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Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 17

Just me (Me against the world) Chapter 17


By Jennifer Owens


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👉 Darnell’s P. O. V 👈
I closed my eyes and sighed loudly when I remembered I forgot my headphone with Caitlyn.
“what” mom asked.
“I forgot my headphone” I pouted.
“mom wait I’ll go take it ” I said and ran out.
Almost close or the school, I saw Caitlyn running towards me.
“hey ” I breathed out when I got to her.
“you forgot this ” she said and stretched out my headphone to me.
“thanks ” I said smiling.
“OK I’ll go now ” she said and left.
I breathed out and ran back to mom.
We boarded the bus and went home.
👉 Caitlyn’s P. O. V 👈
After saying goodbye to Roland, I left in Larry’s car.
The drive back home was quiet.
Larry was upset and I don’t know why.
He’s avoiding eye contact with me, he acts as if I’m invisible.
Oh I get it, he’s jealous.
I smiled to myself when it dawned on me that he’s jealous.
We got home and headed to our rooms.
I freshened up and plopped down on my bed.
👉 Larry’s P. O. V 👈
After freshening up, I laid on my bed, tossing and turning.
I’m so uneasy.
Gosh this Caitlyn is playing with my head.
I know that guys isn’t her boyfriend but I think she loves him.
When I see that two together, I get so angry.
Huh! What to do?
I brought out my phone and called Cindy.
I need to pass time and stop thinking about Caitlyn.
I closed my eyes, waiting for Cindy to come.
Few mins later the door bell rang.
I got down from my bed and went downstairs to get the door.
Cindy was already in when I got there.
Caitlyn closed the door and turned to us.
“hey ” Cindy said and kissed my lips then took hold of my arm.
I looked up to Caitlyn and saw a sad expression on he face.
OK why’s she sad now?
“let’s go upstairs honey ” Cindy said, dragging my arm.
Caitlyn looked away and ran upstairs to her room.
I followed Cindy up to my room and we sat in the bed.
She smiled seductively and started unbuttoning my shirt.
“stop it ” I said and pushed her hands off.
“sshh” she said and kissed my lips.
“just stop it okay “I yelled and she flinched.
“you know what? Leave ” I said sternly.
“but I.. ”
“I said leave ” I yelled.
She looked at me angrily, took her bag and stormed outta the room.
I sighed and plopped on my bed.
Why was Caitlyn sad?
OK I’ve had enough already, I’m gonna meet her, tell her how I feel about her and get it all done.
I have to take of this burden.
I got up and ran to Caitlyn’s room.
The door was locked so I had to knock.
“Caitlyn let me in ” I said loud enough to her hearing.
“just go away ” I heard her tiny voice.
Her voice was hoarse.
Is she crying?
“Caitlyn please let me in ” I knocked harder.
“I’m sorry just let me in ” I pleaded.
I heard the door creak open and I smiled a little.
“hey ” I said and held her hands.
“why are you crying ” I asked as I wiped her tears.
“come sit ” I said and made her sit on the bed.
“I want to tell you something ” I said.
“well you see the thing is I ” I paused and looked at her.
“I… I ” I stuttered.
I have to say this once and for all.
I sighed and closed my eyes.
“I love you” I blurted out.
Her eyes widened in shock.
“yes Caitlyn, I love you ” I added.
“I’ve always loved you, I just hid my feelings but I can’t anymore cause when I deactivated with another guy, I get upset and jealous ” I said truthfully.
“you love me but you have a girlfriend ” she blurted out.
I have a girlfriend?
Oh she must be referring to Cindy.
“Caitlyn, Cindy isn’t my girlfriend, I just use her to pass time ” I said and her eyes widened then her expression changed to hurt.
“but I’m changed now ” I quickly said.
“how can you just changed over night, she was here some mins ago ” she said, looking away.
“yeah but I sent her away cause I couldn’t stop thinking about you ” I said and a little smile curbed on her lips.
“I love you ” I said again.
She smiled and hugged me.
“so why were you sad” I asked
“Huh my life is messed ” she sighed..
“why, tell me what happened ” I said.
“your life is really messed up ” Larry sighed.
“I just don’t know what to do or where to find my mom ” she said and a tear slid down her cheek.
“don’t worry, we’ll find your mom and also we have to kick that wicked step mom of yours out ” I said.
“so what do we do ” she asked.
“what else, we’ll go tell your dad she’s cheating ” I said and she smiled.
“let’s go ” I said and took her hand and we ran out.
T. B. C

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