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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 40

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 40

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

“Why did Tammy leave?” Kelly asked immediately Mara walked out of the door.
“S..she her mum called her” Laura said.
“I heard everything,i didn’t know she hated me that much” He said with so much pain in his voice.

“Com’on Kelly,you know how Mara is. She doesn’t mean a thing,it’s just her mood swing” Ellen said.
He nodded…”Thanks but you guys can leave now”
We stared at him in surprise.

“Kelly…are you okay? We came here to stay with you” i said.
“I know but just leave,i need to rest” He said.
“Are you asking us to leave because of Mara?” Laura asked.
“No…I don’t want anyone around me, please leave” He said.

“Buddy,we came all the way from school to see you,you can’t ask us to leave. Should i call Mara to come back?” I asked.
“No” He said and i noticed his eyes were clouded with tears.
“Kelly we are here for you, trust me Mara is gonna apologise” Ellen said.

“I’m sorry but i need to be left alone, Leave..I’m gonna come to school tomorrow” He said.
Laura shook her head and sigh.
“I can’t believe you are asking us to leave because of Mara” Ellen said and picked her backpack.
Laura also did the same.

“We should leave?” I asked and he nodded.

I stood up and also picked my backpack.

“Bye” We chorused sadly and walked out of his room.
His mum was about coming in.

“You guys are leaving so soon?” She asked.
“Kelly asked us to leave” Ellen said and walked away angrily.
Laura followed.
“Kelly asked them to leave? Including you?” She asked in surprise.
“Yes ma’am” i smiled.
I understand how he’s feeling.

“Bye ma’am” I said and walked away.


“I don’t like all this” Ellen said to me.
We were all seated in the classroom.

Kelly walked into the class and sat down without saying hi to anyone.
We said hi but was ignored.
We asked what was wrong but got ignored again.
Mara also did the same.

I understand Kelly’s but Mara… what’s wrong.
Her eyes looks so red like she’s been crying.
Mara can’t do without saying hi to me but she just acted like i was not there.

“I don’t like this also” I said.
“What’s wrong with them?” Laura whispered from her seat.
“I don’t know” I sighed.

“Mara is anything the matter?” I asked and was glad to get a response which was the shaking of her head.
“Kelly” I called.
He glanced at me “Huh?”
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing” He said.
“You sure?” I asked.
He nodded and turned back to his book.

I caught him looking worriedly at Mara.
He should talk to her already.

Could Mara be sad because im not reciprocating her feelings?
I planned on making her my girlfriend,even though i don’t love her. We can still cope with it.
I can’t let her remain sad, considering the hell she went through just for me.

I’m gonna stretch out everything at the garden during lunch break.
I glanced at Laura and almost changed my mind.
Damn! Those blue eyes are captivating.
Laura has this character that moves me a lot .. she loves being herself.

“I’m sorry for the way i reacted yesterday” I heard Mara said and then turned to her.
I saw that she was talking to me.
She should apologise to Kelly not me.
“Mara, apologise to Kelly,not me” I said.
“I’m apologising for yelling at you not because of anything else” She blurted to my surprise.

Wow! Mara never talks to me this way.

“Kelly I’m sorry” She said.
“For what?” He asked.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know,i can’t stress myself over words” She said.
“Specify the reason you are apologising to me” He said.
“Kelly,i actually don’t know what you want. You should be contented that i came to visit you yesterday instead you’re getting all swollen about it. You were awake the entire time and listened to me say i have to go cause i wasn’t feeling too well,yet you are getting annoyed that i didn’t stay with you…you can pay me for babysitting yunno” Mara hissed surprising me more.

“Mara!” I exclaimed.
“What?” She asked.
“Mara tha..”
“Hey! Hold on to yourself,no one should get on my nerves” She interrupted Ellen.

“I should be shocked by your words but I’m not cause i know you don’t like me” Kelly said.
“Whatever” Mara said.
Kelly smiled sadly and shook his head.

“This is the end of my feelings for you” He said.
“OMG really? That’s the best news I’ve heard, thanks so much Kelly.thank goodness you did that soon cause if you hadn’t,your sweet feelings are just gonna go to waste. I don’t love you a bit..im sorry” Mara said.
“Yeah” Kelly forced a smile.
“Now i can be so free around you” Mara said happily.

“What’s wrong with the both of you?” I asked.
“Yeah what’s wrong with the both of you?” Ellen also asked.

“Like? Am i acting out of proportion?” She asked.
“Yes you are! I can’t believe this is you Mara” I said.
” If I’m acting out of proportion then you guys are the cause” She said.
“How?” I asked.
“Everyone should just let me be for the entire day” she said.

“Wow!” Laura exclaimed and i had to breath out at the way her lips looked when she pronounced ‘Wow’
There is a more serious matter at hand,yet I’m thinking about someone’s lips.

Mrs Ardsley walked into the classroom.
“Good morning class” She said.
“Good morning Mrs Ardsley” We chorused.


We all sat round the table with our lunch waiting for Mara to come join us.
She didn’t allow me nor Kelly to order her lunch like we normally do. Instead, she went to get it herself.
She returned with her tray of lunch,sat down and started eating.

“Mara,you were the one we were waiting for,yet you just sat down and started eating without acknowledging us” Laura said.
Mara ignored her and continued eating.
We also started eating in silence and the strain was obvious.
We were all affected by Mara’s behavior.


She finished eating and stood up to go back to the classroom.
I stood up after her.

“I’m coming guys” i said and walked fast to meet up with her.
“Can you come with me to the garden?” I asked.
She shrugged and led the way.

We got to the garden and she sat on a bench rubbing a petal in her palm.
She looked so sad.

“Mara” I called.
“Huh?” She asked.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Nothing… what do you wanna say?” She asked.
“Hmm… Mara,you went through a lot because of me, because you love me and wanted me to love you back”
“Yeah..and so?” She asked.
“I want you to be my girlfriend even if i feel nothing for you,just to make you happy” I said.

She laughed “You want me to be your girlfriend?”
“Out of pity?” She asked.
“No but…”
“What do you take me for?” She asked.
“I didn’t mean it like that,i can get to love you” I said.
“I would have being the happiest person on Earth if you had said this like two days ago but right now. I mean right now,i don’t want to have anything to do with you or anyone else anymore” She said.

“What!” I exclaimed in surprise.
“Don’t be surprised,i still love you. My feelings for you can never erase but is that gonna pay for the limited days i have on earth”
“Limited days? But Quilah is gone” I said.
“I can’t confide in you anymore,just go for the Laura you love…”She said shocking me to the bone.

She knows i love Laura!

I turned my face away sadly,i turned to her when i heard her sniffed.
“I’m gonna keep my distance from everyone for now. Is that all you have to say?” She asked and i nodded.
She stood up but i quickly stopped her.

“You’re not interested in being my girlfriend?” I asked.
“You don’t love me,that’s enough for me to turn down your proposal”
“Then would you…. accept Kelly’s?” I asked.
She hissed and walked away.

I sighed and watched her leave.
Mara changed just in the space of a day.
She was more accommodating yesterday but now she totally shut everyone out.
Why can’t i love her back,I’m so crazy. She did all that for me and yet I’m loving another person.
It’s not my fault but my heart’s.

What did she meant by having limited days on earth?
That was before Quilah was defeated and now she’s free.
Is she still thinking about the past?

Mara has her ways of handling things and i believe she will come back to us soon.
I’m so worried about her.
Should i press her further?
It seems she doesn’t even enjoy my company anymore.

I stood up and also walked to the classroom.


“Mara… Mara wait” I called after her.
School’s over and she just took her backpack and walked out of the classroom.
Is she serious about not having anything to do with anyone anymore.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah Salami🦋

We looked at ourselves and sighed.
“What happened?” Laura asked.
“I don’t know” I said and picked my backpack.
“I don’t just get the reason Mara would behave that way” Ellen said.
Kelly looked worried without saying anything.

“She actually said she wants to keep her distance from everyone” I said.
“Really?” Ellen asked.
“Yes..I’m so worried,she looked so sad and mentioned having limited days on earth” I said.
“Really!” Kelly exclaimed and ran after her.
We also ran after him.

We got to the parking lot and surprisingly she has left.
We quickly walked to Max who was about entering the car.
“Max” I called.
“Oh.. Bryan how are you?”
“I’m fine… where’s Mara?” I asked.
He looked surprised…”She left already and wait…is this not the sick Kelly?”
“Yes i am…what do you mean by Tammy already left?” Kelly asked.

“She told me to go home that she’s going to your place to check on you” Max said to our surprise.
We glanced at one another.

“OMG!” Ellen exclaimed.
“I hope she’s not about to hurt herself” She said and we all gasped.
“She wouldn’t have gone too far..let’s go” Max said and we all hopped into the car.

“Mara” Ellen cried.

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

It’s night already..
I cried as i roam the streets.
I don’t want to go home yet.


“Good afternoon Doc Mart” I greeted.
I had lied to Max that i was going to check on Kelly.
“Good afternoon tamara,how are you?”
“Fine Doc Mart” I said.
“Did your mum sent you here?” He asked and i shook my head.
“No Doc Mart,i came here myself and i would like if you don’t tell mum or anyone about my visit” I said.

“Huh? Why?” He asked.
“The reasons are best known to me and i would like if you will respect my decision” I said.
“I’m here because,i want you to retake a test on me,my system to be precise” i said.
“We already did that” he said.

“Yeah i know, that was the reason i said ‘retake’ I’ll pay for it, please just do it for me. I have to be sure” I said.
“Okay, I’m gonna take a sample of your blood now and take it to the lab,will you wait or come back later cause it might take hours” He said.
“Thanks Doc Mart…I’m gonna wait” I said.


“Will you wait in here or the reception?” He asked after collecting a sample of my blood.
I rubbed the back of my palm in pain.
“I will just stay in here” I said.

He nodded and walked out of the office.

Why did i come here for a test even after knowing that god is right.
I can’t just help but hate everyone immediately.
They all irritate me.

They are all gonna live long while i will be gone soon,i will be forgotten and they will move on with their lives and yet they were the ones who caused my upcoming death.
I don’t want to associate with any of them anymore.

They are fools!
I hate them!
How could Bryan love Laura who didn’t do anything for him.
How could he!
Im about to die because of him and he has that gut to tell me he doesn’t have feelings for me!

I’m just so pissed right now.
I hate him.

I couldn’t stop my tears as i placed my head on the doctor’s desk and waited for him to come back with the result.


“Tamara” I heard and felt a tap on my shoulder.
I opened my eyes and raised up my head from the desk.
I looked around and noticed I’m in the doctor’s office.
My eyes met with the result in Doc Mart’s hand and my heart skipped a beat.

I glanced at the wall clock.

If i hadn’t switched off my phone,it would have been destroyed with calls.

“The result of your test is out” He said and sat on his swiveled chair opposite me.
I swallowed hard as he brought it out from the white envelope.

He stretched it to me but i refused to take it.

“R..read it for me” I said.
He sighed…”Tamara,the result is the same with last time if not worst”
My heart broke completely and i sniffed back tears.

“The strange portion is still in your system and it has spread faster than i even expected. It’s just so sad but to be sincere with you. You have just months to live” He said sadly.
I let out the tears i was holding…

Wait…what did i expect to hear?
Like; Mara the strange portion is no longer in your system.
Mara it’s a surprise but you are now free,you have forever to live.
Congratulations Mara, the test result states that you are not dieing anymore.

Hell no!
The god told me and i was a fool for not believing him.
Now I’ve got what i want.
I’m now very sure i will be gone soon.

I cleaned my tears and took the result from Doc Mart with a little bow.

“Will you be okay?” He asked. I nodded.
“Should i call your mum?” He asked.
“No” i almost yelled.

I quickly walked out of his office and headed out of the hospital.


And that was how i refused to go home till 8pm.
Without looking at the mirror,i already know i looked terrible.

I sighed knowing how mum and Liam would be so worried.

I quickly stopped a cab.

“Lington estate phase 3” I said before hopping in.
I thought i can live with knowing i have just a year but i can’t.
I can’t be happy knowing i will be gone soon from this beautiful world.

How could i be so daft!
How could i succumb to the power of love!
Why wasn’t i contented!
Why! Why! Why!

“Miss are you okay?” The driver asked.
“Face your business!” I yelled in tears.
“Sorry Miss” He said and continued driving.

Mum and Liam had been so relaxed with the fact that I’m no longer dieing.
How will i break this to them?
I did not plan on doing that anytime soon.
I don’t want them being sad again.

The cab stopped and i realised it’s in front of my house.
I placed his bill on the back seat and alighted.

I walked inside the open gate.
Damm! They are obviously searching for me for leaving the gate opened.

I hurried to the door and pulled it open.
I walked in…

“Max you shouldn’t have allowed her leave!” Mum cried.

“She’s here!”

I was infuriated to see Bryan, Laura,Ellen and Kelly.
I should have known they will be here acting like they care.

I hissed as they all rushed to me.
I stopped Ellen with a finger from hugging me.

“Mara where have you been?” Mum sniffed.
“Tam we’ve been worried about you,why did you lie to Max? Where have you been?” Liam asked.
“Shush!” I interrupted Bryan.

“I went out and mum I’m sorry for coming back late” I said and pushed Laura out of the way walking to my room.
I turned.

“I want this to be last time i will ever see any of you in my house! Our friendship cease from this moment” i said and climbed the stairs leaving the shocked.

I got to my room and started fresh tears.


🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I walked into my room sadly after returning from school.
I’ve always returned home sad for the past two weeks.

We’re no longer Mara’s friends, she no longer talk to us,she’s gonna ignore if we try to talk to her,she now eat in a separate table at the cafeteria,she requested for a change of seat but Mr Allen didn’t grant it because she does not have a concrete reason. Mara has become so mean to everyone, and ive caught her severally crying silently.
There’s something wrong somewhere but she does not want to open up.

I’m so worried.
We are all affected by Mara’s silence,we don’t talk and joke with one another anymore, everyone is concerned about her,she keeps shutting us out anytime we try to get close.

I sighed and dropped my backpack on the couch.
I pulled off my shoes and socks before sitting on a chair.

I removed my pullover and unzipped my backpack.

I should freshen up before doing my assignment.
I stood up and was about to walk to the bathroom when i heard my phone ring.

I pulled it out of my backpack and stared at the screen.


We’ve ended things a week ago which completed the three months of our dare.
She hasn’t called me since then.

I swiped to the receiver..

📞Hey Ellen.

📞 Bryan” She called and i think i heard her sniffle.

📞 What’s wrong?

She bursted into tears and i got scared.

📞 Ellen what went wrong?” I asked worriedly.


📞You are what? What happened Ellen?

📞I..I’m pregnant!



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