Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 43

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 43




Maurice ran a hand through his hair and hit the counter softly. Was that a sign of rejection? Did Bella walk out on his love or was she trying to tell him she didn’t love him anymore? Or was it shock, was he too quick in telling her about his feelings when he hadn’t fully known if she had forgiven him? Or was it Raymond? The thought rooted anger and pain in his chest.. Did Bella walk out because of Raymond? Is it because she didn’t want to hurt him.. She had said earlier that she had tried to love him but she couldn’t, that was the reason they had kissed but she still had feelings that were rooted for Maurice. Why did she have to leave him and force herself to love someone she couldn’t?..
“Arrgh!” His fist curled, they were too many ‘whys’ that needed anwsers that he couldn’t give and if he keeps piling them up then wouldn’t get to find out about the answers. Only Bella had the key to it and with the way she had responded, he knew she didn’t want to see him, or at least not yet. But he couldn’t let her go, he has to find out answers to everything from Bella and even though she might hate him for that for a while, he wasn’t ready to let her go without getting a good reason why he should. Maurice walked out of the kitchen and got to the sitting room, his gaze caught Patty talking to someone at the door and when she turned and saw him, she signalled for him to come over and he walked to the door.
“Joliet?” His brows narrowed in surprise when he saw her standing at the door. “Oh hey Maurice”
“What.. I mean how do you know I’m here?” He asked.
“I’ll come in first before I answer that” Joliet said and moved in. “I got the through your GPS, I was able to track your phone down here” she said and he sighed.
“But why are you here?”
“To see Bella of course. I couldn’t hold the urge anymore and since everywhere became boring I decided to have a ride and then find you. Dad was worried too” she said.
“Your sister I guess?” Patty asked.
“Yes. I’m Joliet” Joliet answered with a smile and Patricia returned it.
“I’m Patricia” she said.
“Come on in, I’ll get you coffee” Patty offered and Joliet walked in, she sat on a couch.
“That’s very kind of you ma’am” she said. Patty smiled and started heading to the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Getting Maurice and Joliet’s attention.
“I’ll get it” Patty said, turning and heading to the door. Maurice turned to Joliet who was staring at him.
“So where’s she?” She asked.
“She’s in.. well still mad at me”
“Aww, she’ll come over it. Just keep talking to her. She loves you”
“Yeah, now I really hope that’s true” he said.
“It’s Raymond” Patty announced, allowing him in. Maurice frowned when his gaze caught Ray’s. Okay, why’s he here? Raymond returned his gaze with a gritted glare.
“Oh hey there” he waved, giving him a pretentious smile. Maurice smirked and looked away.
“Raymond?” Joliet called, examining his face and his eyes went to her.
“Miss Joliet” he called with a smile.
“Wow. I can’t believe it’s you,” Joliet stood up “I never thought we’d cross paths again”
“Well we did. It’s good to see you again” he said and they hugged, Maurice and Patty stared, confused.
“Oh Maurice, he’s the guy I told you about.. He helped me when I was stranded at the airport and kept me company till dad arrived” she introduced.
“Oh whatever!” He said and walked away to Bella’s room. Joliet’s confused gaze accompanying him.
Maurice walked to Bella’s door and turned the knob, he breathed out in relief when it moved in. He opened it and walked in, Bella was sitting on the bed, head between her laps, doing what he had knew she should be doing; crying.
“Bella,” he called softly, she looked at him, sniffed then wiped her tears and sniffed again.
“Please leave. I don’t want to see you, No, I want to see you but not yet” she said and turned from him, hiding her face in shame.. She had just burst out at his presence, why does she have to be so open and free to the one that had hurt her.
“I know Bel and I also admit that I deserve more but I’m sorry and I can’t leave. I’m not leaving you again Bel, I won’t give up on us, I’ll to wait until you’re ready to accept me” he said and she turned to him then looked away.
“Accept you?” She asked, her voice hitching.
“Yes. I love you Bella, I’m seriously in love with you. Ever since Diane left I realized the precious jewel I had and lost ignorantly, you. I’ve always forced myself to accept that what I felt wasn’t love, I wasn’t sure about my feelings then but I’m perfectly sure now, I need you in my life, your absence and my performance made me realize how much you mean to me and how much I’ve lost. You’ve been with me and comforted me during trying times, you even helped me overcome my fears.
I’m really sorry Bella but I’m not backing out, I’m ready to wait for you. I know you still love me Bel, In there somewhere there’s still a place for me and I’m ready to wait for you to admit it” Maurice said, he walked to the bed and sat on it.
Bella kept mute, refusing to look at him nor speak to him, she stared into empty space. Maurice loves her?
He really qualified her with those amiable words?
He really loves her now. She couldn’t believe it, she didn’t even see it coming, she had given up on them becoming anything more than friends and now he’s openly confessing his love to her.. It was just too amazing.
She turned to him and his gaze at once rested on her. “I’ve never stopped loving you too. I wanted to, tried to but it just couldn’t happen. I couldn’t hate you Maurice”
“That’s because we’re meant to be,”
Meant to be?? Will he still be willing to stay after knowing her true identity, will he still look at her the way he’s looking at her right now?
He shifted from the bed to her and took her hands, looking into her eyes..Bella wished the moment would pause. “I’ve missed you so much,” he said and she smiled amidst tears.. “And I love you”
“I’ve always wanted to hear you say that to me one day” she cried.
“Wishes come true you know”
“I believe in that now” she said and shut his response with a tight, passionate hug. “And I love you too”
“And I’m happy for you both” Patty said walking in and Bella blushed shyly before pulling away.
“Oh I’m really sorry guys but those two were getting pretty engrossed in their conversation, I was getting bored so I.. eavesdropped. Sorry but Maurice that was a really nice speech but this part is where you’re supposed to kiss, the passions are to explode. Come-on dude don’t you watch romantic movies?” She asked, giving him a serious look.
“Ugh Patricia, you’re making me shy!” Bella hid her face in Maurice chest.
“We’d need privacy to do that” Maurice said and she rolled her eyes.
“Ugh, no joy at all,” Patty grumbled. “Just get on with your thing, I have a date to catch anyways” Patty said and walked away but not without giving Maurice a wink and thumb.
Bella slowly pulled her face from his chest and Maurice noticed how pink it was. Her blushes had no limit.
She looked at him as if waiting for a move and when he lean in, she followed until their lips met and they kissed.
~~~~~(3 days after)~~~~
“As we all know the company’s anniversary is just few days away, and we have decided to hold a function instead of the normal celebration–
Applause rendered the air and he paused a while for it to die down before going on. “This function is to celebrate, first, our hard work all through the months, the 37th year anniversary D-MARTINEZ ENTERPRISE and most importantly our success on the competition that was held few days back against the Lambert’s of the lamb’s company” Maurice said and claps accompanied with cheers rented the air. Pablo walked in, two men following him, all attentions was moved to him and he apologized for the disruption and walked to his seat in the auditorium. He gave Maurice a smile of go ahead and balanced on his seat.
“The function date will be announced to you all soonest and we promise to make it the best of the best. Thank you all for your hardwork. Today’s meeting is concluded, you may all return to your duties now” Maurice said and climbed down the podium. Staffs began to move out it, Maurice noticed the excited look on their faces as they talked about the function.
“That was good son” Pablo said, standing up.
“Thanks” he simply replied.
“Do you think they’re happy with the idea of functioning the anniversary?”
“They should be. It’s something that comes once in a blue moon and their expressions showed it too” he said, taking his phone from his pocket, he smiled when he saw a message from Bella.. Lately their relationship have been going pretty well, he couldn’t ask for more. Bella had helped him overcome so many things and also his love for Diane, he knew he didn’t hate Diane for breaking up with him; he had thought he could never love anyone the way he had loved Diane. He had given up on love when Diane cut the ties that bind them and left him at the falling point but now that he had Bella again he had realized just how sweet, satisfying and adventurous love can be when the right people are involved.
“Bella right?”
“Um yeah. How’d you know that?” Maurice asked, giving him a quick look.
“That’s an all-Bella-smile on your lips” he said and Maurice frowned before smiling lightly.
“Gotta go Dad, I have a date tonight” he said.
“Oh.. Have fun” he said and Maurice walked out. The conversation was beginning to get too mutual. Lately he and his Dad hadn’t quarreled over stuffs, they talked more friendly but their differences could still be sensed. Maurice was trying to prevent any argument or talks that could lead to one; he had promised his mother not to have any more arguments with Pablo and he was keeping them.
Maurice parked the in the driveway, got down and grabbed his work bag and the bouquet of rose flowers, he moved to the house and put in the pass pin, he got in and met the living room empty.
“Bella,” he called, closing the door behind him and throwing his work bag to the couch “Bella, I’m home where are you?”
“Right here Maurice,” he heard her voice come from the kitchen, a smile laid across his lips as he walked there. He watched her from the door, her back to him.
“What are you doing?” He asked, moving in, he dropped the flowers on the counter as he wrapped his arm around her waist.
“Trying to make lunch” she said, smiling at the feel of his skin on hers.. She couldn’t get him out of her mind, ever since they started their love life Bella hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him when he was away, there was always too many memories to think on about them. She had stayed all day thinking about him and missing him, she could hardly wait for him to come, he had said he wanted them to go on a date. Bella realized she had spent three hours thinking about him, she decided to occupy her mind with something else and she walked to the kitchen to make lunch.
“What are you making?” He asked, tracing his breath to her neck and giving it a light kiss.
“Lasagna and chicken sauce” she answered, moaning at his teasing kiss. She dropped the spoon and turned to him. Wrapping her arm around his neck, she smiled, lean in and kissed him. He deepened the kiss and it began getting intense and hungry. Bella pulled away and turned off the gas before putting the pot on the counter. Maurice picked up the flowers and gave it to her, Bella sniffed it and pecked him for it.
“Go shower while I set the table” she said, moving to the coffee machine. Maurice drew her to him and gave her a deep kiss on her lips before moving away.. She playfully hit his arm before turning back to the coffee maker.
They had lunch and Bella could swear it was the best lunch she had ever had, not because the food was expectional but because Maurice kept looking at her with so much love, making butterflies dance in her stomach, she couldn’t count the kisses he gave her.. Happiness was less a word to describe how Bella felt.
They had lunch and Bella left to change, she had a quick shower and sat to style her hair, she finished and pulled into a dress that Maurice complimented nicely on when she walked out of the room, fully dressed.
They got into the car and Maurice drove.
First they got coffee, rode on the rolling castle that kept reminding Bella of Raymond.. She felt bad knowing she had probably hurt him. They got ice cream and strolled around, they stopped at a spot and settled on a clean and well trimmed grass, turned and kissed. After the long kiss Bella stood up and insisted they took pictures, Maurice agreed and they took several photos, most of which had them kissing. They sat to check it out. “I like this one more” Bella said, showing the pics that had she and Maurice kissing.
“I love everything cos you’re in it..with me” he said and Bella smiled. They kept scrolling and got to the pics where Raymond was with her. Maurice hid his frown.
“Don’t worry I know you’re jealous so I’ll just move these to cloud” she said and Maurice chuckled nervously and watched her transfer the pictures with Raymond. He didn’t want her with any guy that wasn’t him.
“I had a wish,” she said,
“Tell me about it” he said, wrapping his arm around her as they laid on the grass.
“I’ve always wanted to kiss you under the sunlight if we probably start dating. It’s been a while though” she said and looked away shyly.
“Fulfill it then” he said, she slowly turned to him then raised her head away.
“It’s been a while and I feel nervous now” she said, hiding her face in his chest. He pulled it away and looked into her eyes.
“You don’t have to be babe, we’ve become one the day you accepted to be with me. Come-on, it’s sad to have unfulfilled wishes especially when it’s something yummy”
Bella blushed deeply and Maurice smiled when he noticed it, she pushed her head forward, bit her lips nervously and started retreating when Maurice drew her back.. “It’d be my pleasure to help señorita” he said and kissed her. 💏
It was called to an end when Bella’s phone started ringing, Maurice cussed and allowed Bella pull away, she took her phone and swiped to the receiver.
“Hey dad,” she said, giving Maurice a look and he understood it was his dad. “Get together dinner?” She said
“Yes, we’ll come” she said again after a while. “I’ll try dad but I can’t give an assurance yet”
“Alright. Bye” she put the phone down.
“That was your dad” she told him.
“What does he want?”
“He wants us for dinner,” she said and Maurice objection was obvious from the expression he wore after Bella’s words. “Don’t make that face honey I already said we’ll come. Please?”.she pouted.
He sighed
“Alright. You already said yes, it’s not like I have a choice” he said and she smiled then gave him a peck. “Thanks” she said, he drew her close and rested her head on his chest, planting a kiss on her hair, he inhaled the orange-flavored scent of her hair wash.
“I love you” he mumbled to her “so much”
She smiled against his chest and wrapped her arm around his waist, digging her face into him.and closing her eyes as the breeze waffled the moment.


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