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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 26

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 26

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


🎸 🎸
The show was about to go on due to the sound Congestion coming from the direction of the music studio. Jazz which poured out of the jukeboxes filled the whole school and even filtered into the janitors closet where I’m locked up in, blinded with paint, hair messed with paint and confetti like a really weird and frigging crazy party girl.
I tried the doorknob again, banging the door too with all my might and screaming at the top of my voice while trying to avoid paint slip into my mouth. What in hell’s name was I thinking, trusting those girls? No, not trust because I can never trust them. It’s Audrey right? She sent me the message. Or maybe Jessica did, framing her sister to get back at me. Lucy’s always right when she calls me ‘Dumbria’. Sometimes I rush into things without thinking it through.
Now I’m stuck here.
Yet in all this, apart from wanting to get out of this hellhole, I thought about Oscar. The thought flashed in and stayed right there. The few hours or however long I’m spending in here’s worth it as long as I keep envisioning his face in my head. And that wasn’t so difficult with my eyes closed.
Primrose sure knew how to party, I thought as I grabbed a drink and sat in a corner where I could see everything going on but nobody could see me very well, and I glanced around for Umbria.
She wasn’t here yet.
Which is quite strange because I know of her love for The COVS Boys songs, and also her little secret crush on Osos that seems to be more than a crush.
Jessica was at a table, nursing a drink and I must admit she looked wow in the red outfit. A smirk upturned her lips; what’s funny?
Then the ‘host’ who was Remy Drake , a music student, took the mike and said a few funny jargons to start the show.
He called on the COVS.
Where’s Umbria???
Wild shouts, screams and whistles filled the hall as they stepped onto the stage, “Yoing” “Heying” and “what’s upping” the crowd.
*We love you guys!!*
*Sign my tee-shirt!*
*I’m tripping for you Christopher!*
“Gosh so handsome, they’re demigods!*
*Can I get your autographs?*
*Just one night Stanley!*
*Victor’s so cool!*
*We love you!*
They began to perform with the spotlight focused on them. I watched Victor for a while. His Every move, his cool voice smooth as silk. Stanley did most of the rapping as he normally does. And I’ve just noticed that Osos is not on stage.
Where could he — Could he be with Umbria?
I relaxed at that.
But then a text came in from him.
💬Have Umbria come yet?
Since Victor and I got close I usually hung out with them. Not really. Just have their numbers. And this message…..
Meaning that she’s not with him.
Hastily I typed a reply: 💬Not yet, I’m worried it’s quite late. I’ll try calling her.
💬I tried, no one’s answering.
💬Maybe she’s in a car, I’ll text her.
At that moment Caro, Tiff, Juli and Karie walked in all fashion divas and sat with Jess. They discussed something and laughed.
💬Do. Won’t be able to come out at all the place’s tight.
Gulping down my cocktail, I walked around the crammed hall looking for a tall ponytailed, darkhaired girl with baggy t-shirt most likely.
I checked everywhere.
No sign of her.
Just as Remy was announcing another number by the boys “Goin’ Slow” I tapped on her number to text her.
And saw a message I….. sent?
Girls moment…..?
Shucks! Those bitches!
Right now I’ve to get to Um. She might be in real danger.
I ran through the corridors checking every door, room and hallway. Also every restroom and the cheerleaders locker room. The bathroom! Damn!!!
I let the door slam to show my frustration.
“Are you okay Audrey?” someone asked.
“Yes—no. I’m looking for Umbria and I’m worried something bad befell her!”
“Oh no, I saw her walking through this way with the Barbies,” Willa said.
“And they all gave off this bad aura, plus the expression on their faces…..” Darcy shuddered.
“Come on guys, she might be in real danger!” Willa said and took off in the direction she saw them go.
We followed her, through the long, deserted corridor where no body except maybe cleaners went. Inside a room with doors, we stopped.
“This is the janitors room, what the hell were they thinking?” I cursed.
“Hello, Umbria you in here?” Willa shouted.
There was no reply, so we began checking the doors while simultaneously Calling for her.
Then we heard shuffling noises, and a weak voice say, “Audrey, that you?”
“Umbria! Which door are u in?” I asked.
“Give a tap let us know,” Darcy added.
She banged the door, and we tried the knob.
“I’ll get something to break through,” Willa said and returned with her student’s ID.
She picked the lock!
“Ooh girl, you got criminal tendencies,” Darcy said and Willa laughed. “It’s called survival tricks. My uncle teaches me.”
We pushed the door open.
There sat Umbria in a corner with her eyes tightly shut and lips pressed together in a thin line, paint dripping allover her.
“Oh my god, Umbria!”
“You OK?”
“Jeez, those girls are mean!”
Between us we carried her. We have to get her cleaned up, she was totes messy!
At the restroom, we helped her wash her eyes and mouth and asked what happened. As she explained, I felt immense anger towards the girls.
“Not like I trusted them, it was you I was coming for. I was so stupid not to have replied your text!”
“It’s OK, I’m going to tell the principal!” Willa seethed.
“No, dad is the proprietor, she’ll only get away with it.”
“But we must do something!” Darcy insisted with clenched fists.
“We will, right now we’ve to get Um here cleaned up. Osos texted me, he’s worried you’re not coming.”
The girls cooed, ” Awww!”
Umbria smiled a bit shyly. “He did say he wasn’t singing if I didn’t make it.”
“No wonder he isn’t on stage! Come on let’s get you cleaned up. I’ve got an extra tee-shirt in my bag,” Willa said.
“And I’m on my p, so I brought an extra skirt you can use,” Darcy added.
Umbria smiled. “Thanks big time girls, I owe y’all one.”
“Sure you do, now step into the shower, go on!”
Laughing, we pushed her inside.
“That performance was off the hook!” Christopher exclaimed, slapping hands with Stanley and Victor. “And the good news is, I’ve got free gals to lay tonight.”
“You always have free gals to lay every night,” Stanley said and smacked his head.
I’m still looking at my phone, waiting for Umbria to pick any of my calls or reply any of my messages. I’ll admit I’m worried sick, what if sth bad happened? Or maybe she canceled?
“Yo bud, what’s up with you? You refused to sing with us, and you’re staring at your phone as if it’s your lifesaver,” Victor sat beside me.
“I said I wasn’t going to if she didn’t show up, and Audrey says she hasn’t so—”
“I don’t know buddy, is it really necessary?”
I eyed him with a look that said, ‘Duh, do I really have to explain anything to you?’
He chuckled. “She’ll come I know, keep your hackles caged. Now a dance intermission’s going on. Next, you’re up.”
I made to pass through the backdoor but it was as jammed as the front. No movement Os, you’re sardined.
Author Happy©
“….And now, the moment y’all been waiting for….” the emcee announced just as we squeezed into the hall, Give it up for…… Osos!”
The crowd went Wilder than ever as he jumped onto the stage charming everyone with red blood flowing through their veins with sleek moves and words.
My eyes stayed focused on his every moves; his black-and-blue-highlighted hair sheen under the bright stage lights.
The girls were going crazy! Even Willa and Darcy kept screaming, gripping me tight and shaking me roughly.
Audrey laughed and clapped.
L laughed too.
“Kay everyone….. I’m presenting this number to the one person that matters….. you know you! Give a scream!”
Of course, as expected, everyone screamed. I wondered who it was. Jessica was smiling really wide and her girls kept pointing her.
I shrugged, but I couldn’t shrug off my beating heart.
The COVS joined him too.
The beat box started and the hall hushed as the took the mike, guitar positioned behind his back.
I clung to every word his smooth voice was a like a lovers caress on my skin:
🎵I got this feeling Inside my bones
🎵It goes electric baby When I turn it on
🎵Up to my city Up to my home
🎵We flying up no ceiling when we in our my zone……
His eyes searched the hall, and when it landed on me, he smiled.
And winked.
And my heartbeat accelerated as I smiled back.
🎼I got that sunshine in my pockets
🎼Got that kiss all in my feeds
🎼Built that heartthrob in my body
🎼When it drops, ooh
🎼I can’t take my eyes up off it
🎼Moving so phenomenally,
🎼No more like the way we rock it,
🎼So don’t stop

🎤Under the lights where everything goes
🎤No where to hide when I’m getting you close
🎤When we move girl you already know…
(COVS)🎤Just imagine…..just imagine….just imagine…..

🎶Nothing I can see but you when you dance dance dance yeah!
🎶Took a gripping up on you so just dance dance dance come on!
🎶All those things I shouldn’t feel but you dance dance dance…
🎶A—ain’t nobody leavin’ soon so keep dancing

♪Can’t stop the feeling….
🎶So just dance dance dance
♪Can’t stop the feeling…..
🎶So just dance dance dance come on!
Everyone was dancing and jumping and twisting as they rocked; the music flowed through me and I felt like the concert was going on inside of me as I jumped up and down too.
I know the song, and I love it. It’s pure jazz and fast track!
As they beat boxed, I heard Oscar’s voice: “…come on up!”
Audrey excitedly hit me!
“Its you its you its you Um, go on!”
”Me!” I exclaimed and looked up at his outstretched palm beckoning to me.
The whole guys had their eyes on me as they chanted “Go! Go!! Go!!!”
Audrey Willa and Darcy pushed me forward. I climbed up by placing my hands in his and he pulled me up.
Oh boy! I’m like super shy right now as I got a mic.
Beat box done, time to sing:
🎹 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 📯 📣 📢
As I sang, I felt the words flow from my heart;
🎵Ooh it’s something magical
🎵it’s in the air its in my blood it’s rushing on
🎵I don’t need no reason To be controlled
🎵I fly so high no ceiling when I’m in my zone
We sang the bridge together, and then the chorus, all the while staring at each other like we were the only ones in the room…..
“I thought you locked her up, good and tight!” I shrieked.
“We did, don’t know how she came out;” Caroline said.
“And I still got the key here,” Tiffany added and jingled a bunch of similar keys.
Anger boiled inside me as I watched them.
I swear if I had a gun I’d shoot them!
“Awww, but y’all gotta admit that they do look good together,” Karie said stupidly and sipped her martini loudly. We all glared at her with a ‘Seriously girl’ look.
“Sorry,” she muttered.
Scoffing, I thought of another way to get back at Umbria, to prove that Osos is mine!
🎤Got this feeling in my b0—dy
🎤Got this feeling in my bo—dy
🎤I can see it through your eyes ahy
🎤Got this feeling in my bo—dy
🎵Come on!
Crazy uproar and applause and whistles and screams and hoots accompanied the end of the song, and I couldn’t help the smile that stretched my lips as I scanned the crowd and saw Audrey cheering happily.
The boys high fived themselves and bro-hugged.
Well… I don’t know what else to do especially after hearing compliments about how nice my voice is, so I’ll just gently get off the stage — one step, two steps — and….. Somebody grabbed my hand.
He pulled me to himself such that we were joined together torso to torso.
My breath hitched in my throat.
My heart was making escape plans to break out of my chest.
I looked into his eyes.
He smiled down at me.
“Wha—what a—are you doing?” I managed to stutter out.
“The shows not over darl,” he husked.
And that was the time the crowd chose to chant, “Kiss! Kiss!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!!!”
“No,” I breathed.
“Why not? Ain’t nobody leaving soon so we’ll just keep dancing,” he quoted a line from the chorus.
That’s it. It’s all about the show. He’s Osos of The COVS, he give’em a show. I actually sang that song from my heart, and even though I’ll keep denying it in the next millennium to come I had very strong feelings for Oscar — strong feelings I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. So should I just dance? And damn the consequences?
The crowd still chanting kiss all about, some even held up placards of Os 💘 Um and other crazy stuff like that.
Guess I will.
He leaned down towards me, and when our faces were few inches apart I felt myself being pushed aside roughly.
And I heard the crowd go oooh!
When I righted myself, I saw Jessica in her bloody red outfit locked in a tight embrace and kiss; his hands on her waist and hers around his neck and in his hair.
Blurred vision.
Quivering lips.
I bit hardly on my lips to stop myself from crying, or thinking of crying. I’m strong. I just squared my shoulders, lifted my chin up and walked out the hall.
I’ve never loved anybody before as I love you.
I’m human.
To be human is to love even when it hurts too much💔.

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