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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 25






Endy, Mrs Ginger and I stayed quiet for a while, with me thinking about the whole thing she just said.
“but then grandma, how come nothing happened to me during this incident” I asked and Mrs Ginger smiled.
“cause.. You have a baby in you, and also you are also sharing a strong bond together, the three of you, your baby Endy and you work together as long as there’s a bond between the three of you nothing’s going to happen to you or the child, as long as Endy’s alive” Mrs Ginger said and Endy turned to glance at me..
Louis, Linc and Lance suddenly came to us and Mrs Ginger smiled at us before saying she’s going in.. And she went in
Endy looked at the triplets in front of us and asked, “how is she?”
“oh she’s fine, mom and Oscar are there, and she isn’t crying to much again” Linc answered and Endy nodded
“she’s perfectly fine it’s just that ..her baby.. It’s just so sad and who knew she was pregnant?” Louis asked and tucked his hand in his sweater pocket while Endy and I shared a small look..
“wait do you guys know about her being pregnant?” Lance asked, and I’m sure he caught us giving each other small glances
“uh.. Yeah” Endy replied
“and you didn’t tell anyone” Linc blurted out loudly
“Wendy didn’t want us to, cause at that time Oscar was being a real jerk, he didn’t want the baby and all.. So she didn’t want anyone to know about it” Endy seethe and Linc sighed and so did Lance
“if only she had told us, or mom earlier mom wouldn’t have let her go to the grocery store and then she wouldn’t have lost her baby” Louis sighed and his other brothers nodded at his smart remark.
But they’re wrong it’s a good thing she lost the baby now..
“anyway, we’re heading home now, aren’t you guys coming?” Linc asked but Endy shook his head
“we can’t leave” he said
“why? Mom’s with Wendy and so is Oscar and grandma” Lance said
“Selene is still a patient here and we can’t leave without her getting fully discharged” Endy said and Linc nodded..
“okay then we’ll leave first stay well Selene” Linc said and smiled at me and I smiled back as the three boys waved at me and walked away.
“Selene you need to go and rest” Endy said standing up.
And so did I
“I want to go home” I said with a tired sigh, and by home I meant the Blossom’s Mansion I’m just so fund of that place..
“okay first you take a rest and then we’ll go home” he said to me like I’m some five years old little girl who had stayed away from home too much.
“okay.. I’m feeling sleepy anyway” I said and moved my long hair back.
“good,” Endy smiled as we were about to walk him I stopped on my track making him stop too.
“what?” he asked
“don’t you think we should tell them”
“tell them what?”
“that I’m pregnant!” I said and he sighed
“we’ll tell them Selene, just don’t think about anything or worry about anyone, just go rest and I’ll make sure you get discharged today” he said and I nod and we both walked back to the room I was before and I Laid down on the bed and he gave me a kiss on my forehead.
“sleep tight” he whispered but I just closed my eyes and drifted to sleep..
finally Selene fell asleep and I could breathe properly again, even though she’s fine and won’t ever get hurt, I’m still worried about her, she’s not even worried about her self but Wendy, I know Wendy will be fine I just know that.. And besides grandma said this incident happened for her to live.. So it’s a good thing, I feel sorry for Wendy’s lost baby, but I don’t know if I would be able to breathe if she’s later dies, cause she’s been the best-annoying sister anyone could ever ask for. I love her.
I went to the Doctor Who seemed in charge of Selene’s treatment and told him she must be discharged today, he disagreed even though he knew Selene was okay after a few arguments of this and that he told me to sign a paper and when he saw my name as the “blossom” he apologized for his dumb behaviour but I didn’t care I just did what I had to do and walked out of this small office. I bumped into someone on my way out and it was my father.
“dad.” I said and his face lit up seeing me but he didn’t look too happy.
“oh you’re here too” he said with a sigh.
“you’ve heard right?”I said and he nod lightly
“I heard she wasn’t the only one involved in the accident Louis said your fianceé was there too” my dad said and my brows arched..
that’s new.
“uhm yeah,” I gulped out and my dad gave me a weird look.
“Fianceé? Since when?” my dad asked and I just shrugged
“it’s a long story and she’s not really my Fianceé.. Yet” I said with a twitched smile and my dad smiled too..
“okay then I’ll come listen to that after I meet with your sister,” he said and I just shrugged and he walked away and so did I..
I went back to the room Selene was and sat beside her sleeping body on the bed, she was looking pretty as always.. I sighed and just watched the wall clock go round and round until I started dozing off. .. But I didn’t want to fall asleep cause I’m watching over Selene and what would that make me if I just happen to fall a asleep. So I stayed awake at all cost.

Hours later my dad walked in the room Selene and I was and sat down properly.. And he sat down in a chair opposite me, he couldn’t actually see Selene cause my body was blocking her face and she was covered with a blanket
“so I met your mother, sister and my mom” my dad blurted
“okay.. I said not knowing what to say.
“so your sister was pregnant?” he asked, his voice high and thick
“yes she was” I replied staring at the floor.
“for how long? when? god, what is happening in this house, Wendy’s got pregnant and lost her baby and got a new boyfriend and you’ve got a Fianceé.. Where was I when all this was happening?” he asked somehow serious and somehow joking..
“you were with mom in Bahamas, you both were spending your quality time together, and forgot you got kids at home, who have lives too” I said truthfully, and he gave me a small..
“don’t act smart with your old man End” he said while I just shrugged.

“but the baby’s gone” my dad added after a few seconds of spiraling silence between us
“yeah” I said sadly with a sigh.
“how about your girl, is she okay? Where is she?” my dad asked inquisitively and I stood up so he could see Selene sleeping body.
“oh!” he exclaimed
“I had no idea she was lying there” he added and I smiled
“she is beautiful” my dad said slowly nodding..
“I’m happy for you and for her, you know for someone like you I thought you wouldn’t date anyone cause you were always Mr boring always doing stuffs alone and doesn’t want or need anybody’s help, you didn’t even pay attention to any girls when you got to high school and you were an eye catcher, I mean for guys when they get struck by puberty they just can’t get their eyes off girls..
“dad we are not talking about this right now” I interrupted him and he laughed
“I’m sorry, I’m just so surprised you finally cleaned out your shelf in your heart and let someone in I’m proud of you son” my dad said and I smiled
“thanks..” I muttered
I heard a small breathing behind me and Selene shook slightly before her eyes fluttered open and she woke up. She moved her hair back and sat down properly, her gaze suddenly went to my father and he smiled at her, she looked back and forth between me and father before getting the message..

“Mr Quentin.. Hi. .I’m Selene” she said slowly and got down from the bed,
Surprised that Selene knew his name my dad stood up and suddenly shook Selene’s hand carefully..
“you’re Endy’s girl” he said and Selene smiled..
“yes Endy’s told me a lot about you” she lied, and I sighed from where I stood and got a quick glare from her
“is that so.. Well Endy’s a wonderful person and you’re a lucky girl” he said
“yes I know that, thank you Mr Quentin” Selene said formaly and I almost walked out of the room to look for ‘my’ Selene..
“so I heard you got into the accident too thank goodness you didn’t get hurt” My dad said while Selene just nodded
“it’s a miracle.. I couldn’t be more thankful” Selene said and my dad smiled.

“dad we’re about going home do you want to come with us?” I asked, when Selene excused her self to go to the rest room.
“no I have to say with your sister and your mother a little bit” he said and I nod and he smiled at me before walking out.
Selene came back from the restroom and I gave her a funny look.
“what?” she asked lowly and innocently
“you are a great liar” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“don’t start with that, I had to be nice so your dad would like me” she defended but I just smiled..
“anyone would like you for you.” I said and grabbed her face in my palm
“but how did you even get to know my dad’s name, did you read my thought?” I asked like she could possibly do that
Wait can she? I don’t know maybe.
“I didn’t I just know it” she said removed my hands from her face
“yeah right” I said sarcastically
“seriously I just happen to know a lot about you, even you don’t know that” Selene said boldly and I arched my brows at her.
“do you know that I know everything about you, like when you went camping with your brothers and dad, you sat on hot coal and got stung by a bee on the same very spot” she said and I moved back a bit.
“whoa, you know a lot about me than I do” I said like I was scared and she laughed and breathed out a “see”..
I’m glad she’s smiling and laughing again cause the tears she was having hours ago was making me want to give up life
“and that’s why I love you” I said and kissed her, she reciprocated and after the kiss she smiled and said “and I hate you”
“the feeling’s mutual” I tell her and she rolled her eyes and kissed me more..
After that we just got ready to go home..
T. B. C


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