Tracey dragged me to the cafeteria and we both ordered our lunch and went to sit down at corner.. Actually a table far away from other table.
“so what were you saying, you like James?” she asked.
“yes” I replied sternly.
“but I thought you said love was just a word that carries a lot of magical words but doesn’t mean anything”
“yeah, I said that, I like James, I don’t love him, loving someone is different that liking someone how dumb are you to know that” I rolled my eyes.
“please refrain from insulting me” Tracey said and I sighed and turned to my food.
“look Sam, what I’m saying is, If you like someone, you have to be nice around them, you need to act gentle and Charming so that person can see how beautiful you can be with all your good features and then fall in love with you” Tracey explained and I looked at her.
“really?” I asked. She is kind of right. And I haven’t like anyone before and I want him to like me back.
“yeah” she smiled.
“and you can’t like James” Tracey said.
“why do you say so?” I asked.
“don’t you know? James is actually—
“hey Trace… Someone interrupted Tracey and when I looked up, I saw a girl with blonde hair like mine who smiled and sat down on one of the chairs.
“hi..” Tracey said happily seeing the girl.
“hi” the girl said to me and I raised my brows at her.
“Samantha, meet my friend Esther, Esther Lopez, the school’s president and Esther meet Samantha also my friend” Tracey said and I turned to her. “we’re not friends” I said sternly and she laughed. And I didn’t get what was funny.
“we are trust me” she said after the laugh but I ignored her and turned to ‘Esther’ … So she’s the school president,..
“hi..” I smiled at her.
“wow you’re pretty” she said and I nod, “I know, I get that a lot”.
“so how does it feel to be the school’s president?” I asked as I placed my fork down on my tray
“that’s such a weird question to ask but, I’ll answer it– it’s nice being the school’s president but it’s stressful sometimes but I’m used to it anyway, why do you ask?” she asked
“no reason!” I lied, maybe being friends with her I can also be popular.
“would you like to be my friend?” I asked immediately.
“uhm ..yeah sure.” she said and glanced over at Tracey.
“great” I smiled.
“anyway, my friends are waiting for me over there, I just came to say hi” Esther said standing up. “I’ll see you guys later, and Samantha it was nice meeting you” Esther said before walking away.
“she’s so nice. isn’t she?” Tracey asked as she watched her leave.
“yeah,” I said.
“that’s why she was made the school’s president, cause she’s so nice and smart, but niceness comes first that’s why she was voted as the school’s president” Tracey explained.
“really?” I beckoned and she nods.
Wait. I’m smart, I’m nice.. I can totally be the school’s president.
“so let’s talk about James, why so interested in James?” Tracey asked and I sighed.
“well normally, at my old school they’re many cute guys you’d totally want to hit yourself on but James, James just caught my attention. I don’t know what he has that I suddenly became interested in” I said truthfully, I don’t know why James just attracted me, he’s too beautiful to be a boy.
“okay, you like James and you want to go out with James, well try being a little nice to him”.
“I am nice, how much nicer do you want me to get”. I scoffed.
“so much nicer that James will think being nice is creepy, and also you have to be nice to Kaden cause James and Kaden are close and if you’re being rude to Kaden, he’s just going to feed James pretty bad things about you” Tracey explained slowly chewing her food.
“I think you just want me to be nice to be Kaden because you like him” I primped.
“no I’m serious, you have to be nice to him… Oh speak of the devil” Tracey said and looked behind me, which made me turn, to see James and his friends entering the cafeteria, Kaden hands crossing James shoulder and both of them laughing together and heavens, James looked beautiful, and I couldn’t help but smiled as I watch him laugh, what I liked most was the way his eyes shimmered.
Kaden and James noticed I and Tracey’s stare and glanced at us. Tracey quickly looked away and I rolled my eyes at her and kept on staring at James who shyly looked away pretending he didn’t see me.
I stood up wanting to go meet him when Tracey pulled me back.
“what are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m going to meet James” I tell her.
“no you’re not, if you don’t want James to hate you sit your butt down and let him be” Tracey said and I sat down.

“have you dated anyone before?” she asked as I sat down.
“nope” I replied.
“no wonder you’re being like this, you have to be free around the people you like, don’t make them see you like a burden and just flirt with them charmingly when you’re around them” Tracey explained and I chuckled. “yeah right, like you’ve dated anyone before” I said sarcastically and he grabbed my hand and pointed to the table James and his friends were seated.
“see those guys there, the one with brown hair, the one beside Kaden. He’s name Jerold and he’s my ex..ex boyfriend. So yes I’ve dated someone before” Tracey said proudly and I slipped my hand from her grip.
“what made you two break up” I asked.
“he said i was too clingy and that I was a burden, and that was it, he broke up with me!” Tracey explained and I gasped.
“what? What a rude boy, how could he do such a thing” I exclaimed. “tell me about it” Tracey rolled her eyes.
“I’m going over there to give him a piece of my mind” I said standing up but Tracey pulled me down.. “you don’t even know him why would you give him a piece of your mind” Tracey said.
“it doesn’t matter if I know him or not—
“look just leave Jerold out of this, what I’m saying is you shouldn’t be too clingy with James or you’ll be hated” Tracey said and immediately we heard the bell.
Everyone went back to class, and we did four more subjects before school was over. Immediately Tracey came over to meet me.
“so.. Getting ready for drama class?” she asked as I shoved my books in my backpack.
“drama what?” I asked and primped my hair back.
“drama class! Don’t you remember it’s among the school’s three main after school activity?” Tracey said and I breathed out an “oh” remembering when the principal mentioned it.
“well since you mentioned it, we Better start going, early birds take the morning breads” I quoted and Tracey laughed.
“where the hell did you learn that, it doesn’t make sense” Tracey said still laughing and I joined her. “I just made it up” I laughed.
It’s odd laughing with someone other than Naomi, but still feels great.
We were the first to get to drama class and I met with the drama teacher who’s almost in his 50’s I didn’t have to introduce myself to him cause the principal already talked to him about me.
The people attending drama class were so many, but amongst the full crowd I could still see James. The drama teacher taught so much about drama the prose and other stuff and after that we were dismissed and all went home.
I sat down on my bed and placed my laptop on my thigh. Streaming the novels to read, but just then my room door opened and Naomi Walked with her curly black hair swaying around her face as she walked happily to my bed.
“hi Sam. I came here as soon as I heard you’re from school” she said and sat down on my bed opposite me and I closed my laptop and smiled at her.
“what? Was school that fun today?” naomi asked and I moved closer to her.
“it was fantastic. I made a new friend”.
“male or female?” Naomi asked.
“female duh!” I rolled m eyes
“what’s her name?”
“Tracey” I replied
“wow she must be real nice and understanding to be your friend” Naomi said and I tilt my head and looked at her.
“are you saying I can’t make friends easily or I’m impudent and hard to understand” I asked moving closer to her and she sacredly moved back.
“no.. I-i-i.. Just mean that you’re so pretty and nice and not anyone can fit to that standard to be your friend” she said and I smiled and moved back my hair. She’s right.
“but naomi.. I called and she looked at me.
“what was more captivating for me in school today was that I have be threatened with a lover?” I said and placed my hand on my chest dramatically

“a lover? Wait. Like you, Samantha kress, you’re crushing on someone?” Naomi asked and I nod.
“a girl or a boy?” she asked.
“what the hell do you mean a girl or a boy, a boy of course.” I replied.
“well, cause you never liked any boy all your life and I’ve been thinking maybe you were destined to fall for girls instead of guys but I guess my instincts was wrong, but still what’s he’s name? Is he cute? Handsome? Dreamy? Cha–
“Naomi, one question at a time okay” I laughed.
“I’m sorry, you’re the one with a new school and a new crush and I’m the one getting happy” she squeaked.
“anyway he happened to be in my class, his name is James and he’s not only dreaming or charming, he’s cute and has this feminine beauty, dong get me wrong but for a boy to have such a feminine beauty mean his handsomeness is spectacular” I said remembering James face and Naomi laughed.
“I never believed you’d like a boy, the almighty Samantha” naomi laughed and I primped.
“I’m human too” I said and she nods “yep, you’re right, but does he like, flirt With you or show any sign that he’s crushing on you too or you’re just secretly crushing on him” Naomi asked .
She asks annoying but true questions sometimes
“he.. h-he.. Likes me too, and whenever he talks to me I just play hard to get even though I like him, he was even on his knees today saying he wished to date me cause I’m too pretty and I couldn’t help but like him the more” I explained and Naomi grinned.
“wow.. You are indeed an eye catch for boys” .
We both talked about James for a while, and Naomi wished she could see him while I told Naomi more about James.
T. B. C


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