Must Read: How I Got Sacked Episode 3


A Story Written By Adesanya Oluwadamilola

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I suddenly felt a strong pain on my shoulder, I swiftly got out of my slumber as soon as my eyes pictured my madam standing in front of me.
“Darlington! What’s the meaning of all this rubbish?” she quarried in anger. How would also react meeting your shop in ajar and your sales boy fast asleep. Not only that, the whole shop was littered with empty bottles of juice which was obvious they were from your fridge and also polythene bags. Angry I guess.
“Madam, what are you doing here, you said you are travelling na?” I said unclearly
“and so what if I travelled, did I tell you I won’t return? And does that gives you the effrontery to turn my shop into a dump ground and open it to thieves. Only God knows how many hours you have being snoring?” she flared, her voice increasing in volume with every spoken word she pronounces. The neighbors were attracted and they poke nose, their reaction furthered added salt, pepper and ginger to the injury I already caused myself. After all the insults rained on me by the women, I was asked to pay for the juices I drank. The sum total was five hundred naira. I reached into my pocket to withdraw the two thousand naira but I was cut short of breathe when I pulled it out of my pockets.
Instead of bring out two thousand naira, I brought out two bet9ja papers.
“Yeeeehhh!, I don die” I wailed, collapsing to the ground
“What happened, kilo n shey e?” my madam asked
“ah, ye! Ye! Ye! Ooo, ah madam, money don disappear o” I kept on wailing still rolling on the floor, my madam and two other neighbors were just staring at me like watching a mad man’s show. After few minutes, my madam asked me to calm down and explain everything in details.
On the floor there where I sat. I started narrating everything. Beginning from when I seriously felt very hungry and how I miraculously found the money up till the moment I fell asleep.
“Ah, oponu omo jati jati” my madam insulted meaning “useless stupid child”
Just then, a young boy walked in. I recognized the boy from Mama Risi’s shop. He was her son.
“Uncle, my mother said I should come and collect her money.” He said without greeting any one. One of the neighbors wasted no time in giving him a hard whack on the head telling him to do the needful which he adhered to.
“Eh, uncle, he is talking to you, oya answer him o” my madam said
I was just looking at the boy in anger, for my mind I was like “If I slap that your head enh, your sense will upgrade” can’t he see that he came at the wrong time? Yet he still stood there
“Won’t you answer him” my madam barked at me
“Tell am going to come and give her myself”
I barked at the boy instantly and he left.
“Chai, see how the stupid boy just left without thinking twice” one of the neigbors commented
“That one is none of my business, let this
stupid boy give me my money first before I
pound him to paste right now” my madam
replied her
It was like the ground should swallow me
when I heard the voice of the bread seller
greeting “Ekale o”
I began to think of the perfect excuse to tell
in order for her not to cause a scene as she
was not like the young boy who I could just
back at.

She came into the shop and enquired about
her money, I tried tpo speak but everything
that came from my mouth were gibberish
em – I you em the the mo I mean the
“Shut up” my madam intruded “Ewo, ko ni
owo kan kan, oti lo ogbon fun yin” my
madam informed the bread seller. In Yoruba,
meaning “See, he doesn’t have any money o,
he has duped you”
The bread seller reacted immediately by
squeezing my shirt. “Imgbo, where is my
money, owo mi da”
I was just begging her to be calm that I
would pay them but they were not going to
listen to that as both of them began to rain
heavy punches on me, when I say both of
them, I mean my madam and the bread
seller. They were raining punches and
curses on me simultaneously. They were
intruded by the unannounced presence of
mama Risi. As I saw her. I just fainted.
Splash! Came the water on my face. I was
fully revived. The first thing I set my eyes
on where the figure of the three women; My
madam, the bread seller and mama Risi, I
was about to collapse to the ground when I
heard my madam’s voice “Heys! oga Ade,
don’t faint in my shop again, oya get out of
here” she instructed me pointing to the door.
I knew they have reached the decision to
free me and I didn’t hesitate. I quickly
scrambled to my feet and ran towards the
exit. On my way, I recieved two hot back slaps from my madam and mama Risi simultaneously but that didn’t stop me, I quickly ran away.
And that was how I got sacked o. very bad way to get sacked. I couldn’t tell anyone the reason I stopped going to work at the juice shop. I am also still trying to fathom how the two thousand naira turned to bet9ja papers. When I later looked at the betting, I saw that I won one bet and it was two thousand naira. I was happy and then the thought of using the money to settle the debts I had incurred on my head crossed my mind but something in me told me that I still won’t be accepted by my madam even if I pay it. What will I do? I need your advice right now.


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