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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 54

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 54

Written By Zeeman

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I’ve found a clue about the assassin” Katy said and i sat upright.
“Really?” My eyes widened.
“Yeah” She said, glaring at Mia..

I wonder when her hatred for Mia will subside.

“Go on and tell me” I said.
“With these people around?” She asked.
“Of course. We’re all in this together”
“Nah! We’re not in this together. What the hell have they done since you started this case” Katy said.
“They’ve contributed a lot Katy, they are just like my second family here in New York” I said.

“Oh.. really?” She asked.
“Like seriously what the hell is wrong with you? What has come over you? You were sent here to solve a case but you started off with love instead or should i say lust. You’re lusting after your housekeeper!” Katy said angrily.

“I’m not lusting after her! I love her” I said.
“That’s what you think, you’re only lusting after her cause she’s beautiful with nice curves” Katy said.
“No, you’re wrong. I love her and I’m even still gonna love her even if her beauty fades, I’m gonna love regardless of whatever..” I said and saw Mia glanced at me.

Nath shifted beside me on the bed before clearing his throat.

“I guess i should excuse you” He said, about getting down from the bed.
“Nah, just stay” I said.

“You’re gonna love her regardless of whatever?” Katy asked and i nodded.
She smiled sadly.

I want Katy to also go on with her life.
She should just stop loving or crushing on me.
I don’t feel anything for her than just friends.
Eric told me about the guy head over heels in love with Katy, she should go set up something with the guy too.

“I guess there’s no need to tell you anything then” She said and turned to Mia.
“I don’t know what your aim is yet but i promise you i’ll dig it out. You this bloody pretender!” Katy yelled before storming out of the ward turning deaf ears to my calls.

I sighed and rested my head.
There was silence, neither Mia nor Nath were talking.

“When did the Doctor said i can leave the bed?” I asked.
“Tomorrow” Nath answered.
I nodded and glanced at Mia, her eyes were red and watery with tears.

Ah !
Is she hurt by what Katy just said?

I pulled her to my chest and she let out the tears she was holding.
I saw Nath stood up and quietly left the ward.

“It’s okay” I said patting her back gently.
“You shouldn’t mind the words Katy said. She said it out of anger”

“That’s not the reason I’m crying” She said.
“Really? Then why are you crying?” I asked.
“You said you’ll love me regardless of whatever i do” She said.
“Is that why you’re crying?” I asked and she nodded.

I never knew she was this emotional.

I wiped her tears with my palm and smiled.

“You will keep loving me even if i do the worst thing on earth?” She asked and i nodded.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
“Yes Mia”

She smiled and rested her head on my chest comfortably.
“Do you know Katy has feelings for you?” She asked with her eyes closed.
“Of course i do”
“And you don’t feel the same for her?”
“We would have gotten married if i feel the same for her. Katy has been harboring her feelings for me for years”

“Her hatred for me is understandable but she doesn’t know that in life, you can’t have everything”
“I wish she can hear what you just said. I wish she can move on, i feel bad not to have returned her feelings, i really wanted to but it didn’t work out”

“She’s beautiful,she should give other guys the chance” Mia said drowsily.
She’s about to sleep.

“I wish she could” I said and the next thing i heard was Mia’s heavy breathing.

She’s asleep already..

I chuckled at her slightly opened mouth and crooked eyebrows.

My phone.
I carefully picked my phone on the stool.
I took few shots of her and ended up laughing which stirred her.

She rolled off my chest to the bed and her face looked more funny.
I laughed and quickly took more shots .

She’ll be so mad to see this.

I smiled and dropped my phone before pulling the blanket over her body.
She made me laugh even in her sleep.
I don’t have any other wish than to spend the rest of my life with her.

She’s just so perfect.

Katy should just tell me whatever clue she has.
I wanna finish up this case and go ahead with my plans for Mia.

Darrel, you have been on this case for two months without even getting a lead.
This is unlike me.
Very unlike me.

I poured myself some water and gulped it down my throat.
It didn’t made me feel better.

I dropped the glass cup and laid beside Mia.
Some sleep should do the trick..

I closed my eyes but opened it back when i heard the sound of the door.

“Oh … Doc Mart” I said.
“Darrel, how are you feeling now?” He asked walking closer, he spared Mia some unfriendly glances before turning back to me.
“Why did you look at her that way?” I asked.
“Darrel, you need to understand something” He said.
“What?” I asked. “And don’t ever look at her in that degrading manner again” I added.

“Oh..I’m sorry about that but there’s something you need to know” He said.
“What is it?” I asked.
“This lady here is not who you think she is” He said.
“What do you mean by that?”

“She’s a dangerous person and I’m damn sure there’s a lot going on under that innocent eyes of hers. I came to tell you this so you won’t fall into her trap. You can remember when you asked me to check the scars on her arm, i told you they are bullet scars and you also knew they were bullet scars but she lied to you and you believed her. Well, we’ve started investigation. Katy and i. Can you believe she left the hospital on the second night she was admitted here? The CCTV footage in her ward and hallway was blank but we found out from one of the nurses on duty that night that Mia left the hospital. Isn’t that suspicious? We’re making more findings on her and I’m sure you’ll also detest her by the time we dig out whatever she’s hiding ” He finally concluded.

“Are you done?” I asked.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Are you done?”
“Yeah” He said.
“Get out.” I said.
“What!” He exclaimed. “Is that what you’ll say to everything I’ve just said?”
“Get out!” I nearly yelled but stopped cause of Mia.

I wouldn’t want to disturb her sleep.

“OMG! You’ve been bewitched” Doc Mart said before walking out of the door.
I sighed in anger and sat up on the bed.
I picked my phone.
How could Katy do this?
How could she investigate Mia?
I never knew her hatred for Mia had gone this far.

I placed a call across Katy but it directed me to voicemail.
‘A message will do’ I thought but then message won’t express the anger I’m feeling right now.

I was about getting up from the bed when Mia cuddled me.
I smiled and drew her closer before kissing her forehead.


We all laughed heartily to Nath’s joke…..
Caroline is here too, to check on me and Nath is looking as happy as ever.

“What would you like to have Carol?” Mia asked, she woke up minutes after Caroline arrived.
“I’m perfectly okay for now” She said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m glad agent D is fine. I was so scared” She said.
“I should have visited before now but Nath didn’t inform me, i was in Paris and I’m just returning from the airport now. Nath is just telling me now” She said.

“I knew you went there for business and i wouldn’t want you to lose it” Nath said.
“Yeah, i wouldn’t even have allowed him call you” I said.
“Anyway, seeing you in good condition is giving me great joy. I’m glad you survived” She said..

“I’m glad too, how would i have coped. I was almost loosing my mind” Mia said and i smiled happily, she cares a great deal about me.
“Wow!” Carol smiled.
“We ladies cares a lot” She added.
“Of course” Mia said and Nath tapped his feet on the floor loudly with a hard look.

We all laughed.


I sat in Darrel’s office drowned in thought while listening to kiss me by Ed Sheeran.
I’m confused.

Who the hell are you?

Darrel once said he has never seen her receive calls in his presence.
She doesn’t have a picture of her family.
She looks like she’s hiding a lot..
There’s this bad aura surrounding her.
And the most puzzling thing is about the CCTV footage.

It only affected her ward and hallway.
I tried to wave off the thought I’m having but it won’t go away…

The assassin…
Mia has the same eyes as the assassin and with the way she is so secretive…
Could she.. could she…
There are lots of people with the same colour of eyes, but …

My thoughts are never wrong.
I could remember the night i went to join Darrel, i couldn’t find Mia in her room and there was no sound coming from the bathroom either.
I had thought the bathroom was soundproofed but now I’m convinced it’s not.

I should go into Mia’s room now to back up my thoughts but her door is locked.
Why will she lock the door to her room?
She just convinced me that there’s more to her.

Well…i should do what i came home for.
I powered Darrel’s laptop and inserted the password.
It opened.

I wanna check if the date the CCTV footage was tampered with corresponds with any date of murder here.
If it corresponds, then….?

I clicked on Darrel’s files and held my breath while scrolling through the dates.!
It corresponds.

The date, the exact time and…

Could Mia… be the assassin?


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