M.M.I.R.I.M.M.A (Born Of Two Worlds) Chapter 4

Born Of Two Worlds 4

Written by

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke


Around 4 am, sound of thunder and lightning from the sky made Mma woke up from her dreamless sleep, the candles were still burning as she became fully awake. Looking out of the window by the side of her bed, she noticed the rain wasn’t as heavy as it was before. There was something that seems oddly familiar to her with the way the thunder sounded in the darken sky.

Why does this feels familiar to her?

Mma thought to herself as she kept on watching the thunder and lightning. As quickly as it came, the oddly familiar feelings in her vanished, and as the same time, the thunder and lightning wasn’t seen again.

Quickly dismissing what happened, she started preparing herself for the day. Strangely, her mind was still on the dream she had about the white wolf.

Why was she not afraid of the white wolf? And how did she know the white wolf was there to protect her?

She was so engrossed about the white wolf that she didn’t noticed, unknown to her, a pair of eyes were staring at her and was silently approaching her window. The beast blinks its slitted yellow eyes as something forced him to stop, the beast tried to touch her window, but the two burning candles coming from Mma reading table couldn’t allow him.

She felt been watched and look towards the window, her eyes widened in shock at what she saw, outside her window. A fierce fairy looking creature with a yellowish eyes, stood near her window, desperately wanted to touch it but couldn’t. Mma glanced quickly at the burning candles and saw the reason why her grandmother had told her to buy it. Silently she sent her thanks to her.

Mma started whispering words only a sorceress would know and immediately the hideous beast started moving back, growling at her with each retreating step.

“You belong to me Mmirimma, in this world or next. You are Mine forever, definitely, your powers were not locked”. Mma was surprised and bewildered when the hideous beast spoke as it moved back and speedily tried to touch the window, the sorceress words became more audible, forcing the beast back. “I shall be back for you”. The beast said and disappeared into thin air.

Mma stopped her chant as she stare at the empty spot the beast was.

Who was the beast and why does he refer to her as his property? Have they met before? No, how could she befriended such a hideous beast.

Mma slapped herself to know if she was dreaming, but she only ended up hurting her left cheek, definitely, what she just saw some minutes ago is real and not a dream. This beast is not like the white wolf.

Why was she thinking of the white wolf again?.

The soundtrack of her phone- which indicate it was 6am- brought her back on earth, she started her preparations.


The artistic early golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment. By now, the rain has stop. It was still early and people were going to their various place of work, some to their office, others to their shops. Some of the early morning food vendors has began their early morning sales as school children, teachers etc began buying their delicious food.

Mma was at the comfy of her shop, reading her book when someone touched her shoulder from behind.

Shrieking out loud, in with fear, she turned to look at who had caught her unawares only for her to hear two familiar laughter.

The two twins, Nessie and Jesssie, continued their laughing at the expression Mma was giving to them, when she finally turned to face them.

“I have always warned you Nessie, don’t ever use your stupid Teleportation on me, ever again”. Mma told the twin sisters, though not identical.

The one called Nessie, a very beautiful lady, nodded her head and smirked when she gave her own reply. “You’re just jealous that you don’t possess such power”.

“Such power”, echoed Jesssie, a pretty lady, who always repeated the end of her sister’s sentences.

“Whatever witch, just don’t try it again”. Mma said and sat down back on the chair.

“See who is calling us a witch”. Nessie said jokingly as she and her twin sat down on the empty chairs by Mma’s right.

“A witch”, Jesssie echoed.

Mma rolled her eyes and stare at her two best friends. “Jesssie you have never change”. She said with an alluring smile, “Why are you both here?” She asked curiously.

The twins hardly visit her, unless it was important. Her grandmother was the one who had introduced them to her, and ever since then, they became best of friends.

Nessie smirked, “We came by to say hello to our friend who can’t call us”.

“Call us”, Jesssie echoed after her twin sister.

Mma was now used to that.

“I should be the one telling you that, you left me for six months without no trace nor phone calls from either of you, I am really pissed at you sisters”. Mma told them slightly angry as the twins smiled at her. “Anyway what can I get for you stupid sisters?”

“Aha, told you that she won’t remain angry at us”. Nessie said proudly to her twin sister.

“Angry at us”, Jesssie echoed.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself Nessie”. Mma said rolling her eyes at them, but her face was graced with a smile. She felt the presence of Ugochi coming, “Someone is coming, hide, but don’t go anywhere”.

“We’re definitely not going anywhere”. Nessie said with a smile.

“Going anywhere”. Jesssie said and touches her sister’s shoulders, making them invisible to the world, as Ugochi entered the shop with an elated smile and greeted her.

“You came here so early”. Mma said answering her greetings as Ugochi sat by the chair opposite her left. Mma breathed in relief.

“Why won’t I when I want to hear the complete gist of your outing with Paul yesterday. Did it go well or it was interrupted by that stupid godforsaken rain?” Ugochi asked enthusiasm.

Mma nodded her head, “You’re right, my date with Paul didn’t go as planned, that rain was something else”. Mma lied, forcing herself to smile at the mention of Paul.


In Another Realm (Underworld):

“I told you not to visit her, didn’t I?” A lady, Udi, bellowed in anger at the beast in front of her. They were standing at what looks as a old throne room.

The beast in front of her slowly transformed into a young handsome man.

“I couldn’t help it Udi, she is as beautiful as legend has said, she is the most beautiful goddess in all realm”. Udo, the beast man, said, the beautiful face of Mmirimma kept appearing in his eyes.

“You don’t have to rub it in my face Udo”. Udi said vexed.

“You know it’s true, every gods want her as a wife. The Goddess of Light but…”.

Interrupting him, “But only one has caught her eyes, and he is Mine. No one can have the King of Darkness”. Udi said possessive.

Udo laughed at her which irked Udi.

“What is so funny?”

“Oh, just how irony this is, you wanting the King of Darkness, I wanting the Goddess of Light”. Udo laughed out again.

“I don’t care, I hate their love story. I shall have him at all cost”. Udi said with determination. A male appeared before them and bowed before them.

“What do you want god of Time?” Udi asked the man impatiently.

“He is coming, his time has finally be revealed”. God of time said.

“After so many years, my Lord is coming. Will he by any chance remember who he was?” Udi demanded.

“I highly doubt that, since Mmirimma couldn’t remember her past, I doubt if he would remember his”. Udo answered.

“When would he be coming?” Udi asked the god of Time.

“That my queen, I don’t know”.


Legend has it that a thousand years ago, earth was created as a battlefield for the gods and heroes, the continuing waging of war between The Realm of the god for powers. The death of millions warriors were reincarnated into mortals with their memories along with their powers erased. They were forced to live on earth for eternity.

The Realm of the gods was said to be ruled by ‘The Divine-Ancient Tree’ which originated and gave life to the many gods and heroes.

He was rumored to be once the most handsome and powerful god in the Realm of the gods.

He, with powers, was supposed to claim the title as the ‘King of Gods’. Greed, rage, and jealousy spread across the hearts of several general gods. The Greed for power, the Rage, and Jealousy of having to lose the title to a young god turned into betrayal and elimination towards the future King.

That night, the young god was being pursued by thousands of gods warriors and generals. After several vicious fights, they managed to enslave ‘The Chain of Forbidden’ onto his hands. The heavy and powerful chains were meant to suppress his power and prevent him from ever returning to the Realm of the Gods. He swore vengeance against all those who opposed him and brought along, The Sword Of Truth, as he fell into the very end of a bottomless abyss. He, who once owned the title of King of Gods was now the dominator of the legendary darkness sword, The Sword Of Truth.

It was said that the power of The Sword Of Truth allowed him to cut through the deepest sea, to call forth the deadest storm, and to end any existence whether they were high-ranked gods, strong demons or well-known heroes. His enemies feared him, his followers respected him, and thus ‘The King of Darkness’ was born.

Seeking for vengeance, The King of Darkness planned to eliminate all gods and to take back what meant to be his.

He declared war with the Realm of the gods.

During the chaos, a new light emerged. The light, who adored freedom, did not belonged to the gods. Since it wandered the earth, little was known about its purpose or origin. While it took the form of a young maiden, it was believed that she was The Divine-Tree itself or the escape light from The Sword of Truth before it was turned into darkness Sword Of Truth. It was said she held the beauty to mesmerize any men alive. Her long hair shone the light of the sun. Her smile could end all suffering and her power to create miracles. They gave her the name ‘Goddess of Light’.

Fate had brought the maiden and the King of Darkness together. Their love and devotion for each other were so strong that they were made into stories. Upon knowing her existence and relation with the King of Darkness, the Realm of the Gods had the maiden captured and imprisoned. It was then when the King of Darkness grew black, powerful wings in the attempt to save his lover as he flew up to realm of the gods. However, due to the burden of the Chain of Forbidden, the King of Darkness power was greatly weakened while he battled through the Gate of the Gods.

Sensing her lover’s presence, the maiden managed to escape from the imprisonment. She witnessed from afar as the King of Darkness used all his available strength to fight past any opposing gods. It was at that moment when the maiden, flew and embraced into his arms.

Unity did not last long before a hundred Black swords of Death were pierced through the King of Darkness body as he tried to protect the maiden.

Time seemed to have frozen itself as the King of Darkness breathed his last…

The devastated maiden held him tightly. As she cried over his motionless body, she channeled a light taken from her life source, with it she erased their memories.

“My light shall protect you from any disturbance. My heart will forever be with you. Shall we meet again in a thousand years to come, our Love shall prevail”.

She sealed it with a kiss of promise as she died alongside with her lover.

One thousand years later, the King of Darkness was reborn as a Prince in Umueze with no memories of his past. He fell in love with the Goddess of death, who took the form of the Goddess of light, and she was called Mmirimma.

Her plan was to rule over every gods with the King of Darkness by her side, the curse she had cunningly placed on them was part of the ritual, should the curse complete in two hundred years, then powers immeasurable she shall possess, then she will break down the curse from the King of Darkness and marry him. But unfortunately, the real Mmirimma (goddess of light) was born.

To Be Continued….



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