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Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 7

Meribella (Dear Mermaid) Chapter 7




Bella walked on the street, ignoring stares she got from passers by especially the males, she needed to get to the sea. She had been walking for hours and her feet hurt badly, since she hasn’t walked with it to a long distance and the bulb thing below her feet made it hurt more but she couldn’t take it off, almost everyone she passed by had it on their feet and she didn’t want to look suspicious or different; she wanted to be tagged as part of them.
She took a corner, her hair preventing the invasion of the hot sun in her face, she wiped it to the back and continued her journey, she must’ve walked for hours. Though tired she couldn’t give up, she wants Maurice to be part of her life as much as she wanted anything else and she was achieving it. She never thought she’d ever be friends with a human, it was strangely happening and the opportunity wasn’t one to lose, she wanted to show Maurice that she could earn his friendship, to prove to him how much it meant to her, to show him she could go the extreme for his sake, to give him signal of her heart that beats for him.
She got to the shore, her feet throbbing in excruciating pain and her body slightly hot from the sun. The shore was empty, no one in sight save for an old couple, having a sea fun. she bent, tucking her hair behind her ears and searched the shore for any luck of forgotten dollar bills, she moved as she searched, carefully going back and forth the smooth sand that slipped between her fingers occasionally. Finding nothing on that part of the shore she changed spots and ran her eyes quizzically on the sands, her mind hoping and praying she got luck. She found nothing and sadly changed positions and spots again,this time a bit ferocious in her search but still nothing.
She searched the shore for hours, her mind giving up already. She stood up when she found nothing, she had completely searched for many hours, people were beginning to arrive at the sea and she frowned at her ill luck. She couldn’t accept Maurice friendship, she wanted her effort to worth it since his other friends did. She wanted him to see her capability too but those ambitions were shattered, she couldn’t be his friend, not today. But she won’t give up, she’d keep coming here everyday until she gets what she wants. She can’t stop now.
Her breathing ragged and her now wobbly feet coupled with her hungry state added a great deal in suppressing her movement, she couldn’t almost feel her feet, her grumbling stomach took more authority, she had skip breakfast because of this.. she placed a hand on her tummy, her mouth watering at every eatable thing. She knew she wasn’t tired, right from the time she had started the journey, her hunger just took control and everything fell into places. She was simply craving for any eatable decent meal.
She dragged her feet along the wry street, staring hungrily at strangers having little fast-food and drinks. she stopped when her eyes caught sight of a restaurant kiosk, she moved to the door and place her both hands on it, staring at peoples from the exterior having salivating meals. Some had cokes, soda, coffee or water.. she needed everything.
She knew she could get all those once she gets home but she couldn’t wait, her stomach rumbled so much she thought she’d collapse if she endeavour to take more steps and the sight of food only triggered her stomach pain and made her salivation more embarrassing.
She was about pulling open the door to plead for at least a spoonful of those tasty looking meal when the door open and a slightly plumped human emerged.
“Hello miss, may I help you?” she looked at the woman then back at the food, her eyes blinking slowly.
“Oh, is it lasagna you want dear?”
“Yes, I want food” she responded “I’m hungry”
“Ah! of course we sell food, come in. We’ll serve you what we have” she followed the woman into the shop, her eyes scanning the plates of foods on customers table, she took a seat offered by the woman.
“What would you like?” the woman asked but she kept mute, her eyes eying the plate of lasagna being devoured by a lady close to her table.
“We have lasagna if that’s what you want,” the woman said “We have soft drinks and coffee too. There’s coke, soda, fruit juice, we have it all”
“Coke please” she said absent mindedly.
“Okay. Give me a minute” the woman left.
“Ugh! Sheila isn’t here yet, it’s already ten!. Stupid girl” she heard her grumble as she got behind the counter and disappeared into a room.
The woman emerged later with a tray, on it was a plate of lasagna a can of coke and a spoon. She dropped it beside her.
Bella grabbed her spoon and dug into her food fastidiously, pulling open the coke halfway through it she gulped it up and continued her meal, it was delicious!
She emptied her plate of lasagna and ordered another plate from the bewildered woman, she got it and emptied it in seconds, her strength forming solidly again and her hunger rate reduced.
She belched silently and sunk on the chair in satisfaction, the restaurant had reduced a bit and she stood up and walked out of the restaurant, happy she was given a free meal. She had wanted to thank the woman but she wasn’t anywhere in sight so she left, she still felt a bit hungry, she didn’t want her feet to grow numb out of hunger.
She ran as fast as her feet could carry, in a bid to get home on time and have a more decent and comfortable meal all to herself, she reached the estate gate and the security opened the gate with a smile on his face, he welcomed her and complimented her beauty but she was paying less attention to him, she left when he stopped talking. Arriving at the porch she pushed open the door and moved in, a smile across her face.
She quickly moved to the kitchen and took out the potato salad and pea, she set it on the counter first it to cool a bit and popped a coke can. She drained it empty and threw it in the waste basket then set the food gently into the microwave, closing the door carefully. She switched on the microwave and took another coke to wait for the meal to heat up.
She dropped the plate of potato salad on the breakfast table, feeling lazy to take it to the sitting room, she took two chilled cokes from the fridge and set it beside the food. She grabbed a fork and dug into the meal, savoring slowly every taste it brought. She finished the meal and popped the coke then took a long sip and gulp before moaning, she emptied the cokes and let out a long satisfied sigh
She dumped the plate on the sink and threw the coke can in the waste basket and walked to the living room, she turned on the television and settled on a comfy couch to watch, the first scene she sighted was a kissing scene. She watched it for a while, liking the way their lips moved in accord and their hand strolled in a lascivious way down their body. She shook her head and sighed under her breath as the scene ended, relaxing her head on the couch’s headrest she fell into a deep slumber.
She woke up fully into the now slightly dark afternoon, actually her stomach woke her up. She was hungry.
She stood up and walked to the kitchen, searching the fridge she took out two pack of soft cookies and two cokes then moved back to the living room, she felt a bit bored now watching same TV show every time so she moved instead to another part of the house, in a different room that wasn’t hers’ nor Maurice’s.
She was about moving back to the door when her gaze caught a wide open window with rush of fresh breeze seeping in and giving the room a chilly atmosphere. She moved to it and the gush of air sent her hair flying, she smiled at the feeling and peered out of the window. She saw a big pool, covered with a trampoline and pinned to the ground with screws, her mouth twitched as she sighted an exit to the pool. She moved to it, threw a flat cookie into her mouth then turned the knob. The air surrounded her, fanning and teasing her face and leaving her with a happy feeling. She sighted the pool, now more closer from where she was, she moved to it and looked with longing at it, it was rectangle with two equals sides on each part. it reminded her of the sea and her tails and her family too. It made her feel like diving into it, she had missed swimming a lot. She remembered the racing competition she had with Keenan and Goldie back at Tarania, that was where she had actually first met prince Elliot and his first impression wasn’t impressive at all. She could say she had hated him right from their first contacts and sight. She felt nothing other than dislike for the callous prince, he was always hell bent on getting whatever he desired, he acted like the river god. He prove to be more callous than his wicked mother Jenna.
She discarded thoughts of prince Elliot from her mind, it somehow triggered the hatred she already had for him.
She crouched beside the covered pool, setting her snack beside her, her eyes were growing misty. She loved the human world, she loved her legs but she also missed her tails. She missed the once peaceful Tarania and she missed her family. She missed the fun she had with Keenan, she missed her mothers gently and sometimes fierce but caring voice, she missed diving into the deepest part of the sea and her orange tail waving happily behind her, she missed how she watched Maurice at that time from the shore. She missed the foods too.
She smiled wryly and touched below the trampoline to the water, the long feeling of loneliness overwhelming her, she caressed her wet hand, enjoying the feel of it on her naked palm, she took a little and poured it on her feet, shutting her eyes and savoring the tingling feeling it gave.
She opened her eyes and stood up; she didn’t want Maurice to meet her here, she knew he’d be back any moment from now. She bent and picked up her food, smiling once more at the water she moved to the door, took one last glance at the water and pulled open the door then closed it behind. She quickly moved to the sitting room and plopped herself on a couch, kicking off the urge to go back to the pool, she distracted her stubborn mind with the food and was glad when all her body succumbed to it.
She would go back to the pool soon but it wasn’t now nor today.

Maurice arrived from work that day a bit tired and late, he lazily made dinner after taking off his jacket and loosening his tie. He and Bella, much to his satisfaction had no discussion all through dinner period. He quickly did the dishes and dumped the food remnants in the refrigerator while Bella went back to the living room, he went to his room and got into the steaming shower, he stayed for thirty minutes in the tub, devouring the comfort it gave him..
He left the tub, tying a towel around his waist. He felt energized and less stressed after the shower, he pulled into his pyjamas and clad-ed his feet in his flip flops. He relaxed for a while on the bed, shaking off the urge to sleep he grabbed his laptop and iPod instead to continue his unfinished work, he had earlier saved some files and had vowed to have them submitted tomorrow. He was tired and he still has unfinished work.
He walked out of his room to the living room and dumped himself lazily on a sofa, he dropped his laptop on his lap and the iPod beside him on the couch. He opened the laptop and turned it on, ready to start his work, his gaze shifted to Bella and her eyes was on him, he looked at her, the dress he bought for her from the first day they met was still on her.
Didn’t she see the bags of clothes he got for her?
“Why are you still on those?” he asked her and she looked at herself.
“It’s mine,”
“Of course it’s yours but you’ve been in it for four days now, don’t you think it needs washing?”
“Washing,” she questioned “I have nothing else to wear”
“I left some clothes on your bed, didn’t you see them?”
“Huh?” her brows furrowed “I had no idea they were mine?”
“Who else stays in your room with you?” she shook her head “Do I keep my belongings in your room?”
“Then they’re yours, there’s no other female here”
“Really?” she smiled happily.
“Yes!” he nodded. “You can try them on and change into something that’s not this” he pointed to the cloth she was putting on and she jumped up and dramatically ran to her room.
He smiled, she’s acting like she knew anything about clothes or fashion, he had met her naked when they met and she didn’t even know how to put on a simple jacket then. Well, she had been pretty addicted to the TV and movies so of course she must’ve learnt on or two things about it.
He shook his head and strolled through his apps, he clicked on his documents and the files came in full view, he was about clicking on it when Bella rushed in, he raised his head up and wowed. She was putting on an off shoulder dress with a slight front opening below, he smiled when he saw the off shoulder part of the dress on her shoulder in a way that it touched her neck.. he stood up and helped her adjust it then shifted aside.
“It’s pretty” he said and she ran back to the room, seconds later she came out clad in a pink sleeveless top and a flair skirt.
“Sia wore this one to Liam’s house”
“Sia? Liam?” he asked confused.
“Yes, in the television. I love this one more” he sighed, well it was pretty too.. he was about to say so when she took off again, still in his spot she ran back in, she had changed into a tight fitting dress, it hugged her curves and her cleavages were popped up a bit.
This one was a bit clutch-y but fitting too, he was certain guys will drool at the sight of her in this dress and he wasn’t guys, he had a pretty model for a girlfriend and he loved her too much to think of any other girl as beautiful than her, her beauty couldn’t be compared.
Bella dashed off again and arrived seconds later in a blue crazed Jean and a red tank top..
Gosh! she looked more like a celebrity with those curves shooting out.. she was beautiful, that couldn’t be denied. Her long brunette hair almost touched her waist, her skin was fresh and clean even though she applied no beauty lotions nor attend beauty salons, in fact he was sure she had no idea what a lotion is talk less of a beauty salon.
“Maurice,” her voice transferred him to earth and he looked at her, she was now clad in a purple short flair dress.
“It’s pretty too”
She dashed to her room and returned almost immediately with the pink flip flop he had gotten her which had a little Mickey mouse design on it.
“You got these for me too?” she asked and he nodded “It’s pretty, I love it so much Maurice” she yelled in ecstasy and he chuckled slightly, she ran back into the room and returned almost immediately again.
“What’s this?” she stretched a palm to it, a black little clothing material laid on it.
“What’s that?” he questioned back and she lifted the thing up with her finger..
Huh? his brows arched.
“That’s an underwear Bella”
“Why is it in the clothes bag?”
“That’s because you need it, I figured you might need it since you didn’t come in with one,” he said “And uh! Bella stop holding it that way” he said and he dropped it back in her palm.
“But I don’t know how to use it, it’s too little to fit into my body”
“You don’t wear an underwear same way you wear your shirts, skirts and other big clothes. It worn under the clothes, on your waist that’s why its called an underwear”
“Really?” she asked fascinated.
“Of course and it’s meant to be your privacy, no one’s allowed to see it on you” he said and she nodded.
“I’ll try it on” she bent to pull it on in front of him and he snapped.
“Bella, what’re you doing?”
“I-want to wear it” she said slowly.
“Right here?, like in my presence?”
“Yes,” she answered, her eyes innocent.
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