[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 7

°~°~°~°~° Selene’s pov°~°~°~°~°
It was the next day I did my morning routine and got ready for work, I should I say it was the day of the formal..
I went to work and not too happy and it was Endy who opened the door, I said a good morning to him and he smiled and returned the greeting, I met Mrs Ginger coming down from the stairs and she smiled seeing me..
“oh Luna, welcome dear” she said
“good morning ma’am” I said helped her get down from the last three stairs..
“what would you like me to make for breakfast” I asked Mrs Ginger politely
“oh don’t worry every one is going to go with cereals this morning” she replied and I nod and smiled
“goooooooood morning everybody” I heard an unfamiliar voice from the stairs and when I looked up I saw a girl in her late twenties I think, coming down the stairs with her purple and black hair wearing a night gown covered in skulls..
“here we go” I heard Endy muttered as he saw her and went to sit on the couch, the “girl” sighted me and slowly stare at me.. Mrs Ginger rolled her eyes, and I was shocked cause that would be the first time I’ve seen her roll her eyes is she angry or something
“goodmorning grandma.. ” the girl said when she got downstairs but Mrs Ginger just nod her head and walked away..
“Who’s this?” the “girl” asked Endy who is now standing up from the couch.
“she is the Selene I was talking about” Endy replied and the girl screamed covering her mouth
“oh my God, are you human?” the girl asked me and I nod rapidly, feeling surprised from her outrageous behaviour, she’s freakishly weird and creeping me out..
“oh em gee Endy she’s so beautiful, you are so beautiful” she said and placed both of her hands on my cheeks and I flinched by her touch, now I’m getting scared..
“wait, you’re new here right? How old are you, where are you from do you—
“Wendy stop bothering her” Endy interrupted her yelling. So her name’s Wendy
“oh quiet bird brain” the girl, I mean Wendy said to Endy and Endy sighed and walked up to us and removed Wendy’s hand from my face..
“sorry if she’s creeping you out Selene, this is Wendy my older sister” Endy said
I should have guessed she’s his older sister, but No, cause she’s not acting like an older sister at all..
“wow Selene you’re so pretty no wonder my brother had glint of happiness in his eyes when he mentioned your name yesterday” Wendy said and Endy rolled his eyes..
“w-well i-i have to go c-clean the l-living room” I suttered not liking the way she talks so fast and loud.. But she’s pretty anyway,
“aww even your voice sounds beautiful, you’re so pretty I could kiss you” she said and my eyes widen… What?
“Wendy!” Endy called and she laughed
“I was just pulling your legs” she said and started to walk away but stopped and said
“oh and Endy we are having cereals for breakfast” and then walked away..
“she just loves cereals” Endy said angrily and turned to me
“I’m sorry she behaved that way towards you, she’s just so.. ..
“freakishly weird?” I helped him with the word
“yeah that’s the word” he said and we both laughed, for the first time Endy and I both laughed, together, that’s surprising and weird at the same time..
“well I better go start cleaning” I said breaking the awkward stare Endy and I were having..
After cleaning I joined them in having breakfast cause Mrs Ginger said I must and Wendy wasn’t harsh about it but I regretted joining them cause she kept asking me questions but I just answered the one I could..
“so have you had a boyfriend before?” Wendy asked
“no” I replied not looking at her
“what? Who wouldn’t want to date you, or are you telling me lies” she said and I shook my head negatively.. If Only she knows I’m a curse
“okay then but you must have had a crush on someone before?” she said and my heart suddenly skipped I remembered my school days and I couldn’t eat anymore I just held my spoon and stared at my food.. Jonah, David, wherever you guys are I’m sorry.. Cause I know I killed them it was all me I confessed my love to Jonah and he died and David kissed me and he died how can I ever find love or even a boyfriend or get married, as a child I grow up each day telling my mom that I’ll grow up and marry a Prince Charming that will take me on a ride with his beautiful carriage and that I’ll have beautiful babies for him, but who am I kidding I’m better off alone..
“oh my God Selene are you okay?” Endy asked “oh.. I’m so sorry if I asked you what I’m not supposed to ask” Wendy chipped in and I realised I was in tears ..
Damn it.. I thought I’ve passed this. But looks like I was wrong
“no-no it’s okay i-I’m fine” I quickly said and cleaned my tears and sniffed..
“are you sure” Endy asked and I glanced at him and nod
“okay I’m sorry ..really sorry I’ll keep my mouth shut” Wendy said but I just nod
“you should have thought about that sooner” Mrs Ginger said aggressively
“whatever” Wendy said and rolled her eyes..
“Luna dear, it’s okay” Mrs Ginger said to me and I nod and faked a smile at her
“why do you keep calling her Luna when you know her name’s Selene is your Brain getting old as well grandma?” Wendy teased and Endy shot her a glare
“what? it was just a joke you piece of shit” Wendy said and hit Endy on his arm..
“that’s why I don’t like you coming home” Mrs Ginger said and Wendy smirked
“well then Gran you better find a free coupon to elderly old hotel cause I’ll be here throughout the year” Wendy replied and Mrs Ginger sighed and shook her head negatively “shake those old skulls all you want all I know is that I’ll be here till let’s say..when you’re gone, you know what I mean” Wendy said, stood up and walked away..
Okay she’s rude and also a mouth breather..
“sometimes I wonder when she got those bad attitudes from, your brothers are not like that and neither are you, nor your parents” Mrs Ginger said and sighed
“just let her be grandma” Endy said, after everyone was done eating I cleaned the dining room and did the dishes and then cleaned the kitchen, while I was cleaning the kitchen counter Wendy walked in staring at me and that made me pretty uncomfortable..
“you know I’ve never seen anyone as pretty as you before” she said
“T-thank y-you?” I said and she shrugged and walked up to me and tucked my hair behind my hair for me..
“anyways I gotta asked, what made you broke down this morning during breakfast” she asked and I sighed
“it’s okay if you don’t feel like talking am kind of nosy” she said, giggled and walked away.. I’ve been calling my self weird for the past twenty years but now, I’ve seen the most weirdest..
I was sitting in the living room doing nothing cause I’m done with all the house chores and we just ate lunch and I’m kind of full, Mrs Ginger walked up to me with a smile..
“Luna. Endy’s getting ready you should too, the formal’s about to start” she said and my stomach twist..
I already forgot about the formal but good thing I brought the dress and shoes..
“oh! okay” I said and smiled slowly
“you can change in my room or the guest room your pick” Mrs Ginger said
“don’t worry she can change in my room” Wendy voice said out of nowhere and I flinched.. Mrs Ginger looked at me for an answer and Wendy suddenly walked up to us..
“what do you say?” she asked
“s-sure” I said and she smiled..
I changed into the white dress in Wendy’s enormous closet, and when I wore the heels I walked out of the closet and Wendy gasped seeing me
“oh my god you look dazzling, Endy’s going to flip, everyone in the formal is going to flip” she said and I almost rolled my eyes
“come-on I’ll help you do something with your hair” she said,
“you’re not going to cut it are you?” I asked but she shook her head negatively
“no I’ll just pack it in ponytail something like that” she said and I nod and sat down on a white fancy chair she keeps in front of her closet opposite a wall mirror..
She helped me fixed my hair in ponytail and borrowed me a pair of her earrings which looks expensive and I’ve never wore an earring before and this feels kind of heavy, and lastly she filled my lips with red cherry lipstick.. I looked at myself in the mirror but I still kind of look the same to myself..
“thank you” I tell her
“oh no problem just making up my mistakes at breakfast” she said and I nod and walked out of her room, I slowly went downstairs cause the heels were too high I have never never wore heels before..
I came downstairs and met Endy dressed in all white, he turned and sighted me and he gazed at me deeply.. I waved my hand in front of his face and he coughed
“sorry I was uhm.. You look good” he said
“uhm thanks” I replied and we both walked outside to his car,
“well just so you know thanks for accompanying me” Endy said as we got to his car, he should know I’m just doing this for his grandma nothing else
“yeah sure” I said and he smiled and open the car door for me, he gestured his hand forward for me to get in and while I was getting in I almost lost balance but Endy palm was close and I used it for support but flinched immediately our hands got into contact.. I felt something, something I haven’t felt before but it seems like it didn’t feel anything but I know I felt something, it felt great and amazing..
It felt like Happiness..
T. B. C


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