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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 38

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 38

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“Thanks for coming to check on me everyone” i yelled amidst the noise.

Damn…just like chaos.

The couches in the living room were not enough for them,some were sitting on each other’s laps while some stood.
They were chattering so loud and i laughed when i saw Mum ran up to her room.

Liam stood looking at them in awe.
Laura,Ellen and Bryan went to get some cookies and juice in the kitchen.
I hope it will be enough for everyone.
They really surprised me,who would have believed they would come check on me.

Im feeling so happy and loved…
I grinned when i remembered how mum was surprised when she saw every girl on pontsplait.
Haha…she was like “Mara pontsplait!”
“Yes Mum,i taught them” I had replied.

“Everyone please keep quiet” Kelly shouted beside me.
They all stopped talking one after the other.

“Tamara how are you feeling now?

Why did you vomit blood?

What did the doctor diagnosed?

Are you sure you are okay?

Yes she is.. she looks more beautiful.

Do you wear this dress at home?

I love it.

We miss you at school.

When are you gonna resume..

Tamara!!!” I restrained myself from blocking my ears.

Damn!!! They should have just waited for me to come to school,instead of coming here but i so much appreciate.

“Thanks everyone,I’m very much okay now and I’m gonna resume school next week” I said and noticed their attention seems to be somewhere else.

OMG..is Quilah back!!!
I’m just gonna run mad.

I turned and saw they were staring at Liam especially the girls.
He was concentrated on his phone oblivious of the stares he’s getting.
I smiled and turned back to them.


Tamara is that your brother?

His name please?

He’s so cute.

His hair…damn!

Look at his lips.

He’s gorgeous..


Tell him to say hi to us….” I sighed and turned to Liam.
He’s looking at them,not in surprise but… attracting attention isn’t new to him.
I always wish i was as cute as Liam..i wouldn’t have met Quilah.
I sometimes wonder if we are really of the same parents… Liam is naturally handsome but just take a look at the hell i went through just to become beautiful yet I’m still not as gorgeous as Liam..

So glad i gat a hot bro…his cuteness has saved me a lot of times.

“Liam.. please say hi” I whispered to him.
He cleared his throat…

“OMG,he did that in a cute way” The girls chorused.
Most of my old classmates knew Liam cause he always comes to my school anytime i got bullied but these are new set of people..I wonder where those ones went to.

“Hi cuties.. thanks for coming to check on my sister” He said.

“His voice… wow!!

Gosh..he called us cuties.

Can i touch you?

Your voice is the best.

Please talk again.

Can i take a snap?

OMG…look at his smile.

I’m gonna melt right now…”The girls chorused holding their chest.
Liam smiled and stood up then started walking up the stairs.

“Please don’t leave.

Let me touch you.

Tamara can i have his contact….” I sighed and rolled my eyes.
I think it’s a crime to have a cute brother.
I grinned inwardly knowing how lucky i am.

“He’s getting married soon” I shouted to stop all the chatter and it worked.
They went pale and silent and i was starting to hear sniffle.

Jeez-us! Are they really serious about Liam.
I thought they were only crushing.

“No one should cry,we are all here for you girls” A guy said and they all sent him glares.
“It would have been better if all the guys in our class are as cute as him,they we wouldn’t have drooled this much but you guys are bunch of ugly ducklings” The girl said and i held my laughter.

Others were starting to laugh except the guys.

“Com’on girls. Grade 8 males are the most handsome guys in Makers high school, our class is the envy of other classes so let’s appreciate how we all look” I said.


That’s true.

We are sorry guys..

You guys are not ugly ducklings,you are princes charming….”The girls chorused,the guys kept mute but it’s so obvious they enjoyed the praises.

“Look…they are blushing” Ammy said and we all laughed..
Laura,Ellen and Bryan walked into the living room with little dishes of freshly baked cookies on wide trays.

My mouth watered as they started serving it round…
Everyone munched it happily commenting on how delicious it is.

Wow! I can’t believe the cookies was enough for everyone…well it was up to 34 dishes.
Did mum baked more?

“Did Mum baked more cookies?” I asked Bryan as he finished serving the last dish of cookies on his tray.
“Yeah…she came back into the kitchen to make more” He said.
“Okay…help me with mine please..I’m starving” I said.
“Come get yours in the kitchen” He grinned wickedly.
“Please” I said.
“No no” He said with a wink and i felt my stomach upturn.
“You are so wicked!” I said.
“Wow…that’s a compliment bestie” He said.

“Tch” I rolled my eyes at him.
He lifted the tray and hit it on my head before hurrying away.
“Ouch” I rubbed my head.
“Damn…I must not get you!” I yelled after him.
I heard him laugh…

I should just go to the kitchen myself.
“Should i help you get some cookies?” I heard Kelly asked and turned to him.
“Haa…i was about going to the kitchen to get it myself” I said and stood up.

The TV was on and that was what kept my classmates busy.
They were watching a US drama,one of the ones Laura brought for me.

I walked to the kitchen and saw Laura cleaning the breakfast table.
Ellen was putting things back in it’s place and Bryan was washing some dishes in the sink backing me.


I silently picked a steel tray.
Laura gave me a confused look but i pleaded for her not to utter a word.
Ellen chuckled already knowing what i was about to do.

I go to his back and lifted the tray.
I think he heard Ellen chuckled,he turned and the tray landed hard on his forehead.


We all bursted out laughing except Bryan who gave me a fake mean look.

I laughed…”You shouldn’t have turned,i wanted to hit it on your hair so it will be less painful but you turned” I said and bursted into another round of laughter, closing my eyes in the process.
Ellen and Laura laughed with me.

I suddenly felt a splash of water in my open mouth.
It tasted..;




I opened my eyes and found out he has disappeared from the kitchen.
I quickly rinsed off my mouth and turned when i heard laughter. I know it’s Bryan.

He was standing at the entrance of the kitchen grinning widely and sticking out his tongue.


“Bryan you are so dead today” I screamed and ran after him.


“Ahh…they’ve all left” Liam said happily as i walked into his room.
“Yesssss” I said and jumped on his bed.
Everyone has left for their home and I’m damn tired right now.

It was fun though…

I laid beside Liam and placed my head on his chest looking up at him.
I owe him some apology.

“Uhm…whom do i owe that look?” He asked and dropped his phone.
He stroked my hair and i smiled.
“Liam,I’m sorry” I said.
“For what?”
“For everything” I said.
“Okay…I’ve forgiven you earlier” He said.
“I know but i feel i need your forgiveness again” I said.

“Okay..I’ve forgiven you even before you asked for forgiveness,i was only shocked you could do such” He said.
That’s it!
“Yeah…but i just wasn’t happy with the way i looked and i also thought Bryan is gonna love me more if I’m beautiful” I said.

“No! You looked perfect,you were not just satisfied with that. Even with the way you looked then,did we ever treated you like an outcast?”
“No…but other people did” I shook my head.
“You shouldn’t have cared about what people said, people will always have something to say but you just gotta ignore them,you almost lost your life because you are so concerned about what people say to you…you shouldn’t give a fuck” He said.

“I know but it wasn’t only about what people said,i did it for another reason” I said.
“Bryan right?” He asked and i nodded my head.
“I won’t chastise you for doing that just for love cause i now know what love means,i know know how love controls…if you are in love with your partner,i bet you’ll gladly kill a whole nation for him but you gat a problem” He said.

“Which is?” I asked.
“He doesn’t love you back” Liam said and i felt my heart shrink.
It’s so true… Bryan doesn’t love me.
But I’m not accepting that,i still love him and that’s all that matters.

“The person you did that for do not love you,just like a waste. He made you did something this terrible and yet he can’t love you back! I know love can’t be forced but that’s a little cruel of him…I might hate Bryan” Liam said making me gasp.

“Oh..no! Please Liam don’t hate him,he didn’t push me to do all this. I did it myself and he wasn’t even aware that i have feelings for him till last few days, don’t blame him for not loving me…it’s his heart. If Bryan can change his heart,he will gladly do that because of me. Please Liam, don’t hate him, remember you promised to take him as your sibling” I said.

“That was before he messed up,if Quilah hadn’t died, then you will die in a year just because of him. But thank goodness Quilah is gone…you are gonna stay with me forever” Liam smiled dragging my cheeks.

I sighed.

“What? Are you not happy?” Liam asked.
“Do you think Quilah’s disappearance means that i won’t die anymore?” I asked.
“Of course! She’s gone with the whatever portion she kept in you so you are free” He smiled.

I smiled also, trying to believe that but I’m still very afraid.

“So promise me you won’t hate Bryan” I said.
“I tore off the drawing he drew for me” He said and i gasp.
I looked at the wall and the drawing was no longer pasted there.

“Liam!! That’s bad” I said and sat up.
“Do you know the stress he went through just to draw it,you shouldn’t have tore it and besides that’s childish” I frowned.
“Whatever! I was pissed at him so i tore it off in anger, don’t blame me for that. You know i do worse things when annoyed.. thank goodness it was the drawing i tore and not his face” He said.

“Com’on Liam, Bryan is not at fault..I am. Please just don’t hate him,you know how much Bryan likes you” I said.
“I don’t hate him anymore cause my sister isn’t dieing in a year time anymore…I will call him tomorrow and tell him to draw another one for me” He said and i grinned.

“Thanks Liam…I’m so happy.. everything is great, Quilah is gone” I said and laid back on his chest.
He laughed…”Do you know that when Quilah disappeared to the living room..I almost peed in my pants”

We laughed…
“She seems so scary and beautiful at the same time” He said.
“She looked so ugly when the necklace hit her” I said.
“Yeah…just like a wild witch” Liam said and we laughed again.
“I made sure i hit her real bad”
“Me too…it was so funny and surprising cause we were afraid of her this moment and we were beating her up the next moment” I said.

We giggled….”Serves her right”

“So what do you think of my classmates?” I asked.
“Damn! They are so rash, especially the girls but I’m not surprised” He smiled.
“Of course i know you are not surprised,you’ve gotten so used to it” I said.
“Remember you are still keeping the detention prefect waiting” I laughed.

“She fell for my sweet words” He said.
“That’s unfair” I said.
“Whatever but i saved you guys from getting detained” he smiled.
“I miss Jessie” I said sadly.
“Damn! Me too” he said.
“She would have gotten on my nerves when they all came visiting today” I said.
“Yeah…but let’s forget about her and move on”

I nodded and smiled…”So what were we saying?”

“Yeah..School girls… I get approached mostly by ladies, school girls admire me” He said proudly.

“Like that’s an achievement” I teased.
“Aww… someone is jealous” he chuckled.
“Jealous my foot! I also get approached by cute guys,not only you!” I rolled my eyes.
“Lies!” He said.
“Trues!” I joked..we laughed.

“What about Kelly?” Liam asked.
“What’s wrong with him?” I asked.
“Hmm…will you consider his request?” Liam asked.
“Of course no! I can’t date Kelly..never!” I said.
“But why? You speak like he disgusts you and that’s unfair” Liam said.

“He doesn’t disgust me but i can’t even get in the fact that i will date him..i never imagined it and i don’t have feelings for him a bit so how do you expect me to cope” I said.
“Don’t tell me you still love Bryan?” Liam asked.
“Of course i still love Bryan,my feelings for him didn’t decrease a bit,it increased instead..I don’t think i will ever stop loving Bryan h…”
“He’s not gonna date you!” Liam interrupted me.

“I know he’s not gonna date me..Ive accepted the fact that he doesn’t have feelings for me,he can go on to date anyone he has feelings for but my own feelings for him will remain…I won’t love anyone else,my heart can’t and won’t even accept that” I said.
“Bryan will go on to date another person despite all you did for him and you will remain single thinking about him right?”
“It’s not my fault but my heart’s…”
“Just give Kelly a chance… please” He said.

“I don’t have feelings for Kelly just as Bryan doesn’t have feelings for me.. everyone should spare me this. Can you date someone you don’t have any sort of feelings for? My heart is in control of me not me!” I said.
“Okay…i won’t force you to date someone you don’t have feelings for but…”

I yawned..

“Are you trying to avoid this talk?” He asked.
“No..I’m actually feeling sleepy” I said and placed my head on a pillow.
“But it’s still noon”
“Yeah…I know,i need to rest” I said.
“See you when i wake up” i said and forcefully dragged his hair.

I turned to the other side of the bed and closed my eyes,sleep visited me and i welcomed it happily.


“Get up! Dinner is ready” I heard Liam said, shaking me from my sleep.

Aaaargh…I was so enjoying my dream.
I yawned and sat up, resisting to glare at Liam for waking me up at such time.

“Glare at me already,your big eyes looks like it might pop out of the sockets” He said and i laughed.
“You are unbelievable… making me laugh the next minute i woke up” I said.
“Yeah…have you forgotten I’m Liam” he boasted.
“It wasn’t funny,i just tried to laugh” I lied.
“You should know i always know when you are lieing so get up sis… Mum thinks you are dead already,she’s panicking at the dinning” he said.

“Really?” I laughed.
“Yeah…you slept from noon till 7:30pm,i was also afraid to wake you up at first thinking you’ve finally followed Quilah” He said and we both laughed.

I stood up from the bed..

“I’ll join you guys at the dinning, i have to rinse my mouth and face” I said.
“No I’m gonna wait for you, Quilah can pop up at any minute” he said.
I laughed and walked into his bathroom.

So neat!

I got to the sink, turn on the faucet and splashed water on my face.
I rinsed my mouth and splashed some water on my face again.
It felt so good.

I turned off the faucet and picked a napkin from the rail.
I dried my face and walked back to Liam.

He sighed in relief when he saw me come out.
I smiled…”Do you think I’m just gonna disappear?
“Yeah w..

“Litam!! Dinner is getting cold” Mum yelled from the dinning.

“Mum we are coming” We said and rushed out of the room, laughing and pushing ourselves.

🌹Ellen’s POV🌹

I danced in my room with no music except the one coming out from my mouth;


🔊I dare you to come here right now,

🔊Come here…and I’m gonna shred your robe into pieces..

🔊You always use me😭

🔊 Forcing me to do what i don’t want to .

🔊But now I’m free😂

🔊Freeeeeeee…. because you are goneeeeee.

🔊 Quilah byeeee….

I laughed so hard and stopped dancing.
I feel so tired… I’ve been singing and dancing for hours.
Yeah!! I need to celebrate Quilah’s disappearance.

I’ve gotten my friends back! No one is gonna die anymore,but i got so lucky.
What if she had punished me before James barged in then i would be gone with her.

But i think she can’t stay close to where the necklace is and yet James came back into the compound with the necklaces and even walked in with it yet she can’t disappear.
Maybe the necklace held her rooted to the spot just like she always hold us rooted to a spot.

Haha….good for her!

I sighed in relief and stood up,i just need to eat right now.
I’m starving.
I slide my feet into my footwear and walked out of the roo.

“Mum” I called when i got to the living room.
I walked to the kitchen when i noticed she’s on a call.

Where’s the maid?
I need to apologise to her for slapping her when Quilah told me to.

It’s been ages i cooked but i still remembered everything perfectly.

Yesss I’m gonna make casserole! Mum’s favorite…I also need to apologise for being rude all this while.
I opened the cabinet and brought out apron and cap .

I wore it and headed to the sink to wash my hands.
I rinsed and dried it and then turned to see mum standing by the door looking at me in surprise.

“Mum” I called and hugged her pecking her on both cheeks.
“Ellen is this you?” She asked.
“Of course Mum..I’m the one,i know I’ve been rude to you and Dad but I’m sorry..i was been influenced but right now,your baby girl is back” I grinned.

She looks so surprised and happily.
She pulled me into a hug and pecked my forehead..

Awwwn…I’ve missed this.

“I’ve missed you baby” She said happily.
“I missed you too mum and I’m about to prepare your favorite,I’m gonna serve you once I’m done” i grinned.
“Wow…can i ever be happier than this” She said and I’m so glad there’s pure happiness in her eyes.

“Where’s the maid?” I asked.
“She went to get some things at the grocery store”
“Okay,i planned on apologising to her also” I said.
“Wow.. Really?”
“Yes mum”
“OMG I’m calling your dad now” She said happily and jumped out of the the kitchen.

I smiled and turned,my smile froze when i saw;



Just joking,i didn’t see anything.

Haha😂 I gat you💃💃💃

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