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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 90

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 90

By Zeemah writes


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💞Anel’s POV💞

“Helppppppp!!” I screamed loudly in tears.

She laughed🔥I guess your mother didn’t tell you,no matter how loud your scream is,no one will hear you”🔥
She started walking closer to us and i nearly peed in my pants.
“Dan” I cried.

🔥Shut up🔥She shouted.
I held Dan tightly, and couldn’t stop crying.
He was also shaking.

🔥I’m Felia,the descendant of Quilah🔥 She said and i glanced at Dan.

The goddess Mum made wishes from?

🔥Yeah,Quilah the great goddess of wishes who granted Tamara Weston a wish🔥 She said.

She heard me?

🔥Yes,i hear people’s thought,so think wisely 🔥 She said.
“Please don’t hurt her,hurt me instead” Dan finally said with trembling voice.
“Dan,what are you saying” I said.
She laughed🔥I won’t hurt her alone,I’ll hurt you too🔥
“Please, don’t hurt us” I said in tears.

Dan drew me closer and wiped off my tears.
I saw he was also crying.

Vie warned us..

🔥Of course,Genevieve warned you but you didn’t take heed🔥 she said.
“Did you just thought about that?” Dan asked and i nodded.
“Please don’t think about anything else okay?” He said and i nodded.

🔥Were you told the story of your parents?🔥 She asked and we nodded.
🔥What an interesting story.. wasn’t it?🔥She asked.

🔥Answer me!!!🔥She yelled and her voice echoed the whole desert.
“Yes” we quickly responded and it was then i noticed how long her tongue was plus it was so black .

🔥Your parents thought they made Quilah vanish but it was from her dust i was made🔥She said and chanted strange words.
I tried shifting back when a red couch appeared beside her.
Dan gasp.

She sat down and laid her staff on her legs.

🔥I’m here for revenge,your parents killed Quilah but you’ll be the ones to suffer for it🔥 she grinned and i wondered why her teeth are pure white and her tongue is black.

“Please, don’t make us suffer for it,we didn’t know anything about it” Dan said.
🔥I should have gotten to you both long before now,but the necklaces on your necks didn’t allow me🔥 She said and i glanced at my neck.

My necklace was still there!

🔥I’ve been waiting for this opportunity and I’m glad it has presented itself,i can’t wait to scrape out your eyes from your socket🔥 She laughed loudly.

I shivered in fear and hugged Dan tighter.

🔥I’m not ready to kill you both yet, I’ll give you nightmares before killing you🔥
“Should we run?” Dan whispered to me .
“No,we can’t. Try to move and you’ll see your legs are stuck” I whispered back.
“What are we gonna do?” He asked in fear.
“I don’t know”

🔥Im gonna haunt you for days before killing you,you should go through hell the way your families made Quilah to🔥
“Please” I said rubbing my palms together.
🔥Leave🔥 She said.
🔥You both should leave!🔥 She yelled and i realised we can now move.

We both took to our heels, screaming as we ran back to our cabin.


“Dan what are we gonna do?” I said and cleaned my tears.
“I don’t know and please stop crying” He said.
“We shouldn’t have gone there, Vie was right” I cried harder.

We were both sitting at the edge of the lake.
There was nobody outside , everyone had gone to sleep.

“I..i.. she’s gonna kill us” Dan said,his eyes shiny with unshed tears.
“Yeah,what have we gotten ourselves into” I said.
“We didn’t get ourselves into anything,our parents did” He said.
“Your parents didn’t,my mother did” I said.

“We’re in this together okay?” He said and i nodded.
I placed my head on his shoulders and he smoothened my hair with his palm.

We sat in silence for a long while, staring into space.

“We were so happy this noon,i never knew we’ll be so sad by night” I said.
“Don’t brood about this. Let’s just look for the way out of this” He said.
“Dan! There’s no way again. Our necklaces can no longer stop her”
“Don’t say that, we’ll surely look for a way” He said.
“How?” I asked.

“We need to sleep over it” He said.
“You’re still thinking of sleeping when we’re in danger?” I asked.
He smiled sadly. “There’s no way we won’t sleep Anel. Let’s go back to our cabin”

“I want you beside me” I said.
“I also want you beside me but you know the consequences right?” He said.
Tears rolled down my cheeks and i wiped it away.

We both stood up and Dan walked me down to my cabin .
“Will you be fine?” He asked and i nodded.
“You?” I asked”
“I’ll be fine” He said and pecked my cheeks.
“Go in” He said and opened my door gently without making a sound.

“Goodnight” I waved at him before walking into my cabin.
I closed the door behind me and walked slowly to my bed..

I sat down and cried silently.

What if she appears now?

I quickly laid on my bed and drew the blanket over my head in fear.
I continued crying under the blanket,with various thoughts running through my mind.

What have we gotten ourselves into?
Am i gonna die like my mother?
Oh..no! This is so scary.

“Mum” i kept calling till i slept off.


“Mum,I’m scared” I cried trying to hold her hand but i couldn’t.
She was sitting beside me in the same garden but this time she wasn’t smiling,she was looking sad.

❄️I’m sorry Anel,wipe your tears my princess❄️ She said and i did.
“What are we gonna do? Our necklaces can’t stop her anymore” I said.
❄️Your necklaces can stop her❄️

“It can’t mum” I said.
❄️It can❄️ She said.
“It didn’t” I said.
❄️It will❄️ She said.
“How?” I asked.
❄️You’ll find out soon❄️ She said.

“Mum,what are we gonna do? Are you going to watch her kill us?”
❄️Water from the lake❄️ She said and i stared at her in confusion.
“Water from the lake? How?” I asked.
❄️Water from the lake❄️ She repeated.
“How mum? I don’t get what you’re saying”
❄️My time is up,i have to go now❄️ she said and stood up.
I stood up after her.

She started walking away.

“Mum” I called and tried running after her but i couldn’t see her again.

“Mum!!!” I shouted.


I opened my eyes and met a pair of blue eyes staring into mine.
The eyes looks familiar.
I rubbed my face to make my eyes clearer.


“Dan” I said and slowly sat up on the bed.
I felt better when he smiled and helped me tuck my hair behind my ears.
“How’re you?” He asked.
“I’m fine, i had a dream” I said.
“Really? About what?” He asked.

“Good morning Asanel” Theresa and Ashlyn said and i glanced up.
“Good morning” I said.
“Your eyes look puffy like you cried yourself to sleep last night,did you?” She asked.
“No ,i didn’t” I lied.
“You sure?” She asked and i nodded.
“Okay” She said and walked into the bathroom.

“Dan,will you please leave. Boys are not allowed into the girls cabin!” Jacq said.
“I know” Dan turned to her. “But i had to check how my babe is faring this morning and I’m glad she’s fine”
“I’ll be leaving now” he said.
“Okay” I said.
“You mustn’t think about that goddess okay?” He whispered to me and i nodded.

He caressed my hair,stood up and then left.

I sighed heavily and got up from the bed.
“Asanel,are you okay?” Ashlyn asked.
“Yes Ashlyn,I’m fine thanks” I said.

I opened my box of clothes and selected the ones I’m gonna be putting on today.
I didn’t even changed into my pajamas yesternight,I’mstill in my yesterday’s wear.

“Ashlyn,can you please allow me to go in after Theresa?” I asked, knowing she’s the next to go in.
“Of course you can,I’m busy with my phone anyway” She said.
“Thanks” I muttered.
“I’m the one going in next!” Jacq said.
“Like,are you okay?” Ashlyn asked her.
“Direct the question to yourself” Jacq said.
“Ashlyn,you can go in next. I wanna go see Dan outside and it might take long” I said.
“Okay,and I’m gonna see if you’ll go in there before me!” Ashlyn glared at Jacq who glared back.

“Asanel,i need to tell you something” Ashlyn said.
“Okay,after I’m back then” I said.
I walked out of my cabin and headed to Dan’s cabin.
We really need to plan,i don’t just understand the dream i just had.
‘water from the lake’

I knocked on the door.
The door opened.
“Dan” I said but Travis appeared instead.
He smiled and licked his lips.
“You’ve finally come to me,i won’t think of your past behaviour. I’m gonna welcome you with open arms” He smiled.
“You must be mad!,get Dan for me!” I said.
“Asanel,you know Dan isn’t a good guy for you,he ha..”
“Shut up,call Dan for me!” I shouted.
“He’s not in!” He said and banged the door on my face.

“Ouch” I held my face with my palm and started walking away to my cabin.
“Anel” I heard and turned.
Dan was running towards me.
“What’s wrong with you? Did someone hit you?” He asked and i shook my head.
“Where were you? I already went to your cabin” I said.
“I was at the lake, trying to think things out but i discovered another thing.” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Come with me” He took my hand and we both walked to the lake.

“Anel,my necklace isn’t shining anymore” He said worriedly.
“Huh!” I exclaimed.
He unhooked his necklace and dipped it into the lake.

Nothing happened,it didn’t even sparkle a bit.

I quickly unhooked mine too, dipped it into the lake.

Same thing!

“Yours isn’t shining too? What went wrong?”
I gasped as the realisation hit me.

“Our necklaces has been exchanged!”


“Who exchanged our necklaces?” He asked.
“I don’t know,we have to find out. That means we still have a chance over Felia” I said.
“Yeah,if it had been our real necklaces,she wouldn’t have had access to us” Dan said and i nodded.
“How the hell did our necklaces got exchanged?”

“We need to get our real necklaces back if we want Felia to stop haunting us” I said.
“How are we gonna do that? You know there are a lot of duplicates around,how are we gonna know ours?” He asked.
“Ours do shine, we’ll just sprinkle some water on it and then know if it’s ours or not” I said.
“Do you think people will allow us to keep sprinkling water on their necklaces?” He asked.

I sighed.

“If they don’t,that means they are the suspects” I said.
“True,so when do we start?” He asked.

🔥You can as well start now🔥We heard the familiar voice behind us.
We turned and saw Felia.
I screamed and clung to Dan.

I saw her clearly now,she’s damn beautiful but she looks more scary.
She opened her mouth and her black tongue dropped down to her chest.
It looked so horrible that i nearly puked.

The smoke emanating from her staff was black! And her hair had turned purple.
Her eyes are not yellow and red anymore,they are now black.


🔥Your scream won’t be heard and no one is gonna see what’s happening here. I gave you both the chance to live for some days but it seems you want to start use it against me🔥 She said.
“We are not using it against you.. please” I pleaded.

🔥Well…it’s too late,if i don’t kill you both now,you might succeed in making me vanish like your parents did to Quilah 🔥 She said and stretched her staff to us.

Balls of fire rolled out of it coming directly at us.

“Noooooo!” I screamed.




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