HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 15

HIS GOLDEN SECRET (being perfect) EPISODE 15




“mom did Peter tell you this” I asked feeling a little bit angry about this, he’s so juvenile.
“I told you it doesn’t matter how I know!! Answer me is it true?” my mom yelled and believe me when I say this is the first time I’ve seen her yell.
“yes it’s true, I do have a boyfriend” I tell her and she gasped heavily and I had to refrain myself from rolling my eyes.
“after..after.. everything your dad and I told you” my mom said dramatically moving her white blonde hair back.
“you guys say it like its a bad thing, James is really a nice gu–
“James? That’s his stupid name?” my mom said and I glared at her
“it’s not a stupid name, and he’s a really nice guy just because you don’t know him or you haven’t seen him doesn’t mean you have to judge him the way you like” I yelled feeling my cheek heat up.
“you’ve got a boyfriend now and he’s giving you the audacity to yell at me right!! Samantha I didn’t give birth to you to waste your body on useless boys” my mom yelled and I sighed and dropped my backpack on the Floor.
“I’m not wasting my body mom what the hell are you talking about you’re saying gibberish” I yelled and my mom gave me a sounding slap that my blood rose to my head that’s the first time she’d ever laid hands on me, I looked up at her and saw she felt guilty for what she did.
“I..I’m.. I’m.. S..
“you know what mom,” I sniffed tears dropping down my eyes like water fall and I could feel my nose red already.
“I think you and dad brought me up the wrong way, having a boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m wasting my body on him, having friends doesn’t mean I’m wasting my earthly time and watching movies doesn’t mean my thoughts are getting ruined, all those things you said to me were all lies. Lies!” I yelled and my mom flinched. And I cried even more.
“I’ve gotten a boyfriend behind your back who’s been really sweet to me, I’ve been watching movies behind your back and I’ve learned a lot of thing’s which I thought I knew and the most sweetest part of all was making friends, I finally made friends mom..” I cried.. “For the past sixteen years I haven’t had any friends if only Naomi hadn’t said hi to me at first I wouldn’t have had a friend, being perfect isn’t everything it’s not going to take me anywhere, and guess what nobody’s perfect, Naomi’s been singing that to me everytime but I’ve been too busy being a bitch around her because of you! Because of dad! I thought I could be perfect, I thought I was perfect but I was being deceived by me And your ugly thoughts” ..
My mom stood still as she watched me let all my anger out and god it felt so good.
“you made me live in a world where it made me an arrogant bitch, and Now I can’t get it out of my blood because without that blood there’s no Samantha, Mom you destroyed me, I loved myself at first but everyday something new, something tells me I’m always wrong when I feel like I’m right and now my friends won’t even talk to me and it’s not my fault it’s all yours cause you made me this way and it’s hurts now I know how my friends feel when my they’re are around me, and I know what you were trying to do all along, you were trying to get Peter and I together, so what’s the difference with me dating James!!” I yelled picked up my bag and started to walk upstairs while she just stared at me. Just as I got to the middle stairs I turned to my mom and said the word that will get her flabbergasted and appalled.
“I hate you mom” I said before storming into my room and slamming the door pretty hard for her to hear.
I threw my backpack on my bed and walked into my bathroom, I turned on the shower and let my uniform get wet and clingy to my body, I later took off my uniform and wasted a lot of time in my bathtub before coming out and changing into casuals clothes and falling asleep. What I just told my mother came out from every part of me, being perfect isn’t as easy as she thinks, it’s hard for me too and I don’t want to be ‘that’ perfect girl and I am not perfect.
I woke up by the sound of knock on my door and rubbed my eyes and got up from my bed. I turned on my phone to look at the time cause it’s nighttime already , it was (9:23pm) and I heard the knock again.
“Beatrice?!” I yelled.
“it’s not Beatrice it’s me” I heard my mom’s voice from outside and I sat down on my bed again. I’m not opening the door for her.
“what do you want?” I yelled so she could hear me from outside.
“please just open the door” my mom begged.. “no” I stated angrily.
“honey you’ve been in there for hours and you’ve missed dinner” my mom said sadly.
“it’s not the first time” I yelled.
“honey please!.. Look I’m sorry” my mom said and knocked lightly on the door and I sighed and walked to the door.. I turned the door knob and opened the door and my mom tried to smile seeing me.
“good night mom” I said and slammed the door. I went back to my bed and pulled my blanket over my body.. That night I couldn’t sleep a lot was bothering me but I didn’t know what but I know Tracey was one of them and I couldn’t sleep cause Ive already slept for hours, I manged to fall asleep around four in the morning and woke up by seven, I didn’t go for my morning jog cause I didn’t feel like it and I just got ready for school like that.
I was glad I didn’t run into my mom in the living room and after eating breakfast, Evans drove me to school.
I made a tiring journey to class and I didn’t see anyone in class. I sighed remembering today’s sport day and I dropped my bag and made my way to the gym class, I silently passed everyone in the gym room not letting anyone See Me and I walked into the girls changing room, three unfamiliar girls were inside the dressing room and two were standing and the third one was sitting on a bench crying while the ones standing were consoling her.
“Jennie it’s okay. You don’t have to cry over spilled milk” one of them said to me the girl sitting down and she cried even more. I turned to my locker and start to remove my uniform, I tried to mind my own business but I couldn’t cause the girls words were ear watering.
“Isaac was a good guy but you have to let him go, it’s over take it that way” one of the girls said to the Jennie and she didn’t reply them she still cried seriously.
“Jen.. He said you’re not good enough for him, he said you’re too dumb and naïve, he said you’re slow and boring, just let go of him and never talk to him again.. If you see him on the street ignore him okay?” the other girl said to Jennie and I shoved my school uniform inside my locker and slammed the locker door, scaring the three girls, I adjusted my jersey and turned.
“Jennie” I called and the three girls turned to me.
“yeah?” Jennie sniffed and looked up at me, her nose red and puffy, her cheeks red and her eyes swollen.
“Isaac is a human like you, even though he called you those absurd things if you see him anywhere don’t ignore, be the one to say hi with a smile, talk to him show him you’re happy without him and if he says anything that’s not funny laugh, show him you’re not boring, slow, dumb and naïve..
“who are yo.. Jennie’s friend tried to interrupt me but I cut her off still telling Jennie what to do.
“show him you can be strong, less boring, sophisticated and free spirited, let him know you’re not his level” I said with seriousness and Jennie hiccuped tears rushing down her eyes. I knelt down in front of her and cleaned her tears,
“he broke your heart, now it’s time for you to shatter his heart and rip his soul” I said and one of the girls gasped.
“excuse me” I said stood up and walked away, I didn’t know why I did that but I just felt like I had to and while walking out of the girls changing room I noticed my eyes wet and I cleaned them, maybe I felt for Jennie, but Isaac was a really stupid boyfriend, I don’t know what I would have turn to if James was the one who said all those things to me i don’t even want that day to exits.
James was standing at the front line with Kaden and Lucas, and beside them was Tracey, molly and Victoria. I sighed and stood alone watching them.

“okay everyone gather around!!” coach Rick announced and everyone started to move forward until we were all standing in front of her.
I watched as James glance at the door a few thousands times and then talked to Tracey about something.. Coach Rick said we were going to play volley ball boys against girls and while picking the first team to play in the first round she spotted me from the crowd.
“you girl, come out” she said and I walked out from the crowd and seeing me James smiled.
“you’ll be the first team leader and–
“can I take a sick leave please?” I tell her and she paused.
“what’s wrong with you, you look good” she said.
“but I don’t feel good” I said and she clicked Her tongue and gesture her head towards the door for me to leave.
“okay tell me what’s wrong with you?” the school nurse miss Rita asked as I walked into the school’s infirmary and laid on the bed.. “nothing just feeling a little tired” I said and she nods happily. Seems like she’s not in the mood to give anyone any treatment..
I decided to close my eyes for a little bit but I was interrupted by a cold hand that touched my wrist. I opened my eyes and found James beside me.
“what are you doing here?” I asked.
“I’m supposed to be me one asking that question.. Are you okay?” he asked as I gently sit up.
“yeah I just didn’t want to participate in any sports activity” I replied. “oh” he said.
“what are you doing here aren’t you supposed to be in the gym” I asked moving my hair back.
“I saw you coming here so I followed you, I was worried” he said and I smiled a little. “thanks” he was worried. That’s sweet.
“but no worries, you can rest, and I’ll go back to the gym” he said and I nod and laid back on the bed.
James had already taken two steps forward when he stopped and walked back to me kissing my forehead. “just know that I really really like you” he laughed and I rolled my eyes. “what’s up with that? That was cheesy” I said and he laughed before walking away.
I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t, I wasn’t sleepy but I didn’t feel like getting up from the bed and nurse Rita kept texting and laughing at her phone screen which made me watch her every minute and when she glance at me I just looked away.
Hours passed and I decided to go back to the class and I told nurse Rita and she just nods not paying attention to me but her phone.. I walked out of the infirmary and walked through the classes hallway, I made my way to the gym class which was empty and into the girls changing room, with me being alone I took my time and changed into my school uniform ,
I made my to the class, and immediately I was about to enter the class I heard the bell for lunch break, and the teacher in our class walked out, while I walked in and went to my seat.
“hey Sam! Are you okay?” Victoria suddenly jumped in Front of me, I flinched a little but I controlled myself.
“yeah, I’m fine” I replied looking at my desk.
“oh thank God, I thought something happened to you when you told coach Rick you had to go to the infirmary, but it’s seems like you’re fine” Victoria said and I shrugged.
“so are you going for lunch?” she asked.
“yeah why?”
“great! Let’s go together” she squeaked.
“it’s okay, I’m going with James you can go with Tracey and Molly, I won’t bother you guys” I explained, “what makes you think, you’re a bother to us?” Tori asked calmly sitting on a chair beside mine.
“I don’t know, seems like Tracey has something against me” I scoffed, rolling my eyes after that.
“oh Tracey’s just being that way, she said she really wanted you to seat with us but she said you’re being a total kvetch..” Victoria said and I huffed. “she said if you just listen to her and be–
Victoria was interrupted by Tracey and James, as Tracey pushed James slowly in front of us.
“okay tell her” Tracey ordered and James rubbed his neck.
“do you really have to do this” James whined.
“yeah I do” Tracey stated and James stood in front of me firmly and he let out a nervous grin.
“Sam..” he called and my brows raised up at him.
“I have to tell you something” He said..
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