HER LAST WISH Chapter 85

HER LAST WISH Chapter 85


Zeemah Writes 📝


Final Chapter.




A month After.
Dan was the last to drop his flowers on the graves.
Minutes later, they were walking out of the cemetery. Phil dabbed the tears that stood at the corner of her eyes before getting into the car.
Fel and Anne got in after her and Rylan got in beside Dan.
Phil hummed as she made lunch, she has gotten surprisingly good over the past couple of weeks. She won’t completely agree that she now enjoys cooking, there are still times she doesn’t enjoy eating the meal she prepares.
“The spring onions is going in next right?” Anne asked.
“Of course, you’re done chopping them” Phil turned.
“Yup” Anne sprinkled the chopped spring onions into the pot on fire.
“I can’t wait for this to get ready, I’m starving” Phil grumbled.
“Exactly, I bet Dan and co must be starving as well” Anne said, no one had anything to eat before leaving for the cemetery in the morning and now it’s almost past noon.
“Right, I don’t think they are in the living room any longer though, I can’t hear a sound”
“They left for the grocery store, I guess” Anne said.
“Oh, this should better get ready before they’re back”
“Or some people are going to collapse” Anne joked and they laughed.
Dan stood outside the grocery store, waiting. Memories replayed in his head; this was where he had first told Layla about his feelings and now, he was here again, he couldn’t help his aching heart. He loved her; he still loves her.
“Memories?” He heard and smiled on seeing her behind him.
“How come I didn’t know you were behind me” he said, helping her with the packs of juice she went in to purchase, he had offered to stay outside.
“Because you were so lost in thought” Layla said, a part of her felt Dan was thinking about the first time they were here together.
“How long have you been behind me?”
“Long enough to know your body is only standing here, your mind is faraway” she pressed her lips together.
“Right” He sighed “Do you plan on getting more things?” He asked, seeing Layla didn’t seem ready to leave.
“Nah” She smiled, sitting on the pavement and patting the space beside her for him to sit as well.
“Uh” He raised his brow.
“C’mon” She chuckled.
He sat beside her, wearing a confused look. He wondered if she already knew they were going to surprise her with a car today and was intentionally delaying it from happening.
Layla wiped her sweaty palms on her dress, she had this all planned out perfectly. Why is she suddenly this nervous;
She had plan on telling him after getting back from visiting her mum and brother’s graves. But she had arrived home before them to receive a mail.
By the time they finally got home, she had lost her momentum. It wasn’t unusual, she was used to feeling that way whenever she visits her family at the cemetery.
Well, she has to say this now, she can’t wait any longer.
“Dan” She started. “I didn’t just come here with you to get packs of juice”
“Oh, you wanna get more things? Let’s go in and get them”
“I made you come with me just so I could tell you… something” By now, she stopped wiping her palms on her dress but that didn’t mean she felt less nervous.
“Really? Is anything wrong? Are you okay?”
“I’m fine” She smiled, always so touched by his unwavering care, her heart welled up with so much love for him.
“While I was in the store, you were reminiscing the last time we were here?”
Dan nodded, fumbling with the plastic bag.
“Do you really still have feelings for me?” She asked, she knows he does but why does it seem as though her heart was beating fast as she awaited his answer. She had wanted to scream out her feelings for him soon after she survived the surgery but had decided to wait until she was fully recovered.
“I know you’re probably uncomfortable with having to deal with me and my feelings for you but believe me, I’ve been trying so hard to make it stop but… it’s just so hard. I will try harder, I’m really sorry to have made things upsetting for you” Dan stared down at his feet, blinking rapidly, the fact that he was feeling bad quite obvious.
Layla smiled, “You do not have to worry about trying to stop your feelings any longer”
His brows creased as he wondered what she meant.
“I do not have feelings for Dylan” She announced and he looked at her, disbelief in his eyes.
“Okay, I once did but it stopped long ago, long before you confessed your feelings for me”
“This is… quite hard to believe” He raised a brow.
“I know right, but that’s the truth. It was so obvious I didn’t like Dylan anymore, it’s a wonder you didn’t notice”
Dan stared at her, he could tell she wasn’t joking, she just said the truth. He remembered Anne telling him same but he had put her off, Dylan did as well but he hadn’t believed. How come it was obvious to everyone else but him.
“Wow” He sighed. “I could bet all my money you still have feelings for Dylan if you didn’t say this.” Dan said, starting to feel a fire of hope ignite in him but he quickly put it off. Not having feelings for Dylan anymore doesn’t change anything.
“I guess you didn’t notice because I made it seem as though I was still into him”
“What?” He furrowed his brows.
“Yeah. I had my reasons which I’m actually about to tell you…
“When the doctor said I was diagnosed with leukemia and I had a limited amount of time to live. Well, I had these silly wishes” Layla paused, chuckling to herself. “I told myself even if I was going to die, I would love to at least accomplish these three things. As at then, I was deeply into Dylan that two of my wishes were centered around him; my first wish was being free of the hate charged towards me”
“And you accomplished that” Dan smiled.
“Yeah, and I’m glad, my second wish was getting to kiss Dylan, and my last wish? I guess I would come back to that later”
Dan listened raptly.
“You guys have been asking for the reason I came back the day I collapsed. I told others already and I reserved telling you for this day. I came back because of you Dan, to tell you how I…felt.”
Dan blinked. “I…I don’t get”
I’m in love with you, fool—
“I don’t know how to say this, it’s…” she sighed.
“I like you” she said and he nodded.
“You know right?” she asked.
“Of course,” Dan said, getting more confused as he was yet to pick the hints.
“You know who the most good-looking guy in Ocean High is?” Layla asked and felt stupid immediately. She was doing a really bad job at this but she couldn’t approach it any other way.
“Well…” Dan paused, struggling to decipher where this was going. “Layla, what’s up with the questions? It’s kind of … off”
“I know right and I’m sorry for putting you into this state because I’m not bold enough to be direct” She didn’t meet his gaze. “If you would please be patient enough with me?”
“Of course, and don’t be hard on yourself, if it’s something you do not feel ready to say yet, then it can wait till whenever you feel up to it. I definitely do not mind”
“I have to say it now or it’s gonna take some time to build up the courage again…” She said. “Okay, back to my question”
“Well,” Dan shrugged “People do say Dylan was the best looking until I came”
“Yeah, presently you are the most good-looking guy in the school” Layla acknowledged.
“Thank you” Dan said, he would have bowed dramatically if he wasn’t feeling a type of way.
“Do you know what my last wish was?”
“I would love to know”
“I know I do not have a death date any longer, at least none that I know of, but regardless, I would love to keep my last wish in check. Like I said; As at then, two of my wishes were centered around Dylan and one of my wishes was accomplished with him but I guess my last wish evolved with me”
“Oh” Dan nodded, prompting her to continue.
For a moment, their gaze followed a kid, whining as he walked alongside a woman.
Layla continued when they were out of sight.
“Before I proceed, I need to make a disclaimer; my last wish sounds as silly as the second but it just has this significant hold on me, it grew with me” She felt it’s time to stop being indirect.
“My last wish was to date the most good-looking guy in Ocean High, the hottest guy…” There was a long pause and she wished she could see the expression on Dan’s face but she wasn’t ready to meet his gaze.
She continued. “Which was Dylan at the time and it’s funny how I’m going to fulfil my last wish with another person without having to change what that wish was because everything seemed to fall in place. I want to accomplish my last wish with the most good-looking guy…” She paused, to look him in the eyes. “In Ocean High, as of the moment”
Dan blinked like someone being casted a spell upon.
Layla smiled, seeing he got the message already but only needed a more solid confirmation before getting his hopes too high.
“I’m in love with you than I’ve ever been with anyone else Dan, I realized my feelings for you way before you confessed yours to me. I didn’t want to acknowledge it at first because I felt stupid to have developed such feelings for my best friend who was nothing but kind to me. I tried to get myself distracted with Dylan severally because I didn’t want to feel anything for you but damn, I had to give in when it wasn’t working.
“My feelings for you seemed to grow stronger and I’ve never wanted to be with someone so bad. After you told me about your feelings, I wasn’t sorry because I didn’t feel anything for you, I was sorry because it was something I wanted as well yet I made you feel as though it was one sided. I was sorry because my health condition was denying us both something we wanted. I didn’t want to venture into something I knew was going to be cut short. I was almost tempted to but leading you on and everything comes to an abrupt end is going to hurt you even more and I didn’t want that” Layla paused to breath, she has been talking in a rush and Dan has been mute, staring at her as he assimilated her words.
“The day I collapsed, I wanted to tell you how I felt. I didn’t want to die without making you know I was in love with you as much as you were with me. Actually, a part of me is glad I didn’t get to say it until this moment. And, when I kissed you in Nigeria…” She switched her gaze to her laps, massaging it nervously with flushed cheeks. “I…wasn’t drunk on palm wine, I only pretended to be.” She couldn’t see the smile on his face as she continued. “I love you so much Dan and I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. I’m so in love with you and it’s—”
He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her, softly at first and then with an intensity that made her cling to him as though he was the only solid thing in an unstable world. The sensations she never thought she was capable of feeling burst through her veins and soon she was kissing him back without restriction.
“We’re dating!” Layla interrupted Aunt Esther who was about asking if she told Dan about her feelings already.
“Oh my God. Finally,” Aunt Esther grinned.
“Yes, finally” Layla’s grin was wider, she sat on her bed, holding her phone close to her ear. Her aunt’s call had come in after they were done with their meal.
“I was about calling to tell you, everyone knows already” The excitement in her voice was detectable.
“Awwn, I can’t even imagine how happy you both must be right now”
“I’m so happy, I’ve not felt this fulfilled in a long time. Dan had even called his parents at work to tell them”
“Are you serious?” Aunt Esther laughed.
“Yes” Layla chuckled, “And it was so funny because he rarely calls their work line so they thought it was emergency until he told them the reason he had called”
“Ah” Aunt Esther laughed. “And I bet they were not annoyed”
“Nah, they were only relieved it wasn’t an emergency like they had thought”
“Wow” Aunt Esther was pretty sure he might not have gotten away with it easily if he had tried it with one Nigerian parents.
“I’m so happy for you guys.” Aunt Esther smiled.
“Thank you and how’s my girl, does she still give you endless kicks?” Layla asked, chuckling.
“Yes o, it’s now much than before sef. I would have thought it would be a boy if I hadn’t done pregnancy scan o. She’ll be very stubborn with the way I’m seeing things. Hm”
Layla laughed. “I can’t wait to see her”
“Me too o” Aunt Esther smiled proudly.
“How’s Dave and his dad?”
“They are fine o. How’s everyone over there as well?”
“Your friends even came to visit yesterday and I wished they didn’t have to leave. You won’t believe Dammy is still yet to forgive me for that thing I did. That girl ehn” Aunt Esther shook her head.
Layla laughed. Dammy had told her how Aunt Esther had almost made her heart leave her body with the way she had reacted after picking Dan’s call. She had everyone on the verge of tears and dread.
“Me that wasn’t even in control of my emotions anymore after hearing you survived. I didn’t even know when I screamed and started crying” Aunt Esther chuckled.
“Aunty Moremi!” Layla heard David’s voice.
She giggled “Get him on the phone please”
“Okay, we need you to come have a look at something outside” Fel grinned. They had initially planned to present the car to her when she sees them off but decided to do it this way instead.
“Guess the latest car owner in town! Whoops! It’s Layla!” Layla shouted excitedly to the surprise of everyone. They had planned to surprise her but it turned out she surprised them instead.
They exchanged glances as she did her happy dance, wondering who let her in on the surprise.
“No one told me a thing, I found out when you guys were teaching me to drive. You made it too obvious” She chuckled.
“I told you guys she probably found out already” Phil shrugged, smiling.
“I’m very sure I didn’t make it that obvious. I tried as much as possible to disclose nothing. Rylan must be the one!” Fel hissed.
“What the hell do you mean!” Rylan growled at her. The fact that they were dating now didn’t change how they get on each other’s necks.
“You must have been the one that made it so obvious to Layla that we were going to get her a car. I could remember you were all over the place! Dan inclusive!” Fel said.
“Hell no–” Dan half yelled.
“You must have been the one. Your mouth runs unendingly. It must have slipped out of your big mouth!” Rylan hissed.
“It didn’t! you guys were the betrayers”
“No! You were”
“You guys were!” Fel screamed.
Anne groaned and rubbed her forehead as they argued.
The slam of the door brought an abrupt end to their argument, they exchanged glances again on realizing Layla wasn’t in the room with them any longer.
“Oh my God. Layla, stop! We were meant to present it to you” Fel shouted as they ran out the door after her.
Anne and Phil glanced at each other before laughing.
“Everyone get in my carrrrr! We are touring Vegas!!” Layla screamed excitedly after an hour of obsessing over her car.
As they toured the streets of Las Vegas in the cool evening with Layla behind the wheels, they sang along gleefully to the song blasting through the car.
Layla smiled, enjoying the car karaoke, her body riveting with so much joy and energy.
She wondered if it was real to be this happy, she had been wallowing in sadness years ago and if she had been told she’d ever be this happy, she would have thrown a punch in such person’s face, but here she is; when she thought she had lost everything and the world didn’t matter to her anymore, little did she know the universe’s plan for her.
She’s grateful to God every day of her life.
Of course, the pain of losing her family can never be erased, they were forever engraved in her heart.
She glanced at Dan who was seated on the front passenger’s seat, watching him sing with so much vigor, she smiled, her heart brimming with love for him.
She quickly turned to concentrate on the road and soon, her cheeks were heated up after a brief contact with his lips. He had felt her gaze on him for sure.
She glanced at him and he was staring back at her, wearing the most beautiful smile, her cheeks grew hotter and her smile wider, she again switched her gaze to concentrate on the road, this time with butterflies in her belly.
She resisted the urge to scream out her excitement and tell the world how blessed she is.
She resumed singing along with them as they drove through the dazzling city lights.
Written by Azeemah☺️
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