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M.M.I.R.I.M.M.A (Born Of Two Worlds) Chapter 6

Born Of Two Worlds 6

Written by

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke



Mma nodded her head, “You’re right, my date with Paul didn’t go as planned, that rain was something else”. Mma lied, forcing herself to smile at the mention of Paul. Not knowing what else to come up with, she decided to go with the flow.

“Oh that’s bad, and I was preparing my ears to hear a lot of gist today”. Ugochi said in a sad tone. “So there was nothing you both did yesterday night?”

“Absolutely nothing girlfriend, we both went our different ways yesterday night”. Mma answered with a smile.

“So I came all this way for nothing?” She stood up from her sit, “I have to start going now, will come back later in the day or probably tomorrow”. Ugochi added and left the shop, Mma escorted her out.

She returned soon and went back to her sit as Jesssie removed her hand on her twin sister shoulder, they became visible once again.

“Who is that girl?” Jesssie asked immediately Mma took her sit. Staring dangerously at the door Mma used in escorting Ugochi.

“Oh, finally you could talk on your own without mimicking your twin sister”. Mma said laughing at that.

“Mmirimma, she just asked you a question….my sister only speak whenever she sense danger”. Nessie told Mma.

“Okay, she is my friend and her name is Ugochi. So are you satisfied now?”

“Something isn’t right about her, she is a chameleon. Be very careful of her, there is something fishy about that friend of yours”. Jesssie said as she stare back at Mma.

“Why do you say so Jesssie? Ugochi is someone I had know who would not hurt a fly, please stop overreacting”. Mma told her laughing out.

“Birds sing, not because they have answers, but because they have songs, keep an eye on her, she isn’t what she appear to be, she is hiding her true self”. Jesssie told her and got up, her twin doing the same.

“So you’re serious about it, are you?”

“Yes Mma, I am very serious, be weary of her”. Jesssie answered.

“We have to go now Mma, keep in mind what Jesssie has just told you. Remember, her instincts never fail”. Nessie told Mma who nodded her head at them, she stood up and hug each of them.

“I Will keep that in mind my good friends”. She responded as they return her hugs.

Without uttering another word, Nessie placed her hands on her sister’s shoulder.

“Take care of yourself Mmirimma, we shall drop by next time”. With that, they disappeared.

Mma sat down to think about what the twins had said.

If Ugochi isn’t who she appears to be, then who is she? Why did I not see it?

Mma thought to herself.

Nessie was right, Jesssie instincts never lied.

She reached for her phone and tried dialing her grandmother’s number which was switched off.

She tried dialing the number once again and it was the same, it was switched off.

It wasn’t that long when someone, a young man in his mid thirties, came to read his palm and that took Mma worries away.


In the Realm of Umueze:

Ekenna entered the shrine, he greeted Okike and sat down on a vacant sit.

“Wise one, would it be wise if my two friends follow me to the other realm?” Ekenna asked Okike who was beating his gong. “They told me that they would love to go”. He added.

Okike stopped his gong and replied him with a stony tone. “They can go with you”.

“But I thought the journey is for me alone, how come I am permitted to take along Ebuka and Nnanna with me and not even my brother, why?”. Ekenna asked Okike totally confused.

“Do not question the gods, they alone knows why they agreed to let them come with you. Like I told you before, there are things I am not permitted to say, they will go with you. Have you decided the day you will go?” Okike asked. “Remember Ekenna, delay is dangerous”.

“Yes wise one, I have decided. I would like to embark on this journey tomorrow as early as possible, that was what I came here to tell you”. Ekenna replied him.

“Good then, I shall expecting you and your friends”. Okike said to him and continued beating his gong.

Ekenna left the shrine afterwards.


On his way home, he went towards the brothers hut and saw them sitting down at the frontage of their hut, as if they have been waiting for someone.

They greeted him and Nnanna offered his sit to him.

“No need of that Nnanna, I am not staying long. I went to Okike shrine and I told him about our discussion, he gave me a go ahead, so you’re coming with me”. Ekenna stated his reason for coming.

The brothers were elated when they heard the news and didn’t fail to showcase it on their faces.

“That is good, so when are we going to embark on this journey? You said tomorrow or have you change your mind?” Ebuka demanded immediately.

“No, I have not. Tomorrow before sunrise we must already be in Okike’s shrine, so start preparing yourself, we’re leaving this village tomorrow. I will see the both of you”. Ekenna told them and left as he had came.


Mma quickly closed her shop and head home. Today has been hectic for her, and so she needed a long bath and finally some sleep. She brought another set of white and black candles that she would need for the night.

It was during this process she remembered her encounter she had with the hideous beast the previous night.

Why was the beast in her compound? And what does it want with her?

Questions without an answers.

It was as if her grandmother knew the beast was coming and told her to buy this candles.

As she entered her gate, she felt eyes on her. Turning to look everywhere, nothing was out of place.

Mma quickly entered her gate and locked it, to her relief, that was when the power holding company choose that time to bring their light.

Going inside her apartment, Mma quickly place the candles where the previous ones were and lit it.

She yawn loudly as she was tired and hungry.

She quickly went into her kitchen, opened the cupboard and took two superpack indomie, she prepared it quickly with sardines.

She ate her food quietly while watching the news. She washed the plate and pot she had use and went back to her room.

She quickly took her bath, changed into her pajamas, making double sure the candles were on and all her doors were locked, she slept off immediately. This time around, she closes her windows.


In Umueze:

Ekenna, Ebuka and Nnanna were seen at the Okike shrine.

Okike who has been making some incantations suddenly stop.

Okike opened a small calabash, and brought out a necklace which he gave to Ekenna.

“Take this and always wear it, on no account should you remove it”. Okike warned.

Collecting the necklace from him, “I will do as you have said wise one”. He wore it.

“And you two”. Okike said pointing at Ebuka and Nnanna, “Make sure you protect him”.

“Yes wise one”. They chorus in unison.

Okike brought out an old flute with the head of a cow and blew it. A portal opened in front of Ekenna.

“Remember my Prince, only the witch can bring you back to Umueze. I only have the flute that can take one to another realm but not returning them, only Mmirimma can bring you back. Also know, the world you’re about to go is a different one, find Mmirimma and all of you shall survive there”. Okike told him.

“I won’t forget everything you have said here wise one, thank you”. Ekenna said and without hesitation, he entered the portal, Ebuka and Nnanna followed suit.

The portal closed and Okike kept the flute where he had brought it out from.

No sooner as he began playing his gong and dancing, Uzege appeared before him.

“What do you want Uzege?” Okike immediately asked as he saw her. He wasn’t afraid of her presence.

Uzege smiled, apart from her brother, Okike knew her name, “I came here to warn you to stay away from Ekenna, do not take him to the other realm”. Uzege told him.

“It is already late Uzege”. Okike said smiling. “Truly the ways of the gods are different”. He chipped proudly.

“I am one of the gods you speak off, now why do you say it is too late?” Uzege demanded as she stare at Okike.

The chief priest started playing his gong and stopped.

“You came too late Uzege, Ekenna has gone to the other realm to find his goddess of light”. Okike told her and laughed out.

Uzege eyes shone in fury immediately.

“And not only that Uzege, his two dark Generals are with him. Only time shall tell when they will all remember who they really are”.


“Yes Uzege, they have gone, it is too late now”. Okike reply her as he smirked at her bewildered furious face.

“You knew my plan all along and still went ahead to let Ekenna has access to the other realm, for what you did, Okike, you shall die”. Uzege said in anger.

“I am not afraid of death Uzege. You may be the goddess of death but I have the backup of the gods”.

“Not forever Okike, do not gloat yet”.

“I have told you Uzege and I will still remind you. What you and the evil ones fail to know, is that no matter how hard you all try, you can’t change Fate”.

To Be Continued.

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