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HER LAST WISH Chapter 78

HER LAST WISH Chapter 78


Zeemah Writes 📝




Dammy’s uncle walked into the compound late in the night, looking so angry.

They laughed from where they stood, watching him.

“I just hope he doesn’t transfer his aggression to Dammy” Amina said.
“I hope so too” Layla sighed.
“He can’t, he didn’t know we were the one na” Emeka said.
“Even at that, he’s capable of being that wicked” Dan hissed.

They walked out of their hiding spot after he had gone in.

“You guys don’t know how happy I am to have punished this man” Emeka beamed, his heart swelling with satisfaction.
“Same here, it makes me feel so damn good!” Dan smiled.

They were with Dammy all through the day, Aunt Esther had stayed in the shop, checking on Dammy at interval. When she found out about what her uncle did to her, she was so enraged and even supported their plan.
She made a proper meal for them and made sure Dammy was very comfortable.

They had deceived her uncle with a false contract over a phone call and told him to wait in the shop that they were coming to meet him so they could finalize it.
Much to their surprise, he had foolishly fallen for it. They made him wait for so long, kept giving him different excuses and making sure he didn’t leave the shop until late into the night and it was then he suspected he was been deceived. He had cursed at them over the phone and Emeka with his fake voice had returned the curses. It had made them laugh so hard…

“The way that mumu man fell for our plan is still a surprise to me o. Hm” Amina sighed.
“God intervened on our behalf, because no normal grown up would wait that long over a baseless contract” Layla chuckled.
“And also, the huge amount we mentioned to him entered his covetous eyes. So, he wants a huge contract as that and he’s maltreating his niece, I pray he never sees that type of offer” Emeka hissed.
“Serves him right” Dan said.
“I’m glad Dammy is able to get the medical care she needed, she looked even better after everything” Layla felt happy and content.

“Yeah, I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t check on her. She was literally dying.” Dan sighed.
“Exactly, if we hadn’t acted fast ehn. I don’t know how someone would be that cruel to his family member. I wished he would really get punished by the law” Emeka frowned.
“What we did to him kind of pacified me though” Layla revealed her teeth in a wide grin.
“Same here, even though we couldn’t confront him for hurting our friend, we still kind of made him pay for it” Amina said.
“In a really satisfying way” Dan said and they chuckled…

“How is Dammy going to be collecting her injection every day till the next five days, you know the nurse said it’s compulsory to make the wound heal faster, she also needs to treat the burn every two days. That stupid uncle of hers must never know, how are we going to do it laidis?” Amina’s eyebrows lowered.

“We’ll know how to go about it, we’ll make sure she completes her injection dose even if it means deceiving the foolish man over and over again” Layla said.
“Yeah, we’ll always come up with something” Emeka nodded.
“It’s only God that knew how Emeka came up with that wicked plan, he made the poor man almost cry” Amina laughed.
“The way he completely sounded like another person while speaking to him needs to be studied. Great job Emeka” Layla smiled.
“He even knew the right words to lure the dumb man. Emeka actually made all this possible” Dan patted Emeka’s back and they laughed when Emeka hid his face in his palm, pretending to be shy.

“I hope we left no trace that the nurse came over” Amina said.
“No, have you forgotten we cleared every trace, he’s never even going to know we came around and I’m sure Dammy is going to act according to plan” Layla said, they had even locked the door and placed the key where it had been initially.

“We can’t allow her uncle keep abusing her, we need to step in even if Dammy is being hesitant, we need to change her mentality and make her see things through a different light, she’s only being confined by her mentality.” Dan sighed worriedly.
“Needlessly,” Layla added. “If only her thinking was different”

“Exactly, all that needs to be changed now is her thinking, if we succeed at that then everything else is going to be easy” Emeka said.
“I doubt that’ll be easy but let’s do it. God will take the lead” Layla really hoped they find it easy to change Dammy’s mind.
She seemed hellbent.

“It’s just so sad she is only making herself suffer unnecessarily, this thing is paining me I swear” Amina looked unhappy.
“I’m pained as well. But let’s believe all these will end soon. At least we now know Dammy’s reason, that’s a step ahead.” Dan said.
“Exactly, we now know what to tackle” Emeka added.

“Mummy said it’s late that you should come inside” Amina’s brother said.
“Tell her I’m coming,” Amina said. “Guys, we’ll continue tomorrow. Goodnight”



“Shhh, don’t make her suspect anything” Dan said to Amina who was about knocking to alert Dammy of their presence.

Emeka lifted the tin beside the door and smiled on grabbing the key.
“Is there a way you can unlock the padlock without making a sound,” Layla whispered to him, holding a cake with ‘Happy Birthday Dammy’ piped on it.

It’s three days later and it’s Dammy’s birthday.

For the past three days, they do come to check on her whenever her uncle is not home. Amarachi and David are always on the lookout, they’ll quickly alert them whenever he is approaching.

He has been locking her in since he caught her with them but he’s unaware they do fetch the key under the tin to spend time with her. They made sure she did not skip her daily dose of injection and also uses her medication at the prescribed time. Her burn is starting to heal and she now seemed fine.
They’ve been unable to change her mind about her uncle and they weren’t ready to relent.

Emeka succeeded in opening the padlock without making so much noise and they smiled happily.

“Let’s go in” Amina said, quietly opening the door and they stepped in.

Dammy, on sensing someone’s presence, dropped the novel she was reading and stepped out of her room. Her heart skipped a bit, knowing it must be her uncle. Her friends do alert her of their presence.

“Happy Birthday Dammy!!!” They shouted as soon as she stepped into the living room.
They started singing for her, pulling her to dance with them but she was so stunned, she couldn’t move.
Her mouth went dry and tears parched her throat and pinched her eyes as she stared at them, her heart swelling.

Although, Amina and Emeka do wish her on her birthdays and give her gifts, even during the period she stopped speaking to them because of her uncle. But this particular one totally had her.
She has never felt the need to thank God for bringing these people into her life but now she did. What would she do without them? She would have broken down completely or died if these people hadn’t been there for her.
She wondered what she did to deserve these amazing people.

She couldn’t see them properly now as the tears blinded her eyes.
She burst into tears as soon as they were done singing for her, hugging them one after the other.

“I. . . don’t know what to say, thanks so much guys, wow” she sighed, wiping her tears as more kept pouring.

“Aw, stop crying jhoor” Amina said.
“It’s fine Dammy, Happy birthday to you once again” Layla said, dropping the cake on the table and opening the cover.
“Wow, this cake is huge. Thank you” Dammy smiled, sniffing back more tears.
She moved closer to it, looking at it admirably.

“Do you like it?” Layla asked.
“I love it” Dammy grinned, using her finger to lick the icing on the cake. “Wow”
“You got it?”
Layla nodded, smiling. She decided to go for cake when she didn’t know what to get for Dammy.
“Thank you so much Layla! I can’t even remember the last time I tasted cake” Dammy happily kissed her cheeks.
“I’m glad you like it” Layla smiled.
“I love it. God bless you for me” Dammy said, hugging her.

“Here Dammy, I got this for you” Dan said, handing her a present.
“Aw, Dan. Thank you” She gave him a hug, smiling.

“Hm, which one should I open first o” Dammy said after Emeka and Amina also handed her presents.

“I think you should open Dan’s first” Amina said.
“That’s true sef, our names both start from D’ so his own present should come first” Dammy smiled.
“Of course, we are the D’S!” Dan said and they both chuckled as they high-five.
“Ah sorry o. The D’S” Amina rolled her eyes playfully.
“Jealousy!” Dammy laughed, starting to peel the present wrapper.
“Jealous koh. Me, Emeka and Layla sef are the AEL’S” Amina said and they chuckled.

Dammy couldn’t hold her scream on revealing the present.

“You. . . got iPhone for me?” Her eyes widen and she looked from the phone to Dan in complete surprise, she blinked, finding it hard to believe…

Dan nodded. “At least you can now apply for the scholarship and keep track of it on your phone. and also have something else apart from books to keep you company whenever you’re bored, I know you love taking nice pictures as well”
“Oh my God. Oh my God,” Dammy gasp, palmed her mouth as fresh tears rushed to her eyes. “Dan!” She rushed into his arms, wailing like she just lost someone…

He patted her shoulder “It’s fine. You need to stop crying. C’mon, it’s your birthday” he smiled.
“Thank you, thank you so much. Dan God will bless you. Good things will always come your way, God will clear everything obstacle on your way and grant you your heart desires. I’m so grateful” Dammy sniffed, checking out the pack of the phone admiringly.

She would never have thought she would own a phone soon, not to talk of an expensive phone as this!
Nothing is really impossible.
The surprise is almost having her in a chokehold.

“This is just too much, wow. I really appreciate this Dan, I’m so. . . happy. Thank you! Thanks everyone. I love you all” Dammy smiled happily.

“Oya open it jhoor, let’s see it” Amina smiled.
She was also surprised when Dan told them what he was going to be getting Dammy for her birthday.
She’s really happy for her friend, Dammy finally owns a phone! A very expensive one at that.

“Omo, see phone!” Emeka whistled when Dammy finally opened the pack and brought it out.
“Like you didn’t already see it, didn’t you follow Dan to buy it yesterday” Amina said.
“I know but this phone deserves to be hyped every single time someone sees it. Chai” Emeka smiled.

“Dan,” Dammy sighed, looking sullen “I don’t like this” she said, leaving them all in a state of confusion.

“I love it!!!” she screamed so loud, jumping all over the place.
They laughed.

“Don’t fall your cake o” Emeka chuckled.
“This birthday girl is mumu, I swear” Amina said, still laughing.

“Your phone is so sleek! Damn” Layla smiled.

Dammy hugged it to her chest happily. “Lemme put my SIM card inside” after she was satisfied, checking it out.
She started ransacking the shelf for her SIM card.

“So you even have SIM” Amina sat on the couch.
“Yes na, it’s even what I used to create email on my uncle’s phone, I got it when Airtel were sharing free SIM.” Dammy said, she hasn’t stopped smiling since they walked in.

They smiled as they watched her, they could see the joy radiating out of her. They haven’t seen Dammy this happy since her uncle caught her with them.

“Oya, I’ve put my SIM, let’s take some pictures guys! I want our pictures to be the first on my phone. Come closer” Dammy grinned.
“Omo, this camera is mad o. Wow” Amina said admiringly.
“I expected nothing less” Emeka smiled.

“Ah! She have shoot out her mouth like Elizabeth’s own again ooo” Amina said and they laughed.
“Oya, stop staring at the pictures and comman cut cake jhoor. It has been entering my eyes since” Amina said after they were done taking pictures.
“And we need to be fast before your uncle starts trotting home” Dan said.
“Lemme quickly goan bring knife” Dammy hurried to the kitchen and returned.

Even while she was cutting her cake, she didn’t let go of her phone.

“This cake does not only look beautiful but tastes nice as well. Wow” Dammy said, her eyes closed as she savored the taste. “This is very nice” Amina said with a mouthful.

They munched on the cake, bantering happily.

“You guys made my day. Thank you so much” Dammy said, the joy on her face unwavering as she saw them off to the door.
They had decided to leave, knowing her uncle could be back soon. They made sure they left no single trace they were here.

“Sha make sure you keep your phone from him o, put it in silence always” Amina said.
“Of course I will. Bye guys” Dammy said. “We’ll chat tonight” She added with such vigor that they laughed.


“Oh my God, Dammy what is wrong?” Layla asked, worried at the terrible state Dammy appeared in front of Aunt Esther’s shop.
She got to her feet with Dan and they walked closer to her.

It’s a day after her birthday and the first time Dammy will come out of the house since her uncle started locking her in.

“Did he hit you again?” Dan’s eyes squinted.
Dammy shook her head, resting on the display glass, she didn’t have to writhe in pain for them to know she was in pain.
She literally wouldn’t let go of her stomach and even unable to stand straight.

“What is wrong? Come in” Layla’s brows were furrowed as she stepped out of the shop to lead Dammy in.
“I have to go to the market” Dammy sighed, her fingers curling tightly.
“In this condition? That’s not possible. Did he do something to you again?” Dan asked, starting to get exasperated. God knows if Dammy’s uncle did something to her again, he’s not going to let it go this time.

“What happened to Dammy?” Emeka asked as he approached Aunt Esther’s shop holding a gallon of petrol.
“She’s yet to say anything” Layla said, confused and worried.

“Dammy, what happened? Ah,” Emeka paused, dropping the gallon beside him. “is it that your menstrual pain?”
Dammy nodded.
“Oh my” Layla sigh, holding Dammy’s hands. Although she’s never one of those with extreme menstrual cramp she knows how excruciating it can be.

Dan remembered Anne, sometimes the pain grips his sister so bad that she isn’t even able to get up from the bed, he really felt for Dammy as he’s able to relate.

“Let me quickly goan meet Amina so she’ll give you that medicine she always gives you” Emeka said.
“I can’t believe your uncle knows this and still sent you to the market. You’re not even able to stand on your own, how will you move through the market to buy things” Dan sighed, annoyed. “It’s time someone punched this cruelty out of him”

“Your uncle sent you to the market?” Emeka asked and then shrugged. “Why am I even surprised?”

Dan went ahead to attend to a customer.

“What the. .” Layla trailed off on going through the list Dammy was holding. “You’re going to spend hours in the market with this motherfucking long list! How are you going to cope in this condition you are in.”
“I swear he intentionally made this long list. God will punish him!” Emeka hissed.

Dammy was deaf to everything they were saying, the intense pain all-consuming.
She crouched to the floor, wincing when it felt like hot knives were piercing every inch of her stomach.

“Oh my God, Dammy you need to come into the shop, your uncle might come out and see you here” Layla said, getting extra worried.

“What’s wrong with Dammy?” Amina asked.
“I was about coming to meet you to collect that medicine you always give her” Emeka said.
“Ah, the pain is here again. Dammy sorry ehn” Amina crouched in front of her.
“And that medicine is finished, but I’m going to the market now, I’ll buy it on my way back. Lemme quickly start going” Amina got to her feet.
“Stand up from the floor and go inside, I’ll know how to bring the medicine for you when I buy it. Goan lay on your stomach before I’m back, I won’t take long you hear?”

“She can’t go inside o. Her uncle sent her to the market with a list as long as his wickedness in this state she is in. Imagine” Emeka shook his head.
“Walahi, I’m not surprised. Foolish man. Where’s the list and money? I’ll help you and buy everything. Go inside Mummy David shop and wait for me there” Amina said.
“I’m coming with you, it’ll quite uncomfortable for you to carry everything, you also have things you want to buy as well, I’ll help.”
“That’ll be better” Dan nodded.
“Oya, goan tell your aunt so we can start going”

“What if he. . .sees me here, he might come outside and…” Dammy held her breath, terrified at the thought.

“Me and Dan will be watching out for him, I’m not sure he’s going to come out and even if he does, there are places for you to hide in the shop” Emeka said.
“Or what if she goes inside the house. Aunt Esther will definitely not mind or even your apartment or Amina’s” Dan felt that’s better and safer than staying in the shop.

“No, He might see me if I step into the passage. I’ll just stay here” Dammy said, not daring to risk it.

“He’s not going to see you. Staying inside is safer than the shop. We’ll goan check if he’s in the passage first and then tell you to come.” Amina said.
“No” Dammy shook her head, the thought of her uncle suddenly walking out of the door while they sneak her into one of their apartments almost made her tremble.

“If you insist on staying in the shop, no problem. Oya stand up” Amina helped her up and started leading her into the shop.
“I’ll be right back, I need to inform Aunt Esther” Layla said.


“You see, I told you he wasn’t going to come” Emeka smiled at Amina. “How are you feeling now?”
She nodded, feeling nowhere better.
She checked the time on her phone, it’s almost an hour since her friends left for the market.
She felt bad, knowing it must be her list delaying them.
Her friend toiling the market because of her made her feel worse.

“Sorry ehn” Emeka added and she smiled.

Dan who was seated outside the shop, his turn looking out for Dammy’s uncle dashed in all of a sudden.
“Oh my God! hide somewhere, I’m so sorry I sighted him late!” He said, feeling really bad.

“Chineke! He’s here already. Quickly get behind those crates of eggs” Emeka said as that was the only possible place at the moment. Dammy didn’t waste time doing that.
Her heart slammed hard and painfully against her chest as she hid there, gripping her phone tight in her sweaty palms.

“Give me two coke there” Dammy’s uncle said and Dan realized he has never seen this man smile. His face always depicted how cruel he is.
Emeka helped Dan in selling to him so he could leave as soon as possible.
He was about leaving after they were done selling to him when he turned again.
“Give me two gala and one biscuit” He added and they felt like cursing at him.

The fear of her uncle likely finding out she’s here coupled with the pain she was feeling and the discomfort of hiding behind the tall crates of eggs made her so weak, almost dizzy, her phone slipped out of her hand and they all turned on hearing the sound.
Dammy’s breath almost seized, she shut her eyes tightly, her stomach in turmoil.

“Dan, your phone have fallen down, you shouldn’t have put it there na” Emeka quickly said.
Dan cleared his throat, knowing Emeka probably didn’t know his own phone was in his hand and Dammy’s uncle looked from the phone in his hand to the one on the floor.

“That’s Layla’s phone,” Dan said acting nonchalant. “She probably left it there.”
He quickly started picking out the man’s purchase.
“How much change are you collecting?” Emeka asked, after picking up the phone.
“And what’s your business with the change I’m collecting, he’s going to give me change after he’s done selling to me” Dammy’s uncle glared at him, irritated.

Dammy felt really glad her cover wasn’t blown and in the process of adjusting herself to be a little bit comfortable as her bones were already straining from the discomfort, her hand hit the crates of eggs and her heart jumped in her throat, crashing alongside more than a hundred eggs.

Her eyes met with her uncle’s as the only thing obstructing them from seeing each other already collapsed.

She trembled, overwhelmed with terror.


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