JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 84

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 84

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Jacq and Karissa just poured hot pasta on Dan’s face” She said.

“What!” I shouted and rushed out of my seat.

I rushed out of the class heading straight to the cafeteria, Jacq and Karissa just met their doom today.

I got to the cafeteria in seconds and saw Dan picking pieces of pasta off his face, he was looking so embarrassed that i felt sorry for him.
Jacq and Karissa were both seated like they just did nothing!

When did they turn this way?
I didn’t know they’ve gotten this worst!
How could they do this to their friend?

I felt more infuriated when i saw Travis laughing hard in a corner.
I rushed to him and landed a slap across his face.
Everyone gasped.

I was satisfied the slap echoed the silent cafeteria.
He held his cheek, looking more embarrassed than Dan.

“You’re a school prefect,yet you watched two bitches poured hot pasta on their classmate face and you couldn’t do anything than to laugh like a toothless pig!” I yelled.
The students bursted into laughter.

“I’ll be back for you,i gotta deal with those bitches first” I said and headed to the counter.
Students quickly paved way for me.

“No one should be afraid of me,i don’t hurt people without a reason” i said and carried the whole portion of hot pasta.
It was steaming and almost burning my hands.
I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out all the dollar bills.
I dropped it on the counter.

“That’s the money for the whole pasta” I said and started walking to Jacq and Karissa table with the large portion of pasta in my hand.
The students watched what i was about to do in silence.
Dan tried to stop me but a glare from me made him step back.

I got to their table and noticed they were about running.
I almost kissed the fat girl when she helped me pinned them down, preventing them from taking a step.

“Please I’m sorry, Jacq poured it first” Karissa cried.

I poured the whole pasta on their faces and body before smashing the large stainless bowl on their foreheads.
Everyone gasped.
They both danced without music as the hot pasta burned their skin.

Most of the students laughed while the rest mocked them.

“I hope you’ve known how hurtful it is, you’re both cruel for doing that to him” I said.

“You’re lucky it was only pasta you poured on his face, i would have shown you what a psycho behaves like. Bitches!” I said and was walking out of the cafeteria, i stopped and turned to Travis.

“I’m going to report you to the principal. Right now” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.

I got to the hallway and was about cornering to the principal’s office when i heard footsteps behind me..
“Dan,i don’t want to talk to you okay!” I said angrily and kept on walking.
There was silence but i was still hearing those footsteps.

I stopped walking.

“Dan” I called without turning.
There was no response,a strange feeling suddenly rushed over me,it was totally different from the one i normally feel when Dan is around me.
My body grew cold immediately and my palms got wet.

Fear gripped me and i shivered.
I started turning slowly,my heart was beating faster.
I finally turned and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when i saw no one.

What just happened?

Then, i saw Dan running towards me from a distance,he was holding my necklace or was it his.
I checked my neck and it was bare.
That’s my necklace but what just happened.

Was that real? Or just my imaginations?

“Anel,your necklace fell off your neck while you were in the cafeteria” He said stretching my necklace to me.
“Were you behind me minutes ago?” I asked.
“No..i wasn’t,did anything went wrong? He asked.
“Noo” I said and took my necklace from him.

I guess that was just my thoughts…

I hooked my necklace around my neck and started walking away.
I’m still pissed at him for leaving me in the class to the cafeteria to go meet the bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta all over his face.

Serves him right!

“Anel” he called, running after me.
“What?” I asked, turning to face him.
“Thanks and I’m sorry for making you create a scene” He said.
I started laughing hard when i saw a piece of pasta hanging on his ear looking like those long fashionable earrings.

“What?” He asked.
I brought out my phone and made him see his reflection,i didn’t stop laughing.
He giggled and removed the pasta from his ear.

“Ohh…i should have captured that ” I laughed.
“You mocking me right?,you couldn’t even console me about the pasta that was poured on my face” He said with a fake frown.
“That serves you right! You left me in the class to go meet those bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta on your face” I said.

“Ah! I didn’t know they would do that,i wouldn’t have gone to meet them but don’t tell me you’re jealous right now?” He raised his brow, hiding his grin.
“Jealous? Hell no!” I lied and quickly turned away.
I don’t want him to see my cheeks.

I blush easily but only when I’m with him.

🔉You’re jealous..

🔊 You’re jealous

🔊I’m glad you’re jealous” He sang after me as i walked to the class.

I tried to hold my laughter but i couldn’t anymore.
I hope Dan won’t crack my ribs.


“Go wash your face,you smell of pasta” I laughed.


Dan walked into the class after the biology teacher finished teaching.

It’s obvious he has cleaned up his face.
He looks so neat and good now.
“I hope i smell nice now?” He asked.
“A little” I teased and he smiled before sitting down.

I searched his neck for the necklace but couldn’t find it.
I thought he had one too.

“If you wanna see my necklace then you’ll have to kiss me first” He said.
“Huh?” My eyes widened and my heart pumped.

What would kissing him feel like?
His lips looks so soft and kissable.

“I was only joking” He laughed and i was a bit disappointed.
Wait…did i really wanna kiss him.
Hell no!

“I knew you were joking” I lied covering it up with a smile.
“Yeah,so here’s my necklace” He said and unhooked his necklace from his neck.
Why didn’t i see it on his neck?

He handed it to me and i collected it eagerly.
“Wow” I sighed in amazement,i couldn’t take my gaze off the necklace.
It felt so special in my hands.
This is the first time I’m seeing an authentic necklace similar to mine.

His had ‘Mig❤️‘ engraved on it while mine had ‘Vin❤️‘ on it.

I grinned happily not taking my gaze off it.
“It shines right?” I asked.
“Yeah… whenever water touches it” He said.
“Mine too” I smiled.

“So,we both have something special in common” He said.
“Something our parents once had” He said which made me remember my mum.
I felt sad immediately and handed the necklace back to him.

He hooked it round his neck and adjusted it,making the dangling part fall into his shirt just like i normally do.

“Should we just pour some water on it and check it out?” I asked.
“Wow! Then the whole class is gonna know we gat shiny necklaces” He said.
“Ok then we won’t,we will do that when we’re alone” I said.
“Do you wanna check out mine too?” I asked.
“I already did when i picked it up in the cafeteria” He said.
“Ohh… people saw it?” I asked.

“Yeah,they thought it was the duplicate.” He said.
“That’s true, a lot of people have it,i sometimes get so confused” I said.
“Me too, i was happy when i saw it on Karissa’s neck,i thought she was the girl with the original necklace and i was so disappointed when i found out it was the duplicate”

“Don’t mention those bitches name” I huffed.
“Ohh” He sighed.
“What went wrong? Why exactly did you do to deserve that from them ” I asked.
“Well…i don’t really know..i got to the cafeteria and ordered my meal,i took it to their table. You know we were always sitting together. Jacq asked me get out of my table,i wasnt surprised though, i knew she was probably pissed at me. I was about speaking up but the next thing i felt on my face was hot pasta, Jacq poured hers first before Karissa did” He said.

“Wow,they are seriously annoyed with you” I said.
He nodded. “Thanks for standing up for me”
“I’m glad i did,they really needed a taste of their own medicine and i offered it to them sweetly” I smiled.
He laughed.

“The slap you landed across Travis face sounded so loud.” He said.
“He deserved it and he’s so lucky that i didn’t go report him to the principal” I said.
“I’ll go report him myself,I’m just waiting for him to commit one more offence” I said.

“I hope you do,here’s the biology note” I passed my note to him.
He collected it and flipped the pages.

Jacq and Karissa walked into the classroom.
I didn’t even notice they weren’t in the class.
I felt a bit sorry when the students mocked them as they walked to their seat but then they deserve it.

I had to hold my laughter when i saw two pieces of pasta at the back of her neck.

“You were inside the class,how did you know what was happening in the cafeteria?” He asked.
“Well… someone came to inform me about it” I smiled, remembering the fat girl.
I like her and i think I’ll make her my friend.

“Who came to inform you? The fat girl?” He asked.
“It could have been anybody” I said.
He shrugged and continued with the note.
“Anel,i wanna tell you something” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“After school is over” he said, looking nervous.
“Okay” I said.

🌴🌴🌴School Over🌴🌴🌴

“Jacq and Karissa left without even apologising to you” I said to Dan.
We were seated on the bench in the garden, school is over and most students have gone home.

Dan brought me to the garden.

“Yeah .i know, I’ve decided to quit being their friends” He said.
“Oh..no! Dan you can’t do that” I said.
“Didn’t you see what they did to me? Who does that!” He said and i noticed he’s starting to let out the anger he was bottling inside him.

“Dan! They are your friends, they’re your good friends. Quarrels are bound to happen among friends right?” I asked and he nodded.
“So just forgive them and move on,you don’t have to behave as childish as they do” I said and patted his back.

He stared at him for a long while before pulling me into a hug.
“Thanks Anel, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me” He said with such deep emotion that i nearly cried.
“I’m glad” I said.

“I love you” He whispered into my ear and my breath stopped for a moment.
An exciting feeling ran down my spine but then i felt sad,so sad.

I disengaged from the hug and faced the other side, tears blinded my eyes.

💞Dan’s POV💞

“I love you” I whispered into her ears,glad that i finally let out my mind.
She disengaged from the hug and quickly face the other side.

She was silence for a long while and i was starting to think she’ll never talk to me again.

“Was this what you wanted to tell me?” She asked slowly without looking me in the face.
“Yes Anel,i love you,so much. You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt this way for. Whenever i want to smile,i just close my eyes and think about you. You captured my heart the very moment you walked into the classroom,i feel so happy whenever I’m with you and i wish you can be mine. Forever” I said .

How did i think of those words?
God is indeed wonderful.
Go on Dan,you’re doing great.

I think the courage i gathered was because she wasn’t facing me.
I wouldn’t have gathered that courage if she was looking at me.

“Anel,will you please be my girlfriend?” I popped the question like a gum and i almost died expecting her to say something.
She wasn’t even facing me.

I heard her sniffle..
Is she sobbing?

She suddenly turned to face me and yes,she was sobbing,her eyes shone with tears and i felt my heart break.

She cleaned her tears and stood up from the bench.

“I’m so sorry Dan, i can’t date you” She said, wiping off the the tears that kept rolling down her cheeks.
My mouth felt bitter,i couldn’t say anything.
It seems like my mind already left my body .

“Why?” I finally managed to ask.
‘why can’t you date me!’ I screamed inwardly.

“Dan, You’re just like the sun and I’m just like the moon,your existence is a necessity to mine but on the same sky,we can never exist together. I’m sorry” She said and walked away.

The tears i didn’t realise i was holding dropped from my eyes and this time my heart didn’t only break but shattered into pieces.



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