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Must Read: How I Got Sacked Episode 1

Hi, please before you start reading. I want you to know that the story below is purely fictional and any relation or likeness to any real person, place or event is purely coincidental. Thank you.



Hello reader, My name is Darlington Osas. Am writing this short story about how I got sacked from my first job after secondary school.
I woke up like every other Saturday, the streets was busy already, people were walking around, some dressed for parties, some to their weekend jobs and others gossiping in front of their house. The day was bright and warm, a perfect day for parties. The major topic amongst the male gossips were about the football matches about to be played on that weekend. Am not so much of a football fan so, I don’t follow up with any league or football competition being played. I only watch it once in a while when I am chanced and I don’t have any favorite.

I hurriedly did my house chores and left for the shop. I lived with my mother, father and two elder sisters in a two room apartment rented by my father. My father worked as a builder and my mother sells vegetables in a small she constructed in front of the house. I just finished my secondary school. And that means that, I have written my WAEC but I was yet to see my results.
I didn’t want to be idle while I waited for my results so I looked for a job and luckily for me, I got a sales boy job a shop located 4 streets away from my house. The shop belonged to a Yoruba woman who sold assorted fruit juice in wholesale and retail.
I opened the shop after greeting other neighbors who had opened for the day. I checked my time and it was quatre past nine. “A bit late i said to myself”. All of the four didn’t have any sales boy or sales girl so there was really no friend of mine amongst the shop owners. I quickly did all the necessary things I was supposed to do after opening the door which included sweeping the floor, cleaning accumulated dust on the wares, mopping the floor and then arranging some of the wares for exhibition. I wasn’t expecting my madam to come to the shop that day as she had reported that she would be travelling on that very day on the previous. So I just sat down waiting for customers. Abi? What is left?

Just after 30 minutes, the feeling of hunger fell upon me intensively. I didn’t eat that morning before leaving the house. My mother was unable to prepare breakfast because my father was unable to provide money for food. His job was unstable and this was one of the times when he couldn’t find any job for a long stretch of days. My most elder sister was in the university and the other is still praying for admission but she also worked as a stylist.
This was not the first time I was leaving home without food in my stomach but as nature would have it, today was different. The hunger gripped me so firmly like a famer catching the thief that has been disturbing his farmland. It clearly showed on my face. I sat like a melting wax on the plastic chair wishing I was rich.
As I readjusted my sitting position, I felt a tiny bulge in my pocket. I looked at it and was annoyed as I assumed it was an ordinary paper that I washed with my trouser. Curiousity made me deep my hand into my pocket and alas! It wasn’t paper o, it was money!.
You should have seen the smile on my face as I discovered the crumpled one thousand naira note, I gently opened so as not to get it torn and you won’t believe what I later discovered. There wasn’t just one not but two…. My joy entered trippled, No! It quadrupled immediately. I started dancing galala, then disco, then shakiti. I quickly started to think what food I was going to eat.

The story continues …. Episode 2 loading. . . . . Let me have your views on this before the arrival of Episode 2.

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