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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 46

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 46

Written By Zeeman

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I heard the door open. I turned to see Nath walking in.

“Hey! Wanna join me?” I asked.
“Mia, you need to come see something” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m so surprised” He said.
“About what?” I asked.
“Just come” He said walking to the door and i rushed after him anxiously.

“Nath,tell me what happened” I said as we got into the compound.
I found nothing.
“It’s not here in the compound” He said.
“Then where?”
“Just come with me” He said walking to the gate.

“Just give me a hint about what it is” I said.
“Be patient Mia” He said and unlocked the gate.
He walked out and i walked after him.

I didn’t even told Darrel I’ll be going out.
Well,he’s in the office with the so called Katy!

“Mia hurry” Nath said and i realized I’ve slowed down.
“Ohh” I sighed and hurried after him .

I wonder what he wants to show me.

“Do you wanna get some ice cream for me?” I asked when i saw him approaching the ice cream shop.
“Nah” He said.

Nath could be playing a prank on me.

He finally stopped walking when we got to the front of the ice cream shop.
“So… what?” I asked.
“You mean you’re not seeing anything?”
“What?” I asked, looking around but gasped when my gaze locked with something.

It’s a big poster board with Darrel and i picture boldly placed on it.
The picture of us feeding each other ice cream!!
I remember…
I remember hearing a camera shot that day.
How could i just ignore it?

The poster board was decorated in a way that has the shop name on it.
T. Ice cream shop.

Our picture boldly displayed, they are using our faces for this ice cream shop without informing us.

How could they!
They used our pictures without mutual agreement!
This is annoying.

Even with how pissed i am, i can’t deny that the picture is beautiful.
I mean very beautiful.
It was captured perfectly.

Within the few minutes that I’ve gotten here, i can’t count the amount of people that has admired the poster board and have gone into the shop because of it.

I sighed and glanced at Nath.

“What to do?” I asked and he shrugged.
“Should i just shred it off?”

“No, don’t. It’s beautiful. You also saw the amount of people that went in because of this picture. They are making huge sales because of it”

“But it’s not right to do this without mutual agreement” I said.
“Yeah, they did wrong in that part” He said.
“Well… Darrel needs to see this first” I said.
“Of course”

How is he gonna react, seeing his face displayed on this board?
Well…till he sees it.

“Let’s go” Nath said.


I hesitated before knocking on the office door twice.

“We would like not to be disturbed for now” Katy’s annoying voice rang through the door.
“I wanna see Darrel” I said.
“We’re busy” She said.
“Darrel” I called.
“I’m coming Mia” Darrel said and i sighed.
“But we’re busy here!” I heard Katy half yelled and i smiled.
“I’ll just quickly attend to her” Darrel said before opening the door.

“Hey” He smiled.
“You need to come with me to see something” I said.
“Ahhhh” He sighed.
“I understand you don’t have my time anymore but you need to see this” I said.

“Com’on, don’t talk that way. I still have your time but you know this case is a serious one which fully needs my devoted time. I can’t wait to be done with it so i can concentrate on you alone” He said and i found my cheek getting flushed.

If only the assassin wasn’t me.
I would have been damn happy!!

“Well…you need to come see this” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Just come with me” I said.
“Okay,give me a minute” He said and walked back into his office.

I walked to the living room and waited for Darrel.
I would have actually given my consent if the owner of the shop had asked but going ahead without informing us is unruly.

“I’m ready” Darrel said behind me.


Few minutes later,we were both walking down the estate in silence.

“I’m sorry if Katy is giving you hard time,trust me she’s just so concerned about getting the case solved” Darrel spoke up.
“No, it’s fine. I understand” I smiled.
“Thanks for understanding” He said.

“So what exactly do you wanna show me?” He asked.
“I want you to see for yourself” I said.
“Okay” He said.

“You didn’t tell me we were coming to get ice cream” Darrel said while we were approaching the ice cream shop.
“That’s similar to what i also said when Nath brought me here”
“Nath brought you here? What’s going on?” Darrel asked, confused.

“Well…look at that” I said pointing to the poster board.
His eyes went wide when he saw it and i heard him cursed under his breath.
His face grew furious as he barged into the shop.


He went straight to the counter while i followed him.

“Where’s your manager?” He asked the lady scooping ice cream for customers.
“What is the problem sir?” She asked.
“I need to see your manager or do you want me to create a scene” Darrel threatened .

“!” She said.
“They are the ones on the poster board” She whispered to the second lady.
“Geez!” The lady exclaimed.

She quickly punched some numbers into the landline on the table.

I watched the happy faces of people coming in and going out.
Some of them sitting to lick their ice cream.
It’s actually nice to know that most of the people came here because of our picture.

“Come with me” The lady said after dropping the call.
She started leading us towards a door.

“How could they use us to make sales without proper agreement” Darrel fumed.
“That’s exactly what I’m pissed about too” I said.

The lady knocked on the door and a masculine voice asked us to come in.

“You can go in, i already informed him of your presence” She said.
“Okay” Darrel said before pushing the door open.
We both walked in and i quietly closed the door behind us.

The office is so small and stuffy.
It’s not like most offices, it’s filled with ice cream flavours and various ingredients i can’t mention.
I’m actually impressed with how neat the office is .

Darrel cleared his throat and i turned back to face the man sitting on the chair.
He should be in his fifties, the fear in his eyes is so obvious.

“I’m so sorry” He said.
“I’ll remove the poster board now” he added, getting on his feet.
“You know it’s unruly to use people’s face for your shop without proper agreement right?” I asked and he nodded.
“Then why did you do it?” Darrel asked.

“You made us the face of your ice cream shop,the least you should have done is inform us. I can sue you for this” Darrel said.
“I’m so sorry, there wasn’t enough cash” He said.
“Enough cash?” I asked.

“Yeah, i know i should pay you guys for using your faces to make sales but this is a small shop and i don’t make much from this business not until recently that the sales have improved. All thanks to your faces” He said.
“The first thing you should have done is to inform us,what if we are private people that doesn’t want our faces out like that.” I said.

“I’m so sorry” The man pleaded.
“We weren’t even gonna charge you for it” Darrel said.
“Huh?” The man asked in surprise .
“Yeah,we don’t need the money for anything” Darrel said.
“Why did you do that when you know how wrong it is” I said.

“The last time i wanted to use someone’s face,she charged a huge sum of money that i couldn’t afford. That was why i thought it’s best not to inform you guys. I’m so sorry”

“Ohh” Darrel said, glancing at me.
“What do we do?” He asked i shrugged.
“You decide” I said.
“It’s fine, you’re forgiven” Darrel said and i nodded.

“Huh?…Thank you so much. I’m gonna shred off the poster board now” He said.
“No, don’t” I said.
“Just let it be, that’s obviously what’s making your sales improve. We’re not that cruel to order you to shred it off” Darrel said.

“You mean, i should continue using your faces without paying you guys?” He asked.
“Yeah” we chorused.
“Oh…my thanks so much” He said happily. “I’ve never met cute and kind couple like you guys”
“We’re n…” I was saying.
“Of course” Darrel interrupted me, pulling me closer.
I sighed and played along.

“Thanks once again”
“You’re welcome” Darrel said.
“So, we’re cool now” I said.
“Thank you so much. I never knew you were so kind” The Man smiled and bowed a little.

“But how did you capture that shot, it’s beautiful” Darrel said.
“I was actually walking out of the shop when i saw you two feeding each other ice cream. It was the perfect scene i needed so i quickly captured it” The Man smiled.

“Wow! You must be a photographer?” Darrel asked.
“That’s nice” I smiled.

“Well…I’m Mr Johnson” he introduced himself.
“I’m Darrel”
“I’m Mia”

“I was literally trembling when i got a call that you both are here. I thought you were gonna cause a scene and have me arrested” He said.
“No, we can’t do that. Though,what you did is worth it” Darrel said.

“We need to be on our way home” I said.
“Not yet,you deserve some ice cream” Mr Johnson said.
“Well,we refused cash but we’re not gonna refuse Ice cream right?” Darrel asked.
“Of course” I smiled.

“Chocolate flavor!” I said and chuckled at Darrel’s glare.


We both headed home with handful of ice cream.
I smiled thinking on how I’m gonna devour it at home.
I will eat some cookies along with it or should i bake fresh cupcakes?

🔊Strawberry flavour is the best,best best” Darrel sang, earning a frown and a hiss from me.

🔊Chocolate flavor is the best among besttttttt” I sang loudly ignoring the gazes of passerbys.

Darrel laughed and i almost hit him not until i realise,my hands are filled with cones of ice cream.



We walked into the living room and met Katy sitting, obviously fuming.

“Darrel! We were working on a case and you went to get ice cream!” She yelled like the bull she is.
“Katy chill. Listen to my explanation” Darrel said.

My eyes widened when my phone started ringing loudly in my pocket.
They should know they shouldn’t call me except i call them, boss gave that rule!

“Is that your phone?” Darrel asked.
“Yeah” I said, bringing it out slowly.

I already gave Nath one of the ice cream so my left hand is free.

“Come to think of it, ive never heard your phone ring” Darrel said.
“You’ve never heard her phone ring?” Katy asked and Darrel nodded.
“Yeah, her family doesn’t like to disturb her while she’s at work” He said.

“I will go take this call” I said and walked away, ignoring the piercing gaze of Katy.

My phone stopped ringing by the time i got to my room but it started ringing again immediately i sat on the bed.


📞Check your mail” his deep voice said.

📞Hi Bo…” I was saying but he already disconnected the call.

I guess he’s still pissed at me.

I scrolled through my apps and clicked on my email.

I have a mission tonight!



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