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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 24

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 24

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


💓 💓
Ghost get up by The Undertaker! Shawn Michaels knows he’s finished, though he won’t accept that.
Ghost get up by Umbria. She didn’t get enough sleep.😂
My eyes gazed unseeing at the big poster of My Cake Lyrics. It’s a huge picture of a very magnificent cake, with a song I’d made up for me:
🎶I could soar past the clouds
♪Beyond the skies and into that land
♪Where there’s nothing but a warm welcome waiting for me
♪The time’s gonna come when I’ll spread my wings
♪And fly
♪Fly high
♪In the sky….!
A loud yawn escaped my mouth as I threw my legs over the bed into my slippers.
What am I going to do today…. I thought going into the bathroom to brush. Ahh…see Oscar. I smiled as I brushed my upper jaws. I’m already wondering what he’s going to say… something like *You won’t be able to touch me today Umbria, cos I died of boredom yesterday and this is my ghost*
I laughed.
No kidding, he has a sense of humour when he’s not being bothered over family issues. And he rarely shows it, except that one or two times. Maybe that’s what gives his songs life.
Although he’s a massive jerk all the time.
I smiled, and I didn’t know why I smiled. That made me laugh.
Changing into a towel, I headed for a shower. I turned on the faucet, and cold water splashed on me!
Brrrrrrrhhhh! I shivered.
No hot water in the heater!
“Mom!” I shouted a bit angrily. She likes a hot shower when she returns drunk, that is, if she has her wits about her to know she has to bath
Not expecting her to reply, I managed a quick shower and stepped out.
A headache flashed through my brain.
That’s a migraine warning.
I stressed myself out last night in the bakery, and I ate zilch on returning. Still, I popped a couple of aspirin into my mouth and gulped it down with a glass of water from the kitchen.
🍚 🍛
Halfway into making breakfast my phone buzzed in my pocket.
A text…from Oscar.
Don’t know why they did, but my lips curled.
It said he won’t come around to pick me, because he’s mad at me.
Shaking my head, I continued with the food.
🍴 🍴
“Someone’s all smiles today,” dad said as he rolled himself into the parlor.
“Good morning dad,” I greeted and kissed his cheeks. “I’ve contacted a therapist with the help of doctor David, soon you’ll start,” I said.
“Yeah, you told me that before so that’s not the Reason. Go on….spill,” he said sternly.
I laughed. “Dad!!! Well, I’m Just happy I guess. Isn’t that explanation for why somebody just smiles at nothing?” I served him.
He gasped. “Oh Lord, my daughter’s in—”
“UMBRIA!!!” mom yelled.
“Keep it down there woman!” dad yelled back.
Mom stormed in.
“George you yelling at me now huh?” she asked for three times. “Do I need to remind you that you have no right to —”
“Stop,” dad said, I’ve never heard him speak with such finality to mom before. She gapped, then scoffed and left.
Dad smiled at me as if nothing happened.
“Who owns the black car I see parked out at the curb everyday recently? Friend from school?”
“More or less. He’s my boss.”
“Yeah.” I went on to tell him everything.
“No way! That guy was like…. your biggest crush! I remember one time you wanted to listen to his music so bad, you had to —”
I blushed embarrassingly. “Dadddd…” The memory is just to….😸
“OK. Where’s Ur food?”
“Not eating gotta run, bakery duties,” I replied. He shook his head sadly and stared at his legs.
Dad please don’t feel bad about anything…. I’ve already said it. If I were to give my legs for yours, I’ll gladly do it. Because to me, it feels like you’re my only true family. With mom, there’s always something missing…..
Umbria walked in all smiles and waved at Maggie and me. I turned my face.
Shame was eating me out.
I’d told myself, just that once with Lucy. But somehow I’ve become addicted. To the ‘bad life’ Umbria so much detests. Pissing booze and screwing whores and miffing coke all night, all in my mind that she’s choosing it all over me.
Choosing him over me.
I’ve been ur friend Umbria, for years. I’ve loved you for half as long. Why! Why.couldn’t you see it? Why does money always clouds your judgment?
I bumped a fist on the counter that made both Maggie, Umbria and Louisa look at me.
“You OK, Carl?” Umbria asked.
Shaking my head, I disappeared into the storeroom.
You promised not to give an eff about boys. Not to fall in love.
Looks like you’re halfway to it
Looks like this one’s not mere infatuation.
Looks like it’s too late for me.
Umbria stepped into the storeroom.
“Carl can we —”
” Just leave me alone Umbria, ” l whispered.
Loving someone for forever, only to be friendzoned is hurtful.
Stop being a friend Umbria, it only makes it worse!
Something’s up with Carl, he’s changed so much.
He’s my friend, and he’s hurt.
I talked to Maggie for a while. ”I’m running late, keep an eye on Carl for me?”
“Will do. Have fun.”
I stopped by nurse El on my way.
What she told me set my heartbeat escalating higher than a Kalipsian kite!
” There y’are!” I said to Umbria when she came in from the gates, deep in thoughts. She smiled when she spotted me. I ran and hugged her and swung arms as we headed for classes.
“Guess what?” I said.
“Uhmmmm, let’s see…. you put pepper in Jessica’s cucumber facial cleanser?”
“No!” I laughed.
“OK, Jessica’s getting married to a phoney Prince charming who’s actually a skull head from hell sent to teach her a lesson?”
“Jeez Umbria, you really hate Jessica that much?” I laughed.
She shrugged. “Apparently.”
“Yeah, well. You wish! Anyway, I went out on a date with Victor — well not exactly a date. More like hanging out.”
“Ahhhhh” she squealed and jumped up and down. “That’s wonderful. I can see it already: Audrey and Victor… Victor and Audrey… Primrose’s sweetest couple,” she stared into space dreamily.
“Aw come on Um, that’s extreme.”
“Yeah….still, I’m happy for you.”
Girls were swooning, making cooing and cutish noises in the hallway.
Umbria stopped by her locker to retrieve some books while I waited beside her.
I checked what was up.
Ohhh…it’s the COVS. This never gets old, especially when all four of them come to school in their band’s limo, swaggering into the hallway all tall, handsomely built boys, wearing their uniforms in different styles and swag; well, except Victor. But still, I had eyes only for him.
Stanley and Christopher were engaged in a loud boyish conversation all the while winking to the girls and happy clapping with some guys. Victor walked with his hands tucked in his pockets. He looked up and caught me staring, and smiled. I did too. A little goofily.
Osos looked like was searching for something. A frown darkened his features as he craned his neck.
Then he looked my way, and he smiled.
No, not me.
And boy was she grinning!
They looked at each other as if they were the only ones in the hallway. No one else mattered.
Not the girls trying to grab his attention.
Not the iggies glaring daggers at her.
I don’t know for Osos — he’s a player after all and he knows just how to make a girl feel special.
But for Umbria, if that’s not like-like, then I don’t know what else it is.
I’d heard the excited murmurs in the hallway, though that wasn’t a bother to me.
But I felt it even before I looked up.
Impulses climbing up my spine and snaking it’s way all through me.
I knew it was him before I looked up.
I don’t know how or why.
When I walked in the school I checked the parking lot for any of his cars. I’d felt down when I didn’t see it.
But now it’s like my whole world lit up.
And the way he looked at me, like I’m the only girl in the world.
I tried to tone down my smile as they neared Audrey and me.
“Hey girlz,” Stanley said.
” Is it just me or are your faces radiant this morning Um and Aud?” Chris asked in his usual carefree way.
We laughed.
Oscar leaned against the locker watching me.
“What?” I asked.
“Just what? You’re not gonna ask me how I am?”
“Alright, how are you?”
“Dead,” he said. “It’s a surprise you can see me. Cos I’m a ghost.”
Then burst out laughing.
Told ya he’d say something like that.
“I’m — sorry. So we’re to visit a what, spiritualist? Voodooist? Clairvoyant? We really need to get your body back,” I said as we all moved along.
“Concerned? I knew you were in love with me,” he said in his usual cocky manner.
I froze.
My mind racing in overdrive as I watched him like a trance.
Me, in love with him?
That’s just total batshit.
I mean, I loved Tom.
It didn’t feel like this.
Or was that love at all?
Tom and I were…. we were just together. I was recovering from my second breakup, but still that ‘stubborn Umbria’ in me was determined to try out another.
Girls at my old school Queens High were always flaunting about with nice stuff gotten for them by their boyfriends.
Umbria Lee didn’t even have a boyfriend, or extra cash to buy stuff and feel comfortable.
She was a ghetto girl, not content to work her butt off but enjoying her ‘jobs’ and helping her father. I guess Tom and I just fell into a relationship when he’d flashed some dollars in my face. There was no sparks, no longing. Nothing that set my blood racing; except when he brought drugs for sale.
This was different.
Nurse El’s words floated back to me:
“This isn’t a week Umbria, or are the apples working?” she asked with a smile.
“El I don’t know…. they don’t seem to. I think it’s more of feelings than sickness errrm…Hearthrobotus loveatic syndrome. I don’t think that’s it,” I complained.
She laughed. “I made that up Umbria! Seriously! You’re a smart girl and you didn’t figure that out?”
I frowned in confusion.
“Show me his photo.”
I clicked on gallery and showed her Osos picture. To be honest I have about three hundred different photos of him I get from the internet.
She gasped. “The Osos of the COVS Boys!!!? Umbria, you’re in love with Osos! That’s what these feelings are: love!”
I fainted.
Thank God she was a nurse. She revived me.
“You’re joking,” I said.
She just smiled.
So I took it that yes, she’s fooling around.
No way Umbria!
Not love.
I can’t be forcing myself to stay away from Oscar and beat his charm, all the while falling for him through the backdoor.
This is insane.

Yup, definitely insane.
And shut up you voice of reason inside me, telling me otherwise! I’m not in love with Oscar. He’s a player.
“What’s off dolly? Thinking about me?”
That snapped me out of my reverie.
Audrey and the guys had already gone, just me standing in the center of an almost empty hallway, and Oscar wearing an expression of raised eyebrows and slightly parted lips— wow😍!— which kinda showed that he’d be surprised if I was actually thinking of him.
I swallowed.
I crossed my fingers.
“In your dreams, man,” my voice came out lower than I’d intended.
” Ohhhh…..” he grinned and walked back to me. “I think I know what’s up with you.”
I swallowed. Again.
“You do?”
Does he somehow know that I have this crazy, not understandable feelings for him that just might be love but I’m not ready to admit?
“Yeah, you want me to carry you again.”
“I do?”
“Yes, but too bad I’ll only hold your hands. Come on.”
He held out his opened palm to me.
Hesitantly I took it.
His fingers curled around mine; it felt so….comfortable.
I looked into his face, and looked away.
The few girls at the locker were talking:
📌Aww….Osos is just so romantic!
📌That Umbria, she’s lucky to be on the receiving end of his charms! I’d kill for him to just take a look at me I swear!”
📌Yeah, too bad she’s just one of his girls, toys he’ll use and dump later
📌I don’t think so, I think he—
I didn’t hear the rest.
Oscar tugged on my arm and we walked together to the music studio.
When I’d settled, I checked my timetable.
“Osos do you also have chemis—” I cut myself off.
He was talking again to…. what’s her name?…. one of the girls in our music class.
She was flirting alright, the usual.
But he was smiling too, as if he enjoyed their conversation.
Something twisted in my chest.
I glanced away.
I packed up my note and bag and marched to the chemistry lab.
“Umbria, hey!”
I was pretending to tackle redox reactions and equations before the teacher came in. Pretending, because I wasn’t in the least focused.
Looking up, Victor sat beside me while Audrey went to talk to Caroline.
Uh oh…..I hope he’s not here to tell me he likes me? Cause I don’t know what to say to that!
“Uh— Uhm…ahem!! H—Hi Vic,” I managed to stutter out.
He chuckled.
“Have you been avoiding me? Because for almost a week or so we haven’t spoken.”
“What? That long? I mean, no, yeesh that’s stupid right, I mean… why would I?”
He shook his head, but he was smiling.
“Our conversation by the garage in Sparkeys? We never got to finish it.”
“We didn’t? Hmm….”
“I’d told you I liked you, and you freaked out.”
“That’s when you blurted out that Audrey likes me —”
“That was before that, but Victor she really does—”
“I know, but we’re talking about you.”
“But you can’t, I mean I can’t possibly…..like you because —”
“You’ve feelings for Oscar?” he asked simply, but his smile never faltered.
There was a brief silence in which my brain tried to grasp the cords of and put it together to understand what Victor was asking me and the truth of it.
“I know Um, even if you want to deny it or you don’t. I like you, as a friend. Nothing more. And because you’re my friend, I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. If you’ve got feelings for Oscar, which you do, you need to stop denying it and own up to it. Because he’ll —” he paused.
“He’ll what?” I asked.
Victor shook his head and took my hand. “Be careful okay? Embrace the feelings, it’s wonderful. But remember you can always talk to me?”
Not knowing what else to do, I nodded.
“And why’s everyone so serious faced huh? Is it the ammonia?” Audrey asked cheerfully.
Victor smiled up at her. He kissed her cheeks, she blushed. Then he went to Stan and Chris sat.
“Is everything alright?” Audrey asked when she sat beside me.
“No Aud, quite the contrary. Something big is wrong!!!” I fell facedown on the desk.
“Huh, did you —”
“Good day Primrosers, chemists and rascals in the from of grade twelve students,” Mr Gareth boomed in his deep voice.
The students laughed in response.
Time for chemistry.
Author Happy©
🔔 🔔
“Gosh, Mr Miller really had to bomb us with that crazy logarithm huh?”
“Yeah! Victor asked me to come over later, he’s gonna help me out,” she replied.
“Awww how cute!”
“I know right? So, let’s go?” Audrey asked me at the close of school hours and stressful hours later.
“Mm, yeah.”
I tidied up a few things on my schedule, and looked through Oscar’s.
Queen Fiona had told me that Oscar wouldn’t have much things to do yet, except for Royal classes and other niks until he officially became Prince. So what? My job’s to sit and wait on him like a baby?
On second thoughts, that doesn’t sound so bad.
Swiping imaginary sweat off my forehead, I nudged Audrey and just as we were about to move out three girls came rushing in like the devil was hot on their heels.
I recognized two; Willa and Darcy, from my music class. The other should be a friend of theirs.
“Guys, guys, guys!!!!! Guess what everybody!!!” Willa exclaimed.
I frowned.
I don’t like her.
It’s not in me to hate somebody, but she’s the girl with whom Oscar flirted with earlier on.
Others turned, paying attention.
“Something dry, because girls like you rarely have anything reasonable to say,” Juli retorted and high dived Karie.
“OK, so maybe we don’t,” Darcy replied meekly. The excitement had drained out of their faces.
“But I swear this is news!” Willa perked up again. “We overheard the COVS boys; they’re holding a concert on Friday night right at our music studio. It’s sorta like a rehearse for the annual talent hunt and they decided to make it an open show, but y’all know anything COVS is lit!”
The class screamed excitedly, jumping up and down as they talked about dresses and the sort.
Audrey clapperboard excitedly. “Oh em gee, it’s been quite a while since we heard the boys sing, I’m so anticipating it. You’ll be there, right?”
Oh, I’d love to be there, I’ve never seen the boys perform live, and I wasn’t going to miss this one chance no matter how simple.
But Hannah….now there’s a case.
“I’ll try.”
“Please do, and oh, here’s the schools website, in case information’s uploaded you won’t be in the dark. Phone?”
I fished out my phone from my bag and gave her.
She installed the app and logged me into the website after taking my ds. She also logged me into The Girls chat group, although I don’t think I’ll be visiting there any time soon with Lady Tiff and The Bullies Three.
“Yes?” I turned.
What’s she want now!?
“Audrey, the girls and other are planning a girls’ moment for Friday, just before the COVS Boys show. I really want you to come. I know I was mean and nasty to you earlier..
I admit I was insecure. But I want to, like, make it up to you? I don’t know. Maybe we could get to know you better.”
I frowned.
“Sorry kid, no can do.”
“Aw come on!” she snapped in annoyance. Hmmm…..
Short masked it with a sweet smile.
“I’m sorry, just that I’m stressed out with all the algebra and calculus and redox. But please? It’ll be fun.”
What’re you planning Jessica?
“Audrey will be there. She’ll message you later for confirmation if you want. Just….. trust me even a bit.”
I sighed. “Fine, but only after I’ve gotten info from Audrey.”
 🔷  🔶  🔷  🔶
Elizabeth laid there.
Her cries were coming in short gasps, cries then were pleas for help.
Oh! Who’ll help her?
The men had taken her to a pretty isolated spot.
They were going to rape her.
Dzon was leaning in.
He ripped off her blouse, fondled her breasts and left her feeling disgusted.
He trailed his slimy hands down to the band of her skirt, and she kick him. But he just hit her leg on the ground, twisting her ankles.
Screaming, her eyelids fluttered shut.
Her skirt was torn to pieces.
Just when her breath hitched in her throat with fear and dread, she heard a low voice:
“Thought you guys were bigger than this, forcing a woman in an alley.”
Dzon, Bad Breath and Ringed Nose shifted their attention to the voice owner.
Get up and run!! Her mind screamed.
But her ankle was broken, and she was weak. Dark hands of unconsciousness stretched out to her, calling her like a siren.
She wanted to give in, yes.
And she wanted to look into the faced of her savior.
“Well well well, if it isn’t Mr Goody Guy George!” Bad Breath jeered
Dzon chuckled sinisterly. “What yo doin’ here Gee boy? Yo look’n’ for some hoes to screw? Then beat it and get yo trunk outta our biz!”
The guy who’s name is George shook his head and stepped closer.
Thankfully, Dzon got off her.
The three thugs stood opposing him.
“You’re gonna leave the lady alone, and you’re gonna do it nice and quietly. We don’t want to fight, it ain’t right.”
“Ha! Fuck you!” Ringed Nose said and lunged at George, throwing a punch then grazed his jaw before he dodged, and grabbed the man by the collar. He tackled him swiftly to the wall when Bad Breath speared him from behind, making him loose hold if ringed nose and stumbled.
They exchanged punches and hits.
Elizabeth slipped in and out of consciousness.
Dzon joined the fight.
Once she thought she heard the sound of sharp metal slicing through flesh, and another the sound of bones cracking.
Groans, grunts and bruises filled the night.
And then there was silence.
Her eyes opened a tad.
She saw bodies on the floor.
And the kneeling silhouette of a man

He got up and walked to her.
He lifted her gently.
Blurs and finally darkness claimed her as he moved.
George had seen the Lady when she walked unknowingly into the bar.
He was at the counter, nursing a beer to cool himself off from Hannah’s nagging attitude.
Sure enough he liked her. As a Friend. They even lived together. Back he felt she was pushing the limit. Acting like they were in a relationship or something. Just because his mother liked her.
The woman captured his attention immediately she entered, and he watched her. Then those three stupid men had to go and cause a show, making him rescue her.
Gently he laid her on his bed in his room, and watched as the moonlight reflected on her pure face.
She looked familiar, that was certain.
Who was she?
Where’d she come from?
Her clothes were ripped and have used his jacket to cover her.
A moment of chastisement followed as he cursed himself for thinking of how full her breasts were, how rosy the nipple and curvy the thighs. He wasn’t a pervert but a decent man.
And a decent thing to do is to leave the room, right now, before lust and temptation won and made him do what he thought of doing the moment she entered the bar.
He turned to leave.
Soft grip held him back.
Turning back, he stared into the blueness of her eyes, the loveliness of her face and her smile as it curled sweetly.


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