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JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 98

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) chapter 98

By Zeemah writes

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💞Anel’s POV💞

We all started packing our boxes when we were told the buses are here to take us back to school.
We are all feeling sad.

We were served breakfast and we all ate in silence..i couldn’t finish my breakfast cause my throat was tightened with tears.
I dropped the remaining burger and my untouched coffee.

📣Everyone come out,it’s time to go back home📣

Tears dropped from my eyes and i quickly wiped it off but more kept coming.
Vie also started crying, Theresa followed and Ashlyn. Dave and Dan were fighting back their own tears.

📣Come out students,the buses are ready📣

We all stood up and picked our boxes.
Dan passed me a handkerchief and i wiped my tears.

He drew me closer to his chest and patted my back.
I cried loudly, soaking the front of his t-shirt.

I won’t be seeing my friends regularly anymore.
I won’t be seeing the lake…
I’m gonna miss this place,this is the only place i got to know a lot of things.

We all walked out of the cabin.
Lots of students were crying and most of the teachers looked teary.

📣It was nice having everyone come together,i hope you all enjoyed your ten days adventure?📣
“Yes” Few people said,the rest of us were in tears.
📣The buses are waiting at the other end,let’s go everyone📣

Slowly, everyone started moving.
“Stop crying love,you know we can’t stay here forever” Dan said,still patting my back.
I nodded and wiped my tears.
“Don’t you miss home?” He asked.
“I do but I’m gonna miss here” i sniffed.
“Sure,I’m gonna miss here too. Stop crying huh?” He said and i nodded.

We were about to cross the footbridge and i took one last glance at the cabins,tears dropped from my eyes and Dan helped me wipe it off as he led me towards the waiting bus.
We entered the first bus and sat at the back with our friends,soon it was filled and the remaining students entered the second bus.
Two teachers were in our bus, Mrs Claude and Mr Rolland.
I’m glad Mr Jones is in the other bus.

Jacq and Karissa are not here but i can see Travis in the second role.
I sighed sadly when the driver turned on the ignition.
We’re leaving…

The bus was not as lively as when we were coming.
Everyone is sad and most students dont want to leave yet.

The driver started driving away and i tried hard not to cry.
Dan was smoothening my hair with his palm.

Minutes later,we were on the main road.
I fell asleep on Dan’s shoulder.


I opened my eyes when i felt taps on my shoulder.
I yawned and raised up my head from Dan’s shoulder.
I noticed the bus has stopped moving.

“We’re in school babe” Dan smiled.
“Huh?” I cleared my eyes and looked around,truly we’ve gotten to school.
I smiled, so happy to be back here but I’m missing my cabin also.

Students were starting to alight and I’m glad everyone’s mood has improved.

We all picked our boxes waiting for our turn to alight.
We are at the back seat so we will alight last.

“Ugh!” I sighed when it finally got to our turn.
Dan helped me with my box as we all got down from the bus.

I stretched.

“We’re back in school” Vie smiled.
“I’m so happy to be back” Theresa said.
“Me too” Ashlyn said.
“Count me in too” Dave said in a very funny way and we laughed.

My phone vibrated in my pocket.
I pulled it out.
I swiped to the receiver before placing it on my ear.

📞Hi Liam.

📞How are you Anel?

📞I’m fine. We’ve gotten to school.

📞Thank goodness! that was what i was about to ask. I’ll ask the driver to come pick you now.

📞Okay Liam.

📞We have some surprises for you…

📞Really?” I smiled.


📞I can’t wait, how’s Ana?” I asked.

📞 She’s fine and she’s badly expecting you.

I smiled 📞i can’t wait to see her too.

📞Okay,the driver will be there soon.

📞Okay, Bye


I disconnected the call and dropped my phone back in my pocket.
I turned back to my friends.

“So..what’s up?” I asked.
“Oh..my,we haven’t exchanged contacts yet” Theresa said.
“Ohh… true” I said fetching my phone from my pocket.

We all exchanged contacts and after that we went to sit on a bench.
Students roamed about,most of them still discussing about our summer camp.

“We all have to meet after leaving here” Dan said.
“Yeah” We chorused and i felt a bit sad.
I’m gonna miss my friends.
“Let’s meet in my house,i will text the address to everyone of you” Dan said.

“So when are we meeting?” Dave asked.
“A day after tomorrow should be fine right?” Ashlyn suggested.

Some students whose cars has arrived started trooping out of the gate.
“I think my driver is here” Dave said after receiving a call.
We all stood up and hugged him one after the other.
“I’ll miss you guys,you made my days at the camp fun and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again” He said and was about walking away but he stopped and pecked Theresa who gasped in surprise.
He smiled and waved at us before walking away.

I smiled when i saw the colour of Theresa’s cheeks.

We all sat down in silence waiting for our drivers to show up.

Vie also stood up after receiving a call.
“My dad is here” She smiled and stood up.
We all hugged her bye.

Theresa and ashlyn also left remaining Dan and i .

“Let’s go stay outside the gate so we will know when our cars are here” He said.
“Okay” I said and stood up,i was about picking up my box but he beat me to it.
“Ah” I sighed.. “Dan,i can carry it myself” I said.
“Nah! I can’t let you carry anything while I’m with you” He winked making me smile.

Am i not lucky?

We both walked to the gate, stepped out and stood beside each other.
We kept ourselves busy with small talks while waiting for our drivers to show up.

“I’m missing them already” I said.
“Me too” Dan said.
“I miss the camp too and the lake” i said resisting the urge to cry.
Dan sighed..”I’ll keep remembering the lake every night”
“Now,you will make me cry” I said.
“Sorry” He said.

“Dan,come with your parents to our place today” I said.
“Huh? Why?” He asked obviously surprised.
“We need to settle everything,” I said.
“Liam might throw us out” He said.
“He won’t” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Trust me,he won’t” I said.
“My parents might not want to come”
“Please make them. Don’t you want peace between our families?” I asked.
“I do.. of course i do” He said.

“Then let’s make that happen” I said.
“Okay, I’ll try” He said.

I saw my car pulled up in front of us.
I smiled and stared at Dan.
“I have to leave now” I said.
“I’m gonna miss you” He said, walking me to my car.
“Me too, besides we will be seeing each other later today” I said.

We stood by my car…
Dan bent and pecked my cheeks,and then brushed his lips over mine.
I smiled, wishing the kiss lasted longer.
He opened the car door and i got in,he placed my box beside me and waved me Bye.
“Bye” I waved back.

He closed my car door and smiled.

“My car is also here..bye Angel” He blew kisses at me before walking away.
I smiled and watched him leave.
I said ‘hi’ to Jack,my driver.
“How have you been?” He asked.
“I’ve been fine Jack” I said and adjusted in the backseat.

He turned on the ignition and started driving home.
I can’t wait to see everyone again and i can’t also wait to see the surprise they have for me.
I peered out of the window as Jack drove on..

I’m just realizing how much I’ve missed everything.

I was elated when we finally got home, Jack pulled into the compound.
I grabbed my box and alighted from the car,i didn’t wait to close the car door before rushing to the front porch.

I opened the door and stepped in.
I smiled as a familiar scent welcomed me.

“I’m home” I shouted happily as i walked into the living room.
I dropped my box.
“Anel” I heard Ana screamed from the stairs,she appeared seconds later running right into my arms.
I hugged her tightly and then kissed her curly blonde hair.

“I miss you Anel” She said.
“I missed you more” I smiled and lifted her up.
“Ugh! You’ve added more weight” I said dropping her immediately.
She rolled her eyes and i laughed..

Damn! I’ve missed this girl.

“How have you been?” I asked.
“I’ve been fine but i was bored during your absence” She pouted.
“I’m back now sis” I winked.
She smiled.

“Where’s Liam and Mum?” I asked.
“We are here” I heard their voices and then glanced up to see them smiling brightly.
They looked different though.
I grinned happily and ran into their arms.
Just ten days and i missed them badly.

They both pecked me on each cheek.
“I miss you so much” Mum said pulling me into another hug.
“I miss you too Mum and how’s the baby doing?” I asked.
“Fine” She smiled and rubbed her baby bump proudly.

“How’ve you been Anel?” Liam asked.
“Fine,i missed everyone” I said.
“How was your summer camp,was it fun?” He asked.
“Incredibly fun. I took lots of pictures and i can’t wait to show them to you” I smiled.
“Really?” They smiled.
“Yes” I said.

“Anel” Mary called before rushing to me.
“Mary” I smiled hugging her back.
“How have you been?” She asked.
“I’ve been fine and you?”
“I’m good Anel,i already prepared your meal” She Smiled.
“Thanks so much..i miss you and i miss your delicious meals too” I said and she smiled before returning to the kitchen.

I glanced round the living room and smiled.
“I miss home too,i can’t wait to to get to my room. Bring my box Ana” I said, about climbing the stairs to my room when Liam stopped me.

“Our surprise” He said and pointed to my back.
I turned and saw Milana.

“Milana” I screamed happily and jumped into her arms.
She smiled and drew my cheeks playfully.

“I hope you’re not here cause you have a film to shoot?” I asked and she laughed.
“Nah,I’m here to spend some time with you” She said.
“Yes! You keep looking more beautiful” I said staring at her face.

“Thank you” She smiled and turned dramatically for me to check her out.
I laughed.
“How’s Thack Holcomb?” I whispered to her and she hissed before rolling her eyes.

“Ah!” I sighed..”Well, i have a lot of gist” I said.
“Really?” Her face lit up.
“Yeah” I smiled, thinking about Dan.

“Our surprise is not over yet..” Liam smiled.
“Yeah” He said pointing to the stairs.
My gaze trailed to the stairs and it landed on;

“Fallen angels” I screamed happily in a deafening way before rushing to them.


We were all seated round the dining table, having a meal.
“I’m so happy to have you both around” I said to Migvin.

These people are damn cute,they are the real definition of beauty..i mean beauty resides in them.
They are not young anymore yet they look like youngsters.

Their son, mil’s brother is studying engineering in the states.

“We’re glad to be here too darling” Vinnie smiled.
“I want you both to sing for me when we’re done eating” I said.
“No problem with that” Miguel said,helping Vin to tuck her hair behind her ears.


“Thanks so much Migvin,your necklaces saved us” I said.

“Liam filled us in on everything before your arrival,I’m so sorry about your mum’s death. It’s so painful,but I’ll be very plain; no one caused her death,it was already destined so i think no one should be blamed for it ” Miguel said.
I nodded,tears filling my eyes.

“Com’on Anel, don’t cry huh?” Vinnie patted my back and i nodded.
“Besides i love your name; Asanel” She said.
“Thanks” I smiled.
“I love your name too” i said.
“Thank you” She giggled like a teenager.

“The last time you came to Australia,you were a bit cold but now,you’re the complete opposite” Mig said and i smiled.
“Well…my boyfriend made me change” I said and they all gasped.

“Your boyfriend?” Liam asked.
“Yes, Dan and i are in a relationship” I said, prepared for what will come next.
“Yes!” Mil screamed happily and we both exchanged high-five.
“That guy is cute,I’m glad you made the right choice” She whispered to me.

“I love him so much” I said,loud enough for everyone to hear.
Liam looked surprised while Mum smiled, Ana giggled and i saw Mary peeping from the kitchen,she was smiling approvingly.
I laughed…it seems they’re happy about me dating Dan except Liam of course.

“You mean Dan,the son of your mother’s friend?” Vinnie asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.
“Good! That’s how it should be,you both need to fill in for the love your parents missed” She said.
I smiled… “Thank you ma’am,i hope you’re not leaving anytime soon?”
“Nah! We will be here for a week”
“Yes! I’m so happy and I’m looking forward to the days I’ll spend with you both.” I said.

I avoided Liam’s stern gaze as we kept on eating.
He should take it or leave it…I’m dating Dan and nothing can stop me!


We sat in the living room, relaxing and watching one of the movie Mil starred in.
The happiness in her parents eyes was priceless,it shows how proud they were of their daughter.

The doorbell rang twice and Mary quickly went to get it.

Is Dan here with his family?

I sat up to see the person at the door.
Dan! And his family,his biological mum is present too.

They all walked into the living room and i glanced at Liam whose expression was unreadable.
He suddenly stood up and my heard started beating fast when he walked towards Artist Shaw.

Did he want to hit him again?
I shouldn’t have told Dan to come with his family.

I was about standing up too when Liam surprised everyone by pulling Artist Shaw into a hug.

Am i starting to see wrongly?

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