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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 14

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 14

Written By Zeeman

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“Hold on…i can’t believe i forgot to do this” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Please drop your luggage,i need to search it”


“W..wh..y?” I stammered,grateful i didn’t bring my pistol with me.
Anne is gonna deliver my pistol, Ninja outfit and boots later to me tonight.

“I need to be sure you’re harmless,in case i start seeing some strange things in the house,i won’t have any cause to suspect you. Please hand it over” He said.
I did with a sigh..

This guy is a maniac!
What if i had my pistol or ninja outfit in it..
Boss is so amazing…i guess he already knew this would happen.

I gasped when i saw Darrel dangling my red panties in his hand.

“I’m sorry” He said and dropped it and i noticed he was trying hard to hide his grin.


I watched him ransack my luggage.
There’s no way i would have kept a weapon in there that he won’t find out.

“I guess I’m safe” he said and started folding back my wears neatly in the box.
“’s fine,I’ll do it” I said and crouched beside him.
“I scattered it,I’ll do it” He said.
“I’m going to do it” I said.
“I insist” He said and i sighed.

I straightened up and watched him arrange my wears.
He got to my panties and i couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as he folded it along with my wears.
He glanced at me when he was about folding the red one.


I switched my gaze to the blank TV and turned back to him when i heard him zipping the bag.
He stood up and handed the bag back to me.

“Do i need to search you too?” He asked.
‘do i really look like a criminal!!!’
“Yeah…go ahead” I said and he smiled.
“I won’t,it’s improper for me to search a lady but I’m sure you don’t have anything with you cause i already scanned your body before i let you in” He said.

“Are you suspecting that i might come here to harm you when i don’t even know who you are” I said.
“Everyone is a suspect,i don’t trust people easily until i get to know them deeply” He said.
“That’s understandable” I said.
“Of course. So you can go into your room now and relax, Nathaniel will get to show you around,i guess you both already got along”
“Yeah,he’s a nice guy” I smiled.

“Okay then” He said and plopped on the couch,he grabbed the remote control.
I turned and started walking to the stairs looking around in the process.
I climbed the stairs slowly while staring at the beautiful artworks displayed all over the walls.

“Fourth room on the right” I murmured when i got to the last flight of stairs which led to a big passage.

This house is just amazing.

I counted the doors on the right one after the other till i got to the fourth one.
I walked towards it, wondering if there’ll be a CCTV in my room.
I won’t be surprised if there is.

I opened the door and stepped in,the first thing i searched for was the camera.
I dropped my luggage on the bed and started searching,i entered the luxurious bathroom and surveyed the whole place, i walked back to the room and surveyed it more.

There’s no single camera in here.
I’m good to go then…i can do anything i want in here.

I sat on the bed and carefully admired my room..
It’s more beautiful and cool than my room at Pine estate.
I bounced on the wasn’t as soft as I’d like but it’s fine.
Everything looked moderately beautiful.

I stood up and unzipped my bag.
I need to unpack, freshen up and maybe eat.
I’m not very hungry though but i know I’ll be, when I’m done freshening up.

I opened the wardrobe and started hanging my clothes…i left out the one i’m gonna change into.
I made my undies stay in the drawer and then arranged my three pairs of slippers in the shoe rack.

I powered my phone and then placed it on my bedside stool.
I’m expecting message or call from them.

I picked my toiletry bag and also my body towel before strolling into the bathroom.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
I guess i didn’t got the chance to look around while i was searching for a camera.
This bathroom looks okay.

There are expensive white bath towels on the towel rail and i hung my black towel there also.

My favorite color is black!
White looks too holy for me.

Should i make use of the bath tub or shower cubicle?

I will make use of the bath tub,my body needs a long soak.
I pulled out of my clothes and opened the bathroom cabinet,i grabbed a shower cap and wore it over my hair.
I tucked some stubborn strands in.

I stepped on the bath mat and filled the tub with warm soapy water before sliding into it.
This is paradise…


I dried my feet on the bath mat and grabbed my bath towel, I wrapped it round my body before walking out of the bathroom.
I feel so good.

I dried my body and got into fresh wears.
Blue baggy pants and black t-shirt.
I returned my shower cap and towel to the bathroom.

My phone beeped immediately i got back to my room.
Ohh…A message…

I picked it up and unlocked it,i clicked on the message.

💬 You’ve gotten there already right.
Don’t bother to call,say all you wanna say to Anne once she comes in the night.


I smiled and deleted the message Immediately.
I’m not meant to keep messages on my phone. That guy in the living room is a crook.

I went to sit on the stool facing the mirror.
I winked at my reflection and smiled.
I picked my hairbrush and started brushing my hair.

I glanced at the wall clock.

It’s 1pm already.

I need to go prepare lunch,then Nath will show me around later..

I stood up and picked a black pair of slippers.
I slide my feet into it before walking out of the room.

I descended the stairs and walked into the living room.
I met no one and i decided to locate the kitchen myself.

It wasn’t so difficult to find.
I walked into the kitchen and wondered why everywhere in this house looks so beautiful.

I’ve always thought Joel is the nearest guy i know but Darrel just proved me wrong.
I was expecting an untidy kitchen but what I’m looking at right now is more than tidy.

I walked round the kitchen, glancing and admiring every single thing in there.
We have more than this at Pine estate,i wonder why this look more pleasant to me..

I got to the fridge and pulled it open.
Varieties of food ingredients.

What should i make then?
Cranberry sauce and cheese.


“I kept perceiving something delicious” I heard Darrel said behind me.
I was startled but didn’t show it.
I poured some olive oil into the iron skillet,added the sliced onions,tomatoes and some berry.

“What are you making?” He asked.
“Cranberry sauce and cheese” I said.
“Wow!” He exclaimed and i noticed he was already standing close.

I proceeded with my cooking while he watched.
I felt a bit uncomfortable but i had no choice.
It’s his house.

“I thought i said you should relax for today and start work tomorrow” He said.
“Yeah but i guess cooking is exclusive” I said.
“I actually like the way you cook” He said.
“Thanks” I said.

“I’ll be leaving at the living room,call on me when it’s ready” He said and i nodded.

I couldn’t help but gave out a loud sigh when i was sure he’s already at the living room.

He’s good at making one feel restless.
What if i had planned to poison the meal,i bet he would find out.


I already went to serve Nath his..
He was so excited when i told him he’s gonna show me around later.
I dished out Darrel’s and took it to the dining room.

“Your lunch is dished” I said loudly.
“Okay thanks” He said from the living room.
I returned to the kitchen and dished out mine.
I sat on the stool in the kitchen and placed my meal on the breakfast bar.
I started eating.
“Mia” I heard Darrel called when i was halfway with my meal.
I wondered why my name sounded so sweet in his mouth.
“Yes .. d.. sir” I said and stood up when i saw him already standing by the kitchen door.

“Com’on don’t call me Sir. I’ll appreciate it if you call me just Darrel” He said.
“Okay,just Darrel” I said and he laughed.
“No,i mean; just call me Darrel” He said.
“Okay Darrel” I said.

“Why are you eating here? You’re supposed to eat at the dining” He said.
“Yeah,come eat at the dinning with me” He said.
“Really?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,why are you surprised?” He asked.
“ just a housekeeper” I said.
“Com’on you’re not just a housekeeper,you‘re my housemate” He said.

Is he tryna be nice?

“Ohh.. okay,I’ll join you soon Darrel” I said.
“Be fast,i can’t wait to devour that meal” He said and walked away.

It’s obvious he isn’t tryna be nice.
That’s how he is.
So humble.

“Mia” He called.
“I’m coming” I picked my plate and glass cup of water before rushing to the dining room.


“Thanks Nath for showing me around” I said as we both stood outside the door.
I really enjoyed the tour round the house.
Nath kept me busy with funny talks and i almost cracked my rib.

I never thought i could laugh this hard on my first day here.
I never laughed this hard when i was..

Why do i keep comparing..

I’m starting to feel comfortable already.

“I’ll serve you your dinner after I’m done cooking okay?” I said to him and ring the bell.
“Okay Mia” he smiled.

The door opened and Darrel appeared.
“You don’t have to ring the bell whenever you wanna come in” He said and walked back into the house,leaving the door opened.

I stepped in and waved to Nath before shutting the door.
I walked to the living room and met Darrel watching a movie.

I hurried to the kitchen and started making dinner.


I sat on my bed waiting for Anne.
My window is already opened,she’s gonna come in through the window.
I already texted her, giving her the description of my window.

I hope she doesn’t jump into Darrel’s window.
He’s just gonna kill her.

I stood up and walked to the window.
I peered outside.


I was about turning back to my room when i heard someone whisper my name.

“Mia” I heard and it’s definitely Anne’s voice.
I peered out of the window and glanced around but couldn’t see her.

“I’m up here bestie” She said and that was when i glanced up to see Anne’s head peeping from the roof of the house.

“Ah!” I exclaimed.
She giggled and started climbing down to my window with the help of a rope.

“Mia,what are you doing?” I heard Darrel asked and my heart nearly popped out of my chest.
I slowly turned to see him walking to me.



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