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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 92

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 92

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

I was about hitting her more before Dan held me back.
Mr Jones already turned to leave a..and i ..i saw;
The tattoo!

The tattoo!!!

The perpetrator tattoo…


My heart was stuck in shock for a moment.
“D..Dan” I called slowly.
“Huh?” He asked.
“T.. the tattoo” I said pointing to Mr Jones neck.
“What!” He exclaimed.

Mr Jones was so obsessed with the necklaces that he didn’t even know what was going on.
“Dan.. he’s the one who hurt you” I said,still in shock.

He walked out of the cabin with Jacq, Karissa and Travis trailing behind him.

“He’s the perpetrator” Dan gasped.
“I thought as much!” I said reminiscing over the familiar fragrance.
“He’s the one” I said.

“How could Mr Jones hurt me? I never offended him” He said.
“I’ve always hated him from the start,i knew something wasn’t just right about him” I said.
“This is unbelievable, is he really the one?” Dan asked.
“Of course he is. Everything is just making sense to me now” I said and sat down.
I couldn’t stand any longer.

“I knew the perpetrator was from our school but i never thought it to be Mr Jones. This is..this is completely absurd” He said.
“Yeah,it is. If i was the one he did that too,I’ll understand and get the fact that he did that because he hates me but you! What’s the connection between you two?” I asked.
“I don’t know!” Dan said, looking hurt.

“What do we do?” I asked.
“I’ll make sure he gets sued, i will” He said and started fetching his phone from his pocket.

“Com’on Dan” I stopped him.
“I could have died” He said.
“Yeah i know but do you think it’s okay to get him arrested now? Here? We need to chill” I said.
“Anel,you can imagine the pain i went through pain, for days” He said.
“I know” I said and rubbed his shoulder trying to calm him.
“Good thing we now know the identity of the perpetrator,we just have to keep mute about it for now until we get back home” I said.

“Why do we have to wait till we get back home? I can just call my dad now and he’ll send down cops here” He said.
“I know but remember our necklaces are still with him. We need to get that first! Have you forgotten Felia, she’ll be back and i know her coming back means death to us. We need our necklaces and that’s what we should focus on now,any other thing can wait till we get home” I said.

“Ahh!” He sighed and brushed back his hair with his fingers.
“What are we gonna do?” I asked.
“We should get our necklaces back of course” He said.
“How? Mr Jones won’t give it back to us,he already knows that the necklaces do shine and he’s a greedy nincompoop” I said angrily and Dan laughed.

I was forced to laugh too.

“That was what Jacq and co also discovered before they exchanged our necklaces with fake ones. I still can’t believe they’ll do this..i mean Jacq and Karissa” He said.

What if i had told him that Jacq and Karissa are responsible for those silly messages.

“How are we gonna get back our necklaces?” I asked.
“Sincerely, i don’t know cause it’ll be damn hard to get those things from Mr Jones,he’s capable of murder and i don’t want us to risk our lives. We can’t fight this alone Anel” He said.

“We’re fighting this alone Dan. We’re capable. We just need time to plan things out” I said.
“By risking our lives?” He asked.
“If we don’t risk our lives for those necklaces, we’ll die eventually” I said.

“Ah! I can’t believe we’re facing so much at sixteen!” He breathed deeply.
“It’s fine, we will overcome it soon” I said.
“Should we call Liam to help us get the necklaces from Mr Jones?” He asked.

“Huh!” I nearly screamed.
“What?” He asked.
“Liam is just gonna turn everything into violence, you know that” I said.
“Ohh” He said, obviously having a rethink.
“What should we do then?” He asked.
“I don’t know,I’m as confused as you are” I said.

“What are you both still doing in the teacher’s cabin!” We heard Mr Jones shouted.
He walked in and i got so pissed when i saw the two necklaces on his neck, sparkling brightly.

Dan hissed loudly before walking out of the cabin.

“She has taught you her rude manners huh?” He shouted after Dan before turning to me.
“What are you still doing here? Go after your puppy” He laughed.
“I wonder if there’s a special gain in being cruel” I said slowly dipping my hands into my pocket.
I brought out my phone,unlocked it and quickly clicked on the record app.

“And i wonder if there’s a special gain in being rude” He said and walked to his chair.

“I hate you!” I said.
“Hate me all you want,that doesn’t change my mind. I’m not giving you back this necklaces even though i know well that it’s yours. Make do with the fake ones, you don’t need it more than i do. I’m gonna earn billions of dollars from it. I’ve been searching for this necklaces for years and i won’t let it go,now that i have it” He said.

“You know that those are our necklaces and you don’t wanna give it back?”
“Yeah” He smiled.
“That shows how greedy you are and did you just say you wanna sell it?” I asked.
“Of course,do you expect me to wear this things round my neck like a bulldog?” He asked.
“That’s exactly what you are” I said.
“What!” He shouted,his face turning furious.
“Yeah,cause those necklaces are on your necks now” I said.

“Where the hell did you got your guts from?” He growled.
“You just confirmed the fact that you’re a bulldog” I said and stood up.

My phone still on recording.

“How dare you talk to your teacher that way!” He said.
“I disregard teachers who disregard themselves” I said and started walking to the door.
“Whatever. All i know is you won’t get your necklaces back” He said.
“We shall see. Criminal” I snarled before walking out of the door.

I saved the recording and smiled.

I met Dan standing by the door, laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked.
“I heard everything” He said.
“Yeah,the funniest part was when you called him a bulldog. He’s your teacher for goodness sake” Dan laughed harder and i joined him.

“My teacher indeed! I didn’t even knew you were standing by the door” I said.
“I had to cause he’s a dangerous man,he might want to hurt you” He said.
“I was also careful,i didn’t get too close to him and i had to quickly stand up when i saw how furious he was, I recorded everything that transpired between us” I said.

“Of course” I said.
“OMG, I’ve gat a smart girlfriend” He smiled and i rolled my eyes at him which gat him laughing.

I hit his chest playfully.
“Let’s be serious Dan, we’re in a deep shit and we keep laughing every minute” I said.
“We’re truly in a deep shit, it’s a good thing you recorded what transpired between you and him, we’re gonna use that against him cause he will definitely wanna deny it” He said.
“Of course.” I said.

“Okay,that aside,how are we gonna get our necklaces back?” He asked.
“Let’s get away from here first” I said and took his hand.

We both walked away from the teachers cabin.
We stood in front of my cabin.

“Mr Jones is really bent on not giving us our necklaces and now we have to plan on how to get it cause that’s the only thing that can save us” Dan said.
“You think so?” I asked.
“Of course,are there other ways to keep us safe?” He asked.

I remembered my dream.
It was so confusing that i didn’t get a thing Mum said.
‘water from the lake’
I think i should tell Dan about it.

“Da..” I was saying.
“We have to go for adventure tomorrow” He said cutting me off.
“Why?” I asked.
“Mr Jones will be with the necklaces and we have to be around him cause that’s the only thing that’ll keep us protected” He said.
“True” I nodded.
“So we won’t leave this surrounding till we get our necklaces back cause i know Felia is somewhere waiting to pounce on us” He said.

“Vie was right,we shouldn’t have come here” I said.
“We never knew too, let’s just plan on getting our necklaces back” He said.
“That would be after we’re done with the our lunch. I’m hungry and exhausted plus i need to freshen up” I said.

“Okay then,see you after lunch” He said and turned to leave.
“Make sure you don’t fight Travis okay?” I said and he nodded.
“And make you don’t fight Jacq” He said.
“I won’t but i might if she gets on my nerves” I said.
“Just overlook anything she does huh?” He said.
“Fine,i will” I said and held my door knob.

“See you soon” He said and blew me a kiss.
I laughed and tried to hide my blush.
I opened the door.
He was still standing there, peering into my eyes.

“Won’t you leave?” I asked.
“I will. Anel i think my love for you has gone beyond control” He said and my cheeks grew hot immediately.

“Awwwn” I heard Theresa and Ashlyn said from inside.

Ah! They heard..

“Thank you” I said to him and stepped into my cabin.
He was still standing there when i closed the door and faced Theresa and ashlyn.
They were both grinning widely.

Jacq wasn’t in.

I ignored them and walked down to my bed.
I sat down and sighed tiredly.

“Someone’s cheeks has gone completely red” Theresa said.
“Just like rose” Ashlyn said and they both laughed.

“Asanel looks damn beautiful when blushing” Theresa said.
“You girls should quit teasing” I said trying to hide my smile.
“But seriously, you know Dan really loves you” Ashlyn said.
“I know”
“Then why don’t you give it a go. Don’t you love him?” She asked.

I love him!
I freaking love him when I’m not supposed to!

“I’ll go have a shower” I said and drew my box closer.
I opened it and searched for my favourite simple gown.
I brought it out and placed in on my laps before searching for new set of undies.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom.


I walked back to the room feeling so refreshed after bathing.
I’m now changed into my blue gown.

I sat on my bed and didn’t bother combing my hair…I’m so stressed out.

“Have you girls been served lunch?” I asked Theresa and ashlyn.
They were both watching a movie on Theresa’s laptop.

“Yeah,while we were on adventure” Ashlyn said.
“Ohh…I’m damn hungry” I said, rubbing my stomach.
“I have some biscuits and gravy,if you don’t mind” Theresa said.

“Of course i don’t” I said.
She opened her small backpack and passed a packet of biscuits and gravy to me.
“Thanks Theresa” I muttered.
“You’re welcome” She smiled.
“I also have some chocolates,do you for some pieces?” Ashlyn asked.


“Yeah.. yeah i want..i want” I said happily.
“It seems you’re a lover of chocolate” Ashlyn said.
“I am” I smiled.
“Me too” She said and brought it out for me.
“Thanks” I smiled and collected it.

It’s my second best chocolate “pure bite”.

I should have the biscuits first,cause i would love the chocolate to remain in my mouth till i sleep off.

I was about opening the biscuits when i remembered Dan.
He also haven’t had lunch.
I should better share this with him.

I stood up and started walking to the door holding the chocolates and biscuits.
“Where to?” Theresa asked.
“I’m going to share this with Dan” I said.
“Ohhkay” They both grinned.


I opened the door and was surprised when i saw Dan, holding a plate of steaming noodles and two bottles of water.

I walked out and closed the door behind me.

“We can share this” we said together.
“I brought this for us to share,i know you haven’t had lunch” He said and tears gathered in my eyes.

Dan is selfless,he cares greatly about people.

“Thanks Dan,i also bought this for us to share,i knew you haven’t had lunch also” I said and he smiled.
“Thanks for caring for me” He said and i nodded, feeling so emotional.

“Well..that makes our lunch double,come over here baby girl” He smiled and i smiled back.

❄️{Next day}❄️

“Where’s the venue for our adventure?” I asked Theresa and ashlyn.
We’ve all gotten dressed and had our breakfast, we’re waiting for the teachers to call us out.

“I think it’s the underground tunnel”
“Wow” I smiled.

Dan and i couldn’t come up with any plan yesterday so we decided to continue after we’re back from adventure.

💬Hi baby girl,how was your night?


I smiled when his message popped on my screen .

💬 Great,urs?” I sent.

“Asanel” Ashlyn called.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Have you been given back your necklace?” She asked.
“No, Mr Jones wouldn’t give it to any of us,he seized it” I scoffed.
“Didn’t you made it clear to him that it was yours?” She asked.
“I did but he didn’t believe me” I said.

“I bet Jacq didn’t come in here because of guilt” Theresa said.
“Or the fear that you might hit her” Ashlyn said.

She’ll surely be in karissa’s cabin.

“I don’t even care about her,all I’m after is my necklace” I said.
“Is it very important to you?” Theresa asked.
“Of course it is”
“But it’s same with the one on your neck so why don’t you let that go?” She asked.
“Only if you know what mine entails. It’s capable of saving my life ‘our lives’ ”

I wonder why I’m talking this much.

“Really?” Theresa asked.
“Yeah” I said.

📣All students should head out for day 4 adventure in Venice underground tunnel” A teacher announced loudly and we all stood up.

I adjusted my pontsplait and slide my feet into my sandals,i buckled it.

“You’ll need to teach me how to make that style, it’s beautiful” Ashlyn said.
“What’s it called?” Theresa asked.
“It’s actually an old style called pontsplait” I smiled.
“Wow.. pontsplait?” They asked looking amused. I nodded.

📣Are there students still left in any of these cabins?

“Yes” we shouted before running out of the cabin.

I saw Vie and Dan and quickly walked to them.


“The adventure was interesting,i had so much fun” Vie said.
“Me too,it was great” I smiled.
My hands were tucked in Dan’s.

We were all heading home after our awesome adventure.
Everything was just too great.
I made sure i took lots of pictures.

I glanced at Dan and noted the worried look on his face.
“What happened? Didn’t you enjoyed the adventure?” I asked.
“I did” He said.
“Then why are you looking bothered?” I asked.
“Have you forgotten the deep shit we’re into” He whispered to me,not wanting Vie to know anything.

I sighed..
“We’ll plan out everything once we get to cabin okay? Be happy for the time being huh?” I said and he nodded,still wearing that worried look.

“Com’on smile for me” I said and he did.
“Thanks baby” I said and gasped a little realising what i just said.


“You just called me baby?” He asked his smile growing wider.

Vie bursted out laughing.


Dan and i sat on a mat outside our cabin.
Most of the students are also out.

“I’ve been thinking and thinking of a way to get our necklaces back but nothing is coming in.
It’s just like my head is about to burst” I said.
“Same here” Dan sighed.

“Dan,i had a dream” I said.
“Really? What’s the dream about?” He asked.
“It’s about my mum….” I started.


“Damn! Anel,why didn’t you tell me that before now?” Dan asked after i finished narrating my dream to him.
“I was confused about it. I didn’t understand what Mum meant by ‘water from the lake’ ” I said.

“I perfectly understand Anel” He said.
“Really? What does that means?” I asked.
“We can use the water from that lake to defeat Felia” He said and my eyes widened.
“OMG!” I gasped “I didn’t even think in that direction”

“And i think i know the reason for that” He said.
“What reason?” I asked.
“Remember the night we dipped our necklaces into the lake…”
“Oh..my…goodness! No wonder the terrible headache i felt relieved me immediately my head was massaged with the lake water” I said.

“Same happened to me when i dipped my head in the lake.” He said.
“And it seems she isn’t aware that the lake water can defeat her” I said.
“Of course she’s not. She only thinks about the necklaces” He said.

“Wow! Dan, we’ve seen solution to this deep shit without even using our necklaces?” I smiled.
“Yeah” he smiled and we exchanged high-five.

“Now, we’ll go down to the lake and show Felia the consequences of messing with a son of the Shaw and a daughter of the Yates” He said and i grinned.



“Are you sure she’ll be here?” I whispered to Dan.

We were standing at the edge of the lake, holding a bowl of the lake water each behind our back.
We planned to pour it on Felia once she appears.

I’m so prepared for her!

“She’s definitely gonna come,she had been expecting us to get away from the surrounding of our necklaces” Dan said.
“I bet she doesn’t know what we also have in stock for her. I’m so prepared for her” I said bravely and Dan laughed.

“I hope you’ll keep to your words” He said and i sent him a look.
“What do you mean? That I’m a weakling right?” I asked.
“No…” He was saying when the ground started shaking beneath our feet.

Wind started blowing but it stopped almost immediately.
I was shaking all the while,the bowl of water already fell off my hands.

Felia suddenly appeared and the ground shook violently.
Her appearance was terrifying,her hair was blue this time and her robe was stained with thick black blood,her staff oozed fire not smoke,the anger in her now-green-eyeball was visible.

🔥I’m FELIA the evil goddess of wishes🔥 She growled.

I screamed in fear and started crying.



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