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Flower Boy Episode 34

Flower Boy Episode 34

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Two straight bullet 😢)

Nancy’s POV

“Larry!” I called with surprise

He smiled and held my hand .

He made me enter his car and drove me home

He gestured for me to go inside his bathroom and bath which I did. I changed into one of his clothes.

I came to meet him afterwards in the living room. I sat on a chair beside the chair he sat

“Thanks Larry” I appreciated and he smiled without looking at me

“Where are you coming from at this time of the night?” He asked

I bowed my head sadly when I remembered how cruel Anthony is to me.

“Anthony chased me out of the house” I said and he smirked

“You obviously offended him, I ain’t interested in what you did, I’m more interested in why he will chase a lady out of the house not wondering what might become of her ” He said and smirked while I kept mute

“I’ll teach that boy a lesson he will never forget, isn’t that how the ugly Scot thinks he can make Patricia fall in Love with him easily, you know what? I do not like the flower boys, they are boastful , proud and wicked ” He said and I sighed

“You need to rest huh? you can stay here for as long as you want” Larry said and I nodded

He led me to a room and gestured for me to enter.

“If you do need anything, let me know dear” He said and left

Wao! This Larry must have being a good guy but what the hell is he doing with those terrible men

I’ll ask him later or is he a gangster too, let me just rest. Oh! My stomach ! I’m feeling hungry

I opened the door to the room he gave me and searched for where the kitchen is

“What are you looking for?” He asked

“I’m hungry” I said and he led me to the kitchen, he show me how the foods are packaged

But there is something I noticed in Larry, he has changed into a different cloth, a black suit to be precise. I wonder why

“Nancy, Not gonna be staying home today . But this place you are is a very secured place. I have a special robot guarding this place and 58 bodyguards. ” He said and left

What the hell? Fifty what? Fifty eight body guards , what is he using them for? Where are his parents? He’s still a student for all I know, he is suppose to be living with his parent or at least his parent house like the flower boys

How come Larry is living alone. Well, I’ll find out later cus it’s not really my business now . I’m hungry and I need to eat

I served my self and went to eat in the dinning.
Seriously, I’d thought this night is gonna be a horrible night for me, I never knew that Larry will be my saviour

I don’t wanna think about what Anthony did to me. I went to his living room and played a song. It’s a song title chandelier, I started dancing on my own and having fun

Even though I did not know how to dance, I think I’m trying

Larry’s POV

My dislike for the flower boys is beyond measure . The way they treat ladies irritate me and I must treat the f*ck up of that very Anthony this night

Yeah, I must deal with him and let him know that what he did is bad . How can a human being with a soul send a girl like Nancy out in the night without feeling guilty or being scared of what might happen to her

I put a call throught one of the best body guard I have

“Hello Johnny, meet me at Anthony’s house now ” I said and took one of my cars and drive straight to Anthony’s house

I haven’t decided what to do yet with Anthony but I know he must be punished for what he did to Nancy. People just think they can take on people because they are lowly and do what they want with them

I arrived at Anthony’s place, I parked and stepped down.

I saw Johnny coming towards me

“Good” I said as we met

“Go inside now and let me know what’s up” I commanded

Johnny obliged and flew the fence of Anthony’s house over.

A call came through after few minutes

“Hello boss, compound is free, come in” Johnny said and I ran towards the fence and flew over

We both hid behind a statue in the house and peeped around

“The plan is simple, kidnap Anthony and keep him in the gangster hood, is that clear?” I asked

“Yes boss” He said

“Wait for me here, I have a mic in my mouth, u can listen to whatever is happening inside there , should in case I get casted , come to my aid. Is that clear?” I asked

“Yes boss” Johnny said and I ran towards the door. I twisted it open and it gave way. But I didn’t step in since it’s obvious that some people must have being in the living room for them to leave the entrance door open

“You this b*tch, you come back, who told you to, have you gone crazy?” Anthony said and walked fiercely towards the entrance

I crossed him suddenly and inserted a toxic pin inside his neck. He loose consciousness and he fell to my hand. I dragged him to where Johnny lay

“Boss, so easy” Johnny said

“Yeah, none of them can fight actually” I said

“Who told you? Let’s have a duel” a voice said behind me and I turned abruptly in shock

It’s Brian, what the hell? How did he quickly know that I’d doing something to Anthony. I’m happy I used a facial mask

“What’s going on here? ” Someone asked

The person approached with Scot

Oh my! This will be tough than I expected . I know they can’t fight and that I’ll take them down easily but my fear is for them not to call the cops

I charged towards Brian and send a left kick towards his neck, he bent and escaped the kick and quickly sent me an under kick in my left leg

My left leg slipped from the floor but I quickly did a front flit and squatted to the floor

Wao! This Brian must be good.

Brian stood in a fighting position while Scot and the other man watch

I maintained my fighting position while Johnny watch it. Johnny has a gun with him but he dares not shoot unless I gave a command. Our mission is just to come and kidnap Anthony and teach him a lesson not to kill anyone

I took two steps closer to Brian and gave him a straight blow and an upper cut. He took few steps backwards like he was scared and suddenly charge at me with a right kick on my neck.

My neck felt like it will knock cus his kick is just too heavy. I closed my eye trying to find balance. I twisted my neck and regained balance back but I still pretend like someone trying to stand

I expected him to foolishly come at me but the smart guy stays far away from him

Someone rushed at me abruptly from a side with his two knees on my chest. I fell and my heart skipped like it would die

“Johnny” I called cus we did not have much time again

Johnny understands what I meant and shot Brian , scot and the man in their legs

The fell to the floor in pain, my plan is not to hurt anybody but I was forced. I feel somehow guilty but there is nothing I can do

We carried Anthony over the fence and took him to gangster hood.

‘Seria A gangster hood’ is a set of street boys I gathered together and pay wage cus I send them on different errands

Even though I’m a student, I’m a gentle devil that no one dares.

Even my father knows that but kept it from everyone since I don’t kill. Our mission is to avenge justice for those that the government couldn’t offer justice too

Although, we are always force to hurt people at times just like we did in Anthony’s house but that is never our primary mission. We avenge justice for people and that is the same thing I’m doing for Nancy

As soon as we drove to the hood. Other gangsters joined us in carrying Anthony into a room we call ‘criminal room’

“What has he done boss ?” One of my bodyguard asked

“He maltreats ladies, what perfect justice suits him?” I asked

“Maybe we should make him wake and beat the hell out of him ” One of my bodyguard suggested

“I think that is fair” I said and someone held me on my neck and pointed a gun to my head

“Drop your guns all of you” The person said and those that have guns amidst the gangsters dropped their guns

“Good, release him and make him follow me” The person said and Anthony was released

Anthony was released and made to follow the guy that pointed a gun to my neck.

He commanded that Anthony be lay inside his car and my gangsters obliged

He told them all to go inside the hood and they all obeyed leaving only me with him

“Who the hell are you? You this young kid , what are you doing with Anthony? Is father has dared us by making Nancy resume school, it’s time for us to teach him a lesson ” The person said and searched me and brought out all harmful things from me

He made me kneel to the floor and tied my hands.
He quickly ran inside his car and started it. He reversed back and the person saw me still kneeling down

I watched him stretched his gun towards me and fear engulfed me. he sent two straight bullets into my chest


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