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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 32

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 32

Written By Zeeman

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This is a bullet scar mia! What have you been hiding from me.” He yelled so loud that i stepped back in fear.

“I..i ” I stammered in a shivery voice.
His look was cold and hard.
My stomach heightened to the brim with fear and i almost cursed myself for being so afraid.

“Mia, you were shot?” He asked.
“When i was little” I lied and he sighed in what seems like relief.
He looked at it again and shook his head.
“This looks fresh, just like you were shot recently. Tell me,what are you hiding from me?” He asked.

Come up with something Mia!
Come up with something!

“This is looking fresh cause i just finished freshening up! Why the hell would you accuse me of hiding something from you” I yelled and stormed out of the kitchen.
I hurried to the stairs and started climbing it to my room, breathing heavily.

“Mia” He called after me .
“Believe it or not, i don’t care” I said turning back sharply.
I missed a step in the process.

My eyes widened and i went numb while tumbling down the stairs.
Darrel’s screams echoed in my ears before i heard his loud footsteps.

I stopped tumbling when i got to the edge of the stairs, my breathing came out slow and it was like my mind and soul shut down.
I couldn’t move.

“Mia!” Darrel screamed appearing in front of me.
The tears in his eyes hit me hardly.
“I’m sorry” He cried.

My eyes went blur and i couldn’t see him clearly or hear whatever he was saying.
I only felt myself being lifted.


I paced the hospital reception with Nath by my side.

All i can say is,I’m going crazy at the moment.
Mia is in there with no assurance of surviving the fall.

I caused it!

Why didn’t i believed her.
I pestered her until she tumbled on the stairs.
Why am i always so inquisitive!

“Agent D. What actually went wrong?” Nath asked worriedly.
“I’m not in the mood to answer that” I snapped at him and sat down on a chair.
I bent my head wallowing in regret.

Will she forgive me?
Even if she does,i will never forgive myself.

“Agent D. Doc martins is here” I heard Nath said.
I raised up my head and sprang to my feet.
He’s the one who treats me whenever i get wounded and since then we’ve become close.

“How’s she?” I asked .
“Calm down Mr Darrel, we tried our best and thankfully she’s fine now,she’s in the ICU but will soon be transferred to the ward” He said and the huge burden in my heart lifted immediately.
“Thank you Lord” I screamed happily.
“Yes! She is a survivor” Nath danced and i tried not to laugh but doc Mart couldn’t restrain his laughter.

“She did not sustain any injury,she only passed out due to shock” He said and i sighed.

“Can we go see her?” I asked.
“No!” He said.
“Why?” I almost whined.
“Like i said earlier,she’s still in the intensive care unit, she’ll be transferred to the ward soon and once she’s in the ward,no one is allowed to disturb her till tomorrow. Her brain needs lot of rest. You can go home and come back tomorrow” He said.

I sighed sadly, i won’t be seeing her tonight.

“I’ll stay with her overnight. Nath you can leave” I said.
“No! I need to be with Mia too” Nath said.
“Please” He added.

“Where are you two gonna sleep?” Doc Mart asked.
“The ward” I said.
“No,you can’t stay in the ward with her,she needs full rest without disturbance”
“We’ll stay In the reception then” I said and Nath nodded.

“You can go home Nath” I said.
“Nah! I’m gonna stay” He said.

“You mean you’ll both sleep in the reception?” Doc Mart asked and we nodded.
He sighed ” You can both sleep in her ward then”
“Thanks” We smiled.
“But..” He said.
“What?” He asked.
“No disturbance” He said.
“Of course,I’ll make sure we don’t make a sound” I said.

“Fine then,you can sit here. You’ll be informed if she has been wheeled into the ward” He said.
“Okay doc. Thanks so much” I said and he nodded before walking away.

“Hey” A nurse smiled at me.
“Hi” I said and quickly turned to Nath.
I don’t want her to start any conversation with me.

“She’s hitting on you,hit back” Nath smiled sheepishly and i sent him a hard glare before going to sit.

I’m glad Mia is okay.

Nath sat beside me and rubbed his palms together.
“You’re getting all the attention in here” He said.
“Yeah and i freaking hate it” I said, people stare at me like I’m some sort of god.
“Just choose any lady and they’ll come running to your feet” Nath said.
“Urghh!” I groaned.

Nath stomach rumbled and i glanced at him.

“Huh?” I asked.
“I’m starving” He said.


“Everything about hospital smells and taste the same way” Nath said, biting into his burger.
We were seated in the hospital cafeteria having our late dinner.

I only ordered for coffee,to keep me awake all night.

“What really happened to Mia?” Nath asked.
“I told you she tumbled down the stairs” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“She missed a step on the stairs.” I said.
“Were you both having an argument?” He asked.

I sighed “Yeah”

He nodded and turned back to his dinner while i gulped the rest of my coffee.


Nath and i walked into the ward after doc Mart ordered us to.

I had to restrain the urge to run to her and hug her tightly on the bed.
Her eyes were closed and her skin was looking pale and fragile.

“” Nath said and wanted to walk to her but i held him back.
“Remember what doc Mart said” I said.
“Oh” He nodded.


I dozed as i held her hand in mine.


I guess the coffee wasn’t strong enough.
I want to be up all night to keep an eye on Mia.

I glanced over at Nath who was deeply asleep with his mouth slightly opened.
He actually boasted about being up all night too.
I sighed and turned my gaze back to Mia.

She hasn’t made any slightest movement and I was starting to get afraid.
Her breathing is coming out fine though.

I wish she can just open those eyes..
I missed them seriously.
And her lips,why are they looking so dry that i want to kiss her badly.

I cleared the strands on hair on her forehead with my finger and felt her temperature.


“I’m sorry Mia” I said, tightening my hold on her hand.

I placed my head beside hers and closed my eyes.
I can’t resist the sleep anymore.


🕰️Next morning🕰️

I woke up to some sounds and chatters.
I opened my eyes and realised i was still in the ward.

It’s morning already and the hospital workers already got to work.

Mia is still asleep and i glanced at our intertwined hands.

I need to go call Doc Mart, she should open her eyes already.
I heard a loud yawn and realized Nath was in the ward too.

He’s going back to sleep.

“Nath” I called but he turned to the other side to get more sleep.


I should yell him name but that might startle Mia.
I slowly released her hand and got up from the chair.

“Ahh” I groaned in pain.
My back hurt terribly,I’ve never slept in this position.

I stretched and felt a bit better…
I need to go freshen up and also get some clothes for Mia but I’ll go see Doc Mart first.

I kissed her soft cheeks and couldn’t help but stare at her as i made my way out of the ward.


I sighed in satisfaction as i draped my towel around my waist.
I just finished having a soothing shower and it cooled my nerves.

I walked into my room,dried my body and got into the clothes i laid on the bed.
I dried my hair and brushed it backwards.

I selected blue footwear and slide my feet into it.
I’ll just make toastbread for breakfast.
She loves it.

I walked out of my room,climbed down the stairs and headed to the kitchen.


I washed the dishes after i was done packing Mia’s breakfast.
I wiped my hands off a napkin and headed out of the kitchen.

I hurried to Mia’s room. I need to take some clothes for her.
That hospital wear makes her look … Urghh!

I opened the door to her room and stepped in.
I walked to the wardrobe and pulled it open.

Mia has few clothes.
She doesn’t like dressing up like other girls yet her beauty strikes one to the bone.

Doc Mart informed me of some crazy male doctors offering to be the one in charge of Mia’s treatment! And it had took all the strength in me not to barge into their offices and beat the hell out of them one after the other.

I should be quick and return there.

I selected a pink t-shirt and black pants.
I folded it neatly and placed it in an empty paper bag.
I closed the wardrobe and was about walking out of her room when i thought of her undies.


I turned back and glanced at the drawers.
It should be in one of them.

I started pulling it open till i got to the last two.
They were locked.

Why did she have to lock them?

I rolled my eyes around the drawers, dressing table, chair.
The key should be near..

I searched and searched for minutes.
I was about giving up when i sighted the key just behind her body lotion on the dressing table .

I smiled and picked it up.

I bent and inserted the key into the lock.
I pulled the drawer open and my mouth also fell open at the same time.


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