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“What is going on Jessy ? ” Joe asked, after they had relaxed at the cafeteria near the hospital. They sat at the corner table and he ordered some drinks.

Jessy was quite for a while. Her countenance reveals her shameful. “I need to find Racheal” she started. She bowed her head.

“Racheal?” Joe frowned. “What for?”

“I am sorry Joe, I have caused you and your family lots of pain but before I could tell you anything I need to find your wife. Someone told me she came back from Lagos long ago, but I have not been able to find her. it’s a matter of life and death”

Joe looked at her and he could tell that whatever it was she wanted Racheal for was very serious. Well you can first of all start by telling me what all these are about and then I might come in to help, otherwise forget it” he insisted.

He watched her silently as she narrated her odeal. Shaking his head he sat back leaning on the chair.

“I can’t believe you did that to me and my family Jessy. You are a very wicked woman. How could you?” He retorted.

“Please I’m sorry” Jessy pleaded

“Just help me locate your wife and I will fill you in on all the details.”

“Give me your phone number and I will get in touch with you. Let me try to find her” he said without telling her Racheal was in that same hospital. He didn’t want to bother her with another terrible news since she had been through a lot for hours.


Some Days Later

Nora was finally better. She was discharged from the hospital and Nathan explained that her parents where at her place. “I need you to come home with me.” he told her.

All this while they had not told her Racheal and Nosa were not her parents. Even if she had noticed Nathan being too close to her. She ignored him and thought he was just being stubborn. She noticed the brightness of his smile and the spark in his eyes whenever he looked at her and thought it was awkward. That the person who seemed deeply hurt and disappointed some days back was the one who had quickly moved on and was thinking of being happy.

When they got home. They all sat down. Like a family meeting, Racheal and Nosa went through the story of how she was adopted. She was quite for some time and later she finally spoke

“No wonder my grand father always ignore me and never considered me as his grand child” she sighed.

She was disappointed but at that moment she decided to not live by the pain she was feeling.

They all took time to discuss the way forward, with Nathan and Nora deciding to continue their relationship.

Racheal knelt and pleaded for her son to forgive her. Nathan seemed speechless at first. “What you did is unforgivable. However what option do I have? No matter how much it hurts that you dumped me, you are still the one that gave birth to me. so I guessed all we need is time and please don’t expect me to consider you anything more than the woman who raised the woman I love. Anything else will figure itself out” he added.

“It’s okay my son” she told him in a low tone “I understand.”

“You can spend some time here” Joe suggested.

“We all are one family now despite everything that had transpired. For the sake of Nora and Nathan we need to stay and learn to support one another he explained looking at Nosa who nodded his head in agreement.

Later that night they all had their dinner at the same table. After talking for a while Nora excused herself and went to the room she had been sleeping in before.

she lay down and held her stomach feeling her hands on the wound which was still healing.

“Mind if I come in?” Nathan followed her minutes later leaving the others in the sitting room.

“Sure.” She answered

“How are you?” Nathan asked sitting next to her.

“I mean with the surprised news of your parents?” he added.

“Hmmmm I don’t know Nathan” she hissed.

“It’s not easy to learn your life isn’t what it seems and I don’t even know what kind of people my real parents were. From the story my, biological mother could have been a harlot and God knows what kind of man impregnated her. I don’t know” she said shaking her head..

“Don’t worry darling, what ever it is, it’s not in you. You are a good person and from the times we have been together, I can put my head on the chopping board for you, it’s alright” Nathan said fondling her hand.

She smiled.

“I still love you” he whispered after some silence.

“I know ” Nora chuckled.

“I saw the way you felt at the hospital not knowing you knew about mum and dad.”

He smiled. “You don’t know how much that news relieved my pains. I felt very joyful and was even willing to forgive my mother, raising you for me will be compensating enough.”

“So unfortunate” Nora added, “I know my mother and the past days I have seen the pain in her eyes, please forgive her. She’s suffering, let God be the one to judge her. Even if she didn’t give birth to me I know she loves me so much.” Nora continued “We both sucked from the same breast.”

“No you are wrong” he told her.

“Remember she left me when I was hours old. She told me the time she left her milk had not started coming out.”

“I see you will say and do everything to justify the fact that we are not siblings” Nora laughed.

“I’m not leaving your side”. Nathan said, throwing his shoes and moving close to her. “I am sleeping next to you tonight.”

“Unbelievable!” Nora sighed holding his hands as he wrapped them around her.

When Nosa and Racheal were showed the room they would be spending the night, Joe asked if he could have a private talk with Racheal.

“If you don’t mind ” he told Nosa

“It’s okay.” Nosa answered. “You will find me in the bedroom” he informed his wife as he left.

Racheal had never had a chance to speak to Joe alone and she felt so uncomfortable being around a man who she once loved and lived with for two good years.

If Nosa hadn’t been a good and most understanding husband, it would have been hard to resist him. but she had moved on. Nosa was the man for her and she wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

“Thank you for sparing time to see me.” Joe began with a tone of a desperate man. He still loved Rachael.

“I have never told you Racheal but you are as beautiful as the last time I saw you.” he smiled..

“Well Joe the last time you saw me all you did was throw insults in my face remember? And if my memory serves me well, you were too drunk to even drive me to the hospital. Oh yeah I remember you never came to the hospital for me or your child.”

“Please Racheal I’m sorry. I know better now please let’s not go there” Joe begged moving closer to her.

“If it was in my power I would taken you back, I still lo….. ” before he could finish the statement, Rachael interrupted “Stop talking about that now and tell me what it is you called me here for” she retorted moving away from him.

Joe explained briefly about Jessy and told her she had gone to the hospital and was looking for her. she looked at him shocked..

“Joe, what has a womam you were involved with got to do with me for crying out loud? Forget it, I’m not seeing anyone. Infact tomorrow we are going back to our our place. My husband has to go and report for work.” Racheal told Joe.

“You have to, please.” Joe insisted.

“I dont know why but I know for sure whatever she will have to tell you is quite serious.”

After some time, Joe finally managed to convince her to stay back. But Nosa refused to stay for another day, he had to report for work the next Monday. “You will have to find me home then honey,” he told the wife when she finished explaining what Joe had told her.

The following day Nosa left, leaving his wife and daughter at Joe’s place. Joe had called Jessy as he promised and they all waited for her later that afternoon.

They were informed she was outside and Joe ordered she should be ushered in.

As Jessy entered the sitting room, Rachael stood up, shocked “Jessy? What are you doing here?”

Shocked, Joe looked at Jessy and then back at Racheal, he was surprised Racheal called Jessy by name. He can’t remember telling Rachael her name the time they discussed.

“You two know each other?” He asked.

To be continued…

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Mr Arrogant Episode 40




Mr Arrogant Episode 40

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky



Xavier’s pov
I kept my phone back in my pocket because of the noise I heard, ahead of me.

I strained my neck to look at what exactly is going on.

My eyes snapped widely opened as I saw a girl that looks exactly just like Delaney.

“Stop the car!” I ordered hurriedly.
My chaffeur stopped the car and without waiting for him to open my car door, I hurriedly alighted.

I ran to the scene and to my utmost surprise and shock, I saw Delaney up at a bill board where my picture was hung.

I actually modelled for a particular brand and the brand has been moving quite great.

And now, Delaney is up there?
Doing what exactly?

Oh God!
Where on Earth is this girl from?

Why’s she always causing commotions?

I panicked as I still stared at her, not knowing exactly what to do.

She hasn’t noticed my presence yet.

The gathering was too much and some persons were laughing, taking pictures and videoing the scene.

She looked totally crazy and stupid.

And she was just wearing a short and a shirt.
Her hair wasn’t even packed and it flew around in different directions.

Where did mom get such a girl from?

“Xavier?” She suddenly called as our gazes finally met.

Other persons who were in the scene turned and they started taking pictures of me.


Some of the teenagers were squealing happily and trying to get closer to me but my chaffeur was already trying to control them.

“Can you please find a way for that girl to come down from that place?” I groaned silently to my chaffeur.

“Okay sir.” He answered and walked towards Delaney.

I shrugged and started towards my car ignoring the squealing teenagers.

If I was in a good mood, I’d have volunteered to take pictures with them, one after the other but today, I’m in no good mood.

In fact, I feel embarrassed, so damn embarrassed.

Few minutes later, my chaffeur came with Delaney who had a guilty countenance on.

I hissed loudly and rolled my eyes.

“Get into the car!” I snapped angrily, as she continued to stand beside the car door.

She was acting all innocent.

She jolted and hurriedly got into the car.

I was so vexed that I felt like hitting something.

“Xavier?” She called softly and turned to face me.

I glared daggers at her and she had no choice than to clamp her mouth shut and swallow whatever words she was gonna say.

“Don’t open your mouth to utter any word till we get home!” I ordered sternly.

She nodded her head and bit her lower lip.

She fondled childishly with the hem of her shirt.

Damn! I won’t lie, she looked so cute and adorable.

But I’m still mad at her and I’m definitely gonna unleash my anger on her when we get home.


“Delaney!” Mom squealed and ran to hug Delaney.

I rolled my eyes and watched them reunite like a mother welcoming her lost daughter.

Obviously, she was lost!

“Where did you go? I asked the maids about you and they said they had no idea about your whereabouts and they didn’t see you leave with Xavier earlier.

I was so worried about you Laney.” Mom rushed her words and at the same time, touched all part of her body, probably looking for an injury or something.

“I suddenly became invisible to my own mother.” I rolled my eyes and watched them keenly.

“Oh son! I’m sorry.” Mom apologized and kissed my cheeks.

“You know, Laney doesn’t know anywhere around and I was scared she might have gone missing.” Mom explained.

“Mom, she has explanations to give. She’s really getting out of hand mom and I’m afraid that she might cause us trouble one day.” I sighed and glared at Delaney.

“What did she do son?” Mom asked.

“You can go ahead and ask your beloved daughter. She’d definitely have a better explanation to tell.” I told her while Delaney bent her head guiltily.

“But let me just brief you. Your daughter climbed up in a bill board and she was trying to bring it down because it had my picture on it.

You can imagine the embarrassment!” I groaned and started for the stairs.

“What?” Mom asked.

“You can get the full details from her.” I called out and hurriedly climbed the stairs.

Eish! That girl annoys me so much.

I haven’t fully gotten over the spaghetti episode and now another?


Delaney’s pov
“You did what Delaney?” Xavier’s mom yelled disbelievingly.

“I’m sorry.” I bit my lips, feeling so guilty.

“Why would you even leave the house in the first place?” She asked and placed her hands on her waist.

“I was bored and I thought there was no harm in going out. I didn’t think I’ll lost my way around.” I pouted.

“Really? Then why did you climb up the bill board and tried removing Xavier’s picture?” She asked and stared intently at me.

“I thought he was stolen. I never had the idea that it was just a bill board and it’s supposed to be there.” I sighed lowly.

“Oh my Delaney! When will you learn?” She asked.

“I’m sorry.” I pouted childishly.

“It’s fine. I just hope that with time you’ll learn.” She smiled lightly and hugged me. I hugged her back by wrapping my arms around her.

I’m glad she isn’t mad at me.


Delaney’s pov
Xavier forgave me and told me he wasn’t mad at me again.

At school, I’ve improved a bit because even Xavier said so.

Brielle– I finally got her name and whom I think is the leader of the B3 girls, gave me her birthday card.

My intention was to throw the card away and not attend the birthday party.

But surprisingly, Xavier told me he was invited to the same party and his mom told me to go with him because she didn’t want to risk leaving me alone at home.

Xavier grumbled but he eventually agreed.

I wanted to decline but Xavier’s mom pleading eyes made me keep shut.

She really wants me to attend the party with Xavier.
The D-day finally came for the party but unfortunately, Xavier’s mum wasn’t at home at the moment.

“Delaney! Delaney!” I heard Xavier call as I walked out of the kitchen where I’d gone to take some milk.

“Yes?” I replied when we came face to face with each other and his eyes dimmed.

“What the….you still aren’t dressed up???” He exclaimed and I bit my nails.

“Well…I’m sorry, but….”

“Gosh! You know what? You’ll just have to catch up with me, okay? I’m in a hurry and need to branch somewhere before the party and I’m running pretty late already. So, when you’re done, you go to the party and we’ll meet up there” he said hurriedly.


“B…But, I don’t know the way to the….”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that. As soon as you’re done dressing, go out to the car, you’ll find a driver beside it. Just get in and he’ll take you to the party. He knows the road, okay?” He said with an eye roll and before I could make another complaint, he rushed out.

Oh boy! I can’t believe he left without me.


I sighed and returned to my room so I could get dressed.

First, I took a shower and when I was done, I became confused if what to wear.

There were so many clothes staring at me but I didn’t know which to chose.

Xavier,’s mum had always been the one dressing me up.

Well, I guess I’d have to learn now.

I started rifling through the numerous clothes, checking them bit by bit.

I saw a blue pair of trousers – yeah. Xavier’s mum calls them trousers.

I wore it on and continued searching. I found a skirt and admired it. Hm. Beautiful.

I smiled and wore it on the trouser.

Now…my chest.

First, I wore a “bra” as Xavier’s mum had called and taught me how to wear it.

After fixing it on my b**bs, I looked for a shirt and picked something that looked like cardigan – just like Xavier’s mum had described it.

I wore it on and woah!!! It was quite big on me.

Hm. But nice.

I took the new hat Xavier’s mum had bought for me and wore it on my head.

Then, I rounded it up with a pair of canvas on my legs.

Oh my geeeee! I did it!! I dressed myself up!!!

I rushed to the mirror and giggled at my pretty image. I was so proud of myself.

And without wasting any more time, I left the room.

I walked out to where Xavier said the car will be waiting and there I found it with a man beside it.

“Are you the driver?” I asked, wondering why he was staring at me – strangely.

“Uh…yes ma’am. I…I…i am” he stuttered,roaming his eyes around me.

Hmph. What’s wrong with him?

“Okay. You know where to take me right?” I asked.

“To…to…to the party?” He stuttered again.

“Exactly!!” I exclaimed and made to open the door of the car.

“Hold on ma’am” he called back my attention.

“Y…you’re going to the party like this?”

“Well, of course. Is there something wrong?” I asked and looked at myself from chest to toe.
He didn’t reply.

Hm. He’s probably jealous.

“I don’t have much time, okay? Let’s go” I said and finally walked into the car and he also got in and zoomed off.

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Mr Arrogant Episode 39




Mr Arrogant Episode 39

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky




Delaney’s pov
I sighed and continued walking towards my direction.

I got to the library and walked in.
Thanks to Xavier, I know my way to to some important places in the school.

I walked towards the shelf and took a book.
I got a seat and sat on it.

The students were all minding their business and the library was quiet as students focused on their books.


Alicia’s pov
I rested my jaw on my palm and stared dreamily at Xavier.

A teacher was in the class but my mind wasn’t there. I was just focused, staring at him.

Why does he have to be this handsome huh?

“Miss Alicia?” I jolted back to reality and sat up properly.

“Huh?” I answered and wiped a drool from the corner of my lips.

I brushed my hair with my fingers and focused on the teacher.

“I asked you a question.” Mrs Theresa, the arithmetic teacher said and stared intently at me.

I gulped down nothing and itched my hair.

The whole class were staring at me and gosh, I was damn so nervous.

I zoned out completely that I didn’t even hear the question.

“Ermm ma’am, please recap your question.” I faked a small smile.

“There’s a question on your laptop and I want you to solve it and tell me the answer.” She said sternly.

“Okay ma’am.” I forced a smile.

I stared at the equation and thank goodness, it wasn’t new to me.

I type the solutions and within few seconds, I got my answer.

I looked up at Mrs Theresa who was waiting patiently for me to produce the answer and the students staring at me.

“The answer is 5 ma’am.” I answered.

She ran her eyes all over my body and her lip suddenly stretched out in a smile.

“That’s impressive Alicia. You’re correct.” She smiled and I felt my stomach do some happy dance.

“Thank you ma’am.”
She walked back to stand in front of the classroom and my gaze suddenly met with Xavier’s.

And I could swear that he smiled at me, but as soon as I saw him, he turned away.

Oh my!
Xavier smiled at me.

Was he impressed with me?
Of course dumb head! I mentally smacked my head.

I squealed elatedly in my psyche and look away shyly.


Xavier’s pov
School was great and Delaney had lunch with Rio.
I didn’t like it but I let them be.

Chelsea seemed to be happy that Delaney didn’t eat lunch with us.

We chatted lightly but sincerely, I wasn’t even interested in whatever she was saying but I just had flow with the conversation.


Chelsea didn’t follow us home and I was more than glad. She’s too clingy but because she’s been my friend for a long time, I don’t want to push her away.

The ride home was awkwardly quiet and the silence was uncomfortable.

Delaney was just staring outside the car window while I just typed away on my phone.

“Xavier?” I heard Delaney’s tiny voice.
I turned and stared at her.
“Huh?” I asked and dropped my phone on the car seat.

She was fondling with her fingers nervously and she couldn’t meet my gaze.

“I’m sorry.” She breathed out and finally looked at me.

“For what exactly?” I huffed.

“I don’t even know. But yesterday, you were mad at me because I had screamed of snakes and worms, but it was just a meal– spaghetti.

You were so vexed and you said mean words to me. I’m sorry.” She explained and sighed.

“Okay.” I replied perfunctorily.

“Just okay?” She asked and bit her lower lip.

Damn it! She looked so cute and innocent.

“What do you want me to say?” I asked.

“Are you still angry with me?” She pouted and tucked in her hair behind her ear.

“I’m not. Just forget about it.” I shrugged.

“Okay, thanks.” She smiled.

We got home and walked into the house together.

We got into the house and met mom seated and reading a magazine– she looked so engrossed reading, with her glasses on.

“Good evening mom.” I greeted and kissed her cheeks.

“Oh! Evening son.” She smiled and dropped the magazine on the glass table.

She stood on her feet and pecked my both cheeks respectively.

“Good evening mom.” Delaney smiled shyly.

Mom embraced her and kissed her hair.

“Evening dear.” Mom smiled and pulled her cheeks playfully.

Geez! I think I’m getting jealous already because of their closeness.
They look just like mother and daughter.

“I know that look son, don’t be jealous.
You’ve enjoyed motherly care ever since you were young.” Mom laughed.

Oh mom! She reads me so well!

“And don’t worry Xavier, I won’t steal your mom from you.” Delaney smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and started for the stairs.

“Please mom, my usual.” I called out as I climbed the stairs.

“Sure thing son, I’d have one of the maids bring it to your room.” Mom called out back.


“I have an announcement to make!” Mom said aloud and darted her eyes from Delaney to me.

We were both sitting in the sitting room because mom called us and said she wanted to talk to us.

“Okay, what is it mom? I have a project work to start working on.” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay son, this is specifically for you.” Mom started, with a smile but she looked serious.

“Me? What have I done?” I asked and poked my chest.

“You didn’t do anything wrong son.” Mom smiled.

“And please, no interruption till I’m done talking.” She added sternly.

I swallowed my question and stared intently at her.

“From today onwards Xavier, you’d be tutoring Delaney.

She needs to know more things because she’s too naive.
You tutoring doesn’t have to be only about your studies but also going out to places, maybe to have fun.” Mom said, grinning widely.

“What? Why mom?” I scoffed.

“That’s because she needs to be more enlightened.” Mom replied.

“But why me mom? You can just hire a private tutor for her.” I grumbled.

“Please Xavier, I just want you to help her. It doesn’t have to be everyday. You can just write a time table for days you’d tutor her.

Please Xavier, I’m really counting on you.” Mom pouted childishly that I was almost forced to laugh– she looked like a kid who was deprived of lollipop.

Mom can be so dramatic sometimes.

“What’s gonna be my reward mom?” I asked.

“Hmm, that would be… Yes! I’d give you my breast milk.” Mom laughed.

Delaney bursted into an hysterical laughter, clutching her stomach tightly.

I was supposed to be angry but I joined in the laughter.

“Mom, that’s not fair.” I pouted.

“I’m just kidding son. I’d definitely get you something but it’s gonna be a surprise.

Just make sure Delaney is well tutored.” Mom said and smiled.

“Alright mom. I agree.” I grumbled at last.

“Yay! Thank you son!” Mom squealed happily and hugged me.

Delaney giggled and winked at me.


Delaney’s pov
I stirred awake and rolled out of the bed. I rubbed my eyes and yawned lightly.

I got out of my room and went downstairs.

I got to the sitting room and the house looked rather quiet.

I got to the kitchen, and after drinking water, I went to the sitting room.

“Hey, excuse me!” I called out to one of the maids.

“Please where’s Xavier and his mom?” I asked– we were standing close to each other.

“Oh! Ma’am Jenny stepped out for a while and master Xavier left few minutes ago.

He was with his friend, I think Rio. He didn’t say where he was going.” She said.

I nodded my head and mouthed an *o*.

Gosh! The house was so quiet and I was bored. Nobody to even talk with.

The day was still bright even if it was evening time.

I tried watching the TV but I didn’t even understand what they were showing, it looked uninteresting and I got bored from watching it.

I didn’t see Xavier in the TV and a part of me wanted to see him badly.

I got outside the house and the cool breeze swept my hair and made it fly to different directions.

I smiled and after looking around carefully and making sure no one was in sight, I opened the gate and walked out.

I’d just look around and get back home before any of them would notice I’m not around.

That thought, I started walking.


I don’t know for how long I’ve walked and I don’t even know when I got to this part of the environment but I knew I wasn’t within the house again.

I was so fascinated by the beautiful things I saw along the way and I didn’t know when I left the house environs.

I panicked because I already lost my way.

I turned back and started finding my way back.

On my way back, something caught my attention.

I looked properly and saw Xavier in something like a big paper hung up.

The place it was hung was tall.

And then, I remembered the conversation I had with Xavier’s mom about the picture of Xavier I had seen.

She was actually the one who told me it was a picture and she said it’s supposed to be within the house.

But looking at this huge picture, I knew it was stolen.

Oh no!

I moved closer to it and not minding the people around, I started climbing up to remove the big picture.

“Xavier!” I cried as I continued to climb up. The people who were walking already stopped to look at me.

They were looking and laughing at me like I’ve gone insane but I cared less.

Who knows if he’s in trouble?
I need to save him!

I successfully got up and started touching his face. Looking closely at it, it doesn’t look like a picture.

Okay, how the hell did he get up there?

“Xavier who hang you up here? Why are you here?” I asked, still on what I climbed up on.

He didn’t answer me but continued to stare at me.

“Oh Xavier! Please answer me! Why are you here? Were you stolen and kept here?” I screamed out.


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Son Of Thunder EPISODE 72




Son Of Thunder EPISODE 72



If you Miss any Episode click HERE



the slamming of the door brought me back to reality.
“you know sometimes,I have to play the role of a fool to fool the fools who thinks they are fooling me”
those words replayed in my memory ,the way he said it,everything.

does that means he know I dropped the charm? or is it the phone call alone?
now I look stupid.

I rushed out to the maids quarter with mixed feelings,have never been this stupid in my life. I dropped the tray and sat on the floor,remembering all that again gosh!

my phone rang…prince eze.
I ignored the call,he kept calling non-stop.I even got scared to pick the calls.

💌 the charm work out right? well am glad it did and I guess you’re attending to his dead body”I read what he sent.

💌 your instinct is soo wrong! nothing happened okay”I sent.
💌 am sure you’re joking”he sent.
💌 okay”I sent.
he called,I ignored his calls.

you made obi noticed me as an enemy already,why should I pick your calls again.Eze you just took me back to square one,I won’t pick your calls ever again.

I was forced to pick the calls when it was getting annoying.
“tell me the goodness I want to here”he says.
I rolled my eyeballs then took a deep breath.

“look here prince eze or whatever thing you call yourself leave me alone ooooo in fact don’t ever call me in your life again.Dont interfare in anything concerning my matters.Lastly don’t ever call me to use me against anybody. if you want to face obi and your other competitors,face them yourself and stop being a coward okay,bye “I said and hung up.I felt a little bit if fresh air although am still very sad I lost in both sides.

Chetachi’s p.o.v💜💚♥️
I felt so much better compared to few hours ago. What type of sickness is this?
When last did i even visit the hospital. I tossed on the king-sized bed and touch the other side of the bed,it was empty.

where could he be-
I opened my eyes slowly then turned on the bed again,I saw him coming through the next door and he was on phone

🚺 I really can’t recollect,but I knew I paid 7.8 million naira,Eric paid half,Kelly paid the rest
🚺 okay
🚺 send them-bye!!

I didn’t hear a thing from him again.30minutes passed I didn’t hear him saying anything but I heard the flipping of something like paper. I turned again and saw his back view,he was using a money counting machine.
I sat up and picked my phone pad to revise what I read.
I revised the first two pages,obi turned.
I intentionally didn’t look in his face.

“what’s that baby”.
“revising for tests”.I replied.
He came over and collected the pad from me
“you’re just getting better,don’t stress yourself you already read yesterday”he chuckled.
“I’m better now” I said and placed my have on the other end of the pad.
“you’re stubborn”he said and kissed there playfully.
“I will read it to your hearing”he said.
He read the first three page fluently,he was sweet too.

“do you understand”he asked.
“aaahh very well*I nodded
“okay,let’s switch to maths”he said she took the pad touch.He wrote an equation on the pad. I smiled and took the touch from him.

“the answer is 59x³√y”I wrote
“wrong”he said.
“whaaaaatt*I exaggerated
he chuckled.”come over” he said. I dragged the duvet along and lay well before him.
he smiled and dropped my pad.

“you didn’t remove the duvet”<he said in a sweet smile.
“hunh”I added.
“nothing”he said and took my hand and helped me lie beside him.i smiled shyly as he moved me to lie in his body.He gently pulled me up to sit so i sat down.
Just below his waist with my leg opened and feet on the bed. I brushed my fingers in his well built arms,he smiled. I kissed his chest in a peck.
He smiled and kissed me back.

my waist was still where it was
The kiss got intense ….I smiled when I felt.
something rise just where I sat.

Obi ate into my nipples sweetly from the singlet,I felt his dick rise against my butt where I sat.
It was sooo sweet and intense.
I just sat in the right position.

“am lucky calling you mine*he said.i smiled and kissed him again. I felt it again….so sweet but am scared of sex.

“honey,let’s play a game” I said.
“do you have any matured game ideas”he asked.
*dare or dare”I said.
“truth or dare”he corrected.
he chuckled and we both sat facing a pillow. The white pillow was in the middle.
I feel so happy and heavenly with him.
“Ok a little bit of truth And dare down”he said I nodded.

“truth”I said.
“ummm who was your first ever crush?”he asked..
“ummmmm Bernard, tiara’s brother”I said, he nodded
“ok truth”he said.
“how many women had you been with…in bed” I asked.He smiled
“two”he said.
“dare”he said.
“twerk on my laps for ten minutes”he said, my eyes widened.
“hunh”I added.
“twerk twerk twerk”he said and lay.
I carefully lay on him. Jeeeeeeeezz twerk on him.

I sat up on him first then I gave him a lap twerk I could tell he enjoyed it,the way he held the sides of my hips said it all.
“ten minutes past”I said in a whisper.
“do it again”he said. I hit him playfully with a pillow.
“T or D”I said.
“dare”he said.
“call your mom and tell you hate her”I said.
“hunn”he added.
“call”I said.

Obi picked his red phone.

He put it on speaker.

“ummm mom hi” he said.
“my son,my pillar”
“I hate you”

Obi dropped the call,I laughed.

“truth or dare cheta”he said.
“dare”I said.
He looked in my eyes quietly and smiled.
“give me a blow job”he said I shouted and used the pillow to hit him he laughed.

“game on”he said.
my eyes widened.
“am not playing again”I said in a chuckle and hit him with a pillow again.
“I’m kidding” he said.

“so I dare you to tell me which part of my body attracts you the most”he said.i touched his nose,he smiled.

“so my turn,what attracts you the most”I asked
he smiled.
“should I touch or talk” he asked.
I moved closer and sat on the pillow facing him.
“anyone you want”I said.
“bad choice” he said I felt his fingers brushed down into my butts

then he carreased my hips deliciously.
he moved me deeply into his arms then hugged me
“everything attracts me”he said,making me filled with desires💚.

next day ♥️.
I woke up very early.i checked Rita’s suite first sure that she’s hale and hearty,I started dressing up for school.
Uju posted white and Jean materials in the description box.i got dressed in something simple.A plain white shirt and a Jean short with a pair of black boots.

I arranged my metric cards and sore the school id on my neck.
what’s next? my notepad.

I opened my door,a maid appeared with a tray
“I’m sorry madam,I don’t know you will wake up so early”she curtised.
“it’s fine,am also fasting today.Maybe when am back”I replied with a smile.
she nodded.”you’re beautiful”…
“you too,bye”I said.i checked on Rita again her school is on holiday.
I left to the car which was patiently waiting.

I gave directions to where Margaret’s abd tiara’s car we’re waiting.Then we left together.
The car pulled into a halt in the school lots.

A crowd of student were seen moving around. I joined Maggie and tiara already.

“waoow bae you’re hot”Maggie complemented
“what’s your dress inspiration?”tiara asked.
“sooo many but my fav is queen adeife and Jane Mena”I said.
“decent and hot together”she chuckled.
“I called the caterer making the foods we will be taking to the orphanage*I told them.

“nice.Have never tried celebrating my birthday in the orphanage before,I hope this one will be nice”Maggie said.
“off course yes”I replied.
“I can’t wait for the real house party,it’s gonna be a blast”tiara said.
We moved into the elevator at the same time..

my mind suddenly drifted to Ujunwa,I almost forgot her. Why am I thinking of her anyways.

Margaret got her call…it was her manager,so she left immediately while tiara and I proceeded to the locker room..

“excuse me tiara,Mitchell posted something on the bill board,you need to come and see it* a girl dragged tiara.
I entered the locker room alone and dropped the bags…

someone suddenly locked on my locker room.
I dropped the metrics I was arranging.

“who is it?? I asked.
“Umm it’s Angelina…

“Chetan can we meet”she added.

“Few minutes” Angelina said.


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