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Flower Boy Episode 42

Flower Boy Episode 42

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Who is Sir Jeffrey ? )
Anthony’s POV
I sincerely do not know what to say. I’m freaked out by all this drama that Brandon had created already. I walked out of them and went to my room
Does that really meant that I kissed Nancy cus I’m having feelings for her. Am I really having feeling for Nancy ? But she took my first kiss right? I shouldn’t have allowed that Brandon play that trick on me. It might be a plan work between them.
I went to the keyboard and played for Donna. Everything was dull instead. I don’t feel high like I use too. I don’t remember the memories of Donna like I use to.
I do not feel her strong presence around me like I use to. All that is in my heart right now is Nancy. She seems to be stuck in my heart.
I stood up from the stool before the keyboard and hit my hand on the wall as I cursed under my breath. I hated the fact that Nancy is stuck in my heart.
I keep remembering how we kissed. Her lips are really sweet but why should I keep having that memory. I want to get rid of that memory of Nancy and I in the room but it seems to get stuck in my head
I went to the bathroom and stripped myself naked. I switched the shower on and the water pour on my head down to my naked body.
My head is under water right now cus I want it to be cool. I want to forget everything that happened between Nancy and I
The water kept pouring for minutes and I try to shut my heart and think about another stuff but all my mind keep bringing to my remembrance is the kiss scene of Nancy and I
I cleaned myself with a towel and put on my sleeping wear. I lay on the bed and force myself to sleep. Maybe when I wake, the memories would have gone.
Following morning !
I woke and bathed and dressed up for school. I walked out of my room to the living room and I saw everyone sitting and waiting for me already.
I was surprised to see Brian and Scot dressed in school uniform. Their leg seems to be fine. I have no idea they had being discharged from the hospital
“Brian, Scot, how are you?’ I greeted
” fine” They replied coldly and I wondered why
I stared around and I saw Karen and Nancy dressed in uniform
“Where is Williams by the ways ?” I asked
“He has a house right? Answer the question yourself ” Scot replied insultingly and I wondered why again
I ignored
“Let’s move guys” I said and everyone stood up and walked out of the house
We all got to the compound and we saw some men in black suit leaning behind a car with short guns in their hand
The enemies are here again? Can I ever be free from this people. What exactly did they want?
I ignored them and entered the car. Everyone was surprised that I ignored those we assume to be assassins. I instructed the driver to drove away as everyone entered including Brandon
The driver reversed back and we heard sounds of bullet. The car stopped moving and the driver confirmed that the tire of the car has being blown off
I sighed heavily and turned at Brian and Scot.
They seem not be afraid, I wonder why again
“Step down now” A voice jerked me off from my frustrating position
I stepped down so does everyone.
“Your two hands to the back ” He said and I stretched my two hands backward . He handcuffed me like I was a criminal while everyone watched
I turned at Brian and Scot but they were just staring at me. I wonder why again.
I was pushed roughly to their car and smuggled to their car. I was driven off. I wonder why none of my brothers were saving me , not even Brandon
Nancy’s POV
I watched as Anthony was driven away with one of the men’s car . I wanted to help but since Brandon did not make any move neither did Scot and Brian make any move towards those men. It will be very foolish to make any move
Those men smirked and walked closer to me. They dragged my hands backward and handcuffed it. I turned at Brandon and commanded it to beat those men but it just stood still like a robot that he is
“Brandon, save me” I cried out but he watched without saying anything
I was smuggle to sit inside the car while I peeped through the tinted glass to see what next they are up to.
They walked closer to Brandon, handcuffed him, brought him to the car and made him sit with me
They said some things to Scot and Brian and they came back to the car. We were driven away
We finally arrived at the same house I followed Brian to some days ago. This same people are after Anthony and I , but what have we done?
We were taken to a living room and I saw the same man that ordered his men to kill me the last time I was brought here
I suddenly remembered that I was inside a plane and the plane crashed. I loosed consciousness and by the time I know what is happening, I saw myself falling through the air to an unknown place
My whole body was burnt except my face. I landed in a particular sandy place . I wasn’t hurt just that a man and his friend came around the place at that very time.
“What is this?” One of the men asked in fear
“A human ” the other man replied
“Oh no Williams. This does not look like a human, this looks like a fallen angel ” The mab
They both walked closer to me and examined me. I can only hear them , I can neither see nor talk
“She is still breathing ” The man called Williams said
“Yeah” The other man confirmed
“If not that she is burnt, you could have taken her as your daughter, afterall you are the only barren In this village” The other man said
I heard Williams sighed
“Only her face is unburnt , I will take proper care of her but I must changed her face too” Williams said
“Why? You can change all other part of her body, leave her face ” The other man said
“If I do, she may find her real parents soon. For me to be her father forever ,then I must change her face” Williams said
“That’s kinda cruel, you can just help her willingly and if she finally finds her parents, I’m sure she won’t stop loving you and that’s if her parent are alive . See another burnt man with a swollen mouth” the other man said
I heard few steps away from me. They probably went to check the burnt man beside me
“This mouth is closed and swollen, did you think there is something inside?” The other man asked
“Yes I do, let’s force it open” Williams said and after few minutes of silence, I heard Williams broke the conversations
“Someone is behind the plane crash and the person is Noel and Romeo, I think her parents are dead for real cus they must have died together in the pane, just her survive. Nevertheless, I’ll still change her face cus of those assassins that killed her parents. They might meet with her and plan on killing her finally . And with the letter here. It seems the Romeo has a record label and the biggest record label ” Williams said
Everything suddenly went blank again.
The man keep watching Anthony and I and smirking
“Sir Romeo” Somebody called from behind.
I turned and saw an old man in crutches walk inside
Romeo watched the visitor in surprise like he has no idea who he is
“Don’t tell me you did not know who I am. I’m Sir Jeffrey, your business associate six years ago. The leader of the X men” The old man introduced himself
“Oh! Sir jeffery. My bad! I’m so sorry.” Romeo said and stood. He went towards the man and hugged the man
The man that called himself sir Jeffery fell to the floor with a bleeding stomach. Then I saw knife in Romeo’s hand
Why has he killed the innocent visitor ?
“He thinks he is smart , he thinks he can pretend like an old man for me , I’m the smartest in this game” Romeo said and walked closer the old man that called himself Sir Jeffery
Romeo forcefully removed the facial mask on the man’s face and I saw who it was
I screamed to the highest of my voice like I would die when I found out who the Person that disguise as Sir Jeffrey is

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