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[Story] The Mistress part 3

The Mistress 3

Written by
Ifeoma Isabella Okeke



“After you are done eating, we are going straight away for the shopping. I don’t want Josie to think I did not have her time, there by increasing her hatred for you. So hurry up with your food, am in my office. Ask one of the servants to bring you to my home office”. Paul said, stood up and left the dinning table.

Anianna continued her meal as Josie walked up to her.

“I see you want everyone to pity you huh? Gradually you are slowing becoming my husband mistress, it won’t happen, not under my watch”. Josie fired.

Anianna ignored her and continue eating her food. Josie became livid and threw the glass of Orange juice Paul had left untouched on Anianna’s head, Josie immediately grabbed the plate of food from her and pour the content on her and laughed.

“Is it just me or have Anianna pee on her body, this is just the beginning witch”.

Although shocked by her act, Anianna didn’t exchange words with her, she ignored the insults Josie was heaping on her and left to clean herself up before asking for directions that leads to the office of Paul.

On her way she saw John standing in front of the door. “Anianna”. He called out her name slowly and went to met a surprise Anianna. “I came to ask you how you’re faring and to also apologize for my recent behaviour, I am very sorry, please forgive me”.

“I don’t have any grudges against you sir, if case were reversed I would have definitely done the same sir, so you did no wrong”. Anianna reply and left him, quickly entering the office.


They shopped almost the day, from buying her clothes to shoes and heels, before they went home; the driver took them to a hair saloon to make a new hair for Anianna.

Mr Paul told Anianna to try some of the dresses and asked Rose to help her out. With the help of Rose guiding her on what clothes to wear, she ended up choosing a sleeveless gown she will wear for breakfast the following day.

“It looks beautiful on you ma’am, you should wear it to breakfast tomorrow” Rose said adorably at her.

“Thank you madam Rose, dad will love this gown, he was the one who draw my attention to it”. Anianna said and Rose smiled wider.

“Come sit here”. Rose said gesturing to a sofa by the side of the bed. Anianna sat down immediately. “I need to make you up. Your new hair and gown should go with a nice little make up on you”.


They wasted the whole day trying out the new set of clothes and shoes and different kinds of make up. Rose went and came back a little later with Anianna dinner.


When it was time for breakfast and Anianna made her grand presence, Paul smiled at her choice of clothes, John on the other hand was flabbergasted by what he saw.

Anianna greeted them and this time around John nodded his head to her greetings and asked to the surprise of everyone.

“How was your night Ann?”

“Fine sir, thank you”. Anianna replied surprised.

“John come with me, I need to talk to you”. Josie said as she stood up, excused herself and left, John did the same.

He met her in their room pacing around angrily.

“What’s wrong Josie and why is your face like that?” He asked immediately he entered.

“Everything is wrong John. I thought we had planned to chase her away with our cold attitude, but now you’re asking about her night!?” Josie shouted.

“I am sorry Josie if you feel hurt. Is just that I want to be there for her and for my baby, she is carrying my child, our child love. She needs the love and attention from the both of us now. I don’t want to make another mistake Josie, and if you’re not satisfied with that, well suit yourself”. John told her and went back to the dinning room.

“This isn’t over”. Josie said.


As the months rolled by Anianna baby bump begin showing. Josie tried all she could to have the baby removed but to no avail, and when she saw she couldn’t succeed she make sure she made Anianna life unbearable, even at that Anianna didn’t report any of what Josie was doing to her in their absence.

John changed drastically and was always looking out for Anianna.

On the day of her delivery she gave birth to two healthy twins; girls and she named them Isabella and Isobella. Though not identical as one took the complexion of Anianna and the other one of John.

She was discharged from the hospital two days later. They throw a welcome party for her and her twins.

Anianna made two necklaces for her twin girls with their names attached to it respectively.

One week later, Rose suggested that they should visit one of the beaches around which Anianna gave her consent. They decided to go on foot since the beach wasn’t far.

Anianna didn’t know what happened next but she gave the other baby to Rose immediately and fell down feeling dizzy and quickly slept off.

A middle age woman came and Rose quickly gave her the twins.

“Remember you have to kill the twins as Josie instructed”. Rose told the woman who nodded and left in a hurry not without giving her the same clothes the twins wore, the clothes were blood stained.

“I am sorry I did this to you Anianna, I needed the money”. Rose said and fling the clothes at the sea. She left.

It was towards evening when Anianna woke up and saw herself on the beach. The last thing she remembered was coming to the beach with her twins.

My daughters!

She stood up and began looking around for them. She saw nasty bloods trail which leads to the sea .

“No it can’t be”. She shouted.


Expert swimmers Paul had paid only returned with the twins pieces clothes.

“I think they have been eaten by some sea animals”. They reported.

“My babies are not dead, they’re still alive”. Anianna said and broke down in tears.

“Is okay Anianna, God knows best, they’re dead and no amount of tears can bring them back”. Paul said consoling her.

John wasn’t himself anymore, this was the second time he lost two children.

The next few days Anianna cried herself to sleep. Paul continued talking sense into her. Josie on the other hand was elated that at last her planned worked. She sacked Rose and hired two gun men who shot and killed Rose.

Something came up and Paul traveled to attend to his business.

Josie decided to send Anianna out of the house, John was there but wasn’t paying much attention.

She was thrown out of the house that night without anything except for the clothes she wore.

Her cries and pleads didn’t touch the heart of Josie.


With no where else to go that night she decided to go to the beach; the same beach she lost her twins. When she got there she realize she wasn’t alone, a middle age woman who stood at the sea shore, she was holding a sharp kitchen knife.

What was she doing? Anianna thought and tiptoe to were the stranger was. The stranger raised the knife to stab herself when Anianna intervene by holding her hands.

“What are you doing ma’am, why do you want to kill yourself?” Anianna asked.

The older women turned and regarded Anianna before bursting into tears. “I failed as a mother, I lost my child”. She answered her, crying out the more.

“You know, I also lost my twin girls some weeks ago right here, you’re not alone. We have both lost something dear to us but that doesn’t mean you should end your life ma’am. Like me, I have lost my daughters to the sea, and I was chased out of the house but I will not give up on myself”.

The older woman cleaned her eyes, “You’re right I shouldn’t kill myself, I am sorry for your loss. Although I have a feeling that my child isn’t dead, if only I could see my sister to ask her the whereabouts of my child”. She told Anianna and smiled at her. “Since you’ve changed my mind about killing myself, let’s go over to my place and you can tell me what happened, my house isn’t far from here”.

Anianna was flabbergasted when she saw her house.

“Are you really the owner of this house?” Anianna asked as she sat down in one of the sofas with the woman beside her.

“Yes I am”.

“If you’re this rich why do you want to kill yourself? I can understand the loss of your child but if you die who will then inherit your properties?”

“I wasn’t thinking about that, thanks to you. So what’s your name?”

“Anianna ma’am”.

“Oh Anianna, well my name is Jane Davies”,

“Jane Davies!? Are you not the famous fashion designer in Nigeria?” Anianna asked in surprise.

“Yeah I am, so tell me your story Anna”.

Anna told her everything.

“I am so sorry you went through all this, so what are your plans now?”

“I don’t know ma’am, I wish to go back to school but I don’t have any source of income to further myself”.

“Well I will train you to whatever level of school you wish to go but not here in Nigeria. Take it from me as a thank you gift for what you did”.

Anianna thanked the Jane immensely.

Jane told one of the servants to take Anianna to one of the rooms.


John came back from travel and when he asked for Anianna, Josie lied and told him that Anianna ran away from the house.


Two weeks later, Anianna papers were ready. She decided to go by the name Anna.

“Thank you so much ma’am for everything”. Anianna said hugging the woman as they came back from the embassy.

“Please it’s mum, you’re now my daughter”. Jane told her smiling at Anianna which she returned.

The D-day arrived and Jane traveled out with Anianna to U.S.A.

Anianna love for kids made Jane to adopt a baby girl for her when she came alone to Nigeria.

Anianna named her adopted daughter after one of her own lost daughters, Isobella.


Anna returned back to Nigeria with her daughter, Isobella. She brought a big duplex in Lekki where she and her daughter and her mum would be staying since she now hates Abuja. After studying law and coming out as one of the best Law students in Oxford University, her sense and styles of fashion made her to work alongside with Jane.

At the airport Isobella left Anna side and ran to meet Jane.

Over the years Anna’s heart had harden, she wasn’t the sweet Anianna anymore.

“How was your flight Anna?” Jane asked Anna once she was close.

“Great mother, is good to be back”. Anna replied and faces her daughter. “Isobella haven’t I warned you never to run? Next time do not run in your heels, you cat walk, okay”.

“Anna leave my granddaughter alone, come on let’s get into the car”.

Anna majestically entered the Range Rover car with her daughter doing the same, Jane smiled and entered lastly. The driver drove them away.


Somewhere in Lagos…

“Isabella where are you?” Juliet, a 33 year old woman called out as she entered the bamboo made up house where she lives.

The sound of a guitar filled the air. “In here mum”, Isabella a 10 year old girl replied and continued playing her guitar and a sweet melodious voice followed the sound of the guitar.

Juliet opened the door of the only room she shared with her daughter and mother. She smiled when she saw how Isabella was playing the guitar on the bed.

“Playing guitar won’t put food on the table for us, have you forgotten that you will go with me to the market today? You promised me”.

“I remember mum, I just missed dad”.

Juliet smiled sadly, “I miss him too but he is now dead and gone, we have to move on with our now lives dear”.

“When I grow up I want to be a famous Nigeria musician”. Isabella said dropping the guitar with care against the wall and moved to put on her slippers preparing to follow her mother.

To Be Continued.
Sharing is Caring.

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