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“What is going on Jessy ? ” Joe asked, after they had relaxed at the cafeteria near the hospital. They sat at the corner table and he ordered some drinks.

Jessy was quite for a while. Her countenance reveals her shameful. “I need to find Racheal” she started. She bowed her head.

“Racheal?” Joe frowned. “What for?”

“I am sorry Joe, I have caused you and your family lots of pain but before I could tell you anything I need to find your wife. Someone told me she came back from Lagos long ago, but I have not been able to find her. it’s a matter of life and death”

Joe looked at her and he could tell that whatever it was she wanted Racheal for was very serious. Well you can first of all start by telling me what all these are about and then I might come in to help, otherwise forget it” he insisted.

He watched her silently as she narrated her odeal. Shaking his head he sat back leaning on the chair.

“I can’t believe you did that to me and my family Jessy. You are a very wicked woman. How could you?” He retorted.

“Please I’m sorry” Jessy pleaded

“Just help me locate your wife and I will fill you in on all the details.”

“Give me your phone number and I will get in touch with you. Let me try to find her” he said without telling her Racheal was in that same hospital. He didn’t want to bother her with another terrible news since she had been through a lot for hours.


Some Days Later

Nora was finally better. She was discharged from the hospital and Nathan explained that her parents where at her place. “I need you to come home with me.” he told her.

All this while they had not told her Racheal and Nosa were not her parents. Even if she had noticed Nathan being too close to her. She ignored him and thought he was just being stubborn. She noticed the brightness of his smile and the spark in his eyes whenever he looked at her and thought it was awkward. That the person who seemed deeply hurt and disappointed some days back was the one who had quickly moved on and was thinking of being happy.

When they got home. They all sat down. Like a family meeting, Racheal and Nosa went through the story of how she was adopted. She was quite for some time and later she finally spoke

“No wonder my grand father always ignore me and never considered me as his grand child” she sighed.

She was disappointed but at that moment she decided to not live by the pain she was feeling.

They all took time to discuss the way forward, with Nathan and Nora deciding to continue their relationship.

Racheal knelt and pleaded for her son to forgive her. Nathan seemed speechless at first. “What you did is unforgivable. However what option do I have? No matter how much it hurts that you dumped me, you are still the one that gave birth to me. so I guessed all we need is time and please don’t expect me to consider you anything more than the woman who raised the woman I love. Anything else will figure itself out” he added.

“It’s okay my son” she told him in a low tone “I understand.”

“You can spend some time here” Joe suggested.

“We all are one family now despite everything that had transpired. For the sake of Nora and Nathan we need to stay and learn to support one another he explained looking at Nosa who nodded his head in agreement.

Later that night they all had their dinner at the same table. After talking for a while Nora excused herself and went to the room she had been sleeping in before.

she lay down and held her stomach feeling her hands on the wound which was still healing.

“Mind if I come in?” Nathan followed her minutes later leaving the others in the sitting room.

“Sure.” She answered

“How are you?” Nathan asked sitting next to her.

“I mean with the surprised news of your parents?” he added.

“Hmmmm I don’t know Nathan” she hissed.

“It’s not easy to learn your life isn’t what it seems and I don’t even know what kind of people my real parents were. From the story my, biological mother could have been a harlot and God knows what kind of man impregnated her. I don’t know” she said shaking her head..

“Don’t worry darling, what ever it is, it’s not in you. You are a good person and from the times we have been together, I can put my head on the chopping board for you, it’s alright” Nathan said fondling her hand.

She smiled.

“I still love you” he whispered after some silence.

“I know ” Nora chuckled.

“I saw the way you felt at the hospital not knowing you knew about mum and dad.”

He smiled. “You don’t know how much that news relieved my pains. I felt very joyful and was even willing to forgive my mother, raising you for me will be compensating enough.”

“So unfortunate” Nora added, “I know my mother and the past days I have seen the pain in her eyes, please forgive her. She’s suffering, let God be the one to judge her. Even if she didn’t give birth to me I know she loves me so much.” Nora continued “We both sucked from the same breast.”

“No you are wrong” he told her.

“Remember she left me when I was hours old. She told me the time she left her milk had not started coming out.”

“I see you will say and do everything to justify the fact that we are not siblings” Nora laughed.

“I’m not leaving your side”. Nathan said, throwing his shoes and moving close to her. “I am sleeping next to you tonight.”

“Unbelievable!” Nora sighed holding his hands as he wrapped them around her.

When Nosa and Racheal were showed the room they would be spending the night, Joe asked if he could have a private talk with Racheal.

“If you don’t mind ” he told Nosa

“It’s okay.” Nosa answered. “You will find me in the bedroom” he informed his wife as he left.

Racheal had never had a chance to speak to Joe alone and she felt so uncomfortable being around a man who she once loved and lived with for two good years.

If Nosa hadn’t been a good and most understanding husband, it would have been hard to resist him. but she had moved on. Nosa was the man for her and she wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

“Thank you for sparing time to see me.” Joe began with a tone of a desperate man. He still loved Rachael.

“I have never told you Racheal but you are as beautiful as the last time I saw you.” he smiled..

“Well Joe the last time you saw me all you did was throw insults in my face remember? And if my memory serves me well, you were too drunk to even drive me to the hospital. Oh yeah I remember you never came to the hospital for me or your child.”

“Please Racheal I’m sorry. I know better now please let’s not go there” Joe begged moving closer to her.

“If it was in my power I would taken you back, I still lo….. ” before he could finish the statement, Rachael interrupted “Stop talking about that now and tell me what it is you called me here for” she retorted moving away from him.

Joe explained briefly about Jessy and told her she had gone to the hospital and was looking for her. she looked at him shocked..

“Joe, what has a womam you were involved with got to do with me for crying out loud? Forget it, I’m not seeing anyone. Infact tomorrow we are going back to our our place. My husband has to go and report for work.” Racheal told Joe.

“You have to, please.” Joe insisted.

“I dont know why but I know for sure whatever she will have to tell you is quite serious.”

After some time, Joe finally managed to convince her to stay back. But Nosa refused to stay for another day, he had to report for work the next Monday. “You will have to find me home then honey,” he told the wife when she finished explaining what Joe had told her.

The following day Nosa left, leaving his wife and daughter at Joe’s place. Joe had called Jessy as he promised and they all waited for her later that afternoon.

They were informed she was outside and Joe ordered she should be ushered in.

As Jessy entered the sitting room, Rachael stood up, shocked “Jessy? What are you doing here?”

Shocked, Joe looked at Jessy and then back at Racheal, he was surprised Racheal called Jessy by name. He can’t remember telling Rachael her name the time they discussed.

“You two know each other?” He asked.

To be continued…

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