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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 43

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 43

By Zeemah writes


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🌹Kelly’s POV🌹


I reached for my alarm on my bedside table and put it off.
I rubbed my forehead and smiled.
I now wake up with smiles since the day Tammy and I…..

No one knew we did anything…it’s meant to be kept secret till she’s pregnant.

We’ve gotten closer over the weeks and I’m still the only one she confides in.
She called me yesterday night and told me she isn’t seeing signs of pregnancy.
I told her we’ll go to the hospital today after school and the good news is that she said she’s gonna date me if the pregnancy test is positive.

God! I pray she’s pregnant..I really pray so.
I don’t wanna see her heartbroken.

I stood up from the bed and picked my phone.
I now send her morning text,it’s just like we’ve started dating.

💬 Good morning Tammy,how was your night?

I dropped my phone and walked to the bathroom.
I stood in front of the round mirror.

“You look terrible each morning” I said to myself before opening the cabinet.
I brought out my toothbrush and toothpaste,then walked to the sink.
I applied some paste on my toothbrush and started brushing.


After i was done, i rinsed my mouth and the toothbrush.

I returned it to the closet and then pulled off my pajamas before getting under the shower.


I stepped out of the shower and picked a towel from the rail,i wrapped it round my waist and opened the adjoining door.

I stepped into the room and heard my phone beep.
I walked towards it and picked it up.
A message from Tammy;

💬Good morning,my night was great.

I smiled and dropped the phone,i walked to the wardrobe.
I pulled out my school wears and underwear and walked back to the bed.

I dropped it and quickly dried my body before applying body lotion.
I wore my underwear followed by my school wears.
tucked my shirt in my trouser properly and walked to the shoe rack in my white socks.

I selected a pair of brown polished shoes and slipped my feet into it.
I jumped to the front of the mirror,picked an hair brush and brushed back my hair,then applied little hair oil.

Am I done?

I picked my phone and dipped it in my pocket.
Carried my backpack with an arm and walked out of my room.

I descended the stairs slowly,i fell flat on my nose yesterday when i was hurrying down the stairs and it wasn’t funny…I nearly cried.

I got to the kitchen and met mum still making my breakfast.
“Good morning Mum” I greeted and hugged her from the back.
“My love how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine Mum,we need to employ a maid. You can’t keep stressing yourself every morning” I said.

She smiled….”I don’t want a maid and besides i don’t stress myself,i only cook breakfast,lunch and dinner,the vacuum cleaner helps me with the floor” She said and placed my cup of coffee on the tray.
“Cooking is also stressful” I said.

“It is. But not,to me” She said.
“I made burger and pancake, which one would you like to take with your coffee?” She asked.
“Hmm… I’ll go with pancake” I said.
“Okay” She added toppings on the pancake and placed it beside the steaming coffee.

“Mum” I called.
“Tammy and i are going to the hospital for the pregnancy test today” I said.
Mum knew about everything that happened…I thought she was gonna scold me when i told her but she didn’t.
She supported me instead and urged me keep her informed on how things are going.

“Really?” She asked.
“Yes Mum”
“That’s good,i hope it comes out positive” She said.
“Me too… Mara would be so happy cause that’s her aim” I said.
“I can’t believe that girl is gonna die” Mum said sadly.
“She’ll not” I said.

“Take your breakfast to the dining, you’re running late already” She said.
“Okay Mum” I carried my tray of breakfast and walked to the dining room.
I placed the tray on the table and dropped my backpack before sitting down to eat.


“Mum I’m done” I said from the kitchen and gulped down the remnants of my coffee.
I stood up and wore my backpack over my shoulders.

“You are about to leave?” She asked.
“Yes Mum…bye”
“Bye darling”.

I hurried out of the house and noticed Tina,my driver is not outside yet.
I walked closer to my car and saw her emerging from her quarter.

“Good morning Tina” I greeted.
“Good morning Kelly,how was your night?” She asked.
“Get in let’s move” She said.
I got into the backseat and closed the car door.
Tina got into the front, turned on the ignition and drove out of the opened gate.


I walked into the class,and started walking to my seat,ignoring those stupid stares.
Bryan and Ellen are so engrossed in a conversation,and i know it’s about the baby.

They are both so excited about having a baby.
I hope Tammy also turns out pregnant.
Speaking of her,she isn’t in school yet.

I dropped my backpack beside my desk,then raised up my head and caught Laura glaring at Ellen.
I laughed inwardly.
Who doesn’t know that Laura has feelings for Bryan and buddy also feels the same for her.
Ellen is in their middle and I’m afraid Bryan will end up not dating Laura.

“Hi” I waved at her.
She waved back and quickly turned to her desk, probably embarrassed i caught her.

I don’t want to disturb this two conversation.

Bryan turned just in time to see me.
We both smiled as we shook hands.
“Hey buddy” I said.
“What’s up buddy?” He asked.
“I’m good,hey Ellen” I waved.
“Hi Kelly” She smiled.

Mara walked into the class and she got a lot of attention as usual.
Her pigtails bounced as she walked towards us with a broad smile on her beautiful face.

My heart pumped in excitement…
Damn! I love this girl so much,not because she’s beautiful, there’s this special thing about her.
God! I pray this pregnancy test comes out positive..i need to date her.

“Hi everyone” She said and sat down,then dropped her backpack beside her desk.
She slapped Bryan’s back playfully,he did the same and they both started hitting theirselves back, laughing.

I feel a little bit jealous…she still loves Bryan after everything.
“Ellen how’s the baby?” She whispered.
“Fine..i will be two months gone,so i will stop coming to school from next week” Ellen whispered back.

Mara smiled and nodded.

She turned to me and my heart beat faster like it always do.
She dragged my ears playfully and i laughed cause it tickles.

🦋Solely written by Azeemah.S.🦋

“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m fine,you know what?” She asked.
“What?” I asked.
“My menstrual period is marked for today but I’ve not seen it” She grinned.
“It’s still morning,you can’t tell it might still come” i said not wanting to her hopes high.

“No! Even if i will later see it today,I should have started having cramps but nothing is happening” She said.
“I really hope it’s what we think” I said.
“Yeah…I can’t wait for school to be over so we can go over to Doc Mart” She said.

“What are you both whispering about?” Bryan asked.
“You’re gonna know everything after tomorrow” Mara said.
“Yes Bryan” She said.

Bryan winked at me and gave me thumbs up.
I smiled…

🌹Bryan’s POV🌹

I’ve been observing the both of them for the past weeks and i hope it’s what i think.
I hope they’ve started dating and doesn’t wanna tell anyone yet.

I will be so happy if that’s the case.
Mara also deserves to be happy and Kelly is the best guy for her.
He loves her even though she doesn’t love him but she can learn to.

Ellen will stop attending school by next week and i promise to come checking on her,on the unborn baby to be precise.
Her bump is still very small and I’m always amazed at how perfectly round it is.
I can’t believe my baby is the one in there.
It should come out already,I’m getting tired of waiting.

I’m doing all this for the baby,after the baby is born.. I’ll go for Laura,the girl that causes me sleepless nights.
We do chat late into the night and i think she also has some feelings for me.
Who wouldn’t have feelings for the school most handsome guy😋


We sat round our table in the cafeteria chatting and laughing over our lunch.
“Ellen is it safe for you to drink that?” Mara asked when Ellen lifted a cup of chilled juice to her lips.

“I don’t know” Ellen said and dropped it.
I picked it and gulped it down and damn! It’s so chilled.
“You know your baby is still very small, drinking chilled things like this can affect the baby” Mara said.
“Really?” Ellen and i asked together.
“Yeah” She said.
“Wow..i wasn’t aware of that” She said.
“Wait…do you drink chilled things at home?” I asked.
“What! Do you want to hurt the baby” i almost yelled.
“I’m gonna stop it! I never knew” She said.

“Chill Bryan,she wasn’t aware” Kelly said.
“Mara it seems you did some research on pregnancy?” Bryan asked.
“Yes” Mara admitted.
“Wow…you did it for Ellen?” I asked in surprise.
“Partly” She said.
“Thanks bestie” Ellen smiled.

Mara smiled and continued eating as well as the rest of us.

I glanced at Laura,she always kept to herself nowadays.
I just hope she’s okay.

“I’m craving for fries..I’m not eating this anymore” Ellen said and pushed her cake away.
“Okay I’ll go get it” I stood up from the chair and walked to the counter.
I ordered for fries and returned to our table.
I placed it in front of her and she started eating.

She always craves for one thing or the other during break.
We ate the rest of our meal in silence and returned to our class before the light went off.

🌹Liam’s POV🌹

I grinned excitedly as i got dressed in my room.
Reiya is arriving today and i gotta go pick her up at the airport.
I want it to be a surprise for Mara once she returns from school.
I’ve been selecting and reselecting clothes for hours until i finally settled for a blue plaid shirt, black pants with black denim jacket.

I’ve worn my shirt and pants,I’m gonna put on my jacket once I’m about to leave.
I need to dress my hair,i pulled my chair to the front of the mirror and sat on it.
I grabbed my hair comb and began styling my hair to perfection.
“Wow… Liam why are you this handsome?” I asked myself,i was done with the hair and it looks good.
I styled it in a boyish way.

I stood up and walked to the shoe rack.
I used thirty minutes in searching for the perfect shoes to wear.
I finally settled for a blue one.

I slipped my feet into it and grabbed my jacket.
I’m just gonna wait in the living room and leave once she calls.
I stood in front of the mirror while putting on my denim jacket and i looked so sweet.

My phone rang and i quickly rushed to the bed to get it.

I smiled “Reiya”

📞Hi Reiya

📞 Hello Liam,the plane landed just now.

I grinned happily…📞 Okay I’m on my way.

📞 I’ll be waiting at the restaurant beside the airport.

📞 Alright Reiya, can’t wait to see you.

📞 Okay bye.

I dropped my phone in my pocket,picked my car key and rushed out of the room.
I nearly fell off the stairs, thank goodness i held myself,i would have probably carried a swollen nose to go meet Reiya.
She will just wondered if her ex-boyfriend’s punch is yet to leave my nose.

I walked to the kitchen to say goodbye to mum.
She’s preparing casserole dish for Reiya’s arrival.

“Mum” I called, standing at the entrance of the kitchen.
“Liam” She turned…”Wow! You look good,all this for Reiya?”
I nodded with a smile.
“She just called me now,she’s already at the airport” I said.
“Ohh… Really?”
“Yes Mum..I have to go now”
“Okay..bye son”
“Bye mum”

I got into my car and turned the ignition.
I don’t like driving but not when i want to go pick Reiya.
James already opened the gate.

I reversed and drove out of my compound, speeding away to the airport.


I parked just beside the restaurant and stepped down from the car.
I got a lot of attention as i made my way into the restaurant.

I sighted Reiya sitting alone in a corner,looking as beautiful as ever,she wore her hair differently and it fitted her perfectly oval face.
She smiled and i felt my heart chill.

She already stood up before i got to her.
She’s putting on a black mini gown and a rhinestone heels,tiny gold necklace and also a little gold bag.
She look hot or rather beautiful.

Her trunk is right beside her.
I got to her and pulled her into a hug.
I was engulfed by her sweet fragrance and didn’t wanna pull away until she did.
“Reiya” I smiled.
“Liam…so good seeing you again” She said.
“Same here,how was your flight?” I asked.
“It was great..i love your outfit” She said and damn! I blushed.

My feelings for her grew stronger immediately.

“I should commend your outfit instead…you look so beautiful” I said.
“Thanks Liam”
“So should we leave now?” I asked.
“Of course” She picked her purse.
I helped her with her trunk and told her to lead the way.

I stared at her round butt till we got to where i parked,I nearly got knocked down but thank goodness she didn’t see that.
I opened the car door for her and she stepped in gratefully.
I dropped her trunk in the backseat and walked to the driver’s seat.

I got in beside her and turned on the ignition.
I started driving.

“How’s your sister?” She asked with a smile.
“Ohh…Tam she’s fine,she didn’t know you’ll be coming today and I’m sure she’s gonna scream her head off once she sees you” I said and cornered into a road.
She chuckled and i couldn’t help but quickly steal a glance.

“I can’t wait to meet her” She said.
“She can’t also wait to meet you” I said.
She smiled.

I wanted to bring up her boyfriend’s issue but i thought it will be best after she’s freshened up.

We talked about other things till we got to the house.
I honked twice and James opened the gate,i drove in and parked at my normal space.
I stepped down from the car and quickly went to open the car door for her.

“Thanks” She muttered and stepped down.
I closed it and opened the backseat,i brought down her trunk and closed it before locking the car.

“Wow you have a beautiful house” She said as she looked around.
“Thanks… James” I called.
“Yes Liam” he walked to us.
“This is Reiya,a very good friend of mine. She’ll be staying with us for a month” I said.
“Wow! She is so beautiful..hi Reiya” James said.
“He’s James my brother” I said.
“Hi James…how are you?” Reiya asked.
“I’m fine Reiya,nice meeting you” He stretched his hand forward for a shake.
“Same here James” Reiya said accepting his hand.

“Let’s go in,mum is waiting” I said and led the way.
I was about to pull the door open when mum opened it.
She paved way for us to come in and closed the door.

“Good afternoon ma’am” Reiya smiled.
‘you have a beautiful Mum’ she whispered to me.
I smiled.
“Good afternoon darling, how’re you?” Mum asked in smiles.
“I’m fine ma’am…I’m so happy to meet you” Reiya hugged her.

Awwn! She likes mum already.
She should just wait till she sees Mara.

“Me too darling,how was your trip?” Mum asked.
“It was great ma’am”
“You are so beautiful in person” Mum complimented her.
“Thanks ma’am”
“Liam has told me so much about you and i must say he’s right in every aspect. Liam take her up to her room,she needs to freshen up and come downstairs to eat”

“Thanks ma’am” Reiya smiled.
“You are welcome darling”
“Come with me” I said to Reiya.
I turned back to look at mum.

“Good choice, don’t lose her this time” She whispered to me.
“Trust me,i won’t” i whispered back and i think i saw Reiya smile.

Good thing she heard..

🌹Mara’s POV🌹

“A pregnancy test?” Doc Mart asked in surprise.
Kelly and i were seated in his office.
We came here immediately after school.

“Yes Doc Mart” I said.
“Why did you want to run a pregnancy test?” He asked.
“Just do it for me.. please” I said.
He sighed and stared at me for a while.
“Come with me,i will need to extract your blood for it” He said and i stood up after him.

“I’m coming” I told Kelly as i walked out with Doc Mart.
Kelly has been a darling for the past weeks,I’m gonna repay him by dating him only if the pregnancy test comes out positive.
I don’t love him,I’ve tried to over the past weeks but the feelings isn’t just there,i keep loving Bryan more instead.

The truth is,i can never stop loving Bryan even in my grave.
That doesn’t stop me from dating Kelly though.


Doc Mart and i returned to his office after running the test.
I sat down and my heart beat faster in anticipation.
I would be so glad if I’m pregnant.
He said the result will be out in some minutes.

Kelly held my hand in his and we both stared at each other waiting for the result that will determine my happiness.
My heart nearly jumped when the door open,my stomach rumbled when i saw a nurse walked in with a white envelope which i know contains the result of the test.

She handed it to Doc Mart with a bow before walking out.
I held my chest as Dr Mart opened it.

He looked at me then at Kelly.

“This is a very bad result” He said and i suddenly developed cold feet.
“Mara you are pregnant!” He said in disappointment.

My fear disappeared.
My brain settled.
I felt like flying high on air.
I can already picture my baby.

“Thank goodness!!!” I screamed in excitement hugging Kelly tightly.
“We did it” He said happily and pecked my cheeks.
Doc Mart looked at us in confusion.

I chuckled…”Thanks Doc Mart but you won’t understand,i will come soon for antenatal” I said happily and picked my backpack.
Kelly also did the same.

I grabbed the result from the confused Doc Mart’s hand.

Kelly and i walked happily out of the hospital.
“Kelly I’m so happy…I can’t believe I’m pregnant,there a baby in me! At last! Thanks so much Kelly, without you this wouldn’t have been possible” I said.
“It’s nothing babe,im damn excited”
“I think i can feel a movement in my stomach” I said and we both laughed.


“Thanks Kelly,see you at school tomorrow” I pecked him before alighting from his car.
“Bye Mara” he smiled.
I smiled and waved as his driver drove off.

What a sweet guy!

I knocked the gate and it was opened by James of course.
“Hi James” i said happily and ran into the gate, hurrying to the main door.
I have to tell mum and Liam everything,i hope they will be comforted with the fact that I’m gonna have a baby.

I rubbed my stomach gently as i pulled the door open.
I walked into the living room and saw mum Liam and a not too familiar beautiful lady sitting on a couch.

Who’s this lady?
I think I’ve seen her pic…

“Reiya” I screamed in excitement and rushed into her open arms.


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