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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 58

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 58

Written By Zeeman

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I cleared my throat before answering the call.

📞Good day Mr Lance.

📞 Good day Darrel. Luke is on his way to the house .

📞 Okay.

📞With your new housekeeper” He added.


“What?” Mia asked in a whisper..
I swallowed hard.

📞What is wrong?” Mr Lance asked.

📞Huh… nothing?

📞I hope your housekeeper left already? If not,she better start packing her things now.

📞Mr Lance can you give my housekeeper more time? Please.

📞No, i can’t. And like i said earlier, your new housekeeper is on the way…

📞Mr Lance…” I was saying but the call already disconnected.


“What’s wrong?” Mia asked looking worried,she already stood on her feet.
I blew out a breath and brushed my hair with my hand.

Mia can’t leave .

“Darrel, what happened?” She asked worriedly.
“Luke is on his way here…”
“And?” She asked anxiously.
“With the new housekeeper” I said and saw her face turn sour..
“W.. what!” She exclaimed with a shaky voice.

“I’ll be leaving here today?” She asked, her eyes teary.
“No, you’re not leaving here” I said.
“I knew they’ll quickly come up with another housekeeper. I knew!” She said.
“Don’t be sad okay? I won’t make you leave here”
“What can you do when they already made order. ” She said.
“I know what to do Mia”
“I knew your plan won’t work” She sniffed back tears.

“Com’on Mia, just trust me this time okay? If only they can be more patient, im almost done with this case. And I’m damn sure to capture her on her next mission.”
“I should better start packing” she said.
“No, don’t. You won’t leave here. I won’t allow that” He said.
“You won’t allow what?” We heard and turned to see Katy standing by the kitchen door.

“Darrel what has come over you? They’re trying to help you by putting your distraction away yet you keep pulling it back”
“She’s not a distraction! And it’s better you shut up cause you caused all this in the first place” I said angrily.
“Darrel i was trying to help you” She said.
“I don’t need your help!” I yelled drawing Mia close.

The doorbell rang interrupting further talk.

“I’ll go get it” Katy walked away..
“They are here” I said and Mia nodded.

“You’re welcome Luke” we heard Katy said.
“Come” I took Mia’s hand and led her to the living room.
They were already seated.
It’s a guy and he kinda looked skittish.
Brown spiky hair, huge black eyes,oval face and medium sized body.

Well…my plan should work.

“What do you care for?” Katy asked.
“Drink will do for now” Luke said.
“Okay, I’ll be right back” She said and i wonder what’s making her excited.

“She has not left yet?” Luke asked referring to Mia.
“Yeah,she has not and she won’t” I said firmly.
I made Mia sit before sitting beside her.

“So, he’s the one right?” I asked Luke who nodded.
“Darrel, Mia shouldn’t be seated here with us. That is against the ethics” Luke said .
“Sh..” I was saying .
“I’ll leave Darrel. It’s truly against your work ethic” Mia said standing up and before i could say anything,she walked away.

I sighed.


I stood in the dining room, placing my ear close to the curtain to eavesdrop.

“So what’s your name?” Darrel asked..
“Joel Bricks.”
“Are you the only child?” Darrel asked.
“No, i have a sibling” The guy said.

“Ohh…I guess you know what you’re here for” Darrel said.
“Yeah, housekeeping”
“Do you know who i am?” Darrel asked.
“Uhh…no. ”
“Okay then, have you heard about the anonymous assassin murdering people in this city?” Darrel asked.

“Y..yes” The guy said and i could sense fear in his voice.
I held back my laughter.
I slowly shifted the curtain aside and peeped.
“Well…I’m the secret CIA agent in charge of the case” Darrel said.

The guy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, glancing at Luke.
“But this wasn’t what you told me” Joel said to Luke.
“That is not all. The assassin do come here every night….” Darrel have not finished talking before the guy jumped up in fright..

He ran out of the door and this time i couldn’t hold my laughter.
I laughed out loud.
“Darrel! Why did you do this!” Luke yelled.
“Well, i simply filled the housekeeper in on what he should prepare for or is that against the ethics too?” Darrel asked.

“Luke sighed angrily before standing up.
He walked out.

I stepped out of the dining room,the same time Katy fumed out.
I guess she was also eavesdropping.

“Darrel! How could you!” She yelled.
“Hey! You’re not entitled to interfere in any matter concerning this case okay?” Darrel yelled back.
“Ohh… really?”

” I’m not entitled to that truly but i guess I’m entitled to call boss!” She smirked, bringing out her phone.
“Go ahead!” Darrel said.

“Katy, please don’t” I pleaded but Darrel stopped me.
“Let her be Mia” Darrel said.
“Katy, Darrel might lose his job. Please” I pleaded.
She sent me a glare as she dialled their boss’s number.

She placed it on loudspeaker.

📞Boss” She said.

📞Katy, how are you?

📞I’m fine. Boss, Darrel’s housekeeper is still in his house”

📞 Really?” The boss said.

📞Yes Boss.

📞! what the hell is wrong with Darrel!

📞That’s not all boss, a new housekeeper was brought in now and Darrel scared him away.

📞What! Why’s Darrel so bent on ruining our reputation. I’m on my way to New York now.


📞And if the housekeeper is still in the house. I’ll make sure Darrel lose his job” He said angrily before disconnecting the call.


“To hell with you Katy!” I yelled…
“You’re the worst friend I’ve ever seen” I said.

She has a sober look on.

“I’m sorry dar..”
“Hey!!” Darrel interrupted her harshly.

“Darrel, I’m leaving. I won’t want you to lose your job” I said.
“No, Mia. ” He said.
“Just let me go”
“Please Mia, stay”
“I can’t. Loosing your job is just like loosing your dream. It’ll wreck you Darrel and i don’t want that to happen. I know how much you love your job. Please just let me leave, we’ll still get to see each other” I said and quickly ran to my room to start packing my things.



“Bye Darrel” Mia said walking to the door with her luggage.
Her eyes were red and i know she already cried before coming downstairs.
I felt pained.
She’s leaving for me.
She doesn’t want me to lose my job. She cares for me,she cares for my future.

I sent Katy a deadly glare,right from this moment she already cease to be my friend.

“Mia…” I said.
“Please just let me go Darrel, I’ll give you a call” she said.
“No..” I was saying.
“Please, do this for me” She pleaded.
“It’s raining” I said and she smiled sadly.
“You know i love rain”
“Take my car” I said.
“It’s an official car, i can’t” She said.
“I have to leave now. Your boss will arrive any time soon” She said.

She walked to me and kissed me fully on the lips.

“Bye” she said and walked out…
I feel so hurt watching her leave.

I turned to Katy who stood, looking sorry.

“She’s gone, what are you also waiting for? Get the hell out of my sight, pack your things and leave too!” I said.
“Of course i will leave but i need to tell you something before i leave”
“Say whatever you wanna say, im going after Mia now” I said.

I can’t let her go alone in this harsh rain.

“Don’t waste my ti…” I was saying but was shocked by what she said next.
“Mia is the assassin you’ve been toiling to apprehend” She said.

“I have my proof” She said, shocking me further.


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