back my tears, I mean she was family.
“Ella is a Maltese, and Maltese life’s spam is just fourteen to fifteen years, and I got her three years ago when she was twelve,… I could have warned you guys about it that Maltese don’t live long.. I’m so sorry” Erick said sadly staring at the floor.
“no it’s okay sweetie it’s not your fault” my grandma said and Erick sighed.
My mind suddenly jumped when I thought about Auggie, Ella’s his best friend and what.. What is he going to do when he wakes up tomorrow and finds out his best friend is dead.
“instead of us standing here and feeling guilty why don’t we all have tea” my grandma suddenly said, she couldn’t bare the awkward tension.
“no I have to go home now.. I have things I need to do.” Erick quickly said. “oh then, in that case June, why don’t you escort Erick out” my grandma said and I nod slowly…
The cool night breeze suddenly stung my body as we walked out of the house and I didn’t know if it was the breeze that stung my eyes to make tears gush out of it or it’s just me being emotional over Ella.
“oh come on.. June… You can’t be this way”Erick said pulling me in a hug.
“how can’t I, she was family” I sniffed on his chest.
“I know… But – –
“and it’s just not about that too. I mean Auggie, what and how is he going to feel when he wakes up and finds out that his best friend is gone and what is he – – –
“shhh… June, he’s not going to find out” Erick said patting my back.
“what do you mean?” I cleaned my tears pulling away from the hug, but he held me back.
“just don’t think about it, just feel like she’s still here” Erick said and I sighed.
“come on” he said as he slowly walked me over to our star gazing table. He sat down and made me sat on his thigh, he placed my hands around his shoulder and gently placed my head on his shoulder.
“it’s okay!” Erick said and I sighed.
We stayed like that for sometime, and I started to feel better and like I said, this is my comfort zone..
He is my comfort zone.
As the cool breeze circled around our body, my eye lid started to get heavy and before I knew it I fell asleep on his shoulder.
The sun shone on my face and my eyes slowly opened.. I felt my face dry as I slowly sat down, I turned to Auggie’s bed to see it empty.
He suddenly walked up into room, greeting me cheerfully, with the tablet Erick bought for him in his hand.
“where’s Ella?” he asked as he walked to his bed. And my heart skipped a bit.
“she.. Uhm.. She’s gone” I said clearing my throat.
“huh! Gone?” Auggie tilt his head.
“yesterday! Erick took her yesterday, he said he kind of missed her” I lied.
“oh.. Uh.. Why I thought he said gave her to me” Auggie huffed
“he just wanted to take her for a while, don’t worry she’s going to come back” I said.. “okay” Auggie shrugged and turned to his tablet.
I sighed and laid back on my bed, this is the worst.
But wait… I fell asleep on Erick’s shoulder last night, did he take me inside??
My phone suddenly ring making me flinch a bit, I saw Annie’s name on the screen and I quickly picked it.
“Annie..” I called happily.
“June.. Tell me its you” her voice quickly yelled.
“what… What’s me?” I asked.
“the girl who sang a duet with Erick” Annie said.
“what?” I said. “how do you know that”
“you know I always follow what’s trending and that is what’s trending, the mystery girl who sang a remix with Erick-J” Annie said and I gasped
Wait. It hadn’t Been a day and it’s already been released and trending..
“well tell me you are!” Annie said.
“I am”
“I knew it, I know could recognize your voice from anywhere” Annie pondered making me smile.
“no one knows who you are but they’re already loving you” Annie said.
Is she serious.
“go check Pop news.. You’ll know what I’m talking about” Annie said.
“don’t worry I’ll just send you the link” Annie said and I breathed out a small okay.
We both hanged up and few seconds later I received a notification on my phone.
I saw the link Annie sent for me and I clicked on it
It took me to the website pop news and the title got me gasping.
I scrolled down and saw a play button on the screen, and saw ‘tap to play’ I tapped play and the song starts of play, Erick’s voice filled the room and then came mine. I smiled as I scrolled down to see numerous comments.

*who is she..?*
*whoever this mystery girl is.. She has the voice of an angel*
*love it!!*
*is she a celebrity we don’t know*
*so sweet*
*DH just brings the best people ever*
*she’s good*.
My heart starts to beat slowly and my lips start to twitch into a smile.
What is this… This feeling..
They love me. I’m getting famous..
T. B. C

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