Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 57

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 57

Written By Zeeman

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I’ve been pondering on it since i suspected Mia to be the assassin.
I have some proof that she is but they are not concrete enough.

Could she be the assassin? And yet live under the same roof with a CIA agent, transferred from California to apprehend her?
The more i think of it,the more confusing it gets.

I’ve tried sneaking into her room severally but her door is always locked,even if she’s just downstairs in the kitchen.
Who does that?
Obviously she’s hiding something and it’s definitely a bad thing one mustn’t hear of.

And her phone, she never drops it,even if she finally drops it,I’m damn sure it’s gonna have a password but I’m gonna apply one of the tricks Eric thought me.

I miss him though.

I plan to leave here tomorrow but i don’t think i can anymore, i need to figure this out.

How will i do it?
Should i confront her?

That won’t work but that’s the only thing i can do.
By confronting her,I’ll watch her expression.

Hmmm…I should think of another way..
If im also accused to be an assassin,i wouldn’t hesitate to scratch out the person’s face.

I packed my dishes and stood up from the couch.
I started heading to the kitchen at the same time Mia walked out of Darrel’s office.
The plate she was carrying was empty and i felt jealous immediately knowing Darrel does not like eating when working,no matter how one forces him but he just finished Mia’s meal.

What the hell have she enchanted him with?
Could she be an enchanter?

I felt like smashing the whole plate on her head as i walked behind her.

I’m a bit glad, i distanced myself from Darrel.
I need to let go of my feelings for him, if i keep getting close to him, then my feelings would never erase.

I think this is the best time to confront Mia.
I breathed out deeply before rushing to block her movement and without thinking, i blurted out the question.

“You’re the assassin, aren’t you?” I asked and was shocked to see her frozen.
The Mia i know would have yelled at me the moment i said that but she just stood, looking ashen like someone whose deadly secret has been revealed.

Her whole face had turn pale and she didn’t even moved.

This can mean only one thing…
Mia is the assassin!!!
She just confirmed my suspicion.


“W..what did you just say?” She finally asked, slowly dropping the tray in her hand.
I noticed her breathing was uneven.
” I asked if you’re the assassin and no doubt you are” I said and turned to leave but she pulled me back roughly with my hair.


“Are you nuts!” She yelled.
“I’m not! You are” I yelled back, dropping my tray.
“How dare you accuse me of something I’m not!”
“Don’t try to cover it up, you are.” I said.
“Your proof?” She asked.
“I saw it in your expression just now! You were looking like someone whose deadly secret has just been revealed”

“Ohh…my expression?” She laughed. “That’s the only proof you have?” She asked mockingly.

As a CIA agent, I’m not allowed to tell my suspect the proofs I’ve acquired.
But is Mia truly the assassin?
I can’t just judge with facial expression.

I need concrete evidence.

“I know you hate me but i never knew the hate was so strong to the extent that you’d accuse me of being an assassin. I was shocked and disappointed at the same time and that explains my expression okay?” She said..


“Well i’m sorry for accusing you and i don’t hate you” I said.
“Whatever” She said before heading towards the stairs.
“Why do you always lock your room?” I blurted out.
“Because of some relentless insects like you” She said and walked out of my sight.

I sighed and picked up my tray, i continued my journey to the kitchen.

You need to do some thinking.

Great thinking.


Damn!” I swore as i walked into my room.

I almost gave way for her suspicion.
I never knew it was just suspicion at first, and as soon as i knew,i quickly acted up.

I was scared outta my wits.

I just had to quickly act up and i guess i did well cause it seems she believed me.
So she could fall for my cheap lie, despite how clever she is.

Is that how good my acting is?

I smiled and walked to my window,i parted the curtain and peered out.
It’s chilly.

For Katy to have suspected me,confronted me, then she must have gathered enough proof .
I must admit she’s damn good in her field of work, she’ll do everything she can to confirm her suspicion about me.

What do i do?

I heard little sounds on the rooftop and then saw the atmosphere change, it began drizzling,the water droplets began growing wider and falling frequently.

“It’s raining” I shouted excitedly before rushing out of my room…
Even with how excited i am, i didn’t forgot to lock my door.

I rushed down the stairs to the living room and then outside.
I surrendered completely to the rain as i walked under it.

Droplets of water hit my hair, my skin and my dress.
I had gotten drenched in seconds as the rain grew heavy.

I laughed happily, brushing my wet hair off my face .

Rain have always been my only source of comfort.
It comforted me even when my brother and mother left me in this cold world.
Well…the world doesn’t seem cold anymore when i met Darrel.
I discovered there’s more to life than we think and i wish i never became an assassin.

And just like i normally do when i was little till my teen age.

I cried in the rain.


I walked back inside when the rain stopped, my clothes and hair was dripping wet.
No one was in the living room, i walked to the stairs and started climbing it to my room .

“Geez!” I exclaimed when i nearly slipped.
I laughed till i got to my door.
I inserted the key into the lock and twisted it.
It opened and i walked in, i closed the door after me and started pulling off my wet clothes as i headed to the bathroom.

I dumped my clothes in the laundry basket before filling the tub with warm soapy water.
I slide in and sighed satisfactorily.
I smiled as i played with the bubbles.

I feel happy whenever i get the chance to be under the rain.
Though it brings back some memories i would love to forget but i feel so relieved and stress-free whenever I’m under it.

I thought about my future with Darrel while i was under the rain and i wish wishes come true.
Even if we spend hundreds of years together, Darrel will one day find out about me.

Shouldn’t i just tell him,to make things easier?
No, i can’t.
There’ll be disaster. But it’ll be more disastrous if he finds out himself.
He would never trust me again..

I shivered at the realization.

My warm water have gone cold..
Well,I’ve stayed long enough in the tub.


I sat down on the breakfast bar in the kitchen,clad in Darrel’s t-shirt and shorts. It feels so free on my body and i love it.
After i got out of the tub, I didn’t felt like putting on my own clothes, i don’t know what pushed me to Darrel’s room.

I took one of his shirt and shorts and then put it on.
I had feel so good and i still do.

I smiled as i sipped my hot coffee.
The cookies should get baked already, I’m hungry.
I had started baking it at the same time i was making my coffee and now my coffee is ready but the cookies is not.

Well … I don’t expect it to get ready at the same time.

I stared at the oven wishing the timer would go off and yes it did!

My first wish that ever came through.
Who said wishes doesn’t come true?

I stood up eagerly and walked to the oven.
I opened it and checked the cookies.

Brown like i always love it.
I put off the oven and brought out the cookies.
It’s in two trays.

We’re gonna eat the cookies in the first tray and then I’m gonna store the ones in the second tray.

I picked my phone and placed a call across Nath.

📞Mia” He said.

📞Come have some cookies.

📞On my way” He said excitedly and i laughed.

I disconnected the call and returned my phone to the pocket of Darrel’s shorts.

I picked a cookie.

So hot, but i didn’t let it go.
I threw it into my mouth and chewed it fast.
I opened my mouth wide, blowing out the hot breath while eating the cookies. My tongue felt as if it was on fire.

I regretted eating the cookie that hot, it has burnt my tongue already.
It’s tasty though.

I opened the refrigerator and poured myself some cold water, i quickly gulped it down..
It eased some of the pain.


I walked out of the kitchen to the living room.
I met Katy seated.
I wonder why she’s always on her laptop , what does she do on it.

“Katy do you care for some cookies?” I asked.
“Huh?” She asked, obviously surprised.
“Do you care for some cookies?” I asked again.
“No” She said.

“Okay” I said walked back to the kitchen.
I walked past Darrel’s office door and decided not to disturb him.
He’s gonna have his when he’s out.


I closed my laptop and stood up.
I’m feeling so pressed.

I walked to the door and unlocked it, i stepped out and closed it right behind me.

“Wow” I grinned as i perceived the aroma of cookies.
I headed to the kitchen instead of the restroom.
The aroma deepened as i neared the kitchen.

I got to the door and smiled when i saw Mia sitting on the breakfast stool while eating cookies and sipping coffee.
She was all smiles.

And isn’t that my t-shirt and shorts.
I chuckled lightly, it’s looking so good and free on her.
Her hair is just in a simple ponytail and her face free of makeup,yet she looks so beautiful.

I smiled happily, knowing how lucky i am to have secured her heart.

I cleared my throat and she turned.
“Darrel” she smiled wider and my heart raced with her love.
“So,you never planned to call me to join you” I teased as i walked closer to her .
“Nah! Look, i already packed yours” She said pointing to the plate beside hers.
i didn’t want to disturb you” She added.

I nodded and picked a cookie from her plate.
“Yummy” I said as i chewed it.
“Thanks” She smiled.

“Look, I’m putting on your clothes” She giggled.
“I know, i will go put on yours too when I’m done with these cookies” I said .
“My clothes are gonna tear off even before it gets to your shoulder” She said and we both laughed.

My phone’s ringtone interrupted us.

I brought it out from my pocket..

CIA leader.

I cleared my throat before answering the call.

📞Good day Mr Lance.

📞 Good day Darrel. Luke is on his way to the house .

📞 Okay.

📞With your new housekeeper” He added.



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