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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 34

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 34

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Ellen’s POV cont’d🌹

“I’m sorry,she has less than a year to live” Doc Mart said.


Everyone bursted into tears, shouting and wailing loudly.

I stood in shock without saying anything.
Mara has less than a year to live!
Ma..ra … I bursted into my own tears feeling guilty.
I’m the cause of all this!
I pushed that innocent girl into all this.

“Doc please help me,is there anything else we can do.. Mara must not die” Mrs Weston cried.
“There is nothing we can do Mrs Weston,if there’s anything we can do..I will gladly do it because i also don’t want Tamara dead but it gone beyond medical control…all we just have to do is resign to fate…make sure you give her all the care and love before the year elapse” he said

“Can we go see her?” Liam asked through gritted teeth.
“Of course.. she’s awake” Doc Mart said.
Everyone walked out of the office heading to Mara’s ward.

Everyone was buried in sorrow,no one talked to the other and we were all weeping like babies.


We got to Mara’s door and no one wants to open the door,we we were all acting like she’s already dead.
The door was pushed open by Bryan and we all staggered in.

Mara was laying on the bed with a drip connected to her arm.
She’s already in the hospital’s wear and I’m glad there’s no blood stain on it.
Her body had returned to normal and the necklace stood firmly on her neck.
Her eyes are opened but she wasn’t looking in our direction,she was sobbing quietly.

She shifted her neck and sighted us.
She started crying louder and beckoned for us to get closer.

We all rushed to her..

“Mum am i gonna die?” She asked in tears holding her mum’s and Liam’s hand.
“No you are not gonna die angel..you are not gonna die” her mum cried.
She looked up at everyone’s face one after the other but her gaze lingered on my face and i felt so bad.

“Bryan said he doesn’t love me but i love him so much” She said softly, surprising everyone.

I can’t believe she can still think of Bryan even in this condition…the love must be really deep.

Everyone looked at Bryan who bowed his head.
“Bryan why don’t you love her!” His mum yelled at him.
“I..i love her but i don’t have feelings for her..I’m sorry Mara” he cried.
“Is that the reason you were vomiting blood, Mara i told you Bryan doesn’t love you!” Liam yelled.

“But i love him” She said.
“I love you too” Bryan said.
“You don’t love me like i want” She cried.
“I wish i can” Bryan said.
Everyone stood back and looked at them.

“I planned on giving my first kiss to you” She said surprising everyone again.
Bryan looked at her, speechless so as everyone.
“I’m sorry Mara,I’m going to date you,I’m gonna do everything that will make you happy” He said.

“Don’t date me anymore Bryan,i know how it feels to be in a relationship with someone you don’t love. Did you see the reason why i was rejecting Kelly, because i don’t love him….just go for the person you love cause even if we date it’s not gonna last…i will be gone soon” She said and everyone fought back tears.

Laura and Mara’s mum didn’t fought back theirs.
It poured down on their cheeks which prompted mine to also pour.

“I’m sorry Mara,i wish you had told me earlier..we would have worked things out” Bryan cried.
“I was waiting for you to confess your feelings to me,i never knew you didn’t love me” She said.
“I love you Mara,i love you so much” Bryan said.

“Will you do something for me?” She asked.
“What? I will do anything for you” Bryan said.
“Let me have my first kiss with you like I’ve always imagined” She said.
Bryan didn’t hesitate before bending to kiss her.

The kiss was so deep and long and i was starting to feel like i was the one being kissed.

The forever kiss finally stopped and I’ve never seen Mara so happy.
Bryan smiled and helped her sit up on the bed.

“Mum i feel whole again” She said happily.
Her mum smiled sadly…”I’m glad”
No one uttered anything and we kept looking at one another.

“Why are you guys not saying anything. Is anything wrong? I know i have less than a year to live” She said.
Everyone stared at her in surprise.

She knew!

“Yes… Mara i don’t want to lose you” her mum cried.
“I also don’t want to die” She cried.

“I have a confession to make but that will be after I’m discharged,i know you will all be pissed at me” She said and stared at me.
My heart beat faster and i know she’s gonna confess about Quilah..I’m relieved she will be safe because of that necklace on her neck cause no one confesses about Quilah and live.
I think i will also make my confession.

“Tam, leave the confession part. let’s find what we are gonna do about you..i don’t want to lose you..” Liam cried.
“I don’t want to lose you too Liam..I love you” she cried.


It’s getting dark and we were still with Mara in the ward.
Mum has called and i told her of the situation,she promised to come first thing tomorrow morning same as Laura’s mum and Kelly’s mum.

We all decided to be happy,when Mara complained about our mood.
The doctor came to check her drip.
He changed it and told us to go wait at the reception but no one answered him.

She seems so happy after Bryan’s kiss and she has been holding his hand since then.
He’s the only one seated on the bed beside her.

“I’m feeling hungry” She pouted and my stomach rumbled.
I noticed everyone also touched their stomach.
No one has eaten anything since we were here and it’s night already.
“What do you wanna eat,I’m gonna order it for you” Liam said.

“No.. don’t order it,i want you to go make it for me and i guess everyone here is also hungry..so make a very largeeee portion” she said dramatically and we all smiled.
“I’m going to go make it, Liam is not very good at making large portion…he might end up messing the food” Mara’s mum said and stood up.

“I’m gonna come with you” Bryan’s mum said, standing up after Mara’s.
“I want to eat casserole” Mara said and her mum nodded.
“Com’on Mum,i don’t want you crying,i don’t want anyone crying…your tears is gonna make me believe what the doctor said. I won’t die so no one should cry okay?” She said and everyone nodded.

Her mum pecked her before walking out of the ward with Bryan’s Mum and i know she’s gonna burst into tears when she get to the reception.
Her mum is so emotional,just like Mara.

“Kelly,come sit beside me” She said and he smiled and quickly jumped beside her on the bed opposite Bryan.
He held her hand and smiled happily.

“Now this is how happy i want everyone to be,you all should have your seat.. you’ve been standing for so long” She said and we sat slowly on the available chairs.
We are the ones who should be making her happy but she’s trying to make us happy instead. Her personality is the best and i regret and will forever regret taking her to Quilah.

I know they will all pounce on me once i confess but i will do it.
I’m gonna say everything once Mara is discharged.

“Seriously,i don’t like this mood.. y’all shouldn’t believe what doc Mart said..I’m not gonna die. I’m gonna start crying if you all keep up with this mood” She said and everyone quickly forced a smile.

“Good boys and girls” She smiled almost making me laugh.
“I’m not a boy” Kelly said.
“Me too” Bryan said.
“Me three” Liam said and we all laughed.

It felt so good to laugh,my sadness has erased completely and i was also trying not to believe what Doc Mart said but it was impossible.
I know it’s true.

“Tam” Liam called.
“Yes Liam”
“Doc Mart said you took a strange portion,what portion is that?” He asked.
“Really?” She asked and glanced at me before glancing back to Liam.
“Uhm…I’m gonna say everything once I’m discharged” she said.
“Okay! But i also don’t believe what doc Mart said or who else believed?” Liam asked.

“I don’t” We chorused and smiled.
“Good!” Mara exclaimed and yawned.
“You wanna sleep?” Bryan asked.
“I think so” she yawned again.
He laid her properly on the bed, avoiding to touch the drip.

“You both shouldn’t stand up or I’m gonna feel cold” she said as Kelly drew the bed cover closer to her.

They both nodded and she slept off so fast.

Laura placed her head on her laps and i thought she also wanted to sleep not until i heard her sobbing.
It got more loud which also triggered mine.
We both cried quietly and my eyes were starting to ache.

Kelly joined us then Bryan and Liam.
We all cried with our gaze on Mara who was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

We might not see her in the next year to come.


Mrs Weston and Mrs Shaw returned with dinner.
Their eyes looked puffy and its obvious they had cried.

Casserole was served round and Mara was waken by a light tap.
She opened her eyes and smiled.
Bryan helped her sit up and placed her plate of casserole beside her on the bed.

“Why’s everyone not eating? I’m not also gonna eat” She said and made to lay down back.
Everyone started eating and i must confess the casserole tastes real good.

“Who is gonna feed me?” She asked.
“I will” We chorused.
She smiled “I was joking,i can eat well with my left hand”
She started eating and everyone watched her.

She turned to face us and we all continued eating.

“Kelly please pass me a cup of water” She said.
Kelly sprouted and quickly poured her a cup of water.
He handed it to her and she collected it and gulped it down.
She placed the remaining beside her and continued eating.


We all finished eating and i checked the wall clock.



Bryan, Kelly,Laura and i were still in our uniform.
I sighed..our backpacks is also still in school .
Thank goodness we all brought our phones along.

“I’m gonna tell Max to go drop you all,you’ve been here all day” Mara’s mum said.
“No Mum..I’m gonna stay here with Mara” Bryan said.
“Me also” Kelly said.
“Me too” I said.
“Me too” Laura said.

She smiled..”I know you all wanna stay with her but it’s wise you all go freshen up and sleep then you will come back tomorrow morning” She said.
“Yeah…you guys should go freshen up,you are stinking” Mara said jokingly and covered her nose.

We all smiled…

“Max is waiting outside,i already told him” She said.
We pecked Mara one after the other before walking out of the ward.
Bryan Mum also followed us.

We got outside and we all entered the Lexus.
Max ignited the engine and drove out of the hospital.


I was the last person he dropped.
“Good night Max” I said alighting from the car.
“Night Ellen” he said.

I closed the car door and walked to the gate.
I knocked on the gate and heard Max drove off.

The gate was opened and i entered and headed into the house after greeting the gatekeeper.
I rang the doorbell twice before mum came to open the door.
She’s already in her nightwear.

I stepped in with a tired yawn.

“OMG Ellen, how’s Mara?” She asked worriedly.
“She’s getting better” I said trying not to tell her the bad news.
She’s gonna scream her head off the entire building.
Mum loves Mara a lot and she and dad has been asking me about her since we were not in talking terms.

“Thank goodness,i thought you were gonna spend the night with her” She said.
“Yeah but we are going back tomorrow morning” i said.
“Okay,I’m gonna go with you tomorrow, should i call the maid to quickly make you something to eat?” Mum asked.

“No I’ve eaten dinner at the hospital,i just need to freshen up and sleep..did dad called?” i asked.
“Yes but i didn’t tell him about Mara,he’s gonna get worried” She said and i nodded.

“Good night Mum” I said and started climbing the stairs to my room.
“Night sweetheart” Mum called after me.

I stepped into my room and dropped on the bed.
I yawned not feeling like freshening up but just sleep right away but i can’t.

I stood up and quickly pulled off my school wears.
I dropped it at a corner and picked my towel.
I walked into the bathroom, determined to have brush and have a quick shower.


I walked back to my room after freshening up.
I was expecting to see Quilah but i didn’t and i remembered Bryan’s necklace is in on my shelf. I lied to him that it was in his drawer.

I put on my pajamas and packed my hair in a bun.
I picked up the necklace and quickly wore it round my neck.

Good for her!
She won’t be able to access me and i can sleep soundly.

I jumped on the bed and drew the blanket closer to my chest.

I yawned once more before drifting to Dreamland..

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I started sobbing quietly after i was sure Liam and Mum has slept off.
Liam was sleeping on the bed beside me while mum slept on the couch.

I know i will be gone in less than a year just as Doc Mart has said.
He’s right!
He’s perfectly right!
Quilah also told me that the moment i was vomiting blood in the garden.


It’s so sad knowing I’m gonna die soon but i just had to reassure everyone.
They seems so worried about me especially Mum and Liam who i know will never cope with
my departure.

There is still 12 months for me to live and I’m glad I’ll be spending more time with my friends and family.
To be sincere;i don’t want to die but i caused it myself.
If only i had been contented with the way i was.
If only i didn’t get to meet Quilah.
My stomach is filled with regret and I wish all this was just a dream but no! It’s real.

Bryan’s kiss healed me and made me feel whole,it was better than i imagined.
I will never force him to date him,i know his heart is somewhere else.. forcing him to date me is just like a punishment.
I don’t want to be a burden to anyone while I’m still alive.

I kept imagining how mum and Liam will feel after learning the truth of my sudden transformation.
I had lied that Ellen made me work out almost everyday while we were at her granny’s house.
I spent one month with Ellen to make it look more true.

Mum and Liam was so surprised to see me change,they kept asking if it was just work out and i assured them that it is.
They trusted me so they stopped bothering me about it again.
What will happen if they found out that everything was all lies!

Liam hates been lied to and this time he’s not gonna trust me ever again.
I hope they will both forgive me but it’s gonn be a hard task.
They trusted me but i betrayed their trust.

Its past midnight and i haven’t stopped sobbing.
This is just so sad!

I saw Liam stirred and i quickly cleaned my eyes and closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.
I felt his hand stroke my hair and heard him sniffle.
He’s crying.

My tears flowed freely through closed eyes,the bedspread was there to prevent him from seeing my face.

I dozed off in tears…

{Next morning}

I woke up to the chattering in the ward.
I yawned and opened my eyes more clearly.

I saw Bryan, Kelly, Ellen and Laura with their mum.
I’m glad the ward is wide enough to accommodate every person.
I didn’t see Liam but i saw Mum chatting sadly with other’s.

“She’s awake” Bryan gasped and they all rushed to me.
I smiled at everyone of them.

“Good morning Mara” they chorused.
“How are you feeling?” They chorused.
Their mums looked at me brightly holding and touching my cheeks except Bryan’s mum who stood back sadly with my mum.
I guess they’ve not been told that I have a year to live.

“Good morning to you all, thanks for coming” I said and they all took turns in pecking my cheeks.
Kelly’s peck lingered and i smiled knowing there’s at least someone who has feelings for me.. it’s just so sad i don’t feel the same way for him.

“There’s a bad news” Mum said.
Those who didn’t know turned to look at her.
“Mara has less than a year to live” She said.
They screamed and cried turning back to look at me abruptly.

“Oh..my..God,Mara no!” Ellen’s Mum cried holding on to me tightly.
“So sorry” Laura’s mum dabbed her teary face with an handkerchief.
“What! This is just so sad” Kelly’s mum muttered.
They all looked at me with pity and i felt so uncomfortable restraining myself not to cry along with them.

“Won’t you guys go to school?” Mum asked referring to my friends.
They all shook their heads.
“No! You must all go to school,you are gonna miss your classes” Mum said worriedly.

“No Mum,we will make up for the classes,we want to stay with Mara” Bryan said and the rest nodded in affirmative.
Mum sighed.

The ward was silent except for the little sobs in the background.
“Where’s Liam?” I asked mum.
“He went home to freshen up and prepare your breakfast” She said.
I nodded.

I sat up with a smile…i can move freely now,the drip has been removed.
Bryan and Kelly sat with me on the bed like they did yesterday.

I wasn’t comfortable with the awkward silence.
I was about to speak when Doc Mart walked in with two nurses behind him.

“Good morning everyone” he greeted.
“Good morning”
“You will all have to go wait at the reception,she has to freshen up and we will be moving her to a normal ward cause she seems very okay now and she will be discharged in few day” he said.

I watched everyone walked out and i was left with the two nurses.
I stood up and they both led me to the bathroom.


I was sitting on the well made bed in my new ward.
I like the scent here, it’s not as wide as the former ward but it was still able to contain every one of us.
I’ve been given an injection, it was so painful i nearly chop off the hand of the nurse who stared at me in awe.

I’m no longer in the hospital wear..I don’t like it anyways.
I’m now clad in a pink t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans.
I felt so freshened up and I’m glad I’m feeling a whole lot better.
Everyone is seated on the plastic chairs in the the ward,their gazes directed to me.
I wonder what will be going on in their minds.

I sighed and waited for Liam to be back.
He’s not yet back and I’ve missed him.

I grinned when he walked into the ward with a breakfast basket.
His phone was placed on his ear and it’s obvious he’s on a call.

He bowed in greetings to everyone and they responded,he dropped the basket beside my bed and dragged my cheeks playfully.

“Reiya wants to speak to you” he said and handed his phone to me.
“Wow” I exclaimed before placing it on my ear.

📞Hi Reiya.

📞 Darling,how are you?” She asked and her voice sounds pretty.

📞I’m fine Reiya and you?

📞I’m not so happy,i heard about your condition and damn! I felt so sorry for you.

📞 Thanks Reiya.

📞I’m gonna come check on you in Paris once I’m less busy,i should be coming right away but there are loads of work on my desk.

📞Wow! Thanks Reiya,i will be looking forward to seeing you.

📞Me too darling, don’t let what the doctor said to bother you huh? He isn’t God,only God takes life okay?” She said and i felt so relieved..

It’s true,only God gives and takes life.

📞 Okay Reiya, thanks so much..you actually lifted my spirit with this speech of yours.

📞Wow! You talk so intelligently and I’m glad i made you feel better with my speech…I have to go now darling.

📞 Thanks Reiya.

📞Take care Tamara… Bye.

I sighed happily…

“Everyone Reiya just said something we all didn’t thought about” I said.
“What?” Everyone asked.
“Only God gives and takes life,it doesn’t matter what the doctor says,he’s only speaking in accordance to his profession…let’s all be happy please” i said and was glad each one of them smiled.

The bad tension has relieved everyone and their faces brightened,they agreed to what Reiya said but there’s still a hint of sadness on their faces.

I agree to what Reiya said but i know and I’m very sure i will be gone soon.
That’s the fact but i can’t tell anyone that.

“Good morning everyone” Liam smiled.
“Good morning Liam”
“Should i order breakfast for everyone?” He asked.
“We all had breakfast before coming” They chorused.
“Okay” he said and began dishing out my breakfast.
It was hamburger and coffee.

I started eating glancing at everyone one after the other.

“Bryan come take a bite,you look like you want some” I said and they all giggled.
He stood up and walked to me,he took a little bite and stole my coffee before returning back to his chair.

“Kelly,come take a bite. You might swear at me if i don’t give you” I said and made them giggle again.
Kelly walked to me and took a large bite.
I eyed him and he laughed before walking back to his seat.

“Hmm…Ellen, your face look like it might burst open anytime soon if i don’t give, come have a bite” I said and they all laughed.

Ellen walked to me and took a huge bite.
I hit her head and she laughed before returning to her seat.

“Lauuuura…come have a bite,i wouldn’t want you to cry over this hamburger”
We all giggled and Laura jumped to her feet.

She took a bite from the hamburger but did not return to her seat.
She said down beside me on the bed and passed me my coffee when i was done eating.

“Liam” I called.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Reiya said she’s gonna visit me anytime soon” I smiled.
“Ohh.. really?”
“She actually cried over the phone when i told her of your condition” Liam said.
“Wow! She’s so nice,her voice sounds so pretty and i can’t wait to meet her in person” I said.

“Guess what?” Liam whispered.
“What?” I asked.
“She has broken up with that monster!” He whispered to me happily.
“Wow! That gives you a chance” I grinned.
“Of course but i wish you weren’t in this condition” he said sadly.
I held his hand…”it’s okay Liam,I’m not gonna die”

“Doc Mart said the strange portion you took has spread all over your system making your chance of survival shorter,Mara this is painful but we all have to accept it…Tam you have less than a year to live and we are all pretending everything is fine… everything is not fine! My sister will gone soon! I’ll no longer have a playmate! This is just so sad!” Liam said in tears and everyone bursted into tears including me..I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore.
I let it flow along with everyone’s.

🌹🌹Few days later 🌹🌹

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

I gotta dress fast and leave for Mara’s place.
She was discharged yesterday and requested to see everyone today.
I know it’s because of the confession she’s about to make and I’m also ready to make mine.

We all didn’t go to school during the time Mara was in the hospital,we only went to pick our backpacks and the whole class bombarded us with questions.
I chuckled when i remembered how the gatekeeper glared at Laura and i.

Ive decided I’m gonna confess everything,i don’t care about what might happen.

The necklace has been keeping me safe from Quilah but i returned it to Bryan yesterday,he saw it on my neck and requested to have it.
I gave it to him sadly knowing my only source of protection is gone.

Quilah will have been waiting desperately to access me and now that the necklace is gone,i was expecting to see her in my bedroom as usual but she didn’t turn up and i was so glad she didn’t.

I have to dress up real quick before she appears.
I opened my wardrobe and selected yellow joggers with black singlet and yellow denim jacket.
I opened my undies box and selected the one i want.

I quickly dropped everything on the bed and started drying my body.
I applied body lotion and wore my undies,the joggers and singlet followed.
I hanged the jacket on the chair,im gonna put on once I’m set to leave.

I sat on my dressing stool and unpacked my hair.
It loosened on my shoulders and i quickly thought of a style to make.


I’ve never made it before but i could still remember vividly how Mara explained it to the class.
I cleaned my tears knowing I’m gonna lose my best friend soon.
I picked up a comb and combed my hair thoroughly before splitting it into two,then braided the tip and curl it with my fingers.

I got it!

Its so beautiful.

I stood up and selected a black footwear from my shoe rack.
I slide my feet into it and picked my jacket.
I quickly wore it, opened my drawer and brought out some dollar bills.
I arranged it neatly and put it in my pocket.

I took my phone from the shelf and started heading out of my room.
I was expecting Quilah to pop up behind me but she didn’t.

I quickly descended the stairs..
The living room was empty, Mum has gone to work,dad hasn’t returned from his business trip.

“Good morning” I greeted the maid.
“Good morning Ellen,your breakfast is ready” She said.
I couldn’t sit and eat breakfast due to the fear of Quilah.

“I’m just gonna take coffee ” I said and walked to the dinning table.
I gulped down half of the coffee and was about to leave but the pancake looks tantalising and i quickly stole from bite before hurrying out of the house,but i suddenly sensed Quilah’s presence.

I shifted back in fear.

🌹Quilah’s POV🌹


“Kimptuhd I’m not sparing her!” I yelled.
I was in my cave stirring a portion,i plan to go meet Ellen Blaise after im done with it.
How dare she disobey me!

I sensed kimpthud presence and turned from the large portion i was making.

I sighed softly knowing what he came for.

“Hi Quilah” he said gently, gathered his white robe before sitting on my magical couch.

“What did you came here for kimpthud?” I asked.
“Quilah,you know what i came here for” He said.
“Of course! but it will be better if you talk” i said and continued stirring the portion.

Dangerous smoke emanated from it and i know kimpthud would have been dead by now if he wasn’t a powerful being.

“I want you to spare Tamara Weston and Ellen Blaise” he said.
“Kimpthud I’m not sparing any of them” I turned to him.
Starting to get pissed.

“But why do you do favor and collect something bigger in return?” He asked.
I laughed…”That’s the way my fore bears was and I’m not gonna depart from it.. anyone whom i do a favor must pay in large folds”

“That’s unfair!” Kimpthud yelled angrily, standing abruptly from the couch.
“They shouldn’t have come to me in the first place!” I yelled back.
“I guess you are seeing how sad their family is from your mirror?” He asked.
“I am but that doesn’t stop me from taking Tamara Weston’s life,she asked for a favor and i gladly did it for her…it’s time for her to pay back” i said.

“Does she have to pay back in this way! Quilah do you have to kill her?” Kimpthud asked starting to piss me off.
He’s just like an obstruction on every of my handwork.

I would have gladly killed him if his power wasn’t stronger than mine.

“The payback for sudden transformation is death and you know it! Kimpthud you know it! Stop obstructing my work” i said angrily.
Two birds flew out from my mouth and kimpthud dismissed them with a wave of hand.

“I wish i can save her” He said.
“You know you can’t save her,not even with anything in the world,she has gotten to the last stage of her payback and I’ve sealed it so nothing can save her” I said.

He sighed”I know you won’t kill her if you don’t want to… please Quilah just let her leave! This girl is young!”
“Of course she is! But haven’t i tried enough by giving her a year! I should have killed her right away but i had pity on her” I said and quickly whispered a short spell into the portion.
It turned green and i tasted it…

Yeah it’s ready..

“Are you making that for another person also?” He asked.
“Of course! Why else do you think I’m making it” I said and pointed to the cover of the pot.
It rose and finally landed on the pot, covering it tightly.

I faced kimpthud.

“If only the person you are making that for knows the payback, he or she wouldn’t have come to you” he said.
“Yes! And as for Tamara Weston’s issue..I’m not sparing her! If she had been contented with the way she is,she wouldn’t have gotten herself into this” I said.

“You insist on not sparing her?” Kimpthud asked.
“Yes kimpthud…I’m not sparing her” I said.
He sighed and turned to me with pleading eyes.
I didn’t fall for it this time cause I’m already determined.

“I can see you’ve made up your mind” He said.
“Yes kimpthud,if you will please leave i have to make a visit to Ellen Blaise’s house” I said.
“Ugh! You going there to hurt her?” He asked.
“No! To warn her. She disobeyed me” i said.
“Quilah it will be better if you leave those people alone…they might be the cause to your end” he said.

“Do you know the necklace on those two necks is capable of destroying you,once the necklace is thrown at you…you are gonna vanish forever,you are forbidden from anything from Mofidorano garden” He said.

“Yes i know…i can’t access them with that necklace on their necks so how will they be able to throw it at me.. kimpthud prepare to start leaving,i will be leaving for Ellen Blaise’s house now”

“I will leave but it’s better you desist from all these” He said.

“Go!” I said and noticed he has disappeared already.

I tap my fingers at my magic mirror and it came into view.

I saw Ellen eating her breakfast hurriedly.
I read her mind and know she’s about to go confess the whole thing.
No one confesses about me and live!
Damn! She’s about to leave,i wasn’t able to access her all this days due to the necklace with her but i know the necklace isn’t with her anymore and now she’s about running away from me.


I muttered a ‘disappearing spell’ and i found myself on the air in front of Ellen Blaise’s house.
I will be invisible to everyone but her.
I waited for her to come out,the door opened and i quickly stretched my hand.
My sword appeared and i rushed at Ellen with it.

I was rooted halfway when i sensed the necklace around.
I quickly turned to see Bryan Shaw’s car driving into the compound and on his neck is the necklace.


I shifted far to the sky and watched him come out of the car, Ellen and walked out of the house at the same time.
I saw them exchanged greetings and she quickly entered his car.

I know she sensed my presence.
I wish i had struck this sword in her tummy.
Now she’s going to confess everything and i can’t access her with that damn necklace that sonofabitch is putting on.

I laughed…”She thought she’s smart but I’ve found another way”
She should know no one is smarter than Quilah.

I will make sure she drops dead today!!

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