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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 20

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 20

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in my towel.
I opened the wardrobe and picked my school uniform one by one before closing it back.
I opened the drawer and selected a red bra…i closed it and walked towards the bed.

I dropped everything on the bed and started drying my body with the towel.
I picked my body lotion and started applying it.
I wore my red bra and adjusted the strap.. before wearing my school shirt over it.

I wore my popsock then my short flay skirt.
I tucked the shirt into the skirt and adjusted the popsock.


I removed the shower cap on my head and my hair came flowing down.
I rubbed the hair lotion in my palms then smoothened it on my hair.
I took the hair brush and started brushing my hair.
I was about packing it in a ponytail when i remembered the style mum did for me yesterday.

I smiled and picked two hair bands.
I’m gonna meet mum to pack it for me.
I quickly wore the blue shoes Liam selected for me.
I picked the paper bag containing Laura’s skirt…I washed it yesterday, ironed and folded it neatly in the paper bag.
I carried my backpack, looked at my reflection in the mirror before walking out of my room.

I descended the stairs and let my hand trail on the rails.
My grin widened when i perceived omlette.
I quickened my step towards the kitchen.. dropped my backpack and the paper bag on one of the dining chairs before entering the kitchen.
I met Mum adding cheese to the omelette,she was backing me..

“Mara” She called and i smiled…
“I can’t even surprise you,you always know when I’m around you” I said.
“Of course,I will always feel your presence …” She said still backing me.

“Wow! Good morning Mum” I said and hugged her from behind.
She turned and pecked my cheeks.
“Good morning Mara…how was your night?” She asked.
“Fine Mum” I said.

“Your breakfast is almost ready,i just need to make coffee” She said and i nodded.
“Thanks Mum” I said.
I watched as she topped the omelette with chives and cheese..

She placed it on a tray and turned on the coffee maker, it started brewing.
“Mum you are gonna help me pack that style,the one you did for me yesterday” I said.
“Ohh…it’s called pontsplait” She said.
“Pontsplait?” I asked.
“Yeah… actually we gave it that name cause it doesn’t have any specific name,the ponts stands for ponytails” She said.
“Wow!..so that means ponytails plait” I said and mum nodded.

“I will help you with that once you are done with your breakfast. Your coffee is ready” She said and placed a coffee cup under the coffeemaker,she pressed a button and hot coffee poured out, into the coffee cup.
“Do you want it doused with cream?” She asked
“No…I don’t like taking creamy coffee with omelette…I prefer it black” I said.

She placed the coffee cup on a saucer then,placed it on the tray containing the omelette.
“Your breakfast is ready” she said.
I smiled…”Thanks mum”
I picked the tray and walked tp the dining room.

I sat down and started eating my breakfast.

The omelette really tasted nice… of course mum is a good cook and that was one of the reasons she didn’t want a maid..

I gulped the whole coffee after eating the whole of my omelette.

I stood up and carried the empty plate and coffee cup to the kitchen.
Mum was making another omelette which i think is for Liam.
“Mum I’m done” I said.
“Okay” she said.
“My hair” I said and brought out the two hair bands .

“I’m coming,we can’t do that here in the kitchen…just wait a little bit..the omelette is almost done” She said.
I shrugged and walked back to the dining room.
I picked my phone from my backpack,sat down and started playing games while waiting for Mum.
“I’m done” She said walking out of the kitchen.
I dropped my phone…I was starting to get bored with the game.

She picked the two hair bands and started helping me to make the so called pontsplait style.

She’s done. I looked at my phone’s screen and smiled when i saw my reflection.

It’s looking more beautiful than yesterday’s.
“Thanks mum…I love it” I said.
“You can even make it yourself” She said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah…you just have to divide your hair into two parts, pack the two parts with the hairbands..after that you plait the tip,curl it with your hand and make it drop.. that’s all” She said.

“Wow…I didn’t know that was the magic,i will try packing it myself tomorrow” I said.

“Good morning” We heard Bryan’s voice said from the living room.
I started grinning…Mum caught me and gave me a wierd look.
I know she’s gonna ask me about that later.
“Morning Bryan…we are over here” Mum said and i heard his light footsteps coming closer to the dining room.

I adjusted my pontsplait and stood up.
He had entered the dining room.
“Good morning Mum” he greeted.
“Morning Bryan,how was your night?”
“Fine Mum” he said.
I wore my backpack and carried the paper bag.

“Do you care for omelette and coffee?” Mum asked.
“Thanks Mum but im filled already,i had a large breakfast” he said.
“Alright dear,i have to return to the kitchen” she said.
“Okay Mum”
Mum walked back into the kitchen.

“Hi” He said dragging my cheeks.
I smiled…”Hi”
“This hair looks very good on you” he said holding the pontsplait in his hand.
I blushed “Thanks Bryan,mum actually made it for me”
“Really? It’s so beautiful. I like it” he said.
“Thanks” I said.
“So,can we leave now?” He asked.
“Of course..who dares goes late to Makers high school” I said and we both chuckled.

“How’s your back…I hope it hurts less?” He asked and i nodded.
“Yeah…I took pain reliever and Liam helped me apply soothing balm on it…has yours also lessen?” I asked.
“Yeah…i asked Kim to help me apply soothing oil,i couldn’t tell Mum and dad cause they will be so pissed” He said.
“I actually told Mum and Liam and i regretted doing so cause Liam was bent on going to fight Mr Curt until i stopped him with tears” I said.

He laughed…”You should have allowed him go,Mr Curt also need punishment.
“Yeah but Liam’s punishment will be over the extreme..you know how Liam is” I said and he nodded.
“Yeah…but i wish you had let him go. I would love to see Mr Curt trembling on his seat” Bryan said and we both laughed.

“Damn! We are running late” I said.
“Goodbye Mum” We chorused..
“Bye darlings” Mum responded from the kitchen.
“Let’s go Miss pontsplait” Bryan said and ran to the door before i could hit him.
I laughed and ran after him.


We entered the classroom, laughing…I kept hitting Bryan as he kept repeating ‘Miss pontsplait’
I suddenly heard ‘Wow(s)’ …
I stopped hitting Bryan and i noticed the ‘wow(s)’ I heard was directed to me.


“You hair looks beautiful

What’s the name of the style?

I will love to make it.

I love it.

So unique.

It looks simple.

It’s great.

Please teach us how you made it…” The females in the class chorused to my surprise.

Is pontsplait this great?
Or they just love anything on me..I remembered how they all asked me about my shoes and now most of them are putting on the same shoes as mine.

I smiled, feeling so happy… Bryan stood beside me and kept whispering Miss pontsplait in my ears…I held myself from hitting his forehead,the females kept complimenting my hair and throwing questions.

I grinned and cleared my throat…they all keep quiet to hear what i was about to say.

“Hi class..the name of this style is pontsplait,the ponts stands for ponytails” I said.

“Wow!” They exclaimed just like i did when Mum told me.

“It’s an old style and my mum made it for me,I’m gonna teach you all how to make it” I said.

“Yaaaaay” they chorused happily..
I smiled….”you just have to divide your hair into two parts,then you pack the two parts with your hairbands..after that,you plait the tip,you curl it with your hand and make it drop.. that’s all” I said exactly as Mum told me.

“Wow! Thanks” They chorused and i was surprised when to see them loosening their already packed hair.
They started packing pontsplait style and within the blinking of an eye most of the females in the class has pontsplait style on their head.
I’m more surprised they got it perfectly.

“Wow!” I exclaimed…
It looked so beautiful on everyone..
I saw Laura battling with hers…I walked to her, collected her hair bands and helped her pack it.

She smiled “Thanks Mara and good morning”
“Good morning… thanks for yesterday and here is your skirt” I said and placed the paper bag on her desk.
“Okay Mara” She smiled admiring her pontsplait style…

“Thanks Mara” the females chorused loudly making my smile widen.

“You are welcome everyone” I said and noticed all the females hair is in pontsplait.. everyone looks good with the style,they all admired it and thanked me over and over again.
Ellen and Jessie are the only ones who looked different in their ponytail, Ellen is placing her head on the desk.
Is she feeling sorry about what she did?…I hope so.
Jessie is busy with her phone…

“Let’s go to our seats Miss pontsplait” Bryan said to me.
I hit him hard on his shoulder and he let out an “ouch” I stuck out my tongue and smirked..
I stopped when i noticed everyone was staring at us.
“Awwwn” They chorused…

I blushed and briskly walked to my seat.
“Hi Kelly” Bryan and i said.
“Hi” he replied not as cheerful as usual.
“Are you feeling well now?” I asked.
He nodded and turned his gaze back to the novel he was reading.
“I hope you are feeling better now?” Bryan asked… He nodded without removing his gaze from the novel.
What’s wrong?

“What’s the title of the novel?…is it one of Zeemah’s novel ?” I asked.
“Family Album by Danielle steel” He said slowly.
“Kelly what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Why did you ask?” He asked.
“You are not as cheerful as you used to be,is your chest paining you? Should i go with you to the infirmary?” I asked.

He suddenly smiled and I’m glad he did.
“I’m fine Tammy… thanks for your care” He said.
“It’s nothing buddy” I said patted his back like Bryan always do,but i didn’t get it…I ended up slapping his back.

We both bursted into laughter….

“Hi class…I’m directing this to the females” A girl whom i recognised as Ammy said loudly standing in front of the class.
Everyone paid attention to what she’s about to say.

“No one should teach or tell other classes how pontsplait is made cause this is the hairstyle that’s gonna distinguish grade 8 females from other classes” she said and everyone nodded in agreement.
“Yeah,we agree” The females chorused.

“Grade 8 females have something to distinguish them from other classes,what of we males?” A guy asked and the other guys nodded in support..

Laura cleared her throat…”you all need something distinguishable right?” She asked.
“Yeah” they chorused.
“Okay no problem…why don’t you all go bald like Mr Curt” She said throwing everyone into laughter..

I didn’t know she was this funny…I laughed so hard.
The laughter died down when Mrs Siobhan,our History teacher walked into the class…
We all love her cause she’s one of the most jovial teacher,she tells us interesting stories and jokes,she also teach us some useful things outside history subject.
Ammy returned to her seat.

“Good morning Mrs Siobhan” We chorused.
“Good morning class,how are you all?”
“Fine,Mrs Siobhan”

“Wow…all the females in this class are looking more beautiful this morning…what’s this hairstyle called?” Mrs Siobhan asked.
“Pontsplait” We females chorused happily.
“Pontsplait?” She asked.
“Yes…Ponts stands for ponytails” we chorused.

“Wow! This is so nice..it made every female’s face bright and beautiful” She said making us smile.
“So,did you guys planned to pack the same style cause everyone female in here is on pontsplait” She said.

Yeah… everyone except Jessie and Ellen who still has her head placed on the desk.
Ellen does that whenever she’s sorry about her action.

“She packed the style to school this morning and taught us all” They said and pointed to me..
I felt honoured and happy…

“Wow… Tamara,you are such a nice girl to have taught them the style” Mrs Siobhan said.
“Yeah she is” the class chorused.

“You can all call her Miss pontsplait” Bryan said loudly.

“Miss pontsplait” Everyone chorused and we all laughed…

🕝 Lunch break

Bryan, Kelly,Laura and i sat round a table in the cafeteria.
It was actually Bryan who told Laura to join us.
We discussed and laughed as we ate our lunch.

Various female students from different classes have come to ask us how we made the pontsplait and we kept explaining that it’s just for the females in our class…they all left disappointed.
Grade 8 females stood out in the cafeteria,other students admired us, making us raise our shoulders high.

It felt so good…I’m gonna tell mum how her hairstyle made everyone happy.

I saw Ellen sitting at another table,she not looking happy and i felt a bit bad for her.
She should come…there is still an empty chair left…it’s five chairs per table.

“Hi.. please how did you make this style..it looks so beautiful “Another set of female students stopped at our table.
“This style is only meant for grade 8 females!” Laura half yelled making them scurry away.
I laughed..

“You all look special with this style”Kelly said.
“Yeah they do” Bryan said.
“But it will be more special if you guys can also make your head bald” Laura teased.
Kelly and Bryan shot her a glare and we both laughed.

I dipped my fries into my mouth and chewed it happily..
My mouth movement suddenly stopped when i saw Ellen standing beside our table holding her tray of lunch with a very sorry look.

“Ca..can i sit?” She asked.
Bryan hissed and made to stand up but i held his hand and pleaded for him to sit back.
He did but not without hesitating..
“Yes you can sit Ellen” I said.
She sat and placed her tray on the table.

“I’m sorry Bryan and Kelly…I didn’t know the punishment will be that severe. Please forgive me..I’m sorry” She pleaded.
No one talked…

“We’ve forgiven you Ellen” I said.
“I’m not asking you for forgiveness…it’s Bryan and Kelly I’m asking for forgiveness…you are not my friend so why should i care if you forgive me or not” She said surprising them.

I smiled…I’m not surprised..
“And who says i need your pleas … Of course i don’t,i was only trying to be nice and moreso,you didn’t offend me..it was Bryan you offended” I said.
She shot me a glare and i did the same.

“Seriously… Ellen,you expect me to forgive you?” Bryan asked.
“I’m sorry Bryan and Kelly” she said.
“How could you say you don’t need Mara’s forgiveness..if you don’t need her forgiveness,then you don’t also need mine” Kelly said.
“So Laura is invisible right?…you didn’t even act like you saw her…she helped us while you were being a bitch yesterday and all you could do is ignore her…if you don’t ask for her forgiveness,then I’m not also forgiving you” Bryan said.

“But i only reported you to Mr Curt,they were the ones who jumped on your back like Ronda Rousey..I don’t need their forgiveness!” She said to the surprise of everyone.

Why did i allow her sit!

“I can’t believe you can still run your mouth after everything you did! If you think you don’t need their forgiveness,then you don’t need our forgiveness also…guys let’s get outta here” Bryan said already standing up.

“Okay okay… please everyone.. forgive me” She said.
“You have to apologise to us one after the other” Bryan said.
“So Bryan…you mean you are gonna forgive her?” Kelly asked.
Bryan ran his hand through his hair..
“Yeah…I will,she’s my girlfriend” He said making a part of my heart shrink.

I felt like crying..

“Okay…you can forgive her but I’ll not!” Kelly said and stood up from the chair, about walking away but i grabbed him back..
“Please Kelly…let’s forgive her” I said.
“Why should we forgive her over such cruel act and she kept saying she does not need you guys forgiveness…even after all she did!” Kelly said.

“Please Kelly…let’s just forgive her,she’s our friend” I said.
“Didn’t you heard when she said you are not her friend anymore…why do you keep acting nice to her when she keeps being cruel to you” Kelly said.
“She’s not being cruel to me Kelly,just let it go..let’s forgive her” I said and looked at Bryan…

He sighed and sat down.
“Im sorry Laura.. please forgive me” Ellen said.
“It’s okay…I’ve forgiven you,you didn’t offend me” Laura said..
I noticed Laura didn’t talk during the little clash and i so much loved how she maintained her lane.

“I’m sorry Mara, please forgive me” She said.
“It’s fine Ellen..I’ve forgiven you” I said and held her hand.
I sighed when she secretly shrugged my hand away.

“I’m so sorry Kelly… please forgive me,it wasn’t intentional” She said.
“I’ve forgiven you Ellen…but just don’t try to behave that next time” he said.
“I won’t… thanks Kelly” She said with a smile.

She turned to Bryan…
“My love” She called..I felt like walking away from this table but what excuse do i give..
She held his hand on the table and my heart keeps breaking anytime i look at their intertwined hands on the table..

🦋Solely written by Azeemah .S.🦋

“I’m sorry babe…i didn’t mean to do that,if i knew the punishment would be extreme.. Trust me,i wouldn’t have gone to Mr Curt.. forgive me babe,this is the last time i will try that” She said and tightened her hold on Bryan’s hand.
“I’ve forgiven you babe, but you really hurt me” Bryan said.
“I’m sorry babe.. please” Ellen said.
“It’s okay I’ve forgiven you” He said and smiled.

She smiled back,stood up and kissed him on the lips..
He returned the kiss and my heart finally shattered..
I was starting to tear up…

The cafeteria light went off and i kept hearing the sound of their kiss, i began sobbing quietly in the darkness..
I stood up from the chair and picked my phone from the table.

I felt Kelly grab my hand in the darkness and we both walked out of the cafeteria..
I quickly use my other hand to wipe my tears…I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m crying.

🦋 School Over🕝

“Bryan…I won’t be going with you” I said as we all got to the parking lot after going to the infirmary with Kelly.
“Why?” He asked.
“Kelly and i planned to go get our practical materials” I said.
“Ohh…okay,Laura offered to bring ours,you know her mum is a seamstress” He said.
“Yeah i know…bye” I said and began walking towards Kelly’s car even though Kelly is still with Bryan.

“Mara” Bryan called.
I stopped and he walked up to me.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Nothing” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“What made you think I’m not sure?” I asked.
“You look sullen and unhappy” he said and i shrugged.

I was surprised when he pulled me into a hug.
My unhappiness flew far away..my face brightened up in a smile and i felt so happy.
“Whatever the problem is…just let it go and be happy huh?” He said and kissed my hair.
I smiled and nodded…

I saw Kelly walking towards us, Ellen fuming beside Bryan’s car and Laura getting into her red Lexus.
Bryan disengaged from the hug..
“Miss pontsplait…take care and make sure you purchase the best practical materials” He said like a professor.

I laughed…”Bye”
He waved as Kelly and i got into the car..
I waved back happily..

He made me sad moments ago and here he is making me happy again.


“Haa” I said tiredly and alighted from Kelly’s car.
We’ve gone to get the practical materials and it was a bit stressful.
I’m taking the practical materials cause it’s gonna be done in my house.

“Bye Kelly…make sure you come early tomorrow” I said.
“Okay..Bye Mara” He said and smiled.

His driver drove away and i turned to knock on the gate.

“Miss pontsplait” I heard from a distance..I smiled and turned already knowing who it is.

I saw Bryan walking towards me.
He’s already changed into blue jeans and white plaid shirt,he looks stunning from afar as the sun reflected on his hair making it glitter.
His smiles made my heart beat accelerate and i watched him get closer with a stiff breath.

He got to me and drag my cheeks first.
I regained myself…”Bryan” I said.
“Miss pontsplait,you are surprised to see me here…i noticed you weren’t happy so i came here to make you happy” He said and tucked his hands into the pocket of his jeans.

I smiled….”thanks Mr pontsplait” I said and we both laughed.
“Let’s go in” He said and helped me with the practical materials..
He took my hand and my heart leaped.

I love Bryan and i will forever do, nothing can ever stop my feelings for him cause what i have for him is not just love…it’s far more than that..

Bryan please love me back ..


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