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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 30

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 30

Written By Zeeman

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I hope you like what you’re seeing?” He suddenly asked and i nearly screamed in fear.

He’s awake!

I shifted away from him and blinked twice.
He was smiling and suddenly started laughing.


“Good morning” He said.
“Good morning” I responded still embarrassed he caught me staring at his damn chest.
“How was your night? I bet it was more beautiful” He said.
“Why should it be?” I asked and sat up on the bed.

I didn’t even changed into my nightwear,i wanted to last night but Darrel won’t let me and i refused to wear his pajamas.
“Why shouldn’t it be?” He threw the question back at me with a slow smile.

He’s looking crazily sexy..his rough hair basked in the sunlight and sunrays streamed across his face.
He was smiling,not knowing his teeth is in contact with the sun.
That almost stole my breath away.
My stomach churned and i bit my lips.


“So i was saying did you liked what you see?” He asked.
“What?” I feigned ignorance.
“Hmmn” He licked his lips killing me more.

I really need to go now but why am i not moving.

“There’s nothing bad if you compliment my body, remember i once told you you have nice set of teeth” He said.
“Ohh…you have a nice set of chest too” I said and he laughed.
I was forced to smile too.

“You’re one hell of a funny lady” He said and i shrugged with my lips pressed together.
I finally got the strength to slid off the bed.

“Where to?” He asked with a raised brow.
“My room,i need to get changed and start working” I said searching for my footwear..

I found it.

“Okay,I’ll come join you soon ” He said.
“You don’t have to” I said sliding my feet into my footwear.
“Why?” He asked.
“It’s not the work you’re assigned to do” I said.
“But i…” He was saying but got interrupted by the ringing of his phone.

He shifted closer to his bedside stool and picked it up.

“Katy” He said, his face lighting up.
“I will leave now” I said and he nodded before picking up his call.
I walked out of his room and can’t help but feel a little bit of jealousy.

He smiles whenever he mentions her name.
Is he in love with her? Then why did he kiss me!
Just because my lips is attractive to him huh?

I huffed angrily and opened the door to my room before banging it hard after me.
I peeled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom still fuming.


I was in the shower when my senses came back to me.

Im jealous!
Why the hell should i be jealous?
I’m not freaking here for that,I’m here to eliminate this guy and yet i get jealous whenever i smell any lady close to him.
Isn’t that crazy?

Yeah,he kissed me and i must admit i enjoyed the kiss.
I guess it was just a normal kiss even though i wish it wasn’t.
I wish it wasn’t? Then what did i wished it was?

I sighed and scrubbed my arm.
I don’t understand what I’m feeling anymore.

What is wrong with you?

“Mia,are you done?” Darrel asked loudly jolting me out of my thoughts.
I frowned before answering,i know it’s useless since he can’t see me.
“No, is there anything you want me to do for you?” I asked.

‘Then leave! ‘ I almost said.
“Are you done talking to her?” I found myself asking.
“Yeah,it was a short call” He said.
“Okay” I said, before turning off the shower.
“I’ll wait for you in the living room” He said and i heard my door close.

I rolled my eyes before grabbing a towel from the rack..
I won’t join him downstairs anytime soon,I’m gonna take all my time to clean upstairs.
He should go continue talking to KATY!

I wrapped my towel around my body and removed my shower cap before walking back to my room.
I started getting dressed.


I walked down the stairs after I’m done with the cleaning.
I met him sitting on the couch in the living room with loads of files in front of him.
He’s not looking happy as earlier.

“D. What’s wrong?” I asked.
“The CIA leader just called me now and told me how Steve confirmed that I’m incompetent and not the right person for this investigation” He said.
“Yeah, and he said if i don’t do what I’m here for,he’s gonna lay me off. He’s gonna send me back!” He said rubbing his forehead.

I sighed.
I’m right here before you Darrel!
The person you’re toiling to meet is right here before you.

“Com’on you don’t have to be so worried about this. Everyone knows how difficult this assassin is to apprehend. If it wasn’t so difficult why didn’t they do it themselves. Why did they summon you? ” I said.
“But truly,i think I’m starting to slack. I was trusted to this,that’s the reason i was sent here but I’m not impressing them” He said with a huge frown.

“Impression doesn’t matter Darrel. You know?” I said and he smiled.
“Thanks Mia”
“It’s fine so what are you doing with this files?” I asked.
“I’m checking it out,i might see a clue about her ” He said and i laughed inwardly.

Not even in your dream.

“So have you found any?” I asked.
“Not really… she’s so difficult” He breathed out.
“I’ll advise you to be very careful cause she’s deadly” I said.
“I know but I’m freaking prepared for her” He said.

We shall see…

“Thats a good spirit. Continue with your ‘futile’ search, I’ll go make breakfast now” I said and he nodded.
“I’ll leave for my office” He said and stood up.
I nodded and headed to the direction of the kitchen.

“Mia” I heard Darrel called.
I turned “huh?”
“,Are you hiding anything from me?” He asked with a solemn look that made my heart beat faster.
“What do you mean?” I managed to ask .
“You act like you’re hiding something from me,i noticed that long ago” He said and i quickly forced out a defensive smile.

“Well, everyone i meet do say they feel like I’m hiding something from them but no! I’m not, that’s the way i am. I keep to myself and that make people suspect things that are not true”
“Really?” He asked.
“Of course, what can i be hiding from you. I’ve told you about my family and all” I said.

He shrugged and picked his files.
I just hope he won’t start making investigations about me,now that he’s starting to suspect me.

He won’t find anything about me though.

“So, can i go make breakfast now?” I asked.
“Of course but what i actually mean is that do you have a boyfriend that you’re probably hiding from me?” He asked and i breathed out.
“Why do you think i have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“First,as beautiful as you are,you can’t be single” He said and i smiled.
“Secondly, i..i..i kissed you and you didn’t yelled at me or mention having a boyfriend. And also,the wrong delivery you lied about” He smiled and a gasp escaped my throat.

Nath told him?

“I actually heard you yelling at the guy to leave,i didn’t see the guy though but tell me; do you have a boyfriend?” He asked and i sighed.
“I do not know why most people believe that beautiful girls are always in a relationship.” I said.

“So are you saying you are not in a relationship?” He asked with a raised brow.
“Yeah, I’m single” I said and wondered why his face lit up.
He smiled.
“Why are you smiling?” I asked.
“Am i?” He asked and i nodded.

“Geez” He rubbed his nose and i laughed.
“So what about that guy?” He asked, widening his eyes.
“He’s a pesterer ” I snickered.
“Should i help you kick off his ass?” He scoffed and i laughed.
“I will do that myself when next he comes” I said..

“Good! I gotta go face what I’m sent here for” He said.
“Of course! And i gotta face what I’m employed here for” I said.
“Alright chef Mia” He bowed dramatically.
“Fine, agent Darrel Holden” I saluted,almost stumbling in the process.

We both laughed.

“I’m starving!! Breakfast please! ” Nath yelled from outside and we laughed more.


“The guy is a freaking dickhead” Nath said and i sent him a playful glare.
We were both seated in the compound after having breakfast.

Darrel is in his office, buried in his work.

“Darrel figured out that i lied about the wrong delivery” I said.
“Yeah,i actually thought you spilled the beans” I said.
“Com’on i promised you i won’t so there’s no way i would tell him. You shouldn’t ignore the fact that Agent D. is smart”
“Of course,he’s smarter than the word ‘smart’ ” I smiled.

“So who’s the guy?” Nath asked me.
“You mean the one that came the other day?” I asked and he nodded.
“A pesterer” I said.
“A pesterer? He seems like more” Nath stared into the pool before facing me.

“He’s a friend” I said.
“Ohh… So what’s happening between you and agent D. ?” He asked smiling sheepishly.
“What?” I asked.
His smile widened and i shook my head.
“I don’t understand what you’re saying Nath” I lied.
“Com’on don’t lie to me. You like agent D. right?” He grinned and i stared on.

Is it that obvious?

“Yeah,i like Darrel. I like you too,i like everyone who acts nice to me” I said and he groaned.

I like Darrel cause he’s being nice to me.
That’s all.

“That’s not what i mean” He said and i stood up from the chair.
“You don’t wanna talk but i gat my answer already” He said.
“Which answer huh?” I asked smacking his forehead in the process.
“Ouch” He yelped.

I laughed and stuck out my tongue at him.
“Next time, you don’t try to know the answers to certain things” I said before walking away,still laughing at my wicked act.


“I need to go check on the remaining ones I’m baking” Mia said, throwing a cookie into her mouth.
I nodded with a mouth full of crunchy chocolate cookies.

We were seated in the living room after lunch, having hot chocolate cookies and drink.
Of course Nath has been served his.

I watched her walked to the kitchen with smiles on my face.

She’s single!
Isn’t that a great news?

I don’t know why her single status is giving me so much joy.
I shouldn’t even be concerned about it but I’ve been so concerned since i kissed her.

I can still remember how my lips melted against hers.
How could a kiss be so breathtaking.
I’ve always wanted to kiss her and i couldn’t resist it anymore, not when her lips looked inviting and succulent.

My heart was drawn to her more.
Whatever it is that im feeling for her is increasing and i don’t know if i want it to or not.
I have no control over it.

Do i have feelings for her?
Or i like her just because of how nice and hard-working she is.

I’ve had nice and hard-working ladies but none has ever made me feel this way.
Mia is the only lady that has ever bursted my brain .

But it’s just two weeks,how can i develop feelings in just two weeks.
I think it’s lust and i should get rid of it immediately.
The more i keep thinking about this,the more it seems complicated.

I grabbed the pack of juice and poured more into my glass cup.
I was about lifting it to my mouth when the front door opened and closed with a bang.

Nath doesn’t bang the door.

I turned and was a bit surprised to see Steve walking into the living room with a not so nice look.
I looked behind him but couldn’t see Luke or Edwin.

“They didn’t come with me” He said.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Wow! Enjoying cookies when you’re supposed to work” He said.
“You haven’t answered my question” I said and adjusted on the couch.

He walked closer to me, obviously forcing a smile.
“I’m here to kill you” He said in a whisper.
“I’m not surprised” I laughed.
“You think I’m joking?” He asked.
“Of course you are” I said.

He laughed…”I guess you’re gonna believe me when you start getting visits in the columbarium”
“Get out of here. I think it’s high time i reported you” I said.
“So sad,you won’t get the chance to” He said and i saw him dip his hand in his back pocket.

I know he’s trying to pull out a gun but is he serious?

He pointed the gun at me in a flash, leaving me shocked.
I didn’t knew he was serious this time.
I thought it was one of his normal threats.
How dare he try to kill me!

“I’m gonna kill anyone that appears now” He said wicked,his finger laced on the trigger.

I hope Mia stays in the kitchen.

His pistol was pointed at me in a way that I’ll get shot immediately if I make a move,but I’m Darrel and I’ll definitely make a move.

I sighed and quickly thought of what to do.
“You’re trying to hide your fear right?” He asked.
“Fear? I’m not afraid. I’ve been attacked by better people so who the hell do you think you are?” I asked.

His face went furious and he tightened his finger on the trigger.

“Darrel,the cookies are bur..” Mia was saying but stopped when she saw what was happening.


Steve pointed the pistol in her direction and smiled.
“Remember what i told you” He said.

Mia glanced at me and then back at Steve.
There was no look of fear in her eyes.

“How can you be bitter to this extent?” She asked Steve whose face turned surprise.
I’m surprised too…she’s not even afraid of the gun pointed at her.

I shifted a bit, unknowingly to Steve.
“You can run your mouth but I’m gonna destroy you before you go further” Steve said about pulling the trigger when i kicked the pistol from his hand..

It slid across the floor and i quickly stood up and made to pick it.
He hit me hard in the stomach and i groaned while falling.
I crawled to the direction of the pistol but he crushed my hand with his strong shoes.

“Arrgh!” I gritted my teeth and sent a strong punch in his face.
He staggered back and swore loudly.
We both scurried to the direction of the gun.

Steve was about picking it up when someone kicked it away.
I raised up my head to see Mia.

“Mia, please leave! He’s gonna hurt you” I said.
“Then i guess you don’t know me” She smiled.
She dragged Steve closer to herself and i wondered what she was doing until she sent two punches in his face.


Steve groaned in pain, holding his face in his palms.
He shifted back and tried to hit Mia but she grabbed his arm and twisted it.
She used her knee to send a kick to his stomach before sending a flying kick to his face.

Steve tried to move out of her grip but she didn’t let him.
She sent a flying kick to his face.

He fell flat on the floor, and my mouth went agape.
Why do i think she fights exactly like that assassin?



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