JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 69

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 69

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

Get a grip of yourself before he turns you into a moron.

“Boom!” I heard behind me and flinche.
I sighed angrily already knowing it’s Ana.

“Hey sis” She sat beside me.
“Why the hell do you have to ‘Boom!’ ” I said .
“I’m sorry but i think you need that ‘Boom!’ ” She laughed.
“It’s not funny” I said and she shrugged.
“I wasn’t tryna make it funny” She picked the remote control and pressed the power button.

I watch the TV came into life,she scanned through the channels and selected her favorite.
She suddenly turned to me .

“You and Dan had a fight right?” She asked and i nodded.
“He apologized and you’re yet to forgive him?”
“Why?” She asked.
“None of your business” i said.
“He’s such a nice guy,i plead on his behalf” She said dramatically, rubbing her palms together with her eyes closed .

I laughed…

“He’s a maniac!” I said seriously.
“Huh! Maniac?” She asked and i nodded.
She laughed…”is that what you call him?”
“Yeah” I tried not to laugh too.

“OMG” She laughed more.
“But do you know he’s too handsome to be a maniac?” She said.
“Yeah,that’s the reason i call him handsome maniac” I said.
“Ah! I’m dead” She laughed so hard that i joined her.

“What’s the excitement all about?” We heard and turned to see Mum and Liam.
The fitting gown she’s wearing made her little bump obvious,i wonder what it feels like.

“Hi Mum, Liam” i said.
“How’re you girls” Mum asked and sat down.
Liam plopped on the couch beside hers.
“Mary, please get us two glass cups of juice with some cookies” Liam said loudly.
“Okay” Mary said from the kitchen.

“Let’s go to my room” i said to Ana.
“To continue maniac’s discussion” She whispered.
“Shush…I’m the only one that has that right to call him maniac” I whispered back and we both laughed.
“I wonder what you are both whispering about” Liam said looking at us suspiciously.

We both stood up and started walking to my room.
“Dad,remain some cookies for me,I’ll be back for it” Ana said.
“Okay love”.

I opened the door to my room and we both walked in.
She jumped on the bed.

“Now let’s continue our discussion on maniac” She smiled.
“Continue what? I brought you here to help me with my laundry” I laughed.
“What!” Her eyes widened.

💐{Next morning}💐

I wonder when last i set this alarm.
Ana must have done it.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes with my palms before sitting up on the bed.
I’m so gonna kill her.

I dismissed the alarm and stood up, stretching in the process.
I walked to my wardrobe and brought out my school wears and undies.


I was dressing up when Ana popped into my room.
“You set the alarm right?” I advanced towards her.
“Yeah” She pouted.
“You know how much i hate alarms” I said buttoning down my shirt.

“Good for you! That’s the payback for helping you with your laundry” She passed me my shoes.
I laughed, remembering how i made her do my laundry.

I took my shoes from her and put it on.
“So are you gonna forgive Dan?” She asked with a pleading gaze.

I didn’t answer her,i turned to the mirror and began styling my hair.

“He looked so sorry” She added .
“I’ve not decided if I’m gonna forgive him or not”
“Well…I know you will” She said.
“You wish i will” i said, and grabbed my backpack,I threw my phone in my pocket.

“Let’s go” I said.
She stood up and walked after me.
“Where’s your backpack?” I asked closing the door.

“It’s at the dining room” She said as we both descended the stairs.
“Is breakfast not ready?” I asked.
“It is but i decided to come to your room first” She said.

We got to the dining and met our breakfast dished out on the table.
I dropped my backpack and we both sat and started eating.


“Bye Ana” I waved alighting from our car.
“Bye pumpkin,my greetings to Dan” She smiled and i sent her a glare.
I heard her laugh before Jack drove off.

I got to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my school ID before walking in.

I felt bad ignoring the students greetings again.
I opened the classroom door and stepped in.

“Hi Asanel” They chorused.
I gave a little wave before going to my seat,i can’t bear to ignore them completely.
I realised Dan was already seated.

I got to my sit and sat down on,i dropped my backpack with a sigh.
I straightened my hands on the desk and stylishly looked at Dan whom i caught staring at me.
How could a guy’s lashes be this long and full.
He’s so cute.

‘Where are the artworks and chocolates?’

“Hi” He said.
I smiled inwardly…I’ve been waiting for that.
I didn’t reply him though,i quickly wore a frown on my face.

“”How’re you?” He asked.
“You would have looked better if you had applied less hair cream” He said.
“What?” I glanced at him.
“I was only kidding,i finally succeeded in making you look at me” He smiled.

I hissed and removed my gaze from his face.
“I hope you’ll forgive me” He said.

‘the artworks and chocolates first’.

“Good morning class” Mr Jones strode in.
I hate this man!
“Good morning Mr Jones” The class chorused.
“I hope you’re aware of your morning test?” He asked.

Morning test?
We were not informed!

“We were not informed mr Jones..
We’re not prepared!” The class chorused.

“Silence! Prepared or not,we’re having it now” He said and students started bringing out their notes, studying the little they can before the test starts.

“Won’t you study for test?” Dan asked.
“I don’t study for test” I said returning mr Jones glare.
“Just like me” He said.

“All movements stop! Test is officially starting” He barked and most of the students swore for him, including me.
He started scribbling some questions on the board.
“10 minutes” He said.

10 minutes?
The questions are quite much.
Well..I better get started.


I finished before ten minutes elapsed.
I opened my backpack and brought out a bottle of water.
I twisted the cap till it opened,i gulped it down my throat.

“Hey! You,why are you drinking water during the test?” He asked advancing towards me.
The students stopped their tests to stare at me.

They have few minutes left.

“I’m done with the test” I dropped my bottle of water.
The students gasped and he also looked quite surprised.
He grabbed my sheet and glanced through it before looking at me.

“That doesn’t mean you should drink water during the test!” He barked.
“Is that in the school rules?” I asked.
“Anel” I heard Dan whispered.
“She’s sorry Mr Jones” He said.
“I’m not sorry cause i don’t think I’ve done anything wrong” I said.

“You’ll be punished for being rude to a teacher” Karissa suddenly said.
“Fool! I’m not being rude,I’m only stating the fact” I said to her.

The class looked on at the ongoing drama and i can tell Dan isn’t pleased with my behavior but who cares!

I looked at Mr Jones and met his piercing gaze.
If only looks could kill….
I don’t disrespect teachers,i only put them in their place and that’s for those of them who gets on my nerves.

“Mr Jones,don’t you think 10 minutes has elapsed” i said but he kept glaring at me.
“That’s unprofessional of you,you set the time and you should keep to it” I said and stretched my sheet to him.

He tightened his fist and i laughed.
Is he about to hit me?
Then he’ll know the stuff Liam is made of.
I remember vividly what happened in Neltodine and i can’t help but laugh.

How could a teacher behave like a mere student.

“Mr Jones,I think your period is over and mine has begun” Mrs Claus said walking into the class.
“Class prefect,bring all of the test sheets to me” He said and gave me one last look before walking out of the class.

He had looked so pained and i wonder if he’s going to kill himself.
That’ll be so nice.

“Anel th..”
“Hey! Don’t reprimand me okay and i wonder why I’m still talking to you” I hissed and passed my sheet to Nina,the class prefect.

Our next class began…..

💋Lunch break💋

I sat in the class, watching as students trooped out.
Water is gonna sustain me till school’s over but damn! I miss the cafeteria pasta.

Jacq and Karissa came to call Dan and i don’t know why i felt so pained when he followed them,he turned back to look at me as they walked away but i quickly removed my gaze.
They finally walked out of the class and i continued sipping my water looking at nothing in particular.

I placed my head on the desk, thinking i could make do with some sleep.
I stared at my feet for so long and i was starting to fall asleep when i perceived the aroma of pasta.

Have i missed it that much to perceive the aroma without being close to it.
The aroma became stronger that i was forced to raise up my head.

I was startled when i saw Dan standing in front of my desk with a plate of pasta and chicken.

Has he been standing there for long?
I looked from the delicious-looking pasta to his face.

“What?” I asked even though i felt like grabbing the pasta from him.
“I brought this for you” He said.
“Thanks but I’m not hungry” I lied and nearly cursed myself.
He smiled…”You are! Just let down your pride and eat this”

“Get out! I don’t want anything from you” I said.
“We’re having after class activities today,do you wanna starve all through?” He asked.


“Leave!” I said looking at the steaming pasta.
He dropped it on my desk.
“Eat,i won’t look at you” He said and turned away.
I stared at his broad back down to his strong legs, he has an amazing structure.

I picked the fork and scooped some pasta in my mouth.

More delicious than ever.

He turned back and i felt embarrassed he caught me.
He laughed..
“I’m not eating anymore” I dropped the fork.
“Okay I’m sorry,i won’t look at you again” He said trying to hide his grin.

He turned away and i continued eating.
I didn’t realize i was starving.
I ate the pasta to my fill and gulped more water.

“I’m done” I said slowly and he turned.
He smiled.
“I knew you were hungry” he said picking the dish.
“That doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you” I said.
“Arrrrgh! But you ate the pasta” He said.
“You forced me to” I said.

He walked out of the class with the dish in his hand and i felt miserably bad.

I want to forgive him.


“This is the second time I’m missing after class activities” Dan said to me.
I shrugged and adjusted on the bench.

He succeeded in making me come to the garden with him while after class activities is going on.
I never wanted to do the after class activities though.
I hate mingling with people.

“Funny enough,it was because of you i missed the after class activities” He said.
“And?” I asked glancing at the paper bag beside him on the bench.

He should bring out the artworks already.

“You know how much i want you to forgive me” He said.

I stood up and went to pluck the flower i was eyeing,i turned back to him, sniffing the hibiscus flower.
No special fragrance but it’s fine.

“You made me accept friendship and you also made me dismiss it” I said.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“I thought we were friends and friends trusted each other,why didn’t you trust me?” I asked.
“I’m sorry ” He looked so sorry and i know I’ve forgiven him,i wasn’t just ready to admit it.

It can happen to me too and how would i feel if he refused to forgive me.
He has tried so much to make me forgive him which means he’s truly sorry.

“Dan” I called and he stared at me.

I dropped the flower i was holding “Come here” I said spreading out my hands.
He looked surprised but he didn’t hesitate before rushing to me.
I pulled him into my arms.

Surprisingly, the emptiness i was feeling disappeared and happiness i normally feel whenever I’m with him returned,i felt so much more better.
My stomach almost exploded in excitement and my heart raced faster,i didn’t realize i missed him this much.

“I’m sorry Anel” He said softly into my ear.
I smiled, liking the feeling.
“I’ve forgiven you” I said…
“Thank you,I’ve miss you so much” He said into my ear and this time I laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” He asked and i laughed more.

We weren’t seeing each other,we were still in a hug.

“Stop talking into my ears,it tingles” i said.
He intentionally started speaking gibberish into my ear and i laughed hard.
“I’m gonna talk into your ear too” I said trying to reach his ear with my lips but damn! He’s tall,my lips couldn’t get to his ear.

I kept trying while he kept speaking gibberish into my ear.
“Daniel,stop” i said amidst laughter.
“Please” i laughed trying to disengage from the hug but he’s not letting me.
I laughed more while he kept talking into my ear.

I hit his chest playfully,my stomach was about exploding with laughter.
“Thanks for forgiving me” He said,not close to my ear this time.
I want him to continue talking into my ear…yeah! I know I’m crazy.” I said.
“I would never try that again” He said.

We slowly disengaged from the hug, holding each other’s gaze.
I ignored the pacing of my heart as i stared deep into his eyes.

He smiled and took my hand, leading me back to the bench.
We both sat down and i realised how happy i am.

“I’m so happy you forgave me” he smiled.

If only he knows that I’m the happiest person here.

“I miss our two days friendship,you know we shared a lot during that period” He said.
“Yeah,I’m sorry i ended it,i thought it was the best way to slip out of danger but i realised it wasn’t. We need each other to fish out the perpetrator” I said.
“Good! I’m glad you finally realized that,so do you have any cue?” He asked.

“Well… yeah” I rubbed my cheeks.
I know it’s getting flushed.
“What’s the cue?” He asked.
“I saw a love tattoo with three dots at the back of his neck” I said.
“Really?” He asked and i nodded.
I noticed he has a faraway look in his eyes.

“Do you know anyone that has such?” I asked.
“No i don’t but i assure you we will fish out the perpetrator soon”

I nodded.
“Does your wound still hurt?” I asked check the plaster at the back of his head.
“Not quite much” He smiled.
“Can you believe I’ve started responding to people’s greetings?” I smiled.

“OMG! High five girl” He said and we hit our palms together…
“But i already stopped” I said a bit sadly.
“Why?” He asked.

“You know i planned to return to the way i was after you pissed me off”
“Ohh!” He sighed.
“But I’m gonna change now that I’ve forgiven you”
“Yes!” He smiled.

i don’t just understand the feeling i get when i respond to people’s greetings.

“Thanks Anel for changing because of me,I’m honored” He said holding my hands in his.
“It’s fine” I said.
“I promise i won’t make you regret it” He said.

I nodded,the feel of his hand on mine is so warm and smooth.

“I visited your house but your gatekeeper told me you were at your mum’s.. who’s your mum?” I asked.

“Yeah,i actually stay with my step mum and dad,but I’m now staying with my biological mum for some days ” He said.
“She came to pick me after knowing what happened and I’ve been with her since then” he said.

“Your parents aren’t aware yet?” I asked.
“Yeah,they are not”
“Aren’t they coming back anytime soon?” I asked.
“They are gonna return on Thursday,I’ll make sure Mike and i return to the house before then ”

We were silent for some moments before i suddenly poked his cheeks.
“Ouch!” He said.
“Why did you steal my phone from my backpack yesterday?” I asked and he laughed.
“I needed to”

“Where are the artworks and chocolates?” I asked.
“I know i promised you two artworks of my.. Bryan Shaw but i bought one artwork from Bryan Shaw and the other one from me and of course the two boxes of chocolates is there” He said raising up a large paper bag.

I collected it peered into it,what first caught my gaze was Bryan Shaw’s artwork,the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen,i brought it out and held it in my hands,i screamed round the garden in excitement hugging it tight to my chest.
Dan watched in amusement.

Its much more beautiful than the one Liam broke.
This one looks unique,like it’s specially made for someone.

I finally returned back to the bench,still admiring the creativity of a great artist.

“Won’t you check out mine?” Dan asked.

I’m okay by just holding this piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork,i don’t want anything else.

“I’m gonna do that later,this is enough for me now” i smiled still hugging it to my chest.

“Wow! I can’t believe you are this excited just because of Bryan Shaw’s artwork” He said.
“I’m more that excited, Bryan Shaw is damn good. I wonder the reason he hates publicity,i would love to see him”
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah yeah” I giggled.

His gaze locked with mine for some minutes before he broke the silence;

“Anel,i have to tell you something” He said.
“Go on..” I said.
“I hope you’ll forgive me again” He said.
“Ah! What have you done again?” I asked.

“I just hope you’ll forgive me” He said.
“Well..go on” I said.

“My father is B..” He was saying but got interrupted with my phone which rang out loud in my pocket,i brought it out.

He doesn’t call me during school hours..

“Excuse me Dan” I dropped the artwork and received dad’s call.

📞Hi Dad..

📞 Princess how are you?

I sensed uneasiness in his voice..

📞I’m fine dad and you?

📞I’m not fine.

📞What’s wrong dad?” I asked.

I saw Dan walked away from the bench also receiving a call.

📞Claire wants to leave me..

📞 What? Why?

📞She said you don’t like her.

📞But i do.

📞 Please come over,she’s packing her luggage already. You are the only one who can make her stay,please i don’t want her to leave…

📞Dad, I’ll make sure she doesn’t,keep talking to her till i get there.im on my way” I said and and quickly disconnected the call.

I turned back and saw Dan was still on the call.

He suddenly disconnected it and faced me,i noticed his face was filled with worries.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“My parents are back!” He said.




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