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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Good morning Dr.” A nurse greeted as Dr. Malcolm walked into his office. “Morning,” he replied. “A man is waiting for you,” she informed and walked away.

“What man?” He asked but he only heard the door shut. He walked to his desk and took a seat, “hi,” a voice said and he was startled.

“I am not ready to die Cisco!” He yelled holding his chest. Cisco didn’t say anything but simply stared into space. “Is this your new playing ground? You have been walking in and out of here as you wish,” he said taking out a file from his drawer.

“You look like a walking ghost with that expression,” Malcolm said as he turned to face him.

“For the first time I was desperate to sleep, the night was so long and it felt lonely staying awake,” he started and Malcolm knew something was wrong but he just can’t point it out.

“Did something happen yesterday?” He asked. “Isn’t it obvious?” Cisco finally looked in his direction.

They were dark spots around his eyes, Malcolm didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him he couldn’t get any sleep.

But that was not the first time he won’t be sleeping, why is his face like that of a resurrected ghost? Malcolm gulp down and asked in the calmest voice, “what happened? Why is your face like that?”

“I lost the recorder,” he answered. “I couldn’t sleep, it was frustrating,” he paused and rushed to Malcolm, he knelt in front of him and held his hand. “You said you were going to find her, why isn’t she here? Why is it taking so long?” He inquired loudly

“First, get a grip of yourself. Two, I’m not a detective, I am trying but nothing is working,” he explained.

“We have to find her, I am addicted to her voice. I need it to sleep, I want to sleep Malcolm, I want to go home and rest like everyone else” he said in pain, his heart was hurting so much that it could explode.

Ever since she was diagnosed with insomnia Malcolm has never seen him that desperate to sleep. He was more comfortable with staying awake, he said *sleeping is not meant for me*.

Malcolm knew he needed the girl with the magic voice, “we are going to find her, don’t worry we will,” Malcolm assured, he never had to look for a missing person so he presently has no idea how he is going to find her.

“I don’t need your help, I will look for her myself,” he said and stood up. “Get rid of those things on your face,” Malcolm said and Cisco glared at him. “I hope you find her soon,” he said with an awkward smile.

Cisco walked away not sparing him a glance, Malcolm sighed in relief and somehow felt sorry for him.


“Cancel all my appointments for the day, attend to the important ones on my behalf,” Cisco ordered April over the phone. “Why sir?” She inquired.

He didn’t reply but cut the call instead, he was not in the mood to exchange words with her. He was on his way to the radio station, he should be able to find her there.

He is desperate, he wants to have her by his side every night. He parked the car in front of the building and rushed inside.

He heard some people gossip especially girls about his rejection, he cursed Allison in his head but she is the least of his problems.

“Excuse me,” he stopped a girl. “How can I help you?” She asked in a seductive tone.

“Can you take me to the CEO’s office?” He requested. “Sure,” she replied with a smile and led the way.

He followed and they got into an elevator, she pressed a number that he has no interest in knowing. The elevator stopped and made an opening sound, they stepped out of it and she took him to the CEO’s office.

She knocked on the door and they heard a masculine voice ask, “who is there?” “You have a visitor, Mr. Charles,” she announced.

“Let him or her in,” he replied and she opened the door, she gestured for him to go in.

“Thanks,” he appreciated and she replied with a smile, he walked into the office and met a man in his early forties sitting on a chair designated for him.

“Good morning sir,” Mr. Charles greeted. “Morning,” he replied. “Please have a seat,” he offered pointing at the chair in of front of his desk.

“Thanks,” Cisco muttered as he sat. “How can we be of service to you?” Mr. Charles asked.

“I’m looking for a host of a program,” he started. “What program sir?” Mr. Charles asked.

“When love hurts,” he answered. Mr Charles kept mute for a moment, why would he be looking for Thea? Her program was not aired for two nights and someone is already looking for her. Is her program really important?

What if her program was helping his company? What is he going to do? She definitely won’t come back.

“Do you have an appointment with her?” He asked. “No but I have too see her, it’s important,” Cisco explained.

He let out an awkward chuckle before saying, “she doesn’t work here anymore that was why her program was cancelled,” he stated.

“You fired her?!” He growled. “No… No of course not, that isn’t what happened,” he denied.

“What happened?” Cisco inquired still angry. Mr Charles was confused about why he is angry, is he her secret admirer or what?

He quickly came up with a lie, “she resigned.” He repeated more like a question, “resigned?”.

“Why?” He asked. “She didn’t state a specific reason, after much persuasion she said it was for personal reasons,” he replied.

Since when did he learn to lie so smoothly, Thea is going to kill her when she finds out. The next word Adrian said made hi froze, “call her,” he said.

“Sir?” He called more like a question. “Call the girl, triple her salary and promise her an apology. She will definitely show up,” he said with confidence.

Mr Charles wondered who he is and why he is hell bent on seeing Thea, he is definitely her secret admirer.

“What if she request for everything sir?” He asked, he was just trying to avoid having to call Thea.

“I will give you twice of what you are going to give,” Cisco said but it sounded like a brag.

Geez, he was an idiot he should not have fired Thea, this man looks wealthy and the money he is willing to pay is enough to clear his company’s depth.

“Call her,” he repeated and Mr Charles nodded. He took his phone and dialed her number, it rang but she didn’t pick up.

He was happy because her not picking up will save him the trouble of arguing about the truth.

What if he doesn’t give him the money he promised? He became alert as part of him wished she pick up and the other part wish she doesn’t.

“She isn’t picking up?” Cisco asked when he noticed how he kept redialing her number. “Yes,” he answered and placed the phone on his ear again.

He already called ten times but she didn’t pick up, he sent a message to her before redialing her number.

Could she be mad at him? She was not sad or angry when she left so what’s wrong? Did she commit sucide? Is that why she isn’t picking up?

Lots of crazy thought ran through his mind as he continued calling her. “Is something wrong?” Cisco asked when Mr. Charles stood up. “Still not picking up,” he said covering as sweats was already running down his head.

He should have been careful with his decisions. If he finds out he fired Thea, ‘I would worry about her picking up if I were you,” his subconscious said.

“She must be busy,” he said to Cisco who only nodded, he was already standing with his hand in his pocket.

It was getting late and Cisco had no plan of leaving without seeing the owner of the voice he is so addicted to. Mr Charles already too off his suit.

“I should show you around the company,” Mr Charles suggested and he agreed. Mr. Charles sent a message to an employee to call Thea, she could be ignoring him.


Thea picked her phone on the couch, and was surprised to see fifty missed calls and twelve messages telling her to pick up from Mr Charles, teenty from her co worker.

“Why is he calling me?” She wondered staring at the red arrow indicating a missed call.

Her phone was on silent throughj out the day, she didn’t want to be distracted by it. She was trying to come up with a business plan.

She contemplate on calling Mr Charles, he couldn’t have wanted to hire her, but he isn’t the type to call numerous times without solid reason.
T. B. C

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