[Story]O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 12

The Child of Thunder 12

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder)

Chapter 12

“Papa”, Ogbanje began softly “What do you know about my stepmother, your wife Adaku?” Ogbanje asked her father.

They had earlier gone to the farm that sunny morning, had cleared some weeds from the farm and was resting when Ogbanje suddenly brought the topic.

“What do you mean Ada? I don’t understand, biko make me understand”.

“How did you meet her? Where did you see her and what do you know about her?” Ogbanje all asked at once.

Okoro sighed as he look at his daughter who was just so inquisitive.

“It is a long story Ada”. Okoro finally said.

“Then we have the whole day to ourselves papa. I am all ears”.

Okoro looked past beyond Ogbanje and stare off space. He sighed.

“You see Ada, you are the only one who has asked me this question of all my children”. Okoro began as Ogbanje nodded her head in confirmation.

“It all started 21 years ago, when I was betrothed to Adaku”.

“Wait ooh papa, both of you were betrothed? Then where do my mother come in? What happened?” Ogbanje , very shocked to the bone asked.

“One question at a time Ada. Adaku and I were betrothed by our parents when we were just little. We grow up to acknowledge each other as spouses. Well all was moving fine for us until I met your mother. It was like I was seeing the sun for the first time”. Okoro stopped a brief remembering about Chidinma, his late wife.

“And so what happened papa?” Ogbanje asked.
The Child of Thunder 12
“Well, I told my parents about it but they didn’t agree with me. I also told Adaku about my new change of feelings but she remained adamant that I marry her instead of your mother”. Okoro said.

“So how were you able to convince your parents in getting married to my mother?”

“After much threats to my parents about ending my life, they decided to cut off our engagement and pleaded with Adaku’s Parents who were quick to understand to their own understanding, Love should prevail all”. Okoro stopped.

“And so, what happened after that?” Ogbanje asked prompting Okoro to continue.

“Nothing happened. A week to your mother and I traditional marriage, Adaku parents died mysteriously one early morning. They were burnt alive, their huts. Everything about them razed down to ashes. No one know how the fire had started”. Okoro said.

“What about Adaku, where was she when the fire started?”

“She had gone to fetch water from the stream. I had to shift my traditional marriage to bury her parents after all they were once my in laws to be. Two days after their burial, chindinma parents and mine were all mysteriously drown to death and their body wasn’t seen again. What made the four matured people to leave their comfort homes to go to the stream to bath is just mysterious I must admit. Something had pushed them to go to the stream and drown themselves”.
The Child of Thunder 12
“So what happened after that, did you find out the cause of their untimely death”. Ogbanje asked.

“No, all the idbia we visited during that time all have the same message: The gods are silent. Well I got married to my heartthrob finally. We moved out of out village to Udum and settled down here. And since then I haven’t set my eyes on Adaku when I eventually got married to your mother until the day after your mother burial. Old feelings resurfaced again and I got married to her”. Okoro finished saying. “Now you you gotten your answers”, Okoro added.

“But this is strange, how come you never asked her where she was all those years, or was she not married?”

“No she wasn’t. She told me she was patiently waiting for me. And I believed her”.

Ogbanje nodded her head slowly in thought.


“What is this I heard that you went to the land of the mortals, in search of what?” Njoku ji asked Ikenga when he went to his abode.

“And who told you that?” Ikenga asked.
The Child of Thunder 12
“Whoever that told me is none of your business all I need to know is why you choose to go to the mortal world when you did no wrong. Who have you been seeing?” Njoku ji asked.

“It is none of your business little brother. Don’t provoke me”. Ikenga spat out in anger towards Njoku ji who wasn’t moved neither was he scared of Ikenga’s anger.

“Oh, I shouldn’t provoke you, right? Well we shall see who is more provoked when I tell Amadioha that you are after his wife”. Njoku ji said.

“You have forgotten something so soon brother, Amadioha had been long forgotten?
Ikenga said in mockery. “And he won’t dare to step his foot in here ever again”. Ikenga quickly added.

“Oh really, then go and ask father who visited him today”. Njoku Ji said leaving Ikenga’s presence with his head held up in pride.


“So does it mean I can’t have Ogbanje all to myself?” Obinnwanne asked no one in particular.

He was sitting at the frontage of his hut when all the things the dibias’ have told him came floating in his head.

“What am I going to do now to have Ogbanje all to myself. I must get her and make her my wife by all cost”. Obinnwanne told himself by hitting his palm on his chest.

A plan began drafting a plan.

He knows what to do to. He will plan with his boys to kidnap Ogbanje and bring her to him. After that he would rape her. He will surely rape her so she would see who had raped her and make sure his seeds will be planted inside her. When her father comes to confront him, then and there he would tell Okoro that he would gladly marry Ogbanje unless Okoro wants a bastard as his grandchild.

He smiled. He was sure the plan will work out perfectly.


“You have to give back Alaolisa memories back to her, my queen”. Amadioha said.

“Why do you say so Amadioha?” The queen mother of Ogbanje kingdom asked.
The Child of Thunder 12
“I fear the days ahead would be so tough for her my queen. My immediate younger brother, Ikenga, has shown his interest on my Alaolisa. Without her memories back, I won’t keep on in hiding our true identity from her. Please, restore Alaolisa old memories”. Amadioha pleaded with the Queen Mother.


“I must make sure Ogbanje dies before the next Eke market day. I don’t care if she’s been guarded by any one or not. She must die”.

“Who wants to die Adaku? I only heard ‘She must die’ so who wants to die” Ogbanje asked pretending to hear only the last words she had uttered.

“A irrelevant question you dare to ask me. You want to prove to me how strong you are Ogbanje. But I tell you that I am the wall that will bring you down to where you truly belong”. Adaku said.

“Oh, is that so Adaku, the one who says and they obey. I don’t have anytime for you or for your witches, am simply unstoppable”. Ogbanje told Adaku.

“We shall see Ogbanje who wins this battle”. Adaku whispered to heself


“Father, I was told by Njoku Ji that Amadioha was here”. Ikenga asked Olisa (Chukwu). Bowing down in his presence, the bright light overshadowed the whole place.

“Yes, he was here”.

“For what father”.

“How can you ask me such a question Ikenga. Your brother Amadioha wants to return home”.

“But you know he nearly wiped out your creation in the first place father”.

“Yeah, but that was in the past Ikenga, I would not hold that against him”.

“Stepping his feet here father means war. I am the god of war father, you created like that. I am the god of war Ikenga”.

“And you have forgotten so soon that Amadioha is not your match. With only his mere gaze you would forget you are the god of war”.

To Be Continued….

Story by Ifeoma Isabella


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