HER LAST WISH Chapter 62

HER LAST WISH Chapter 62


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“Fel, I was just joking, I’m sorry” Rylan said, stifling his laugh as he hurried after Fel who’s obviously so pissed at him.
“Please” He added.
“I’m sorry”
The others stood, watching them, although they’ve stopped laughing but a trail of laughter still remained in their eyes.
“Take back what you said” She turned to face him.
“I take that back. Your mouth is not like kettle” He said, never having struggling this much in his life to hold a laughter.
If he should laugh, Fel is never going to forgive him till this trip is over and he doesn’t want that, he can’t stand her not talking to him for that long.

“Take it back to the hearing of everyone” She said.
“I take it back everyone, Fel’s mouth is not like kettle” He shouted loudly and this time even the tour guides and the driver laughed.

They all looked quite excited.
After all they were visiting the Grand Canyon West Rim on a luxury bus tour!

They got on the bus and the scenic drive began…

“How come we never even thought to take a trip until Aunt Esther got here” Fel said.
“Actually I would say school is the reason, our weekdays are usually packed with school work and we relax or just hang out on weekends” Rylan said.
“Exactly. Then, we do go on trips only whenever we were on holiday, don’t you remember?” Dan said.
“Well, yeah but we haven’t even thought of going on a trip during this holiday and if not for Aunt Esther and Dave, I doubt we would have planned any”
“You know we always plan it together after we finish the last paper of every exam and since Dan is no longer a student in our school, I guess that made it stop”
“He might not be a student in our school anymore but we’re all still best friends after all, that should never have stopped and now that we have Layla, it would even be more fun”
“Then I guess we should go on a trip soon” Dan suggested.
“Exactly” Rylan nodded.
“What do you think Layla?” Fel said.
“Absolutely fine, I’m open to it… there’s no harm in having fun after all” Layla said excitedly.
“Great! It’s sealed then” Fel smiled.
“So where should we go to?” Rylan asked.

“Are you guys really planning to go on a trip while on one? you should at least get home to properly decide” Anne said.
“Hm… It seems someone is jealous” Rylan teased.
“I’m not jealous, I’ve got my own friends too”
Dan smiled, pulling his sister’s cheek playfully.
“You guys are still kids so you won’t be allowed to go on trips by yourselves” Rylan grinned mockingly.
“What!” Anne looked offended.
“Ah, didn’t know that was going to offend you” Rylan grimaced.
“We’re not kids! We’re fifteen!”
“Oh really? I thought you clocked twelve on your last birthday” Rylan teased further.
“Really? I know you’re trying to upset me but that’s not going to happen”
“For real, I thought you clocked twelve. So, you’re really fifteen, you’re a teenager! That’s great! For real” Rylan clapped, a mockery grin on his face and that really upset Anne.

“Dan! Aren’t you going to say anything” She whined to her brother.
“Rylan is an asshole, I’ve got nothing to say” Dan said, resuming to his phone.
“Really? You’ve got nothing to say after saying I’m an asshole?”
“A big one” Dan added nonchalantly.

“Anne, what you just have to do to prove this dickhead wrong is to actually organize a trip with your friends, slap the trip ticket on his face if possible” Fel said.
“Wow, ‘dickhead’, ‘asshole’. Why didn’t I realize earlier that these people have been hating on me” Rylan said biting his lip, looking like he was really thinking.

“Of course I’m going to, and I’m really going to slap the ticket in your face! And also tell my friends to do the same” Anne said.
“Wow, is that supposed to make me scared, guess what… I’m not even bothered because you guys can’t even leave the house to the grocery store on your own, not to talk of being allowed on a trip” Rylan laughed.
“Well… Just wait” Anne said determinedly.
“I’m going to, even patiently at that and you should really slap those tickets on my face when you guys finally do” Rylan said, still laughing.
“You all heard Rylan, I hope no one scolds me when I finally do as he said”
“You’re never going to be scolded after slapping the ticket on his face, at least not by me. I’m in full support” Fel said.
“I’m in also” Layla said.
“Same here” Dan said.
“I knew y’all hated me but I didn’t know it was this worse, it’s fine. I don’t see any reason to continue this trip with you guys any longer” Rylan said, maintaining a straight face as he pretended to stand up…
“Hi Mr. Brown” Fel called on the driver. “Can you please pull over to a side, someone wants to alight”
“What the heck!” Rylan swore “Mr. Brown she was only joking, no one is alighting!”

“I thought you were going to leave” Layla said, trying not to grin.
“When did I say that?” He asked.
“Oh, guys. I guess he doesn’t want to leave through the car door, let’s just push him out the window” Dan said, getting to his feet.
“Fel, grab his hands. Layla, his legs. I’m just going to press his shoulders together so it can fit through the window” Dan looked serious as he said this and Fel and Layla equally started doing as he said, much to Rylan’s horror.
“You guys Stop!” He yelled.
They didn’t listen to him, they pinned him down to his seat, looking as though they were really going to throw him out.

“Aunt Esther, help!” Rylan shouted as he struggled with them.
Aunt Esther and David laughed.
“Anne!” Rylan shouted.
Anne who has been laughing all the while told Dan to press his shoulders tighter.
“Guys, okay I take it back. I’m not leaving, not through the door, the window or anywhere, I’m sorry I said that” Rylan said breathing heavily from the struggle.
They finally spared him, and Fel pushed his forehead with the tip of her finger, grinning widely.
Layla laughed as she returned to her seat.
“Don’t fucking ‘Buddy’ me!” Rylan yelled at Dan who had called him buddy before sitting and he laughed.

“For a moment, I almost thought he was really serious about leaving” Aunt Esther chuckled.
“Nah, even if he is, we’re never going to allow him to” Fel said.
“And he isn’t someone to be serious about such” Layla added.

“Dave, can you see what they did to me. Don’t ever have friends like them okay?”
“But I want to have friends like them. I like the way you people are always playing” David smiled.
“Even little David turned against you” Fel laughed.
“That must hurt” Layla grinned.
“David, I can’t believe you did me this dirty, it’s fine though” Rylan shrugged, pretending to look offended.

“Ry! Look, I told you she was going to win the award!” Dan exclaimed happily, stretching his phone to Rylan.
“Yes!” They both jumped happily.
“Ah, I guess Dan’s crush finally won the award” Fel said.
“Dan’s crush?” Layla asked.
“Yeah, she’s a teenage singer and Dan really likes her”
“Oh” Layla couldn’t help the jealousy that pinched at her heart..
Dan and Rylan were still jubilating over her win.

“He doesn’t actually like her in that way, he only likes her as singer, he admires the talent she’s got at a young age” Anne said.
“No, he likes her romantically” Fel said.
“He does not”
“He does”
“Dan, do you like her as a singer or romantically?” Anne asked Dan.
“Huh?” He asked, not quite getting what his sister just said.
“I mean… Mary Harold”
“Oh,” He said and didn’t know why his eyes fell on Layla’s, she was looking at him, an unreadable expression on her face.
“I only like one person and that’s definitely not Mary, I like her only as a singer, her talent is just so admirable ” He said, glanced at Layla again before resuming his jubilation with Rylan.
Layla swallowed, turning to face the window.

“I told you” Anne said to Fel.

They continued chatting, switching from one topic to the other.
Their tour guides were so lovely and conversational.
And before they got to Hover Dam, they were served a very tasty fresh deli sandwich and a bottle of water for breakfast.


They paused for a photo shop at the Hover Dam, they were going to spend some hours touring Hover dam before finally going to West Rim. Major stops on the tour to The Grand Canyon West Rim had include photos at the ‘Welcome To Las Vegas’ sign, seven magic mountains and Hover Dam.
They were now in Hover Dam, happily touring one of the scenic areas around Las Vegas, they were having so much fun enjoying the beautiful views, talking and laughing at their jokes. They took several pictures as they toured the Hover Dam, one didn’t have to be told to know they were really enjoying their time there.
Their tour guides were really fantastic, they gave them time to walk out on the memorial bridge for a full view of the Hoover Dam.
After taking more pictures and satisfied with the time spent at the memorial bridge, they moved to the Hover Dam Walk-On-Top with seven magic mountains.

“This is so beautiful” David said, his eyes and everyone else’s filled with great admiration for the place, he looked really excited as he jumped around.
Big layers of beautiful, bright and colorful stones were stacked on top of each other till it stood tall and it wasn’t just one, six more layers also stood at different places, making it all seven. It was a scene! A beautiful one. They wondered how the uneven big stones were able to stand on each other looking so stable.
“How can stones be this beautiful? Or aren’t these stones?” Aunt Esther asked.
“I’m wondering also, so colourful as well” Rylan said.
“Am I the only one amazed at how these stones stand on their own even when they look so uneven.” Layla said.
“It’s crazy” Fel said.

“Well, not crazy to me because this place simply reps its name” Anne added.
“Seven Magic Mountains” David said…
“Yes!” Anne said and they both clicked their palms together in high-five, smiling.

It really looked its name.


“Wow, why didn’t I even think of that” Rylan said.
“Well seems you’re the actual twelve-year-old here” Anne taunted, and he frowned looking a bit taken aback, he hadn’t expected that comeback from Anne.
Fel captured his look immediately and screamed happily. “Yes! This horrible picture of Rylan Whitney, the girls crush is going to the school group immediately. I think those girls need to see how horrible their crush looks sometimes,” Fel laughed.
She showed the picture to Dan.
“Oh My… I never knew Rylan could look this ugly” Dan laugh.
Anne and Layla shifted closer and they also laugh on seeing the picture.
Anne was especially glad she finally had a comeback at him.

“Well, I know I’m good looking, nothing you say can move me. Y’all are just pained by that fact”
“I’m afraid you’ll have to take that back after seeing this picture of you” Fel grinned, showing him the picture, she made sure to hold her phone tight knowing Rylan might grasp it from her.
“What the hell, this is not me! Delete that picture” He growled.
“No way!” Fel laugh “It’s going to the school group immediately, just watch me” She said, focused on her phone, pretending to be really serious on doing that.
“Fel!” He yelled and made to grab her phone but she was quick enough to not let that happen, soon he was running after her, demanding she deletes the picture.

The others continued admiring the scenic area.
“Everyone come over, let’s take a picture, this sight is too beautiful not to have a memory of it” Fel said.
“Yeah, let’s take a picture in group and also individually” Anne said.
“Let’s do that!”


Upon arrival at the beautiful Grand Canyon West Rim, they started at the welcome center. From there, they were free to continue at their own pace and they took as much time as they wished, bantering along the way, admiring the breathtaking views and taking more pictures.
They had fun using the hop-on hop-off shuttle at Eagle point and the Grand Canyon skywalk.

After they were served lunch, they had a stroll over the Grand Canyon horse-shaped glass bridge, peering over the rims of the Canyon. It felt like they were floating on air with the spectacular view.

“Oh my God, this is bliss” Layla smiled happily.
“Pure Bliss” Fel said.
“Am I the only one kind of scared?” Rylan asked.
“My dear, you are not the only one o. Although the view is so beautiful but my heart has been beating fast since” Aunt Esther said.
“Perhaps, you guys are acrophobic” Dan said.
“No, I’m not. But the fact that this place is made of glass just keep bringing series of thoughts to my mind”
“Exactly” Aunt Esther agreed.

“Let’s take a picture then, perhaps it’ll take you guys mind off it” Anne said.

The rest of their day passed in immense fun.


They got home quite late in the night and while Aunt Esther and David walked into the room to freshen up for the night. Layla, even though all she wanted to do was sleep, asked Phil what she would like to have for dinner.
She couldn’t express her joy when Phil told her she already ordered pizza.
She said goodbye to her and went to freshen up for the night before going to join Aunt Esther and David in their room.
They all slept off almost immediately their heads hit the pillow.


Aunt Esther, Layla and David returned home after visiting the cemetery where Layla’s Mum and brother were buried.
They had bought fresh flowers on their way there to place by the graves but had been surprised to see fresh looking flowers there, Layla was so sure she hadn’t put it there, it’s been months she visited them and they had to ask the watchman who told them her mum’s younger sister comes to visit every two weeks, he knows her because she gives him some money so he takes extra care of the graves, she replaces the flowers with new ones every two weeks.

Layla knocked on Phil’s door, Aunt Esther and David already head to their room.
She feels really down and sad like she normally do whenever she goes there, she thought she had healed from their death but that had been a facade…
And Phil replacing the flowers by her mum and brother’s grave really shocked her. although it made her feel less bad, at least someone else has been going to take care of them when she neglected them.
She thought Phil did not like her Mum, her Mum and Phil had not been in good terms till her Mum died, the dislike for each other actually started when her Mum chose to marry a black which was against the will of her family.
They expressed their dislike for each other on several occasions even after their mother’s death and now Phil is going to replace the flowers every two weeks?

“Oh, you’re back” Phil said and Layla was a bit startled, she didn’t know Phil had opened the door.
“Yeah, can I come in?”
Phil nodded, already knowing what Layla’s about to say.
She knew Layla was going to find out when she told her she’ll be visiting the cemetery this morning.
“You’re the one right? You replace the flowers by their graves every two weeks” Layla said.
Phil nodded.
“I… I thought you hated her”
“I never hated Celine, she’s my sister after all, my blood sister whom we once shared a bond and even though we fell apart till she died, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of her grave” Phil said, she’s having great regrets about falling out with her sister over something as irrelevant as choosing to marry a black, they had loved each other so much and the fact that Celine had chosen a man over her family had made her so angry.

“Thank you, Phil,” Layla said in an almost inaudible voice, she knows she’s going to break down soon.
“Thank you for taking care of them even when I neglected them, I’m… so grateful”

“You didn’t neglect them Layla, I know how you do feel whenever you visit their graves, you were only trying to avoid that”
Layla smiled, a smile that lacked warmth “That’s such a lame reason to have stopped going there, they are my family after all and feeling that way after I visit them does not justify me neglecting them”
“Believe me, they won’t also be happy if you had kept visiting knowing you feel so terrible after. They would want you to be happy, they care for you and won’t like seeing you sad because of them”
“Nothing you say justifies my actions, I neglected them. I’ve been a terrible family to them. Thank you Phil, what you did really mean a lot to me” Layla said before walking out of Phil’s room, her eyes pinching with tears.

She got under the blanket in her room and let out the tears she’s been holding all day.


“Are you sure Layla knows we’re here?” Fel asked for the third time since they got here.
She and Anne had gotten here first because they planned to make cornrows and right now Aunt Esther is on Anne’s hair, working magic through it.
“She might… be sleeping” Rylan said, he and Dan came over just few hours ago.
“She doesn’t sleep for that long and not even when she knows we are here, are you sure she’s fine?” Dan asked worriedly, he noticed Aunt Esther’s mood is not as bright.

“Well… We went to the cemetery today to visit her Mum and brother’s grave and… as expected she’s been in a sour mood, she hasn’t come out of her room since we returned, she has been crying” Aunt Esther said unhappily.
If she hadn’t promised Fel and Anne that she was going to make their hair today, she wouldn’t have attended to them, she’s equally feeling really down and all she wants to do is comfort her niece but she won’t even open the door for her.

There was silence, each of them feeling sad and very sorry for Layla.
Anne sniffed and quickly wiped her tears as it sipped from her eyes.
Fel faced the other side of the couch, not wanting anyone to see her cry.

“How long has she been in there for?” Dan asked, trying really hard not to show the emotions that was reeling out of him.
“Since we got back at 11am”
“She’s been crying for six hours” Rylan said, glancing at the wall clock. Struggling to have his emotions in check but the tears slipped out of his eyes and he has his palm over his face as more tears rolled out.
“Don’t bother going to meet her” Aunt Esther said to Dan, who already got to his feet.
“Her door is locked, she won’t even allow me in, she had only allowed David in when he cried by her door. I guess she just want some time to herself”
Dan nodded and slowly sat back on the couch.

Aunt Esther paused making Anne’s hair.
The silence continued, every one of them in their own thoughts, deeply sorry and worried for Layla…
They remained that way for close to an hour and they all rushed to Layla as soon as she stepped into the living room, hugging her all at once.
She smiled, trying to get to hug them all.

The fact that she cried so much is so glaring, her eyes looked so red and twice its normal size.
Even though she had washed her face before stepping out and even waited a few minutes in her room just so to make her puffy eyes look better.
Her head is aching so much, due to how much she has cried.

“Ah, you guys are going to suffocate me” She chuckled softly and they slowly released their holds on her.
“Anne, did you cry? Fel! You too, Rylan! Daniel. You guys… ” Layla paused and sigh, realizing her friends had cried because of her, her throat tightened with tears and her eyes were starting to pinch again.
“Hey! You’ve cried enough, don’t make that tear drop” Dan said, holding her hands.
“Thank you guys, I love you all so much” Layla wiped her tears.
“We definitely love you more”
“Now, stop crying” Fel said to her…
“Your head must be hurting right?” Anne asked.
Layla nodded.
“I should get you some aspirin, Dan, let me have your car key” Fel said. She didn’t come here with her car because she hadn’t felt like driving. She and Anne had hailed a cab here.
“Wait, there’s some aspirin in my room” Layla said.
“I will get it” Rylan said.
“In the third drawer,” Layla called after him. “And please make sure not to wake Dave”

“Comman sit down” Aunt Esther said, leading her to the couch.
“What are you going to eat? Should I make that palm oil rice for you, we still have enough palm oil left, we are just going to get beef and prawns” Aunt Esther said.
Layla nodded, she’s actually starving and hearing that palm oil rice made her stomach rumble more.
“Anne and I will go get the beef and prawns” Fel said.
“Yeah” Anne nodded.
Rylan walked back into the living room with the Aspirin.

“When next you’re going to visit the cemetery, we’re all going to come with you” Dan said.
“Exactly” They all agreed.
“We need to also meet them and pay some respect” Rylan said.
“Alright, I’ll be going in two weeks’ time” She already decided to visit them regularly now.
“It’s sealed then” Fel said.

“You guys just stay back to help Aunt Esther prep for the meal, Rylan and I will go get it” Dan said.
“Oh okay” Fel said.
“We’ll be right back” Dan said before walking out of the house with Rylan.

“Here” Anne placed a glass cup of water in front of Layla.
“Thank you Anne” Layla said, gulping the pills down with enough water.
“We’ll just go ahead now to start prepping for the meal, you need to eat soon enough” Fel said.
“Will you be fine alone?” Anne asked.
“C’mon, of course” Layla smiled.
“Keep yourself busy with the TV before Dan and Rylan comes back you hear?” Aunt Esther said to her and she nodded.

Layla sigh deeply after they all left to the kitchen, almost contemplating if to open up to them about her health condition or not but she quickly brushed it off.
She can’t do that.
The last thing she wants is making them worry, they’ve done enough for her already, she shouldn’t burden them with her issue.
She fixed her gaze on the TV even though her mind was not really there, the thought that she’s going to stop being around these terrific people soon really has her in a chokehold.
The stretchmarks has extended largely to her back and she knows it’s only a matter of time.
She’s so sad and scared.

“We’re back!” Rylan and Dan walked in and Layla quickly plastered a smile across her face.
Dan sat beside her while Rylan walked to the kitchen to deliver the beef and prawns to them.
He returned to the living room, sitting on the other side of Layla…
“Let’s play a game” He said, hoping that will lighten Layla’s mood.
“I’m in” She smiled.


They all laughed at a joke Rylan had cracked.
They were sitting in the living room after they were done eating, Phil had eaten with them this time and she’s also seated with them in the living room and even though she looked like she wasn’t paying attention to them, she actually was and she’s been enjoying their banters so far.
The earlier dull mood has been replaced, they don’t look quite as sad anymore.
Aunt Esther has resumed making Anne’s hair, chatting with them in the process.

The doorbell rang twice and Dan went to get it.
“Aria!” He said happily and Layla got to her feet, excited.
She really misses Aria, even though they do talk on the phone every day, she misses her presence.
Aria and Jane walked into the living room and Layla was pulling her into a tight hug her the next second.
“Layla!” Aria hugged her back, smiling happily.

“Ah, they have brought new oyinbo friend for me” David smiled excitedly on seeing Jane…




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