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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 17

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 17

Written By Zeeman

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Images flooded my closed eyes, i kept turning and sweating in my bed as my words kept echoing in my ears.


My eyes popped open and i quickly sat up on the bed breathing heavily.
Sweat trickled down my face and i noticed my hands were gripping the bed sheet tightly.

Why can’t i just format this whole memory.
Why does it keep haunting me. Ive always tried to let go but it keep popping up.

I sighed and released my tight hold on the bedsheet.
Sunlight streamed into my room, making a line across my bed.

It’s morning already…i should get ready for chores..
I got up from the bed and stretched.

I walked into the bathroom and proceeded to the sink to brush my teeth.
I stared at my reflection in the big round mirror while i picked my toothbrush and paste.

I look horrible.

There are signs of sweat on my forehead and my eyes is not looking any better.
Well…after that nightmare,my bright eyes always turn dull.

I rinsed my toothbrush before applying some toothpaste on it,i started brushing my teeth, trying not to think about my childhood days..
I wish i was never given birth to..

I rinsed my mouth thoroughly after i was done brushing,i rinsed my toothbrush too and returned it to the cabinet.
I scooped some water in my palm and splashed it on my face,i did that severally until i was satisfied.

I wiped my face with one of the towels on the rail and then glanced back at my reflection in the mirror.
I look much better now.

I walked back to my room and packed my hair into a ponytail,slide my feet into my slippers and then walked out of my room.

I walked to the store and gathered the cleaning tools,i started my chores.


I walked back to my room to my room after i was done with the necessary chores.
I need to have my bath now, dress up and go make breakfast.

I picked my phone up and checked my mail for any message.


I dropped it and walked to the wardrobe,i pulled it opened and searched for what to wear.
Darrel said those guys were coming today.
I wouldn’t want to look like a shabby housekeeper.

I selected a black short gown with little crystals all over it,there are white buttons at the front down to the waist line. It’s an old design but do i care.
I opened my drawer to select my undies.
I shook my head when i sighted my red panties.

What has Darrel caused?
Will i be able to wear that panties again?

I selected my undies and placed it on the bed together with my dress before walking into the bathroom.


I sat on the stool already clad in my gown.
I was combing my hair when i heard my phone beeped.

A message.

I stood up and walked to my bed,i picked my phone and clicked on the message.


Call me when you’re not with the bull dog.

I signed.

💬 Com’on! He’s not a bulldog’ I was about typing but decided not to.
I cleared the message and dropped my phone on the bed.

I walked back to the stool and sat down.

Darrel is our enemy but that doesn’t make him a bulldog.
Well…i would have also referred to him as a bulldog if i had not known him better.
He’s a nice dude.

I picked my hair band and packed my hair into a ponytail before making it into a bun.
I stood up and and grabbed a pair of white slippers from the rack.
I gat three pairs of slippers…

Black and,
I do stay indoor except at night and i wear boots whenever i want to go for mission.

I slide my feet into my white slippers and glanced at the wall clock.

I hurried out of my room.
I need to start making breakfast before Darrel wakes up.

I descended from the stairs and headed straight to the kitchen.
I was surprised to find Darrel there already, backing me. He’s obviously making breakfast,plus he’s fully dressed.

Did i took long in dressing up?

Darrel turned as if already aware of my presence.
I got a full view of his outfit,white hoodie with dark blue jeans.
He doesn’t put effort in dressing yet he always look adorable.
His hair is styled differently and it gave his face a new handsome look.

He smiled. “I got to the kitchen before you this morning”
“Good morning” I said.
“Morning to you too” He said.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Making breakfast”
“! You shouldn’t do that,I’m sorry i took so long this morning” I said and made to take over but he stopped me.

“You didn’t take long, i woke up very early instead.”
“Of course”
“But you shouldn’t make breakfast,it’s my work and I’ll be getting paid for it. I shouldn’t share it with anyone” I said.

“You didn’t force me to. I’m doing it willingly” He said.
I sighed..”Okay,now I’m here,I’ll do the rest”
“Nah! I’m almost done” He said.
“No, please just let me help with something” I said.
“Okay,I’m done with the eggs and bacon already,that’s the teapot over there. You can make the tea” He said.
“Okay” I said and got to work.


“How’s the breakfast, delicious right?” Darrel asked proudly and i laughed.
We were both seated in the dining having our breakfast.

He’s good in other things but definitely not cooking.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked.
“This breakfast is not near delicious but you tried a bit” I said.
“Ohh…I’m always bad in cooking” He frowned.
“You tried,for a guy” I said.
“Yeah” I gulped my tea.

“I should learn from you but starting from today,I’ll be a bit busy” He said.
“The assassin case right?”
“Yeah,I’ve already created an office in the house” He said.
“Yeah,i transformed an empty room to an office, I’ll show it to you later in the day” He said and i nodded.

“You done eating? I wanna clear the table” I said.
“Yeah,I’m done” he said and gulped the remaining tea in his teacup .
I stoop up and cleared the table to the kitchen.

I started washing the dishes,i placed them on the drainboard after i was done.
I rinsed the cups and wiped them before placing them back in their space.

I walked back to the dining room and wiped the table clean..


I didn’t find Darrel in the living room when i was done.
He might be in his office, devising plans on how to capture me when I’m right here in the same house with him.

So funny…

I got to my room and sat on the bed .
I picked my phone and started placing a call across Joel.
I’ve missed him though,his delicious meals especially.

📞Hi Mia..

📞Hey Joel” I said happily into the phone….


My sleep got disrupted by the knocks on my door.
“Come in” I said rubbing my palms over my eyes.
I was sitting up when the door opened.
Darrel walked in.

“The guys are here…oh,I’m sorry for interrupting your sleep. Go back to sleep,they won’t be leaving till mid-afternoon” He said and turned to leave.
“’s fine,i was about waking up anyway. I’ve been sleeping for long” I said.
“Umm” He sighed.
“I’ll join them soon” I said.
“Okay” He said and walked out of the door.

I released another yawn as i stepped out of the bed.
The door suddenly opened again, startling me.


“I’m sorry but before you come downstairs, you’ll need to adjust your gown..up there” He said pointing to my chest.
I glanced at it and nearly gasped.
Three front buttons are opened, exposing a part of my left boob.


I quickly adjusted the buttons in embarrassment.
Why is he still standing there!

“And your hair too” He said before shutting the door.
I sighed and walked to the mirror.

This hair was in a ponytail before i look!

I groaned and grabbed my haircomb.
It’s looking fine now!
I decided not to pack it this time,i let it flow down my shoulders.

I slide my feet into my slippers and walked out of my room.
I descended the stairs slowly and finally got to the living room.

Three guys were seated on a couch,while Darrel sat opposite them.
He already served them drinks,they were chatting except one who looks sullen like he’s gonna burst anytime soon.

“Hi” I said and they all glanced up.
“Wow! Who’s she?” Edwin asked. I knew his name by the name tag on his shirt. He’s a CIA agent.
“She’s the housekeeper i told you about” Darrel said.
“Geez! I thought she was your girl” The second guy said. I glanced at his name tag,he goes by the name Luke.

Darrel smiled and motioned me to sit beside him.
I did.

“Why would you employ a lady as a live-in housekeeper?” The Sullen one said. He’s Steve according to his name tag.
“Why shouldn’t i ?” Darrel asked and i guess that rendered Steve speechless.

“Are you satisfied with how she works” Edwin asked Darrel.
“I’m more than satisfied” Darrel smiled.
“You’re beautiful..i mean,very beautiful” Luke gazed at me admiringly.
“Thanks” I said.
“How about we get to know each other better” Luke smiled.

“I’m Mia Cunnane…” I was saying but Steve interrupted me.

“I hope you did a background check on her before employing her,you can’t just employ anyone you want” He said.
“Of course i did and you can walk out of here if you wanna continue being mean” Darrel said.
“Like you own the house” Steve snickered.
“Ohh…” Darrel laughed. “If i should start talking about my owned properties in California,i bet you won’t remain seated there”

“You can go on and brag!” Steve said.
“Enough of this!” Edwin said.
I sighed.. it’s obvious this guy doesn’t like Darrel.
Should i just kill him..

“Mia,let’s discuss your pay” Edwin said.


“Thanks so much” I said.
We just finished discussing my monthly pay.
Not that i need the money anyway but i had to act excitedly.
“I hope you’re satisfied with it?” Darrel asked.
“Of course i am” I smiled.

“Agent Darrel,boss said you should report to him over the findings you’ve made” Edwin said.
“Okay,i will” Darrel said.
“Are you guys leaving now?” I asked.
“Yeah” Edwin.

“Please wait,lemme quickly fix lunch for you” I said.
“With all pleasure Mia” Luke smiled.
Edwin hesitated before nodding.
“You mean,you both wanna stay for a so called lunch!” Steve said.

“You can leave if you want to Steve” Luke said.
“It’s just gonna take few minutes,I’ll be right back” I said and started walking to the kitchen.
“Do you need my help?” Luke shouted after me.
“No, thanks” I said.


They were leaving after eating delicious meal i made for them
“That was a delicious meal” Edwin said as Darrel and i walked them to their car.
“Thanks” I said.
“You are beautiful plus you cook delicious meals,will you please marry me in the future?” Luke asked and i laughed.

“Luke!” Edwin scolded.
“Thanks for the meal Mia, looking forward to more” Luke said.

They all got into the car and we waved them bye.
Nath opened the gate widely and we watched their car leave the compound.

I breathed out and glanced at Darrel who stood with his hands in his pocket.
“Steve sure doesn’t like you” i said.
“He doesn’t,he threatened me the first day i arrived” He said.
“Woah! don’t you think you should report this to CIA leader” I said.
“I understand him. Truly. I made them look incompetent by coming to their rescue” He said.

If Steve had been in charge of my case,he would have been a dead meat by now.

“They wouldn’t have hired you if he was competent”
“Of course,come let me go show you my office” He smiled.

“Okay. Nath, come over for your lunch” I said loudly to Nath who was locking the gate .
He ran over immediately.
I handed the packed meal to him.

He always refuses to join us at the dining, saying he mustn’t leave his post.

“Thanks Mia” He said.
“I’ll join you outside soon okay?” I said.
“Okay” He smiled and walked away.

Darrel took my hand and we both headed into the house.



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