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HER LAST WISH Chapter 36

HER LAST WISH Chapter 36


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Shh, we’re in the library remember” Dan whispered to Layla, grinning.
“You shouldn’t have made such joke knowing we are in the library” She whispered back, laughing as quietly as she could.
They were sitting beside one of the many library windows after lunch break and none of them has addressed the books on the table in front of them, that were glistening with the ray of sun floating in through the unglazed window . They had been discussing in low tone, ditching what they came into the library for.
And as Layla laughed as soundlessly as she could, tilting her head forward, the sun swept through her hair and perfect set of teeth. Dan’s breath caught in his throat and his heart started racing in that familiar way again.

A week had passed and their bond got even tighter.
They went everywhere with each other, not giving anyone else the room to come between them again.
People tried to get closer to either of them but it was just so clear there wasn’t the slightest chance. No room for a deeper friendship than the other already existing between them.

Dan knew his feelings for Layla had grown over the week and there was no denying it anymore, he likes her. Why else would his heart beat so crazily whenever he’s with her and even most times when he isn’t with her, once she creeps into his thoughts, his heart would start racing…so fast it’s almost painful.
He hadn’t even felt this much torture before he got into a relationship with Jennie.
It’s so unnerving.

Perhaps he should stop trying to stop his feelings for her, it seems it’s even making him fall for her more.

He wasn’t scared to ask her to be his girlfriend, he’s so straightforward when it comes to feelings but the situation surrounding them made it complicated.
The fact that she’s one of his special friends isn’t what is stopping him but the fact that she’s in love with another person is what’s pulling him back.
Though she had really kept to her promise of not making anyone else come between them and placing anyone else above him but she still stares at Dylan with so much love and longing and she smiles brightly and gleefully whenever he responds to her greetings.
She’s still so smitten with him.

Telling her about his feelings would not only fluster her but make her feel uneasy around him because she doesn’t feel the same way. Their friendship might suffer a strain and he doesn’t want that.
Though he knows he can’t keep his feelings buried forever, he’s going to reveal it sooner or later. It’s weighing heavily on him, making him restless and he’s sure he’s not going to feel any better until he spills it.
She doesn’t have to date him, he’s just going to tell her about it and things will continue the way they were. Well, he’s such a fool to think it would be that easy.

“Why are you suddenly quiet?” Layla asked. “Is there something on my face?” She added and he realized he has been staring at her while buried deeply in his thoughts.
“It’s nothing actually, just lost in thought” He said.
“Is it anything you are willing to share?” She asked.
“Not yet, it’s nothing serious really”
“Are you sure?”
“Perfectly” He said.

“Let’s read then, we have few minutes left before break is over” She said.
“Oh yeah” Dan twirled a book in his direction, he opened it and his gaze felt hazy through the lines, he couldn’t even pick out the words, he stopped trying to read and just stared at the page blankly.
What is she doing to him.

Layla found her gaze on Dan’s sun-glittering hair instead of the book.
The unknown feeling sweeping over her again, she’s still yet to figure what it was and she’s trying not to beat herself up over it like Aria had advised but it’s so hard. The feeling whirls around her almost everytime, it’s so strong and pulling, always rising from the depth of her belly, she has never felt that way.

Is she even going to figure it out? because she has never even felt this way, so how would she know what it is.

Perhaps it’s what all friends feel for each other or rather what best friends feel for each other but she doubt it.
How would she even know if it was a friendship type of feeling. Dan’s her first best friend.
She had refrained severally from asking him about it, if he feels the same but then something kept hinting her not to.

She breathed deeply without even realizing.

Dan raised his gaze to her and she quickly flashed him a smile to reassure him she’s fine .
He winked and buried his gaze back to the book and she released the breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding.


“Look at you!” Layla giggled happily.
She was on a video call with Aunt Esther and David.
They were both giggling also, looking happy.
She was preparing to leave for the Coffee shop when the call came in.

“Moremi” Aunt Esther called gleefully.
“Aunt, how have you been?” Layla asked.
They’ve not contacted each other in a week, it was the longest they had spent without contacting each other since Layla owned a phone.
She had tried contacting Aunt Esther but hadn’t been able to, she knew it was something with the network connection.

“I’ve been good sweetheart, how have you been also?” Aunt Esther asked. David was seated on his mum’s laps, waving happily to Layla, she waved back at him and they both giggled again.
“I’ve been okay. Dave! How are you?”
“Aunty Moremi, I’m fine. I had the highest score in the mathematics test today” David grinned.
“Oh wow, that’s great. Keep it up bro” Layla winked, giving Dave thumb up .

“I’ve got a new toy also” He said and quickly skidded off his mum’s laps, he returned seconds later, bouncing on his mum’s laps again, not even noticing she had winced.
He stretched his new toy to the phone..
It was a cool small red car with complete wheels, almost looked real, except for it’s small size and plastic body.
Layla could remember her brother owned something similar to this too, he had so much toys but they gave out everything to charity after his death.

“Wow, what a cool ride you’ve got!” Layla said, pushing back her emotions to compliment her nephew’s new ride.
“Thank you” David smiled, obviously enthralled with his new toy.
“My Dad got it for me” He added.
“Big ups to Dad!” Layla smiled. Though she rarely get to communicate with David’s dad, he’s mostly away at work but the few times they had communicated, he had been so nice to her.

“I’m going to get you more toys when we see okay?” Layla said.
“Are we going to be seeing soon?” David asked eagerly.
“Maybe” Layla said and Aunt Esther looked confused, Layla hadn’t discussed it with her and with the look on Layla’s face, it seems she’s pretty serious.
“I can’t wait to see you, it’s been so long” David said longingly.
“Yeah” Layla nodded, David had been three when they visited then and now he’s eight…nine soon.
And she really had to see him again… Once more.

Aunt Esther turned away, it looked like she was distracted with someone else’s presence at the door.

“David, your lesson teacher is here, go and get ready” She said.
“Okay mum. Bye Aunty Moremi” David waved before sliding off his mum’s laps once more.
“Bye David” Layla smiled.

Aunt Esther angled her phone properly after David has left.
Layla admired her flawless dark skin, she was putting on a sleeveless wear, though Layla couldn’t tell if it was a dress or top, she could only see to her shoulders.
She has always admired her Aunt’s skin, it’s so dark and it always glitter as if there were millions of tiny diamonds on it, her oval shaped face was so good looking also and her body shape, damn… Layla could remember the last time she saw her, she hadn’t even known then that her own shape would be similar to Aunt Esther’s.

“Moremi, you want us to visit?” She asked.
“I’m still thinking about it” Layla said, folding in her lips.
“I’m not sure your Aunt will be fine with it, she doesn’t like us” Aunt Esther said with a roll of eyes.
Layla chuckled, her two Aunt’s haven’t met each other yet and they seem not to like each other in any way.
“Phil is not so mean anymore, I’m sure she won’t mind but then again she can be so unpredictable” Layla said.
“Ah, I don’t want wahala o” Aunt Esther said and Layla laughed.

She loves it when Aunt Esther slips in Nigeria tone.
She knows what wahala means, Aunt Esther once told her it’s means problem….She doesn’t want problem.

Layla laughed again. “I’m still thinking about it though but I really want to see you and David”
“We would love to see you again also, we miss you” Aunt Esther said solemnly.
“I miss you too, I’m going to let you know once I come to a conclusion”
“Okay. How are your friends?”
“They are fine” Layla smiled.
“Say hi to them for me and special hi to Anne” Aunt Esther winked.
“You’ll make Dan jealous again” Layla laughed.
“Ah, that fine friend of yours” Aunt Esther smiled, she was yet to speak to any of Layla’s friend except Anne but she had seen their pictures and she knows each person’s name.

“How’s work going Aunt?” Layla asked.
“We thank God o, sales have been moving real fast these days” Aunt Esther smiled brightly.
She owns a shop just outside the compound she lives.
“That’s great news” Layla smiled. “How’s Mr Agbaje?”
“My husband is fine, your pronunciation won’t cease to make me laugh, I’m sure my husband will cringe if he knows how you pronounce his name” Aunt Esther laughed long and hard.

Layla pouted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you a lot of things whenever we see okay?” Aunt Esther said after her laugh subsided.
“I’ll be so glad and your hair looks so beautiful” Layla smiled admiringly.
Aunt Esther was on cornrows that looked neatly and newly plaited.
“Thanks dear, my neighbor helped me make it. Amina. ”
“She’s so good at it” Layla said.
“Yes o and you won’t believe she’s not even out of high school yet, though she’s almost done, about your age sha”
“Are you serious? Wow” Layla looked intrigued.

“That aside, aren’t you leaving for your Aunt’s Cafe? Did she gave you the day off?” Aunt Esther asked.
“OMG! I need to go” Layla said, scrambling to her feet, she had completely forgotten about the Cafe.
Damn, Phil would be so pissed.
“You should hurry, that Aunt of yours is not nice at all.” Aunt Esther scoffed.
Layla chuckled.
“Bye dear”
“Bye Aunt Esther, my kisses to Dave” She said before disconnecting the call.
She dropped her phone on her dressing table and grabbed her comb, pushing it through her hair hurriedly.

She dropped the comb back on the table and slipped on her slippers.
She grabbed her phone and was about rushing out of her room but her feet wouldn’t move after her gaze landed on the comb.
She stared at the familiar silky fibre on it.

Her hair.

Not just a strand but a huge chunk.

“Finally’ She smiled sadly, her throat going dry and tight.


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