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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 52

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 52

Written By Zeeman

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I couldn’t see clear of the darkness but i knew there was something going on. Light was streaming through and i could hear distance voices.

“Nurse…. Have you scribbled that on his file?”
“Yes doc”

Where am i?
Why’s the darkness so thick?
Am i dreaming?
Why can’t i talk?

More dots of light pierced into the darkness and i remembered Mia. My love.
Where’s she?

The voices i was hearing started getting clearer and i feel closer to the light but still i felt stuck.

What really happened to me?
Memories flashed in my head and i remembered leaving home at night in my car… Then…then…
The flashback stopped there..

Why can’t i remember.

The tiny dots of light piercing the darkness because a straight line, i could feel my eyelids moving and my memory started coming into focus slowly.
I was going to capture that assassin that night and then Katy joined me, i yelled at her for coming and as we were going to the building i was guarding, we heard some cops groaning in pain and then she came out.
The assassin.

The flashback started closing again but i found myself pushing through it.
She pushed Katy before slapping and scratching her on the face and as i was about grabbing the pistol from her….

My stuck eyes suddenly flew open and the dots of light i was seeing became clearer.
I’m not seeing darkness anymore, I’m seeing light all over me.
Where am i?

“Doctor Mart!!!” I heard someone scream beside me but i couldn’t turn my neck.
I’m in a hospital?….Aaaargh!

“, he’s awake” I heard a familiar male voice.
“Darrel” He called and i noticed my mouth couldn’t move. I can’t talk .
“OMG Darrel” The man said again bringing his face closer to mine.

Doctor Mart.

Where’s Mia?

I finally found the strength to say the only name that mattered to me at that moment.



He only asked to see Katy?

My happiness died down gradually as Katy gladly walked away with doctor Mart.
I sat down.
Darrel just hurt my feelings.

I’ve been going crazy about wanting to see him and he only requested to see Katy?
Well…how will he know how much I’ve been longing to see him.
Or has he probably know I’m the assassin.
Is he aware that I’m the one that shot him and wants to tell Katy about it?


I breathed out deeply as i imagined the worst.
“Mia are you down cause Darrel requested to see Katy only?” Nath asked and i shook my head.
“Com’on don’t lie to me”
“Yeah, I’m a bit down because of that but it’s fine, i understand he’s just coming out of coma. He’ll ask of me soon. I’m so happy he’s alive” I smiled.

“Me too” he said and sat beside me.
“I was thinking he was gonna spend months in coma with how doc Mart delivered the news to us”
“Agent D. Is a fighter,he fought his way to life” Nath smiled.

“I can’t wait to see him and touch him, I’ve missed his touch” I said.
“Hmm” Nath teased and i hit him playfully.
He laughed.

I picked my phone and unlocked it.
I started viewing Darrel’s pictures.
I hope this good skin hasn’t gone pale.

“Nath, when you saw Darrel. His body had changed right?”
“Yeah , his skin had gone pale” Nath said.
“That’s expected” I said sadly but I’m damn sure he’s still gonna maintain his looks.


“I’m getting impatient already” I said after two hours.
“Me too”
“What the hell are they still doing in there, we should be allowed to see him too” I said.

We’ve been waiting endlessly for two hours knowing Darrel is awake in there.
“I’m damn sure that doc doesn’t want me to see him and it won’t be nice if i go meet him in that damn office” I said.
“Just chill Mia” Nath said.

“Katy is in there with him and we’re sitting out here waiting, it’s not nice” I said, getting on my feet.
Nath also stood up.

“You know the way right?” I asked.
“Yeah but let’s be more patient… good! Here he comes” He said and i saw doc Mart approaching.
“Why make us wait that long?” I asked.
“Well…we moved him to the ward. You can come with me now” He said and i smiled.

“Let’s go” I said walking ahead of them.
“Do you know the ward already?” Doc Mart asked.
“Ohh…no” I said.
“Then where were you going to?” He asked.
“To Darrel of course” I said.
“Without knowing the ward?”
“Ahhh! You can lead then” I said and shifted aside.

He got to the front while Nath and i followed him eagerly.
My excitement rose as we finally stood in front of the ward, i didn’t wait for doctor Mart to open the door.
I pushed it open and stepped in. Katy became invisible,the only person i saw was my Darrel, laying on the bed with his eyes widely opened.

His skin looks pale but not as pale like i thought.
‘he has lost weight too’ I thought sadly.

“Mia” He called slowly and i almost cried at the love i saw in his eyes.
“Come here” He said and i rushed to him and hugged him tightly, my whole nerves calm down instantly and my heart begin it’s normal movement whenever I’m around Darrel.
“I missed you” I said, kissing him all over the face.

“What!” Katy exclaimed but i ignored her and swore inwardly to kill her right there if she interrupts me.
“I miss you more” Darrel said.
“Look at you, you gave us a scare” I said.
“I’m sorry” He smiled weakly.
“Are you okay? Are you fine? Are you feeling pain anywhere??” I asked.
“I am” He frowned.
“Where?” I asked.
“My lips” He said.
“Uh?…Your lips?” I asked and he nodded.
“Kiss me” He smiled.
“Huh? You’re nasty” I chuckled, before pressing my lips on his.

I could tell he was as surprised as everyone.
I don’t normally do this and i don’t know what prompted me too but it feels good.
We both know about our feelings for each other and it won’t be bad if we kiss right?

“That’s a get well soon gift from me” I smiled after we disengaged from the kiss.
“Then i would gladly fall into coma again” He said and we laughed excluding doc Mart and Katy who was still looking shocked.

“W..what did you just did?” Katy asked.
“I just kissed Darrel” I said.
“But you’re a mere housekeeper!” She yelled.
“Well..that’s what you think” I said.
“Darrel,you allowed her to?”
“I told her to.” Darrel replied and pressed his lips together.

I swallowed the urge to kiss him again.

“What took you so long to come see me” Darrel said.
“Doc Mart said you only requested to see Katy, he only came to get us minutes ago” I said.
“No! I wanted to see Katy too but i asked of you first” He said.

“What!” I exclaimed, turning to doc Mart who was staring at his feet.
“Damn! I’m gonna sue you for this! How could you lie?” I screamed, feeling like punching him in the face.
“I’m sure he made a mistake” Darrel said.
“He didn’t, this man is an ugly frog who goes about hating on people” I said.
“Com’on babe” Darrel patted my hand.

I can tell he’s still weak and i won’t wanna bother him more.
I sent Doc Mart a final glare before turning to Darrel.

He smiled as i pushed back the strands of hair covering his forehead while staring into his eyes.

‘im so sorry for hurting you Darrel’

“How did coma feel like? Was it stuffy? Dark? Boring? Terrible?” I asked.
“Arrrrgh!” He rubbed his forehead and i pouted.
“You want me to answer all that?” He asked and i nodded.
“Then get me something to eat,Doc, can i eat now?” He asked.
“Y.. yeah and I’ve called the CIA leader, he’ll be here soon”

“I’ll leave now Mr Darrel,I’ll come check on you later” doc Mart said before walking out.
Katy also started walking to the door.

“Katy, where to?” Darrel asked .
“Uh… restroom” She replied before walking out.
“What should i prepare for you?” I asked.
“Anything, I’m starving” He said..
“Of course you should be”

“Looks like I’ve been forgotten here, i should leave then” Nath said.
“, Nath! I’m so sorry, come” Darrel smiled.
I watched as they both embraced each other with smiles.

“Agent D.” Nath said smiling happily.
“I’m gonna be needing Mia to increase the portion of my meal, we’ve not been eating fine since last two days” Nath said and we laughed.


To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement.
I’m not even sure my heart is in my chest anymore. I want to cry out my pain but i can’t, not in front of this people.

Darrel doesn’t have feelings for me but Mia instead.
I should have known! But i kept waving it off.
Their love for each other is obviously strong and i know there’s nothing i can do anymore.

I feel broken.
I can’t just let this go.

I’ll make sure i dig out all i suspected about Mia.

“Doc Mart” I called after we were both out of the ward.
He stopped and turned to me.

“ said Mia was once admitted here right?”
“Can i see the CCTV footage?”



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