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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 30





It’s been two weeks since Endy proposed to me.. Well I wouldn’t call that a proposal but it was anyway, and after an engagement there’s marriage, I haven’t really thought about having a wedding but when everyone heard about the engagement (the proposal) they decided to call on a wedding which wasn’t on either me or Endy’s mind but we just let them be.. And during the past two weeks they’ve been planing the wedding and all and that has made my mom so close to the blossoms and she has learned about them and liked them so much. Especially Lance, she said he’s her favourite and I do not knowing why. While everyone was busy with our wedding Endy and I have been pretty busy with ourselves, hanging out everyday, and going on different dates.. And wow I just love him.. And Diana keeps growing and she has already start to kick which wasn’t fun for me, But it is fun for her and she only does it when Endy’s making body contact with me.. Daddy’s love. Daddy’s love my butt she’s making jealous.
Alyssa hasn’t show up since her big break up with Lance.. Bitch. Well everything’s been great for everyone my mom doesn’t work anymore cause we’re kind of actually living off the blossoms now and well we’re one family now. Wendy has gotten a lot stronger with us by her sided and also Oscar and it seems like Alyssa breakup didn’t affect lance one bit, and now the only thing everyone’s looking forward to is my wedding, :correction Endy and I wedding,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“wake up sleepy head” I heard my mom’s voice say into my ear and I jerk up immediately.. “what.. What” I said and she smiled.. And I laid down back and closed my eyes.
“wake up it’s your wedding day” she said and spanked my butt..
I grabbed one of my pillows and threw it away angrily.
“leave me alone mom” I groaned and she sighed.. “okay suit yourself” she said and I heard as her footsteps faded away slowly..
Now I can’t sleep again.
She just had to wake me up.
I don’t even know what’s so important that she had to disturb my beauty sleep.. I changed different positions tossing and turning but angrily got up and huffed, I looked at the room.. This is not my room.. I got down from the bed and moved my hair back letting out a tired yawn. I looked around clearly and notice it was Endy’s room.
Endy.. Just then realization hit me and I gasped, today is my wedding day,.. Today is my wedding da– and I was being stupid.. Not knowing where to go or do.. I quickly opened the door and walked out only to bump into Wendy..
“whoa pretty face, I was just coming to get you” she said with a smile. “it’s my wedding day” I said like I’ve gone crazy and she nods.
“yeah I know, we all know that, and that’s why you must go back inside and take your bath” she said and pushed me back inside the room. . “I’ll be waiting out here, take your time” Wendy yelled from inside .. Okay..
I took my bath, brushed and took one of Endy’s shirt and wore it which stopped right at my thigh and I went back to the door.
“Wendy..?” I called.
“yes, I’m still here-are you done?” she asked and I replied… “yes”
“okay guys she’s done” I heard Wendy said outside the door, and the door suddenly opened and four girls walked in with different size of boxes in their hand. I moved back a bit for them to come in fully and they smiled at me.
“she doesn’t need any makeover she looks pretty already” one of the girls with red hair said and Wendy rolled her eyes.
“it’s her wedding day Julian, she needs all the makeup she can find” Wendy said and the girl, (Julian) shrugged, they brought a fancy chair too and a tall standing mirror, they placed the chair in front of me and I got the message they wanted me to sit and I did..
They placed the standing mirror in front of me and one started to brush my hair.. “you have the most beautiful hair ever” she said and I smiled “thank you” I said
“so what should we do about the hair it’s way too long and we need to do some trimming before making the hairstyle” Julian which is the person name I know among them, said and Wendy sighed, before saying
“then trim it”
“no, don’t trim it” I said immediately making all of them to pause and look at me.
“why?” wendy asked.
Cause I’m a weirdo and it will magically grow back the next day..
I fumbled my words not knowing what to say, but then it hit me.. It can’t grow back today, it might grow back tomorrow but not today and I can just enjoy it while it last. . . “well you can go ahead and trim it” I said and Wendy nodded. “I’ll go check up on other things I’ll be back” she said and closed the door on her way out.
Then one of the girls started to trim my hair with a small scissors and at the same time brushing it and I looked at my self in the mirror and rested my hand on Diana, and the other girls were busy unpacking some dresses and shoes from one of the boxes, is all this for me? All this must have costed a fortune..
After trimming my hair to my shoulder length, they packed it into a back ponytail, and jelled-styled my front baby hair, and then for the pony tail, they made it into tiny wavy curls that spread around my back and middle head, and a shiny little diamond necklace-like thing was placed around my hair giving it a beautiful look.. A lot of shiny things were placed on my hair and then Julian who seemed like the talkative among them, gave me a light makeover and wow I looked pretty..
“Jane.. She’s ready” Julian said and one with a blonde scanty hair held out a huge wedding dress that my eyes almost pooped out from its beauty.
“okay, put this on” Jane said and I smiled and nod.. The four girls started to do some stuff in their boxes while I turned to the mirror and changed into the dress,..
The dress was Beautiful, it was a ball dress. The upper part was tight and stopped right under my boob’s and the rest was flay and my bulgy stomach didn’t show much it rhymed with the dress. . Instead of telling the girls I was done I kept admiring myself in the mirror until one of them said.
“oh you’re done..” I turned and nodded at them.
They did this and that, I wore a breath taking stiletto heels and after that they were done dressing me up and a Veil was attached to my hair..
. ” ➡ Fast. Forward. ➡”
A total stranger drove me, Wendy and Mrs Rita to a huge church which looks kind of old and I was a bit.. Well it was old church.
“don’t worry the wedding is at the other side of the church, not the church” wendy tells me when she saw my face expression.
I felt relieved but didn’t act like it
“the church being old doesn’t affect me threw me a “stop-lying” look and I smiled and she nudged me playfully,
The driver packed the car in front of the church and we all came out and lance, Linc and Mr Quentin Walked up to us all of them wearing tuxedos..
“about time you guys came here, everyone’s here already” Mr Quentin’s said and moved forward to give his wife a kiss on her cheeks.
“Selene woke up late” Wendy reported and I rolled my eyes.
“you look dazzling Selene, you’re busy getting all ready while Endy is about to pass out standing alone and waiting for you” lance said and I giggled a bit.
“come-on I’ll be the one walking you down to Endy” Mr Quentin said and I gave a happy smile and pleasing bow..
He entangled his elbow in mine and we walked to the garden behind the church and it was Beautiful.. Decorated with white and yellow roses people were already seated in the open sun waiting for ‘me’ the bride entrance chorus has already start to play and slowly me and Mr Quentin start to walk down to Endy and the priest, the red rug they placed on the floor was fire.. It was soft beautiful and comfy to walk on With heels, especially stilettos..
Endy grinned seeing me and I rolled my eyes seeing his cheesy reaction.. But only love him more.
Mr Quentin let’s go of me immediately we both walked close to Endy and the “too-young-to-be-a-priest.” Priest-guy
The piano stooped playing and everywhere was dead silence.. From my Veil I could see Endy trying to see if he could see my face clearly.. And I giggled.
“stop it” I whispered and hit him playfully with the bunch of rose flowers I was holding.. “at least let me get a peek at your pretty face” Endy whispered back and I laughed.
“shut up” I whispered yelled and he shook his head negatively
“come-on” he whined and held my hand.. The priest suddenly cleared his throat, and Endy and I flinched only for us to see everyone watching us with a weird grin on their faces.. And Endy let’s go of my hand and I moved back a little. It’s good this Veil is covering my face unless they could have seen my red flushed face.
The priest made us say the wedding vows and I couldn’t help the smiles my face keeps producing. And so did Endy
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss “your” bride” I said and Endy didn’t hesitate to remove the Veil over my face.. “stupid veil” he mumbled and I smiled shyly as he gasped when he saw my face…
“I got married to an angel” he said sweetly
“are you gonna kiss me or what” I deadpanned and he chuckled and didn’t kissed.. We kissed for long that the priest had to stop us but hell no we didn’t.
After that my crying came to meet me and I break down seeing her.. But it was tears of joy,..
I got changed afterwards into a slim tight dress, making my stomach so revealing, Endy got changed to, he looked so hot that I wanted to rip off his clothes right in the middle of everyone and.. Maybe I should just stop thinking weirdly..
The after wedding party was so fun and music was bustling everywhere and I almost started dancing crazily if Endy didn’t pull under a small tent for beverages and started to kiss me its night time already so no one can easily see us here… I was about to reciprocate when someone yelled.
“found you.”
Endy and I didn’t stop kissing so she angrily split us up by trying to get in between us.. “what?” Endy yelled angrily over the music.
“oh shut it, guess what” Wendy said happily and Endy shrugged.
“mom and dad said you’re both going on your honeymoon tomorrow and it’s in Hawaii” she yelled.. And danced happily while I just smiled, I don’t want anything but Endy right now.
“that’s great news” I said and she primped. “I know right.”
“can you just leave like now” Endy said and she glared at him.
“no they’re couples of people who’d like to see you” Wendy said and dragged Endy and I with her.
* .
The night was long and after everything Endy and I were both alone in an hotel room where we can both finally have piece and so whatever we want… Don’t think too far.
“get me a glass of water please” I said to him and he nods and stood up to get I but before he could come back I was fast asleep. I knew he would be disappointed but I just can’t help it.

The next day was great but was stressful because of the flight to Hawaii.. But besides that Endy and I had a great time together after the ride, and goodness the reservations mrs Rita made under our names is so expensive, it’s like we had our own private small hotel, with a private swimming pool and big Jacuzzi filled with red roses..
That day after going to swim at the beach Endy and I both went back to the hotel and after freshening up I went to the bed and he came later to join me..
“you’re not gonna fall asleep are you?” Endy said, his face close to mine..
“really.. What am I? a koala?” I said and he smiled and touched my cheeks.. “no sweetie, you’re just a beautiful lady who’s pregnant and can’t help it but fall asleep everytime” Endy said and I rolled my eyes.
“oh just be quiet” I said and he smiled and kissed me..
“I love you too” he said and kissed me and just then, Diana kicked
“ouch” I whined.
“is it Diana?” he asked and I nodded.. “okay her part is getting way out of hand, she just loves me too much” Endy said and I couldn’t help but double rolled my eyes.. I removed my ring cause it’s suddenly itchy and I looked at Endy as his eyes followed the the ring to where I dropped it
“what? Want me to put it back on?” I asked and he shook his head negatively.. “it’s okay” he said
“you know this wedding didn’t really mean anything to me cause I’ve known you’d be my wife the first time I saw you” he said and I scoffed
“yeah right, you were being a total jerk to me” I said and he got real close to me and smiled. “everything happens for a reason” he said and I huffed.
“and right now something’s going to happen for a reason” he said Corky-ly and grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head leaving my upper body exposed, I gave him a smirk and a “let’s-go-” look and he smiled .
“and that’s why I can’t get enough of you” he said and started to kiss my neck..
He’s my forever.
I’m his forever.. God I just love him so much.
Who would have ever thought I’d get married with my horrid past.. But here I am making love with the one I love.. Life is kind of fair.
“I can’t help it” I cried..
“come-on selene just push” Endy said holding my hands tightly
“just breathe..” one of the nurse said and I tried to breathe but I couldn’t, it’s just so hard,.. Giving birth is not so easy .
“come-on honey you can do this Selene.. Do this for us” Endy said a d I griped on to his hand tightly .i looked over to my mom who’s giving a “be-strong” Selene, my forehead was covered in sweat and I was tired as of pushing .
“I’m sorry mom I can’t..” I cried
“just keep pushing” my mom she and I gave it a try, yelling and shouting, finally Diana came out, all red and puffy..
“stay with me Selene, you did great” Endy breathed a sigh of relief and kissed my forehead..
My baby’s born.
Few seconds later Diana was wrapped in a silky soft blanket sheet and was handed to me she looks so beautiful and small.. I love her so much.
The blossoms family quickly rushed in and my head snapped up at them.. “oh my God it’s a girl” Wendy said happily and took Diana from me making her hand rest on her little bulgy stomach, yes she is pregnant for Oscar, just like Mrs Ginger.. She mean grandma saw.
As the whole family payed attention to Diana, Endy and I shared a brief look,
She’s our daughter. Yes
She’s just like us, and she’s going to go through a lot as she grows, but she’s got an extended family to look over her.. She’s got guardians around her, especially she’s got Endy and she’s got me..
I’m going to be a mom.
thank you all for reading and even though I’m kind of slow with this story I know it’s a great masterpiece and I was able to move forward because of your comments, thank u..
Love you guys, see u till my next story. Ruthie Lee.. ♥.

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