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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 20

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 20

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


Feeling determined to make sure I pull this PA thingamajig off, I slammed my hands on the table, picked up my clipboard📋 and walked out.
I stomped angrily to his room and knocked loudly on the door, then sent an apologetic smile to the maids who were prowling the corridor.
No reply.
I knocked again, even louder.
“Your highness, open up!” This damn door before I break it! I added silently.
I heard soft footfalls proceeding, and the click in the lock before the door opened.
He was on the phone, and raised an eyebrow at me in question.
“No, no I don’t think so. I’ve got a lot on my plate this few days to meet up,” he was saying.
Wow, maybe he’s talking to one of the COVS. That proves he’s taking this seriously.
“Yeah babe,” he laughed. “Anticipation makes the game more….. interesting. We’ll meet up I promise.”
Oh, so it’s a girl.
I huffed.
I keep forgetting he’s a population guy, not to mention reeeaaally handsome. Of course he’ll have girls throwing themselves at him.
“Oh really? Then in that case I’ll imagine the kisses everywhere.”
He hung up.
“Yes. You uhm….. have dinner with your family later this evening so the queen asked that you stay put. It’s a sort of congratu—”
“Bullshit,” he said and walked out the balcony.
Damn, is it just me, or this guy’s seriously trying my patience?
I followed him.
“Please. You’ve got to stop making this difficult for me. This is my only chance at a well paying job, if I screw up it’s over for me!” I blurted out, hoping he’ll at least pity me or something.
“You sound like you really need the pay,” he observed without looking at me.
I nodded, then said “Yes” because his back was to me.
He turned to me.
“OK, let’s do this then.” he sat on a chair and gestured another one to me.
“Drawing up a schedule….”
I nodded.
By the time I fully looked up from my clipboard and checked my time, I realized that we’ve spent roughly three hours at this.
All thanks to Oscar who kept getting distracted purposely. It seemed he wanted to annoy me or something.
The sun was setting, casting gold streaks across the purpling sky, and the view was amazing from up here.
I’m fatigued; this is kinda more stressful than baking all day.
I smiled to him a tight smile. “Thank you for your cooperation, ‘Your highness’” I said standing up.
He was still seated all relaxed on his chair while his eyes not so subtly followed my every move.
I was getting uncomfortable.
I cleared my throat.
“Is there….anything I could do for you?” I asked. Darn, I suck at this.
“Are you always this formal?” he asked. “You’re wound up tight like you’ll snap any second,” he added amusingly.
OK, what did Iris say?
A PA never has opinions.
Theirs is just to take orders (WHAT!!!) read out schedules (THE FUCK!!!) accompany their bosses (NO WAY!!!!) and in summary, be invisible (APESHIT!!!!).
Smiling, I shook my head and forced myself not to explode in his face “OF COURSE I AM! YOU NEVER MENTIONED YOU WERE A PRINCE OR SOMETHING AND I’M HAVING TROUBLE GATHERING MY WITS!”
Instead I asked, “I never knew you were a prince.”
“Nobody did.”
” Why?”
“Cause I hate it. So here’s the drill; nobody knows and I intend for it to stay that way okay?”
“Good. I’m outta here,” he said standing up.
” To your ‘babe’?” I said before I realized the words.
Oh shit.
He paused and smirked at me. “Got a problem with that? Or maybe you’d like it to be you?”
“Goodness, no. Not even in my wildest dreams,” I rapidly spoke.
”Are you sure? ” he asked softly, stalking towards me while I found myself taking baby steps back after I’d told myself nothing he did’ll affect me.
“S–s….ahem,” I cleared my throat, “sure.”
He used his index finger to tip up my chin as if scanning my face, or the truth of my words.
I ignored the ripple of shock I felt at the contact; must be the cold wind, and I’m not wearing a jacket.
”You don’t look it,” he said.
Then he dropped his hand.
”You’ll change your mind. Eventually.”
He went in through the door.
My breath which I didn’t realize I’ve been holding came rushing out.
Hands over my heart that was beating a frantic tattoo in my chest, I tried to examine myself.
I’ve never, ever felt this way before. Ever.
I know.
I’m sick.
On my way home I’ll stop by the chemist’s and get some antibiotics, and painkillers too.
Shaking my head, I hurried out.
I went into Diana’s room to get my bag.
She was asleep.
I placed a small kiss on her forehead and left quietly.
”And where do you think you’re going?” I heard Oscar’s voice behind me.
Stopping in my tracks, I whirled to face him a noticed that he’d changed his outfit into something all the more classic.
“Home,” I quickly replied, not wanting to be lost watching him.
What the hell’s wrong with me!
Memo to me, memo to me; stop by the chemist’s.
Don’t forget.
He shook his head. “You do not get to go ‘home’. Who’ll accompany me to go clubbing?”
“What if I’ll need you to screen my calls, place some for me, reply some? What if there happens to be an event I’ll need you to memo so I won’t forget? What if—”
“OK, OK. I get it.”.
He frowned at me. ” Did you just cut me off mid sentence?”
Oh mannnnnn!
“No, sorry.”
“Just sorry?’
” Sorry your highness.” I breathed out.
“That’s more like it. Come on.” he gave me his jacket. “Let’s go.”
“But dinner with the family…”
“Who gives a damn? Not me that’s for sure.’
He walked to the huge garage and got a key from a steward standing besides a bronzed rolls Royce.
Struggling with my bags and the jackets, I got into the front seat as he started the car.
The steward gave me a ‘sorry’ smile which I returned.
He must know what I’m passing through.
I never knew Oscar would be so difficult.
It’s now I remember what he’d told me some time ago: *There’s a lot about me you don’t know*
Sighs…….this is gonna be a looooong night.
Author Happy©
🔮 🔮 🔮
Surprisingly, the ‘party’ happened to be attended by most primrosers and others I didn’t know.
And once again, here I am , feeling underdressed in my loose gown, rough hair and boots.
” Hey…. what’s up…howdy mate…..how you doin’….long time no see….yo Os ” and similar greetings flew around the air when we’d entered.
He went around, slapping backs, doing the happy clap handshakes all around.
While I’m here struggling with jackets, and a clipboard.
I…..hate my life…..
It was difficult keeping up with him in that crowded hall.
Good for me no one noticed me.
And the few that did sent me lowly looks that did little to my self-esteem.
I’m doing a job, one that’ll earn me money for every expenses I needed to cover. So they can waltz to hell for all I care.
Finally Oscar sat down at the bar table.
Girls began flocking, or should I say herding?
He was talking, drinking, laughing, winking and generally turning on the charm while those over made-up does giggled shamelessly.
Unable to take it anymore, I cleared my throat loudly.
He turned to me.
“Jeez, you should’ve dropped everything in the car!” he told me, sounding as if he was talking to a there year old.
Oh yeah..?
“I’m sorry, what I heard was ‘hold this for me’!” I replied sarcastically.
Oscar sighed. ”Go drop em in the car.”
As I left mumbling angrily to myself, I heard one of the girls ask who I was.
I didn’t get his reply.
What does it matter if he says I’m his personal assistant?
After all it’s what I am.
I dumped everything in his car seat and exhaled wearily.
Boy am I exhausted!
I sat on the car hood.
Someone called my name.
“Hey you,” I said smiling because he smiled.
“Hey, you’re here?” he asked.
“Not exactly, but yeah.”
“With……” he checked out the car, “Oscar?”
”E-yup. Not something I’m excited about though. Yippie, ” I said dully.
He chuckled still looking confused.
”I work with him now, I mean for him.”
”Can u believe this! I never knew he was a….” I trailed off and sneaked him a glance.
He just smiled. ”Prince? ”
”YEAH! U knew! ”
“Sort of. But hey..how’ve you been?” he asked.
I shrugged. ”Umbria I guess.”
”Haven’t seen you around for a while.”
“Been busy.”
After that we talked about random things for a while, him filling me in on things that happened at school recently and stuff.
”You look rough” he said to me.
“Ughhhh I’ve had a long day….” I groaned covering my face with both palms and swiping down.
“But somehow you still managed to look beautiful,” he took my hands and gazed on my face.
And I sat there like that…….speechless.
OK this is really weird.
“Mmm…” was all I could utter as I slipped my hands out from his.
Boys…all the same.
All flattering one moment to bed you the next.
”Did I say something wrong?” he asked.
“Yes. Audrey likes you,” I blurted out.
I took my hands again. ”But I like you.”
😕 😕
It’s unusual.
Minnie and Edeline kept talking, and running their hands over me with matching purrs.
I took a swig of drink and kept craning my neck around.
How long does it take Umbria to drop some jackets?
I’d planned to hang out with her this evening because I enjoyed her company greatly.
She’d suddenly vanished?
“You’re not saying anything sugar.”
”l suggest we get a room,” she whispered sensually.
l slipped some money onto the table
“Pay for the drinks,” I ordered and left them.
I walked outside.
All of a sudden I lost the vibes for clubbing.
Instead l wanted to just sit at the balcony across from Umbria and annoy the hell out of her while I watched on as she pretended to be calm.
I wanted to tip her Chin up, and push through with kissing her this time around, and check if her cherry lips were as soft and as sweet as they looked.
Great, this is turning to be more than some mere infatuation.
Clouding my every waking thoughts, and Even the sleeping ones too.
I’m gonna kiss her, touch her and get this over with.
Walking to my car, I stopped short at the Sight b4 me.
”Umbria.” I said simply.
She quickly unlinked their hands while while staring at me, and I could hear the boil of my blood in my ears…😡

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