[Story] O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 24

The Child of Thunder 24

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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The next Day Okoro left his home earlier before the cock crows. He quickly made his way to an unknown destination. He had quietly left his hut and tiptoe out of his compound. He doesn’t want to alert Adaku or his household of his strange departure. The birds were chirping and enjoying the cool breeze. The dew drops were falling from the leaves of the plants as he walked by. The grass was wet due to the dew drops but Okoro didn’t care as he hurriedly walked on toward his destination.Once he has gotten to the outskirts of Udum he quickly went over to where a big tree stood which stands at the borderline of Udum and it’s neighbouring villages. A lone figure was already there. It was a woman, it was as if the woman was waiting for someone. Okoro hastily and swiftly walked over her, on getting there he turned his back against the woman and the woman did the Same also. “Why did you want to see me at this ill early hour of the day?” Okoro began first after they had acknowledged each other. “Don’t you think it is time we tell them the truth?”. The lady said solemnly. “I have thought about it all night, Nnenna, and I think we should tell our children the truth”. Okoro said to the woman who was Nnenna. “Don’t forget it was your late wife, Chindinma, who had pushed me into joining the coven witches in the past”. Nnenna told Okoro. “And don’t forget she wasn’t the one who had pushed you into killing your husband and child. The oath we all took with her before she left would have made you much stronger than Eze Nwayi herself but your greediness wouldn’t let you have it. It is one of the reason why I had grown to dislike you all these years”. Okoro said. “I know, I let my greediness to over shadowed me and I forgot the reason why Chidinmma asked me to go”. “It is good for one to admit his or her mistake. You did well Nnenna. Well, what about what I had said earlier. Isn’t it time for them to know, for my daughter to know the truth? We can’t keep on hiding the truth from them you know”. Okoro said to Nnenna. “True, they are so much in love with themselves, I will tell Ebuka what he needed to know today, hope he forgives me”. Nnenna said after a while. “Same goes to me, I just hope my daughter find a place to forgive me for keeping such a secret from her”. Okoro whispered mostly to himself but Nnenna heard him. “It was Chidinmma idea right from the beginning. She made us go through the oath”. “You are right”. Okoro said. The early morning sun has started showing it’s peak. “We never saw each other. Let us do as we have said. Once I am home, I would take Ogbanje to the farm where I will tell her the whole truth and about the Ancient Secret or better still send her to you”. “The Secret that made Chidinmma gone in the first place”. “We shall see when the gods has decided us to see again. Oh and last night the star shone brighter than before, you should know what that means, don’t you?” Okoro question as he adjusted his wrapper in his macho body. “We shall know the out come of telling our children today. It is time for me to go”. They quickly departed away in different directions. *** Ogbanje woke up very late with a slight headache. She had slept the morning and almost afternoon away before she woke up. She quickly had her bath, changed into one of beautiful wrappers and came out from her hut. Adaku and Uhammiri were seen picking beans when Ogbanje walked passed them without greeting Adaku. “Bia Ogbanje, am I now so little that you now walked pass me without uttering any words of greetings?” Adaku bombast Ogbanje immediately she walked past them. “I don’t blame you, it is your father whom I blame for given you the liver to talk to me any how, if not for him I would have dealt with you mercilessly”. Adaku added Ogbanje stopped in long stride but didn’t turn to look at them. “Adaku or whatever they called you, I am not in the mood right now, my not greeting you won’t reduce any blood from your veins neither will it kill you”. Ogbanje told Adaku without turning to look at them. “This child has much liver than I thought. She doesn’t have any atom respect for you at all”. Uhammiri said as she eyed Ogbanje badly. “Any way I don’t have anything else to say Adaku”. Ogbanje spoke and left them. “Did you see the way she talks back at me?” Adaku questioned as soon as Ogbanje was out of hearing shot. “I saw it, but you deserve it. A lady you would have killed when she breathed her first air. But I am still crafting out my plans and bet me, Ogbanje would walk on it without her knowing”. Uhammiri boasted with pride. “I hope it works out”. *** “You are finally awake?” Ugochi asked. She was the first person who had seen Ogbanje walking up to them. Ugochi and her twin where just coming back from the stream. “I thought you would sleep all day Ada”. Uzochi put in. Ogbanje smiled. “Your prayers did not work, now where is papa?” Ogbanje asked in a jovial way. “He’s at the barn. You know that the new yam festival is fast approaching and he is selecting the ones he would present at the village square. You know everyone in Udum want to show how big their yams are”. Uzochi answered. “Okay, thank you my sister”. Ogbanje said gratefully. They left Ogbanje to drop their Udu (Earthen Pot) while Ogbanje went to look for their father in the yam bane.
“Father good afternoon”. Ogbanje greeted once she saw Okoro. Okoro who had been so engrossed with what he was doing didn’t noticed when she approached him. So she took him by surprise. “Good afternoon my daughter, I hope you had a great sleep?” Okoro asked after his racing heart had clam down. “Yes papa I did but you should have woken me up when the day hasn’t brightened up yet”. “I wanted you to rest well after all you are the only one who does almost all the house chores”. Okoro said lovely at his daughter. “Okay papa, if you say so”. Ogbanje reply. “Where is Adaku and the rest?” Okoro asked. “Adaku and Uhammiri were picking beans when I walked passed them and the twins just came in from the stream”. “Okay, there is something important I need you to know Ada. It’s about your mother”. Okoro finally said. “My mother? What about her?” “There is something I have been keeping away from you”. Okoro said with guilt littered on his face. “Hmm papa, what can that be?”. Ogbanje questioned. “Well, I need you to go to Nnenna’s Hut, she would be the one to tell you this secret I have been hiding away from you”. She was surprised. “Ebuka’s mother also knows this same secret you know? How? I thought you and her doesn’t like each other, so how come she knows your secret?” Ogbanje questioned inquisitive. Okoro smiled at her. “Well it was all an act. You would soon know why, you can ran off now to Nnenna but be back before dusk”. Without saying a word, Ogbanje immediately rushed to meet Nnenna to know the secret her father spoke about. ***
“You came in time Ada, I was about telling Ebuka”. Nnenna had said when Ogbanje ran in, she was out of breath when she rushed In. Nnenna had ordered her two children to go and play outside leaving she and Ebuka alone. They sat on the raffle mat Nnenna had laid out in the middle of the compound. She had earlier called Ebuka one side and whispered to him that she has something to say. “I see your father was wise enough to had sent you here against the pry eyes of your step mother”. Nnenna Added. “Yes mama, he told me he has been keeping something away from me”. Ogbanje said. Nnenna nodded her head in acknowledgment. “He is right….”. “So what could that be Mama, I am impatient here”. Ebuka cut in. Heaving a sigh Nnenna looked at the two in front of her. “Ada, did you know your mother, Chidinmma, is still alive?” Nnenna said out of blue. Ogbanje burst out laughing immediately. “My mother that has long been dead suddenly alive? Mba nu, I do not believe you”. Ogbanje objected immediately. “I know you would not believe me Ada, but your mother is very much alive, she watches over you at all times Ada”. “Hold on a second mama, do you mean to say my Alaolisa mother, her birth mother is still alive?” Nnenna nodded her head in confirmation. “Yes, she was the one who had started all these right from the beginning. Your mother wanted you to live Ada. Did you know you would have die alongside with your enemies?. Your mother foresighted it and used her life. No let me start from the very beginning so that you and Ebuka would understand it”. Nnenna said and faces Ebuka. “Ebuka, right from when I gave birth to you, I had know you are Amadioha and that came down to protect your lover, which is you, Ada”. With their shocked and surprised face Nnenna started the story. “Your mother was the only daughter and child of the Sun god and goddess, Anyanwu. Your father and I were the servant of Anyanwu. You see Anyanwu (Sun) was the first creation ChuckwuOlisa had created. He became fast friends with ChuckwuOlisa and their friendship blossom. Anyanwu, the Sun god, was the mouth piece of him”. Nnenna began. The story has just began…

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