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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 60

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 60

Written By Zeeman

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I..i am the assassin you came over to New York to apprehend” I said with my eyes tightly closed.

Fear raced in my heart, and all i could think of that moment was Darrel facial expression.
My breathing cease and i could not open my eyes cause i can’t bear to see the pain or rather shock in Darrel’s eyes.

I had decided to tell him the truth the moment i walked out of the house.
I was just few houses away and i saw how Darrel drove out of the compound, obviously in search of me.

It had been a hard decision cause i know he things will fall apart, he won’t like me anymore but Darrel is someone i should not keep things from,especially this terrible secret of mine.
If he finds out himself,then it’ll be more disastrous.

I had cried as i stood in the rain, though i love being in the rain but this is a different case cause i knew by tomorrow i would be in the cell.
I won’t be seeing Darrel nor Nath again.

Well i should pay a huge price for my actions.
I killed people mercilessly… Is there any other greater punishment than death?

It had taken the whole of my strength to finally open up to Darrel and right now my stomach churned in anticipation.

Bad anticipation.

Katy knows about it, she knows who i am,she knows I’m the assassin even if there’s not enough proof.

She knows.

Yet she kept quiet? She should have helped me tell Darrel instead of making me feel this horrible.
I should be in prison without having to face Darrel.

But would he have believed?

Darrel trusts me so much. He trusts me so much but now I’ve betrayed that trust.
I wish i met him before meeting boss, but even if i had met him then. I would still go for boss cause my whole heart cried for blood.
I stopped memories from replaying in my head.

I need to face this present situation.

My breathing raced when i realised Darrel has not said anything for minutes.

He has been mute.

He must be shocked, hurt and disappointed.

Tears filled my closed eyes and i gripped the bed spread.
My throat ached painfully but my heart ached more.

I knew this is not gonna be good, but Darrel please say something.
I waited for more minutes and there was no sound except his breathing.

Now. What’s going on?

I sniffed and started opening my eyes slowly.
My gaze was dazed for a while but it became clear when i fully opened my eyes.


Darrel is sleeping.
He has been sleeping all this while.

Not when i finally summoned courage to say this.

I felt disappointed and relieved at the same time.
But when would i ever gather my courage again.
Darrel,you should have stayed awake.

I stared at his loving face,he must be so tired.
He even got drunk in a bid to keep him awake so he could watch over me.

I sighed and got up from the bed.
Heat rushed to my face as i discovered I’m unclad.


Darrel probably undressed me, i guess that was the only choice he had but..
He has seen it all.

Now I’m regretting why i collapsed.

Darrel stirred and i quickly picked a t-shirt from his wardrobe.
I slipped it on and it dropped just above my thighs.
I smiled at the softness on my skin and i can perceived his scent.
I hugged it to my body and giggled lightly before going back to Darrel.

It was near hell shifting him to a comfortable position.
Darrel is huge, so difficult to move by a tiny me.

I gave a loud sigh when i finally moved him to a comfortable position.
I covered him with blanket and couldn’t help but stare at his face.
“Thank you” I kissed his cheeks.

‘for?’ I asked myself.
‘for everything’ i answered.

I proceeded to pick the bottles and cups of coffee.
I took one last glance at Darrel properly tucked in the blanket.
I grinned cause it made me feel like his mother and him, my little child.

Not even in my dreams.

I laughed as i walked out of his room.
I descended the stairs to the kitchen.


I finished washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.
I’m left starving, I’ve not had anything to eat since yesterday.
I need to prepare something real fast.

Well…coffee and sandwich will do.


I sat on the dining chair with my mouth full.
I had started eating from the kitchen before arriving at the dining.

Yeah…I’m that hungry.

If Darrel wasn’t asleep when i made my confession then i wouldn’t be here.
I would be on my way to police custody.
I’m glad he didn’t hear me but I’m worried as well cause i don’t think i can ever face the fear i experienced tonight while confessing to Darrel.

What if he finds out himself?

Should i just run away?

No. I won’t.
I’m prepared to take anything, I’m prepared to pay for my sins.

I picked my cup of coffee and gulped it down my throat.
I stood up and cleared the table to the kitchen. I washed my dish and rinsed my coffee cup.
I placed it in it’s place before walking to the living room.

My luggage sat on the floor.. wet.
I glanced at my phone on the couch and hoped it hasn’t been destroyed by water.
I picked it up and sighed in relief. It’s in good position.

What if someone had gone through my luggage.
My pistol, ninja outfit,mask,wigs and boots are in there.
I kneel beside it and open the box.
Thankfully, it still remained the way i arranged it, no one has touched it.

I carried it and hurried to my room.
A familiar scent greeted me as i walked into my room.
I closed the door behind me, dropped the luggage and moved to the window.

It’s dawn.

I turned back to my luggage, opened the box and brought out my wet clothes one after the other.
‘I should rewash them all’ I thought as i brought it out.

I finally saw my weapons…

This situation is sure funny, i once get happy whenever i set my eyes on these weapons but now i disdain them.
I shook my head as memories started replaying in my head.

I packed the weapons back to my bathroom cabinet and then proceeded to spin my clothes.

Minutes later, i was arranging them into my wardrobe.


It’s morning and i already resumed my duty.
I started cleaning the house.

I’d love to be done before Darrel is awake or he’s gonna stop me.

I hurried with my chores and in some minutes, i was done with the down part of the house.
I packed the cleaning tools and proceeded to the upper part of the house.


I shivered slightly as i walked out of the bathroom in my towel.
I just had my morning bath after getting done with the chores.

I feel good.

I selected blue pair of shorts and white t-shirt from my wardrobe.
I picked out my undies too and dried my body.

I deliberated on what to make for breakfast while getting dressed.
I know Darrel and Nath will be starving once they are awake.

I think chicken casserole dish will do.

I slipped my phone into the pocket of my shorts before walking out of my room.


I’m halfway done with preparing breakfast when i heard footsteps on the stairs.

Darrel is awake.

I sigh, deliberately facing the meal I’m making.
I feel his presence in the kitchen and i almost turn.

“Mia” He says and my heart stirred in my chest.
“Darrel” I said and turn to him.

His eyes looks tired and weak like he didn’t had any sleep.
He hand brush his tousled hair and walked closer to me.

“You should be resting not cooking” He said and i shrugged.

“I’m sorry about what happened” He said.
“Com’on, you had no fault in it” I said.
“I do”
“You do not”

“Are you okay now?” He asked and i nodded.
“You sure?”
“Yeah Darrel, I’m fine” I said.
He nodded.
“Your body was so cold that my heart trembled, i thought i was gonna loose you” He said, hugging me tightly.
I buried my head in his chest and closed my eyes as he stroked my hair.

“I’m sorry i made you worried” I said.
“It’s fine but are you sure you’re okay now?” He asked.
“I am. I did my chores already” I said and wished i hadn’t said that the moment Darrel pulled away from me.

“You shouldn’t have done anything! You deserve to rest” He said, raising his voice a little.
“Darrel, I’m fine. I can’t just sit doing nothing”
“You can, i don’t want you stressing yourself after what happened.”
“I’m fine!”

“You’re not, i…” He was saying but suddenly rubbed his forehead.

“Are you okay? You’re having hangover” I said.
“I’m not” He said.
“You are”
“Well…yeah”He admitted.
“I’m sorry” I said.
“For wah?” He asked, furrowing his brow.
“You drank so you could stay awake to watch over me” I said.
“Is that what you’re sorry for?” He asked and i nodded .
“Com’on Mia, you should know I’ll do anything for you” He said and my throat tightened in tears.

“You’ll do anything for me?” I asked.

‘i want you to forgive me after finding out I’m the city’s nightmare. I want you to still love me and care for me’

“Now,go have your bath so you can eat and then take some drug” I said.
“Im fi..”
“Please” I interrupted.

He sighed before walking out of the kitchen.


I watch Darrel and Nath eat, my meal is right in front of me but I’m not so hungry.
I had sandwich and coffee.

“So…what happened yesterday?” Nath asked.
“I thought you wanted to eat first” Darrel said.
“No, we can discuss it now” Nath said.

“Katy actually called my boss in California and told him I’m still keeping my distraction in the house..”
“Your distraction?” Nath asked.
“Ohh” Nath said.

“He threatened to come over to New York to confirm what Katy said and then make me lose my job if i still have Mia in the house”
“Damn! That was why Mia left?” Nath asked and we nodded.
“It was so heated yesterday, i can’t believe I’ll be this calm the next morning” Darrel said.

“You all left me worried and confused” Nath said.
” And do you know what Katy said after Mia left?” Darrel asked.

“She said Mia is the assassin I’m here to apprehend, isn’t that funny?” Darrel laughed and my heart beat so fast in my chest.
Katy knows.
Yeah, im aware she knows but she told Darrel and he didn’t believe her.

Did Darrel trust me that much?
Then it’ll be difficult to tell him the truth .

“Damn that motherfucker!” Nath said and they both laughed.

“And why is that boss of yours not here yet?” Nath said.
“His flight has been cancelled due to the weather so i guess he won’t be here anytime soon” Darrel said.
“Yass!” Nath grinned.
“I’ll make sure i capture the assassin before he arrives” Darrel said and my heart pounded harder.

“Then he’ll bless our union” He added, smiling happily at me.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“N.. nothing” I said.
“You’re shocked over what Katy said? Nath asked.

“Yeah” I said.

“I didn’t believe her okay?” Darrel said and i nodded.

You should have.

“And that was why i made her leave too” He said.

My phone vibrated in the pocket of my shorts and i brought it out.
It’s a message. I clicked on it.

💬 Don’t think it’s over.

Don’t think you can just leave as you wish.

Come to Pine estate now!


I gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Darrel asked.

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