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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 67

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 67

Written By Zeeman

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The shock of Mia being the assassin vibrated my whole body .
My entire body was unsettled when she confessed.
I didn’t believed at first but the look in her eyes did not make me doubt it.

Her expression was dark and grim.
And then the assassin’s hair, the way she climbed into Mia’s window.
It all made sense at once.
That explained the gun scar on her arm too.
And my heart doesn’t race for anyone except Mia but whenever i encounter the assassin, my heart race.

How couldn’t i have noticed it, with how sensitive i am.

I felt broken.
The dream i had for the both of us shattered at the moment.
The only person i had want to return to after apprehending the assassin is Mia and…she’s the assassin herself.

Why is life so unfair to me?

Not when i finally found the person i want to spend the rest of my life with.
Not when i finally found my true love.
Not when i finally found the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.


Is this a terrible nightmare? I would love to wake up now.

I stared at Mia and still couldn’t believe it.
Not with this beautiful innocent face.
She always looks like she can’t hurt a fly.

She stared back at me and I’ve never seen this expression on her face.
She looks guilty.
Her eyes peered pleadingly into mine and my heart raced.

I should hate her.
I should put a gun through her head like i’ve always planned when i finally apprehend the assassin.

Why can’t i do any of these?
Why do i still feel love for her even after knowing she’s an assassin that has murdered a lot of people.


“” I said,my eyes filled with unshed tears.
“I’m sorry” She cried and i felt more heartbroken.
“You’re joking right?” Nath asked and she shook her head.

Katy told me but i didn’t believed her.
I trusted Mia, i trusted her so much.
Even with all the proofs, i never for once suspected her.

“I trusted you” I said feeling damn hurt.
“I..tried telling you before now” She said after a while.

I remembered she told me she had something to tell me.
Is this what she wanted to tell me the night i got drunk and slept off?

🥀Will you still love me even if i do the most horrible thing on earth?” Her words rang in my ears.
This is all becoming real..
Mia is really the assassin.
I embraced the reality with tears and weakness.

“You can arrest me now” Mia said to the cops.
Two of them moved towards her with handcuff.

“Don’t you dare!” I found myself saying and they stepped back immediately.
“Darrel…” Mia was saying but i held her leg and cried loudly.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m sorry” She said.

“It all started when i was eight” She said and started narrating her past.
The rage i felt towards her father when she was done is the one I’ve never felt for anyone in my life.
If only i can snap his neck right now .
How could a father do that to his daughter.

The pain she must have gone through brought fresh tears to my eyes.
I held her hands and comforted her, it’s been long but it’s obviously she’s still hurt by the past.

I shouldn’t comfort a criminal no matter how pathetic their story is but this is Mia.
My heartbeat.

The motherfucker made her into what she is today and i swear i will make him pay for it.

“He even killed your mother?” I asked and she nod in tears .
My heart hurt seeing her in tears.
I wiped her tears, trying to stop mine.

He molested her for years and even killed her mother!
What a psychopath!

“Where’s he now?” I asked.
“Your damn! Father” I said through gritted teeth.

“That’s not the end of the story” she sniffed .
“He killed my brother too!” She screamed in tears.



” After he killed my mother…” I continued.


She collapsed in my arm and it was then i saw what really happened.

Mr Cunnane had stabbed her.

I screamed in tears and he quickly rushed to cover my mouth.
“If you make any more sound, I’ll kill you like i killed her, no one will question me” He groaned,not feeling a bit remorse for what he did.

I stared at the heavy body of my mother in my arm.
She was cooking in the kitchen just now.
She can’t be dead.

“Mum” I shook her but she laid still.
Tears poured out of my eyes.

“You’ll pay for this” I yelled in tears,still shaking my mum.

Why did i called for her?
Why didn’t i allow him have his way like he always do?
Mum is dead!
And I’m responsible for it.

I killed her!

“You’re so cruel” I cried and i think the tears in my eyes didn’t let me notice he had moved close.
The next thing i felt was a piercing pain in my arm before everything blacked out.


I opened my eyes to a pounding headache.

Why’s the room this dark?

I blinked my eyes severally thinking it’s as a result of me just waking up.
The room is dark.

I never turn off my room’s light…

I tried to stir but realized my hands are tied together and my legs too.

Damn, what’s happening?

“Mia, you’re awake” I heard the familiar voice of Blaine.
“Blaine” I called happily.
I couldn’t see his face but i felt his touch.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah, what’s going on?” I asked..

“Dad locked us in here.. we’re in the attic” He said, his voice strained and it was then realisation hit me.


“Blaine..mum is dead” i said wishing it’s a dream.
“Yeah she is” He said and sniffed, hugging me tightly.
He has been crying silently all the while.
“Dad killed her” I cried.
“He told me he did and I’m gonna let his motherfucker ass pay for this”
“I..i caused it”

“” He asked.
I think this is the time to finally let out everything but i hesitated and finally lost the courage to talk.

Mum is gone.
I don’t want Blaine gone too.

“Mia, you’re not talking” Blaine said.
“I can’t”
“I don’t want you dead too” I cried.
“I..i what are you saying?”
“Dad threatened to kill you if i ever tell anyone what’s going on”
“What!” He exclaimed.
“What exactly is going on?” He asked. ” Let’s get out of here first” He added.

“What of mum?” I asked.
“Mum is gone Mia and I’m sure that psycho already took her away from the house, let’s go before he gets back”
“Is mum really gone?” I asked..
“She was cooking in the kitchen just now” I laughed sadly.
“Com’on Mia. Mum is gone and you should let the reality sink in” Blaine said, and i know he’s deeply affected by mum’s death as i am but he’s just trying to stay strong for me.

“What did you do to Dad when you found out what he did?” I asked and he shook his head .
“He said he’s going to kill you if i touch him and i couldn’t even hit anyone at that moment. I was shocked but i swear down! The moment i get you in a safe place, I’m going to come back for him. I’ll make him pay” Blaine said,his voice shaking pretty hard.

He’s upset.

“He’s going to kill you too, please let’s let him be” I cried.
“No” he replied stubbornly.
“Blaine please, i don’t want to loose you too ”
“Mia, we shouldn’t be having this argument here . Let’s go” He said.
“How? I’m tied up and the door is locked” I said cleaning my tears on my clothe.

“Im gonna break the door open” He said and switched on his phone flashlight.

His eyes had gone red and i could see dried tears on his cheeks.
He looks so sad and angry.
How long have we being here?

He quickly loosened the rope on my arm and legs.
I stretch out freely and then got up after him.

He handed his phone to me and moved to the wooden door, he kicked it hard with his feet but it didn’t bulge,only making a creaking sound.
He shifted back a bit and kicked it harder, the door still didn’t bulge.

“Should i help?” I asked, wiping my tears.
“No, you’ll get hurt” He said and shifted farther this time.

He ran fast towards the door, and groaned as he kicked it with all his strength.

It opened!
Or rather…it shattered!

He grabbed my hand immediately and led me out.


“No!” Blaine whispered in tears..
I just finished telling him what i Mr Cunnanne did to me after making him promise not to confront Mr cunnanne.

We were seated by the road side, nowhere to go.
It’s getting dark and chilly and i was wrapped in Blaine’s warm embrace.

“I’m so sorry for all the pain you must have felt. I failed you as a brother” Blaine said looking so broken.
The last thing i wanted was to make him feel guilty for my plight.

“Com’on Blaine, you never for once failed me as a brother. You were concerned for me most of the time, i was the one who failed to open up”
“Cause you wanted to protect me. You didn’t want me dead”
“Why didn’t you told me sooner? It’s not too late to deal with him. I might let him go for mum’s death but I’ll never let him go for hurting you” Blaine said standing up.

“Blaine please” I pleaded, getting up after him.
“Let me be Mia! I swear down, I’m gonna kill him for hurting you” He said.
“He’s gonna kill you” I said,fresh tears forming in my eyes.
“He can’t, I swear i’ll beat him to a pulp before he does” He threatened.
“You promised me not to confront him, please” I said in tears, holding him tightly.
“We’re going to call the cops once it’s morning” I added.

He fell silent and then stared at me.
He hugged me and we both cried.
This is a terrible nightmare right?
It should end already.

We were like that for several minutes, crying in each other’s arm.

“Mia” Blaine called still hugging me.
“Huh?” I sniffed.
“Yunno i taught you some Kung Fu skills?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said and if not for the present situation, i would have smiled.
“Make sure you make use of it, defend yourself when I’m no longer with you” He said and i was trying to understand what he said when he disengaged from the hug and pushed me aside.
I fell on the hard floor and groaned in pain.

The next thing i heard was gunshots and Blaine’s body falling hard beside me.
Blood seeped out of his chest,his whole body going white.
Cold chill ran down my spine as
i wondered what was going on but i couldn’t even think, my heart felt stuck in my chest.

We were talking just now, how could he now lay lifeless before me.
I laughed, pushing my hair from my face.

He’s gonna get up now and we’ll look for where to sleep for the night.

“Blaine, you’re asleep already” I smiled pulling his body towards me.
“Goodnight” I kissed his cheeks and covered his legs with my hoodie.

I noticed my cheeks felt wet, i touched it and it was indeed wet.
Am crying? and i don’t even know that i am.

Blood gushed out of his chest and i stared on, waiting for him to open his eyes and get us out of here.
I played with his hair, twisting it hard and he didn’t groan and hit me playfully like he normally does.
I guess it’s because he’s asleep.

His creamy shirt was completely soaked with blood.

Wh.. why?.. what?

“Blaine” I whispered,my voice nearly audible.

I heard a loud laughter and i glanced up to see Mr Cunnanne, holding a pistol.

“Well.. you’re lucky, i wanted to shoot at you but he took the bullet for you, what a lovely brother” Mr Cunnanne laughed and i stared at him confused.
“He’s not dead, he’s sleeping” I said.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about this dearie, isn’t it a pity to lose your mother and brother on the same day. Well that’s good enough, we’ll have more time for each other” He smirked.

Reality hit me hard as i stared at Blaine’s body on my laps.
My body froze.

“Blaine!” I screamed so loud that my whole body shook.
I didn’t know what happened after that cause i blacked out.

**End of flashback**

“That was what happened” I concluded my story, deliberately leaving out boss part.

Everyone fell silent and they all look like they were holding their tears except Nath who cried loudly.
I never intended to make anyone feel pity for me, i only thought it was time to finally let out my past.

“Where’s your father now?” Darrel asked, his eyes sparking with rage.
“He’s dead and I’m still sad about it cause i didn’t get to kill him myself. I searched for him after i became an assassin and discovered he died of hard drugs”

“Damn!” Darrel banged the table.
“Did you got the diary your mum asked you to get from Miss Simone?” Darrel asked.
“Diary? I didn’t get it, i had forgotten about it all along and Miss Simone was our oldest neighbor then,she didn’t have a family of her own so we do keep her company. She was old then and i just hope she’s not dead now”

“Geez! You still remember your home address right?” Darrel asked and i nodded.

The door opened and two cops walked in.
“CIA agent Darrel, boss just called now asking why the delay?” One of them said.
“Yeah can arrest me now” I said getting up and though they looked puzzled but they stepped forward.
Darrel didn’t stop them this time.

I stretched out my hands and was handcuffed, they started leading me out and i turned back to look at Darrel who still sat on the floor, the tears he was holding poured out of his eyes and i felt my eyes moistening too .

“Move!” One of the cops yelled.
“Hey! Do you have a death wish!, How dare you yell at her” Darrel shouted angrily.
He cleaned his tears and then got on his feet.
“But she’s a hardened criminal” The Cop said.
“Shut the fuck up. I’ll lead her to the Van myself” Darrel said and glanced at me before leading me away…

Away from the world..


Away from him..


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