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HER LAST WISH Chapter 65

HER LAST WISH Chapter 65


Zeemah Writes 📝




“I can’t believe you guys ran off” Aunt Esther laughed alongside Phil.
They had to go fetch them outside after they were done and really had to assure and convince them nothing is wrong with them, they were not possessed, they were completely fine but only tried to pull their legs and that was when they stopped panicking.
“Geez! You guys, I never thought you guys would fall for that wee trick” Phil chuckle.
“If Anne hadn’t run off, we wouldn’t have followed” Fel said, they all looked quite flushed.
“Yeah, Anne made me run off!” Rylan said.
“That’s not true, I saw you already moving back even before Anne ran off” Layla said.
“Well… ” Rylan trailed off looking quite sheepish as he had been caught.

“I had to run, I’ve never seen Aunt Esther look that way. It was quite scary, y’all also saw it right. If I hadn’t run first, im sure you guys would have gone ahead anyway” Anne said.
“I think Layla was the most scared, I can still picture her face while we ran, it was the most funny expression I’ve ever seen but I couldn’t laugh at that moment” Dan said and they chuckle.
“You’re right, I was the most scared because I couldn’t even get myself to believe it, before I left the house, there had been no trace whatsoever that I’m going to meet them in that position so coming back home to meet them like that gave me more reason to believe they were possessed and then Aunt Esther had to roll those eyes. God, that totally did it for me” Layla said.

“Are you guys really… I mean, you’re really on talking terms now?” Layla had to ask even if it was quite obvious.
“I’m sorry we made this hard for you guys to believe. Gosh, you guys even had to think we were possessed to see us that close” Phil sigh.
This should be any normal thing, two Aunts getting together, chatting and laughing but they had made it something so difficult for them to believe it. This is to blamed on her in particular, if she hadn’t been so mean to Esther right from the beginning, she’s quite sure Esther wouldn’t have mind them having a cool relationship.
She feels bad about been that way to her but she’s glad she made amends even though it was quite late, Esther would leave tomorrow morning.

“We need the story please because I can clearly remember I left you guys at home barely not talking to each other, so how did this happen so fast?” Layla asked.
“Oya, all of you should sit down. Story time” Aunt Esther joked and they chuckle.
“Should I go ahead or you’ll do the talking?” Aunt Esther asked Phil.
“Go ahead”
“Okay, so… It was just few minutes after you left and I was rounding up with putting everything in place in the kitchen when Phil walked in. Although we already started talking before today, we talked at the observation wheel yesterday even though it was short and random. So, Phil walked into the kitchen and said we needed to talk… She ended up apologized for been mean and not creating the space to know each other better and then… that was it” Aunt Esther smiled, she won’t deny she’s glad that they were now cool with each other.

“Woah, really?”
“That was quite fast”
“That still doesn’t explain you both being that close so fast, except maybe you both have been wanting to get along all these while but were only pretending not to care about each other’s existence. Wow” Dan grin.
“Exactly, that must be it. Because how else would you both be chatting like friends when you only reconciled few hours ago” Layla said.

“Maybe,” Phil smiled. “To be honest, we also didn’t know how it happened so fast, we just found ourselves talking non-stop, our conversation flowed without even trying hard and Esther is the real definition of; a very lively person. I can’t even count the number of times she’s made me laugh just during that short period, it’s starting to make me regret why I had not gone to her sooner but I’m glad I’ll still get to spend some hours with her before she leaves.”

“Same here Phil, I’m glad we’ll at least get to enjoy each other’s company and get to know more about each other before I leave. It’s a great thing coming here not on good terms with you and then leaving here as your friend” Aunt Esther smiled.
“I’m glad.”

“Aw, I’m going to tear up” Fel said and they smiled.

“I never thought seeing you both come together would make me feel this good, I’m glad you made the right decision. It means a lot to see my only family come together. Thank you” Layla said, trying not to cry.
“We’re so sorry it took this long Layla”
“Yeah, who else should have decide to come together long before now if not us, we should have done that at least because of you but we should be glad it isn’t too late.”
“But we’re here now, together” Phil smiled, pulling Aunt Esther in a side hug.
Layla burst into tears and they both hugged her.


“Who’s going to make cornrows for us when you leave” Anne looked unhappy.
They were still seated in the living room expressing how unhappy they were about Aunt Esther leaving tomorrow.
“C’mon, I’m pretty sure there are hair salons here with very good hairstylists” Aunt Esther said.
“They’re not going to be as good as you” Fel frown.
Aunt Esther laughed. “How can you say real hairstylists are not going to be as good as I am, me that I only know how to weave hair by chance compared to those that really took time to learn it. They’ll even know how to handle your hair better, believe me. I’m not also happy to be leaving so soon.”

“How did time even fly so fast? You were only here just… ” Dan groaned.
“The fact that we’re going to visit Nigeria soon is what’s actually consoling me” Rylan said.
“Exactly” Dan said, turning to glance at Layla who seems to be the only one that hasn’t made a comment.
She has been so subdued and he wondered if she was still reeling with the emotion of her Aunts coming together.
“Are you okay?” He had to ask her and she nodded.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m fine” She smiled even though her heart was bleeding.

Knowing after tomorrow, she might probably not get to see her Aunt and nephew again really saddens her heart.
She wonder why life is so unfair to her.
Just when everything seems to be finally turning for the better, here she is deeply worried about her health.
Just when she can finally be happy, her health condition is in the way.

She couldn’t even believe she’ll one day get really sad about her situation.
When the doctor broke the news to her, although it didn’t quite made her happy but she wasn’t even worried about it, she was ready to welcome whatever comes to her. She accepted her fate, at least she’ll get to meet her parents and brother again. That was what had being her resolution then.

Who would have thought she would meet these wonderful people that’ll make her realise life is too fun to want to leave.
Perhaps God shouldn’t have even sent them her way so it would have been easier to embrace her fate.
She’s losing more hair now and it’s only a matter of time before they start to notice.
She’s secretly hoping Fel doesn’t pull her hair playfully like she normally do because it’s going to be horrific if the remaining hair on her head is in Fel’s palm.

As they all proceeded to the dining room to eat, the meal served, everyone excited about it and happily chatting over the meal, all Layla did was feign smile and fake a laugh when necessary…
Halfway through the meal, when she couldn’t bear to do that any longer, she excused herself from the table, claiming to have headache and needing to rest.

She closed her door behind her and slid to the floor, crying.

“Phil, is there anything wrong with Layla?” Dan suddenly asks and it kind of took Phil off guard, and she really hoped she didn’t give anything away with her facial expression.
“What do you mean by that? You clearly heard when Layla said it’s just headache” Rylan said.
“There seems to be something else, don’t you guys notice the aloofness about her, or could I be mistakenly” Dan looked worried.
“I noticed it also” Fel sigh.
“Don’t you think it’s because Aunt Esther is leaving tomorrow” Anne said.

“Even at that, it shouldn’t make her look that way. It’s not like she’s never going to see Aunt Esther and David again. There seems to be something else” Dan said and looked like he was thinking.
“I think I should go check on her” Aunt Esther said. She had also noticed how off Layla seemed.
“How about waiting till she comes out, she might be napping already and disrupting her sleep might worsen her headache” Phil said, hoping that makes sense.
“Oh, that’s true, lemme not disturb her”


“Guys” Layla smiled, walking into the living room.
She had cried herself to sleep and kind of felt better after waking up, she had even freshened up and put on fresh wears.
“Gosh, we were so worried, we were about coming to your room” Fel said.
“Why?” She asked, sitting beside Aunt Esther.
She wanted to be by her Aunt’s side as much as she can.
“You looked kind of aloof before leaving the dining table earlier and we thought there might be something other than headache” Dan said.
“Oh, there’s actually something other than the headache” She said and Phil really hoped Layla would at least open up to her friends, although there’s nothing anyone can do anymore as it’s too late, it was too late when they find out also. She contemplated if to tell Aunt Esther about Layla’s medical condition.

“Really? What is it?”
“I’m sad Aunt Esther and David will be leaving” Layla said, that at least had not been a lie.
“I knew it” Anne said.
Aunt Esther squeezed Layla’s hands affectionately and gently rubbed her back.
She’s quite unhappy to be leaving her niece but she’s consoled with the fact that they will still get to visit each other occasionally.

“Oh, you’re missing Aunt Esther and Dave in advance” Fel said and Layla nodded.
“But that shouldn’t have made you look that sad, not when we even planned to visit Nigeria soon. You looked like you weren’t going to see Aunt Esther anymore” Dan said.
“Well… Maybe” Layla blurted and on noticing the tensed atmosphere and seeing the confused look on everyone’s face, she realising what she just said and quickly laugh it off “I’m just joking of course”

Everyone seemed to sigh in relief almost at the same time.
“It’s so easy to pull y’all legs” She further faked her laughter.
“Gosh, that had seemed so real” Fel said.
“I almost thought she was serious” Anne said.
“She looked really serious, I never knew Layla was so good at pulling legs. Damn” Fel said and Layla smiled.
“I knew she was joking of course because why won’t she probably see Aunt Esther and Dave anymore” Rylan chuckled.
“Exactly” Layla laugh.

The bantering continued and Layla’s eyes met Dan’s while she was faking yet another laughter, he seemed to be studying her and she quickly looked away not wanting him to see through her facade.

“Would you hold me while I sleep?” Layla asked Aunt Esther as she lay beside her.

They were ready to go to bed, after getting ready for the night.
Aunt Esther packed already and she had made sure David go to bed almost as soon as he was done having dinner.

“Of course Remi, come” Aunt Esther smiled, holding her.
She gently rubbed Layla’s hair and watched her sleep.

Soon, their deep breathing synced.


“OMG Layla, would you leave her alone, she’s going to miss her flight!” They all said to her for the umpteenth time.
Layla is holding Aunt Esther so tight and crying really hard much to the surprise of everyone except Phil who just stood and watched, being the only person understanding why Layla’s doing this.
She wouldn’t let go of Aunt Esther no matter what anyone said.
Aunt Esther stood in her embrace, not saying anything and trying to hold back her tears.

“Layla, this is ten-eighteen am! Her flight is for ten-twenty am, she should be on the plane already.” Fel said, sighing deeply.
They’ve been at this for minutes now and it’s really starting to wear her out.
No one understands why Layla is being this way.
“Layla, we’re visiting Nigeria soon and you’ll get to see her again, I understand how you’re feeling but you shouldn’t do this” Rylan said.
“Don’t make them miss their flight Layla” Anne said.

“The flight is being announced already, you should let her go” Dan said and it was then Layla slowly let go of her Aunt.
Fel passed her a handkerchief and she blew her nose into it.
“Esther, you guys should go now. Or you’re going to miss your flight” Phil said and they all saw the tear that dropped from Aunt Esther’s face even if she clearly tried to hide it.
She could feel it, although she doesn’t know what it is but something felt really wrong and it’s about her niece.
She almost didn’t want to leave as she kissed Layla on the cheeks, giving them all a quick hug before waving them bye and hurrying off with her son, muttering a prayer she didn’t even know how it got to her mind;

God should correct whatever is wrong.

When Aunt Esther and Dave were no longer in sight, Layla turned and started walking out to where the cars were parked, her eyes looking so puffy and gloomy.

They all drove home in silence, Layla caught Dan staring at her again with the look of yesterday and she wished he would ask because right now seems to be the only moment she feels like spilling it all out.


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